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I'm 53 years old and live in the UK. I've always...

I'm 53 years old and live in the UK. I've always hated my teeth which are very crowded and crooked. I've finally plucked up the courage to do something about it and have decided to go ahead with Invisalign.

I first visited my dentist about one month ago to discuss the possibility of having my teeth straightened and she recommended Invisalign. After having my impressions taken I have had to wait until today for my treatment plan to come back from the US and have just seen my dentist to see the pictures.

My dentist wasn't happy with the expected results as my top teeth midline was slightly off to the right on the final outcome so she doing some adjustments to the plan and has suggested an extraction of one of my bottom teeth.

The plan that came back has 49 trays which would mean almost 2 years of treatment not allowing for refinements. I'm perfectly happy to go through this length of treatment if it means I can finally smile without embarrassment but my dentist I'd hoping we can reduce this with the extraction.

I'm waiting for a phone call in a couple of days to see the changes she's made to my plan and hopefully it will only be a couple more weeks before I can start my treatment.

Appointment on Wednesday to see my updated pictures.

Just a quick update. I have an appointment on Wednesday to see the changes my dentist has made to my plan. I have found out today that she starts her maternity leave on Friday, baby due mid July and she 's back at work at the end of September. I'm really hoping this isn't going to delay me starting my treatment as I shall be quite depressed if it does. Fingers crossed that another dentist can take over my case until my dentist is back.

Plan finalised and aligners ordered!

I've had my appointment to see my final plan and my dentist and I are very happy with it so I'm going ahead. My aligners have been ordered and my dentist is going to call me when they arrive and arrange an appointment. She's kindly taking time out of her maternity leave as I'm having an extraction, one of my bottom incisors. My plan now consists of 32 trays which I'm very happy about as the original plan was 49 trays. When I'm ready to start tray 3 I'm having my attachments fitted, there are an awful lot of them, almost every tooth and 2 on some. I know this is going to a long journey and I may encounter difficulties along the way, but I'm determined to see it through so I can smile with confidence for the first time in my life.

Still waiting!

I'm still waiting for an appointment for my extraction and my first trays. Seems like ages since I started this journey and I seem to be going nowhere! I wondered if anyone else has had to wait so long to start. On average how long should it take to manufacture the trays? The longer I wait the more doubts set in, I'm worrying about my extraction and having a gap in my bottom front teeth. I'll update as soon as I have a date to start.

Good news!

Good news, my aligners have arrived and I have an appointment on Thursday for extraction and first tray!! So excited. ????

Extraction done and 1st aligners on!

I've had my extraction and am wearing my first aligners. I'm a little concerned as I'm not feeling any of the tightness described by other invisaligners. Also there seems to be quite a lot of spaces at the tops of my aligners where my teeth don't seem to fit snugly. I've added some photos and hope they show these spaces. My next appointment, for attachments is August 11th.

Day 5 update

I've now been wearing my aligners 5 days. Im not suffering from the gagging reflex anymore and don't really have bad pain. I did wake up this morning with a slight headache so took some painkillers which seem to have done the trick. My mouth is very sore so I have purchased some Anbesol Gel and some Corsodyl mouthwash to try and relieve the soreness.

I'm managing to stick to a good routine, 20 minutes for breakfast, half an hour for lunch and 40 minutes for dinner. Adding my cleaning, flossing routine to this I'm well within my 2 hours without my aligners.

I actually feel relieved when I get them back in because my teeth feel a little unstable without them. I'm sure they're not actually loose or in danger of falling out but I can definitely feel a difference even after such a short time.

No one at work noticed my aligners but I'm sure things will change once I get my attachments. I think I'm probably deliberately avoiding conversations with colleagues because I feel very self conscious about the gap left by my extraction. I shall be glad when this gap is closed and hopefully then I'll feel less self conscious.

I'm going to London for 3 days tomorrow and will be eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner so I'm quite concerned how I'm going to manage with my removing aligners, eating, cleaning teeth and replacing aligners routine.

I now have some Chewies to try and solve the problem I have with gaps between my teeth and my aligners. One thing I'm a little concerned about is that my aligners end on my upper first molar on the right so my second molar isn't being moved at all. Considering my teeth are much more crowded on this side I wonder why that should be. I really can't see that there will be enough room in my mouth to straighten these teeth without moving the second molar back. I'm sure my dentist knows what she's doing but I'm just impatient to start seeing results!

