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I'm 40 and near the end of my 1 year journey...

I'm 40 and near the end of my 1 year journey of weight loss. Not a year ago I was 39yrs. old, 375lbs. and with raging blood pressure! At 11 months I'm 214lbs. with a heart rate of 40 and blood pressure at 109/60. I'm now healthier then I have been in 10 years. Heck, I was a 54" waist and now a 36" but still have a fat guys belly!

I imagine a lot of people struggle with the moral dilemma of this surgery I know I have/do. Since setting the date of the surgery its become a bit of a mental roller coaster. None the less its a part of my journey I have done a lot of hard work and to get to were I need to be this is part of the journey.

I did a lot of research and think I have found the best of the best. After my consult I left very confident and feeling very positive about the procedure. I had my pre-op with one of the nurses last week and it was more of the same. Very professional and confidence inspiring.

I'm now on the hunt for supplies and reading as much as I can to be as prepared as I can be.

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It's one month out now and I have been out getting...

It's one month out now and I have been out getting all my supplies in order. It's early I know but I needed to do something constructive for the surgery. I'm going stir crazy waiting for this to happen. Worse I'm now reading to many bad stories which are adding to the anxiety!

I really wondered why they were wanting to schedule so soon once I decided to go ahead with this. Now I know. If or when you decide to have this surgery just go for it, right away, asap just take the first date they offer and run with it. Make the world deal with your need they're going to have to in so e ways anyhow so just get on with it. There seems to be a real mind game involved in the waiting.

I'm going to try and get copies of the pictures taking at the pre-although I'm shy about sharing them for a many reasons. Some are obvious others include friends that may find them and that wouldn't be good!


Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for posting your journey with us.

Wow that is an amazing amount of weight!  Congratulations on a job well done.  How did you do it?  Do share your tips.

The nerves you are experiencing are all part of this process.  Try to focus on the positive and keep clear of all negative talk.  Omg you have come so far and need to finish this journey.  You are going to feel amazing having all of the extra skin removed.  A new man!

Yes it hurts after surgery but this is all temporary.  So worth it in the end so keep moving forward.  

If you are comfortable posting pictures please do.  But do not feel pressured to do so.  Your choice and either way is fine.

Keep us up to date.

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24 days to go and the wait is brutal. I'm not the...

24 days to go and the wait is brutal. I'm not the same person I keep getting highs and lows from the anticipation and stress. Also people at work have found out I will be gone for surgery for up to a month and the questions are starting. I haven't told more then my boss the reason it sounds silly but I expect to be judged by people if I tell them the truth. In the end it shouldn't matter but it's just one of those things I guess.

As for the weight loss there was no special way of doing it for me. I simply counted calories but kept them very low and worked out like mad. I made sure to keep my calories below what I normally use in a day and the work out was the bonus for weight loss. I don't do liquid calories just water, tea and black coffee. I don't bring anything into the home I maybe tempted by and that has made all the difference. No temptations to give into and therefore I didn't. I also parked an elliptical machine right behind the best seat in the house, right behind my recliner so no excuse not to do a workout. It still takes effort but looking down helps keep it on track :)

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Well tomorrow I meet the nurse to go over any ...

Well tomorrow I meet the nurse to go over any additional questions and pick up my "binder". I'm to start wearing it 2 weeks in advance of the surgery, I haven't read of this on any other blogs? I have also been told to expect 2 drains for up to 2 weeks and not to drive for up to 3! I'm starting to think I'm being told exaggerated numbers as they're all so much longer then what a lot of the people share in their experience?


I asked about the garment because they are the only ones I had herd of doing this. They said it was because of the amount of compression they wanted your body to get used to it so that after the surgery it was less of an adjustment. Seems odd though 2 weeks before and with the extra amount of me the thing is a pain in the ass to put on!

It seems from what I have read the biggest turning point for people is when the drains came out. Being able to shower would be big I imagine. that and the body probably doesn't like the foreign objects inside it!

Do you feel them?
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I didn't wear my compression garment until after surgery (I woke up with it on). I hadn't heard of people wearing binders before surgery... would be interesting to hear why your doc has you do that. I'm more curious on when I can stop wearing mine... it's so annoying to me.

Regarding drains - seems everyone is different. My first drain came out on day 6 post-op and my second one came out on day 10 (two days ago). I was also cleared to start driving on day 10 post-op. Guess it all depends on how you're doing. Best of luck!
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Well I'm less then 48 hours till the big day. I...

