Had Procedure Done on Monday 8/6/2012 - Ocala, FL

Having waited al lmy life with asymetrical breast...

Having waited al lmy life with asymetrical breast left a B and right and A so I had to use padded bras and never could find bras to fit and clothes that looked good with cleavage. After breeast feeding 4 children the breast went back to never stayeing any fuller.

Finally after spending about 25 years or more researching and prayeing wether to do the procedure or not I felt it was now or never as I passed 65 and figure they should last rest of my life and I pland with Gods help to have a lot of life to enjoy. I found a doctor near my houe and went to a seminar that he ahd at local college and met him and some of the stall there. Was very impressed and read more on his credentials and mad appointment for consult.

During the consult he measured and decided to put saline profile implant under muscle and incisiotn under breast . This was what I ahd wanted and he had same plan so I felt good about that. I did not want to have stiches in nipple as they are senitive and didn't want to take chances of losing sensitivity.

Surgery was done Monday afternoon and his nurse and staff were wonderful. No it is 2 days post op and I hve to admit it was more painful than I expected. No regrets and I had to use ice packs and take pain meds. they seem very full and high on chest and I called nurse and they say have patience as it takes about a month or more to start to feel thing go into place and have office visit onMonday to remove smoe steri strips.
The they ahve to be massage and I guess that will make a difference.

The doc used 800cc and they don't seem that big they said it will be a large C or D
Whic is OK i guess as I am 5'3" and not real thin. I figured the surgeon knew what was best so I let him do what he thougth best for me.

I didn't take any pictures and mybe I can when they are healed up or see if doc had any.
This has been an interesting experience...and I have to be honest pain afterward was worse than having my babies. No regrests as I ahve to get used to my new TaTas LOL
Was so glad to get the first shower after porcedure next day...look forward to being able to wear lower cut styles...best lluck to all...it is never too late to find your real self.

I know my life will change as I will hve more cofidence to be proud of my appreance and feel more feminine. I wish Iknew about the pain of first couple of day beforehand I was glad I had a special friend to be with me and put up with my pain and suffering.

Ocala Plastic Surgeon

Excellent doctor very good at making patient comfortable with ddecision and giving information. His RN Arlene and all the staff were teriffic. Was very glad to have such a good faciity right near myhouse.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I will try to after Sept appt with doc and see if I can get copies of before pics he took.
I am so glad I finally did this. It isn't easy but each day is more comfortable
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please post piks when you can dear..... You seem to be aging like a fine wine!!! ;))
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Thanks got sutures out today and starting the massages and hope the soften up. Very pleased after one week and it will get better I am sure. Look very natureal just a bit hight so far PS said they will drop with massages. I am so glad I fianlly did it. Never to late to enjoy all you can bel
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Congratulations to you!! You're surely an inspiration to many many people! I have 400 cc silicone in both sides..I can't imagine having 800! But, if it fits your body type...yay you!! I hope you can post pics!
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hi again ginger....Just wanted to stop by again and let you know how darn COOL it is you had a BA at an older age!!!!!  (Just goes to show 'mature' ladies know how to have fun & be sexy too) I plan to enjoy my new curves during the "golden years'...ha ha. My Mom actually  had her BA done when she was 23 and at the age of 63 hers still looked BEAUTIFUL. She was a head turner for sure;)) I hope you have fun bra shopping. It's refreshing to finally fill out clothes and not wear the dreaded  padded bras anymore. I see you went with 800 cc's that's HUGE.....I'm curious - Since you are only 5"3 do they seem very large or fit your frame nicely?
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Went to PS and had sutures out today and am doing good. They seem to be perfect and need to be massageed to they will soften up and fall into place. I have larger fram so he said he tried 600 cc and they needed more to look good. My muscle was tight and hard to strectch and theyare under muscle so it will take a bit to get comfortable. under arm. I think I will bbe happy in a month. Go back in 3 weeks.
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I should have been better prepared with gettingthings at home done. Paid the bills and did laundry..But catch up ahead is good. I didn't domuch first couple of days try using a recliner and pillows as I need a push to sit up and get out of bed. put what ever you might need on table near you. Drink a lot of water , juice etc. I wish Ihad taken prunes or juice..but all is good now just useing ice to try and heal bruises. Glad I did it. But better late than never. Thinking being able to wear clothes better.
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Hi Ginger. I'm 49 and having my surgery on September 5. I am so excited and have begun doing a thorough scrub of the house so I can really relax after the surgery. Please keep us informed on you progress.
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Thanks Kooberry
I never took pre op pic was to embarassed to have friend do it...Doctor too pics and I hope when all is healed and bruisesvanish I will get some post op pics...Firs couple days the worst as felt a bowling ball was on my chest...pillows under armpits helped..as silly as it sounds. Lots of soft ice bags. worked good. Lucky I did not get nausua..Now I look forward to bra shoppping soon,
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Hi ginger~ Congrats on the new ta ta's!!! It's never to late to look beautiful and enjoy your life/body.  had my BA done when I was 40...mid life crisis. Lol It feels great to finally love my body after all these years & feel young again. ( even the 20 year old boys say I have a great figure.) WOOO HOOOO! Look forward to seeing your post op piks soon. God Bless:-)
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800cc's after age 65! You go, girl. I hope you enjoy your new breasts forever!

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To be honest just turned 69 and excuse my speling in article as I don't know how to edit and my eyes don't do good on small print. but so glad yu have sthis web site as I looked at it every night to keep from backing out. Once I paid I could not afford to back out and am glad I didn't.
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I am so glad I did it but had no idea 800cc thought 400 I guess doctor knows best. that way i didn't need a lift. Now a I have a reason to live longer and hope to enjoy them for many years
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