Aligner #2 no problems so far.

I changed to aligner #2 today, I'm wearing my first 3 sets of aligners for 15 days each. This is because my dentist is on her maternity leave until August 11th when I see her again for my attachments.

So far I'm finding the process pretty easy to cope with, I'm managing to wear my aligners for at least 22 hours per day and haven't suffered any major pain. I actually prefer to have my aligners on as my teeth feel unstable without them!

I don't see any difference in my teeth but nonetheless I've posted some pictures as I think it will be interesting to see if others can see any change.
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All seems to be going well for you! I will say that after I had the attachments on the trays felt much tighter...but now after more weeks I have completely adjusted again! August 11th isn't too long to wait either. I am noticing small changes in mine (camera angle helps!) and that was after attachments were on too. Try to get the clincheck video (get the dentist to email it to you). I pause mine, quarter and half way through to see what things are expected to look like....it helps me not to worry about little things. It may also show you the gap closing? Also when you go for the attachments they may give you a few more trays and it is great to put them next to tray one to see the changes to be expect! Take care!
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Hi there, yes all is going well, I don't have pain and am used to wearing my aligners. I will ask about having my clincheck emailed when I next see my dentist. I must admit that I have compared tray 1 with tray 3 and the gap is significantly smaller. I'm starting tray 3 on Saturday so I imagine it will feel tight and I may have some pain but I know what to expect now. I'm a little concerned about having my attachments because there are so many of them and there are a lot of comments on here about how difficult the trays are to remove with attachments. You seem to be coping well and I can definitely see a change in your teeth!
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Luckily I didn't have to have any extraction . Initially , I was told I will have to have two teeth taken out but I wasn't very happy. My dentist requested from Invisalign two visualisations : for predicted changes with tests taken out and not. The difference was very slight . I was so happy that I actually asked if extraction is necessary and didn't go with the first suggested version. I know in some circumstances it is necessary but this time I was lucky
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I can't yet, but I'd expect several more aligners before seeing anything.  Have you taken a look at Henry Z's review?  He had a tooth pulled and you can see how quick it started filling in.  Just realize that he started changing trays weekly because of AcceleDent after about 4 months.  I think it was 7 aligners before I could see it was starting to close for him.
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Hi and yes I did have a look at Henry Z's review. I'm sure acceledent has speeded up the process for him but it's not an option for me. Here in the UK there only a handful of dental practices that offer Acceledent and none of them close to where I live. I believe it's quite a new concept so not tried and tested enough for British dentists. I'm quite happy to take my time to get the results I desire.
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Yeah, I didn't mean you should get it.  Just that you shouldn't go by weeks:).  But his gap started closing before he got the AcceleDent, which he started much later than usual, so even the timing there works :D
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Great to hear you got the chewies!  I hope they do the trick :).  As for your teeth feeling loose, they absolutely are.  They're not in danger of falling out, though, just as you said.  But generally, your teeth will be somewhat loose throughout your treatment.  It's one of the reasons some people feel uncomfortable eating very chewy things while they're in treatment.  Another reason is that as your bite shifts, your teeth may not line up well for a while, which makes chewing difficult.

I'd probably feel self-conscious about the gap as well, but I honestly cannot imagine anyone looking at what you're going through and judging you negatively for it.  I mean, you deserve to fix your teeth, and you had to pull one to get it done.  If you're very concerned, though, Invisalign does make pontics and you can ask your doctor about them (it's a white thing that goes in your tray).

It's very common for second molars not to be included in your treatment.  Generally, concerns like that are best addressed by watching your ClinCheck, either on your own or with your doctor to explain what's going on :).

As for your trip to London--have fun, and good luck!  I don't have any wisdom about eating out because I did it maybe once (never thrice in a day) and I just made sure to have my case with me, and I used the restaurant's bathroom to brush.  I know a few others in the community have recently traveled (cruises) and such.  They may have more wisdom.  AreYouKiddingMe did that and she learned a lot. :)
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Do you have any chewies?  They will help you seat the aligners all the way onto your teeth.  Also, the discomfort usually doesn't start for several hours.  It'll likely be worse tomorrow :)  Here's a video about Invisalign and it shows how to use chewies as well.