Well I'm less then 48 hours till the big day. I have cleaned the house and stocked up all types of supplies. I have family staying with me for the first few days though I'm hoping it won't "have" to be to long. I'm just siting hear going mental with anticipation. I have been so distracted by this that I managed to have a little fender bender!! Oh well. I'll be asking the nurse for copies of the before pictures though I probably would wish they never see the light of day a friend pointed out this maybe helpful for the next person going through this. I'll post my progress and thoughts first chance I'm able. See you on the other side :)


I am with you on this roller coaster ride and I completely agree that the reason they want you to schedule so soon is to avoid all the madness. I am not scheduled until November 9th and I keep finding that I am trying to change my own mind and talk myself out of it.
I, like you, didn't really want to post a before pic but as you can see I did. I think my stomach is rather hideous but I know that one day it will be gone. I use to never admit how much I weighed until I started losing a lot of weight now it doesn't bothered me so much to admit I was once 360 or that I am now 220.
Sending thoughts and prayers your way...keep us posted! :)
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We will all be thinking about you on the 28th:)  Sending happy healing thoughts your way.

Update is as soon as you can.

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Best of luck! I was also obsessed with thinking about surgery as the operation date got near... so many thoughts went through my head. Once I got to the surgery center, it all happened so fast that it almost seemed like a dream. And once you "go under" the surgery itself felt like it was 5 seconds long... all will be good! Getting through the first week of recovery is the worst part... then things get lots better! I'll look forward to your updates!
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Just got home from the clinic. I was kept...

Just got home from the clinic. I was kept overnight and pampered by the wonderful nursing staff. I am feeling much better then I expected I would but I'm very limited in movement and if I move the wrong way, OUCH! Also coughing is deadly. I'll be adding pictures hopeful within the week but there will be some soon.

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I have 2 drains in. One is filling pretty good but...

I have 2 drains in. One is filling pretty good but the other is empty even the hose is dry? I also was told by my nurse I had to eat more which I was doing for me but guess I'll have to step it up a notch?


Make sure to eat some really lean protein.  It helps in the healing process greatly:)

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Awesome! glad your home and doing well.
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2nd day post op started kind of rough but has...

2nd day post op started kind of rough but has shaped up really well. I was at the doctors today and had one of the drains removed :-) They gave me dressings and instructions and I had a proper shower this afternoon! Then the topper a proper bowl movement. I'll be back at the doctors in 4 days and should have the second drain removed then.

I'm sore, coughing is hell but I'm doing really good overall I think. I did get to see my undressed reflection which was a mistake at this point I'm a complete mess.

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Today is day 5 post op. All in all I'm very...

Today is day 5 post op. All in all I'm very surprised by the recovery part of this. I expected a lot more pain and so far it's all be been very manageable. I don't like how it looks yet but I can already see a big difference since day 2 with less swelling so there is great hope it's going to end perfectly. I can't say enough good about the clinic I had this done at. The doctor and nurses have been just incredible. Their attitudes are so positive it leaves you feeling wonderful which makes you feel like it's all going well and will end well. Support is key to getting through this but their support has been just above and beyond what you would ever expect or hope for. I have an appointment tomorrow that should remove the last drain and i hope to find out how much tonnage I had removed as well as an update on how things are really going.

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So I'm 8 say post op now and so surprised with the...

So I'm 8 say post op now and so surprised with the whole experience so far. I may have over read to much and had really expected much worse. It isn't comfortable and the first few days are difficult but not as bad as you would think. I'm now having showers every morning and sort of sleeping again. As long as I take it easy i feel pretty good. unless I sneeze or cough then I really, REALLY hurt. Not so bad really all in all when you think about how big the procedure really is. I would say though getting both drains out is the money. Once you get that done you are well on your way. All the best to anyone getting this done it is very survivable. As for results it's going to be a couple weeks before I can say the mirror will show any indication of what to really expect. What I see now is a big no but you can tell it is no were near what it will end up like.

I totally forgot to ask for the images, again! I will get some but it will be awhile probably not until my next appointment Nov 8th.


Thank you, you as well.
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That sounds so far away but I'll take it the pain is crazy specially because it comes without warning and hard to stop. I've been told it'll be over 6 weeks before I can return to working out I wish it was sooner I don't feel the same without a work out and so afraid of undoing all the work. That and the swelling makes you want to work it off.
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Time will fly by! Tomorrow is 5 weeks for me... Hard to believe. Yes, I'm dealing with all the swelling now... Gonna be like that for a while but it's expected. I'm interested in getting some lymphatic drainage massage... Gonna ask my doc at my next appt in a couple weeks if it's ok for me to pursue. I heard it can really help. Hope all keeps going well for you!

