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Hi All! I am doing a TT and Breast Augmentation on...

Hi All! I am doing a TT and Breast Augmentation on Nov 29. After 3 months visiting 7 Plastic surgeons and even going to another country to visit a Dr. I finally decided for a Doctor here in the states. He is two hours away from my house his name is Dr. Nijher in Ocala. To be honest I choose him because he had great reviews, great pictures, and his cost was a couple hundreds dollars lower. Also, he took his time the first time I meet him to explain me both procedures in detail. I felt in my heart he was the one and was comfortable and not nervous at all until today that was my pre-op and my husband went with me to meet him and to learn about the post op care since he is the one caring for me.

By the way, I have two little kids (4yr old and 1 yr. old). He will be taking care of all of us. May God help him (nervous of that too). Well, at the pre-op the RN that will be with me during the surgery and taking care of me post op, came in and explain us everything about what things to do before and after. Then the Dr. came in the room and just say hi to my husband and did not talk to him the whole time that he was there. He just said if I was ready for the big day. He look at my body again and took some pictures. Then he ask if I had some questions I told him NO that his RN already answer all my questions, so he said good, see you soon and he left.

My husband was really disappointed that the Dr. did not explain him the procedure and did not address him at all. I was disappointed too. This situation gave me anxiety and made me have doubts if he is the right Dr or not? I already paid my whole balance since I had to pay everything off by today. My husband did not like the Dr. I did until I took my husband today to meet him. Today, I have second thoughts!!! Don't know what to do?

I don't know if I am nervous because the day of the surgery is closer? I don't know if I am nervous because my husband did not like him? My husband says he came in for 5 minutes and got out of the room very fast. The thing is we were already in the room with the RN for one hour before the Dr. came in.

Do anyone here knows Dr. Nijher from Ocala Plastic Surgery? Can someone recommend Dr. Nijher for breast augmentation and TT? PLEASE HELP!! I AM DESPERATE!!!


Hi girls!!! Finally I am able to write something. My surgery was last Thursday 29 Nov. The surgery took 3 hours I did a breast augmentation, lipo in the flanks, and full abdominoplasty. The first day is the worst. My nipples and the insicion for tummy were in fire. My husband help me so much!!! to go into the bed or recliner. I found that the bed was more comfortable for me since is a king bed and is high so I put 3 pillows in my back, 3 pillows in my knees and 3 in my feet and one in each arm. I tried the recliner but it was to low for me to sit down for the first 3 days. Also, the toilet riser was the best thing I have invested on. SO that is MY NUMBER ONE IN THE LIST TO RECOMMEND TOILET RISER. Today my 4th day, I can get up by myself from the recliner and bed.  The first 3 days didn't sleep well I woke up every hour. Could not sleep because all the discomfort.  BUT IS NOT A PAIN THAT YOU CANT TOLERATE. I really recommend the pain pump I don't know how some people can do it with out it. I had one and I believe it help me a lot with the pain. I took Percocet pain medicine 2 every 4 hours the first 2 days then  in day three and four  I took 1 every 4 hours and tomorrow I will start taking only ibuprofen. I FEEL GREAT AND IS DAY 4. I took my first shower today and it felt like a workout but it felt so good after. Thanks for all your support. This website has been so helpful for me. It's a blessing to have people that helps you through this journey. SMILING!!! I AM AT THE FLATTER SIDE!!! Best wishes to you all!! If you have any comments or questions I am more than happy to respond... BLESS!!

7 days post op- Feeling good! I over did it... So...

7 days post op- Feeling good! I over did it... So now i am laying in bed with feet up. I couldn't stand the mess around my house. My husband is taking care of me and my kids ( 1 yr old and 4 yr old) but he doesn't pick up anything so you can imagine my house was crazy! I was in my feet like for 2 hours and my back started hurting. So I took 2 Tylenol and lay in bed. I also cook today. I am feeling good. I have to remind myself to don't over do it. I am not taking pain medicine (Percocet) anymore. I will say that the pain is intense only the first 3 days at least for me. I am filling sexy already!!! Jajaja.
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Hey there, I was just looking for some reassurance about Dr. Nijher.. I am looking to get a mommy makeover done and was wondering about your results.. I haven't seen many reviews for him on the mommy makeover..
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so good to hear you are doing ok!! gives me hope! I cannot wait for next year, so I can have my surgery. keep the updates coming please:)
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Girl! You are going to be fine... Drink vitamin C, I believe this has help me a lot for a faster recovery. I started drinking it 2 weeks before and I am still drinking the powder version 1000 mg.
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Some Drs bedside manners are less than perfect. Maybe he was not aware of who he was. Maybe he wanted to stay respectful toward you and not discuss your medical care with your husband. I would have said: your nurse already spoke to me, but my husband would like to hear a little more from you. He has some concrens. Drs are known to be absent minded when it comes to things like that. If you felt ok with him before, I would not panic over this incident. He might not have great social skills but that does not make your choice any more terrible.
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I'm sorry your pre-op didn't go well. :(

Dr. Nijher's profile can be found here on RealSelf.

I can tell you that not all good doctors have the most terrific bedside manner. I know nothing about Dr. N., so can't comment on him specifically, but it is disappointing that he didn't address your husband.

Maybe you could connect with a few of the ladies who've posted reviews on RealSelf about Dr. N. (you can find those on his profile page) and call his office to speak with a nurse or admin staff. Maybe he was having an off day?

Good luck and please let us know what you find out!

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