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Hi, thank you for posting the videos for me to look at. I don't have any chewies and my dentist didn't mention them. I think I may give the practice a call tomorrow and ask about them.
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My chewies came in my pack from invisalign along with 2 cases! But I also bought spares from amazon. When my aligners first went in they were tight then about 15 mins later they felt ok. The time I really noticed was when I took them out and tried to eat during days 1-3. My teeth were really tender then. You get used to wearing them and don't forget we all have different pain thresholds :-) so pleased you've started the journey!!
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Thank you! I'm going to call my dentist tomorrow and ask about the chewies. If she says it's ok I'll order some from Amazon. I haven't eaten yet since having my extraction and I guess the anaesthetic may not have worn off yet. Hopefully I won't have too much pain but I have painkillers just in case.
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Super-exciting!!!  Tell us how the extraction goes, though :)  Can't wait to see your next update!
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Yay!!! Good luck and welcome to the invisalign club :/)
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I'm sorry you've had to wait, now that you made this decision. It's common to wait between two and six weeks for trays and sometimes longer in Europe. But most people seem to be in the two to three week range. It was three weeks for me and I'm in the US. :)
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Good Luck with your treatment! I can really relate to your comment about looking forward to smiling with confidence for the first time! It is so exciting watching the changes that happen! Viewing your Clinicheck video helps a lot, you should try to obtain a copy. Pain and discomfort initially if you get it is short- lived. Looking forward to watching your transformation!
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Thank you for your good wishes. I'm so excited about starting this process. Good luck with your treatment and please keep in touch so we can compare notes!! X
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great news! 32 trays is much better! I also had attachments on tray 3..and have two on some teeth too. I can say that they are not as bad as I thought! Obviously, it would be ideal if we didn't have to have the attachments....but as you said think of smiling with confidence at the end of the journey! When is the start date? Are you waiting for your trays to arrive now?
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Hi, I don't have an exact start date as my dentist is waiting for my first trays to arrive back from the US and then she's going to call me to book an appointment. We're hoping it will be late next week, early the week after. She's taking time out of her maternity leave to see me which I think is really sweet of her and then fitting my attachments the day she starts back. I've read your update and I'm pleased things are going well for you. I think the not being able to eat and drink thing will be difficult for me too. I never even gave Christmas a thought! I'll be updating as soon as I've had my extraction and got my first trays, I'm feeling a little apprehensive but positive at the same time. X
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Congratulations, so exciting!  Will you have the extraction just before you put the new tray in?  Or do you get that some days before you start with the trays?
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Hi, I get my first tray on the day of the extraction. My dentist is putting something that looks like a tooth in the tray so the gap isn't so noticeable.
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Cool!  I think they're called pontics--the tooth replacement things, I mean.  I've never had a tooth extracted before.  Is it going to hurt afterward?  Did they say anything?
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Hi, I had a tooth extracted about 30 years ago and I just remember it being sore for a while afterwards. They didn't mention how it would feel but I imagine I'll have some pain once the anaesthetic has worn off. When I was a child I had to have a few milk teeth extracted due to abscesses and also some of my milk teeth came through with missing enamel and decayed. I think that's the reason I was always scared of visiting the dentist as a teenager and was reluctant to have braces to correct my overcrowding. My Mum wondered if having the problems with my milk teeth was a contributing factor to my crooked and overcrowded adult teeth. Happily all my adult teeth are healthy, I do have a few fillings in my molars but I've had these for well over 30 years and nothing since. I'm just going to keep thinking 'no pain, no gain' and focus on how lovely it will be to have a nice smile!
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Hi, good luck on your journey! I also had my Invisalign for my 50th birthday, I need 31 trays (so 62 weeks of treatment) and am currently on tray 9. I do think the time has gone quite quickly and find that day to day it's fine. If I have a special event; since starting I have had my birthday celebrations, 2 weddings and a 'Hen' weekend, so have found it a real pain as far as the restricted eating goes. That said, my weight has dropped a fair bit so I look at it that I'm killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. I really don't mind now and have got myself into a good routine. Next week I shall be 1/3 way through. Regarding your extraction, I too had some unpleasant experiences with the dentist and extractions as a child. However, I had a tooth extracted a short while ago and I can honestly say it is not worth worrying about. I felt nothing and had no discomfort at all afterwards. I hope you get on ok and GL.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to read my update and for your good luck wishes. I'm feeling so positive about my decision to finally do something about my teeth. Please keep me updated with your progress, I wish you good luck too! X
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Super excited for you!  I look forward to hearing that the next step has been successfully taken. :)  Good luck!!!!
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