Today is 14 days post op. I have been without...

Today is 14 days post op. I have been without drains for 8 days and having showers and all the stuff that makes you feel human. Each day I notice something that's improved in some way. All in all it's very manageable to get along now. Though there is still some real pain when i sleep and in move in my sleep. I'm now able to sneeze, cough and laugh. Though in a reserved sort of way I think a good belly laugh would still do me in.

The swelling is the bugger for now. You keep wanting to see just how good it will be from the surgery but there is still an odd shape from the swelling. The doctor says that although I will see most of the results within the first couple of months most people continue to see changes for up to a year!

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Today is 21 days or 3 weeks post op. I'm able to...

Today is 21 days or 3 weeks post op. I'm able to get in and out of bed with ease. There is some odd feelings as I sleep on my side. A sort of feeling of lack of enough support on my lower abs but no pain. There must be other discomfort though as I don't sleep very long without waking up still looking for a solid nights sleep.

The scare has shifted and were it was symmetrical its now got uneven and a weird sharp turn on one side? There still is swelling or I really hope there is. It's not what would make me happy as a final product but it has improved a lot the last couple of weeks. The scar area has been getting sharp pains and as hair has been growing in it catches and pulls on the compression garment which can be a bugger.

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28 days and some new lululemon :) The swelling...

28 days and some new lululemon :)

The swelling is better though not down 100% yet or at least I hope not. The feeling is starting to return to my lower stomach. The belly button still has to fully close where they cut it in but is coming along. The main cut is healing very nice and really I just worry about how much swelling there is left still. I know a huge help will be getting back to working out. I don't see the doctor for another 2 weeks for clearance though :(


Yikes sounds like your healing well, then there's the but...

Seems like the healing part may hurt less and less but until you get to the point were you're happy or the doctor says you need to come back you really don't know where you stand in the process.
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I'm right there with you on the swelling. Tomorrow will be 8 weeks PO for me. I had another checkup with my dr this week. He's says things are looking ok and cleared me to do "whatever I want".. so I'm back in the gym.. weight training and all. Feels good to be back. However, my right side had always looked worse than my left side but now it's the opposite. Doc said my body is still changing so he'll re-evaluate me in January. I'm hoping it's all just swelling that will go down... otherwise I got the feeling he would offer to do a revision to tighten up the skin on my sides a bit.... I hope that's not the case.
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I promised some pictures and hear we go. Very...

I promised some pictures and hear we go.

Very embarrassing but they may hopefully be helpful to someone considering this procedure. I also thinks it shows of the wonderful work by my PS.

At 8 weeks I have been without the compression garment since week 6 and it feels great not having that on anymore. Though I sometimes opt for it after a workout or at the end of the day. I get some very odd shapes from swelling sometimes!

There isn't anymore pain or discomfort and feel really great about the new me. I am now back to the elliptical though I am not allowed to do any thing that targets the core for 6 months post op. I was told that the muscle repair will take at least 4 months but for optimal results I need to wait 6 months and I have no intention of risking anything to ruin this. Though i do look forward to getting into some more rounded workouts to build some strength and the new me.


You look terrific!!!!
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Awesome results Sco!
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Sco71...promise me you'll keep posting your updated results. This such a great story for other men on your same journey.


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So yesterday was 1 year. What a trip but it was...

So yesterday was 1 year. What a trip but it was all very worth it. When I first saw my PS she said if it was the USA they would recommend a full body lift but in Canada they don't do that as one procedure. So at 1 year we are looking at a back belt lift. Based on how the first procedure went and has worked out I am going to say yes.

For anyone thinking of this procedure I say yes.

But make sure to research the whole experience to be best prepared for what to deal with and what to expect. Also research the PS make sure you get one that's quality then don't hesitate and go for it. I lost 170 lbs. and have become more then fit then I ever thought I could ever be again in my life but without this procedure I wouldn't have gone as far in the journey as I "needed" to!


Thanks a lot for your detailed notes. It really helps as I am about to embark on the same journey as you. Will post my before pics soon. I am also in Toronto and am selecting a PS. Wish me luck and all the best to you as well!
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