Multi-Coloured Tattoo Removal

As of now I'm being treated with the Yag and Ruby...

As of now I'm being treated with the Yag and Ruby lasers to remove a tattoo I got back in Dec. of 2013. After a deep depression and getting past the fact I had gotten the tattoo, I figured tattoo removal was best for me. The tattoo I had gotten was done by the same artist right after I had gotten my first and it didn't turn out the way I would've liked. The first one done by him was perfect. I'm thinking of posting photos soon and wanted to join the community to share my experience with my removal. For everyone else who is new these treatments remain positive. I've seen a billion photos online of tough tattoos that have been fully removed and all you can do is keep telling yourself by the end of the process you will be happy with your progress and end result. Remember you're not alone in this world of tattoo regret and tattoo removal. I'll post photos of coloured tattoo removal progress soon. I have some of the most stubborn colours to be rid of (yellow, Light teal/blue) but even with the gold standard technology I have seen good results. I'm planning on looking into the Picosure lasers offered in Toronto soon in hopes they'll give me faster and the best results. More Updates on the Way.

- Sean

An interesting inbox message!

I recently got an inbox message from someone thanking me for my positivity and I wanted to post what I wrote back for others to see as well:

"I went through a really difficult time when it first happened. It can be emotionally damaging seeing your skin with something in it you don't like. The points to remember are it happened and that were all here to do something about our problem. I'm no longer down about my tattoo I don't like. I still think way too much about it but I know with the way things are going I'm seeing some positive fading and disappearing of mine. I know all tattoos are different but I've seen the photos online and I know it's not impossible for all colours to be removed. Im glad you found my post, I've been on real self looking for a while and noticed the same. I figured id join and change up the scenery stating everyone is in the same boat and life will go on. Plus with lasers like the picosure and more developments in technology plus popularity in tattoos I don't doubt in a few more years new lasers will be made to remove them even quicker. Look up femtosecond lasers. They shoot even faster than a pico second and I believe are being studied in the states rights now. Don't feel down. Be patient and know in time, things like tattoos won't be as permanent as they're made out to be!"

- Sean

Found first photo

Found a photo I took of the tattoo when I first got it in December of 2013.

After 3 ruby and yag laser procedures

I'll upload clearer photos of my progress soon but here's a photo of where I'm at today. After three treatments and still a little healing to go this week, it's still a little red and scabby in the photo.

Healed from 3rd treatment

Still a little red but it's faded quite nicely.

First tattoo and it's meaning

So I wanted to post a photo of my first tattoo. This is the one I'm keeping and know I got for the right reasons. To me it's just a simple compass rose and I love the way it looks. I got this when I knew for sure teaching art was something I wanted to do. I also gained a new meaning for it after my deep depression. It's a symbol for me to wear that basically means keeping moving forward. I guess we never know where life is gonna take us. It's nice to know I'm on the right path for me. I also have an obsession with pirates so it also represents that in a funny way.

A few weeks after third treatment.

So now I'm fully healed and the tattoo is no longer that red. Here's a photo update on the progress.

4th treatment almost healed

Just got my 4th treatment with the yag and ruby lasers, it's almost healed and I'll have new photos soon. Picosure will be on the way in a few months!

Session 4 yag and ruby healed

Looking good so far!

Positive Thinking

The thing I guess we all experience about tattoo removal is the outcomes are so varied we are never guaranteed a final result. One of my favourite quotes though has helped with patience and the doubt that the tattoo may always be noticeable. I say this to myself at least once a day to fight against any negative thoughts towards my life or the tattoo. "if you face your problems with confidence and courage, you will emerge victorious". This has kind of been a self motto throughout my removal and now something I'm gonna carry for the rest of my life.
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"if you face your problems with confidence" I love this!! Check out this challenge 100 Days of Happiness  created by Barbiedoll90. I think your positive outlook would be inspiring to others. 
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Thanks so much for uploading photos, nice fading so far!!
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No problem! Yeah I'm actually starting to see the tattoo become more translucent with some of my real skin popping through. It's very relieving, especially after only 4 q switch treatments!
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Hi Sean, looks like you've had some really nice fading. Looking forward to your future posts!
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Awesome attitude you bring to this community - thank you for that! Look forward to your photo update. 
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hi Sean, i'm on my first session of a large multicoloured tattoo removal with really dense ink too. There's no Picosure anywhere near where I am so i'm being treated with Tag, Ruby, and Alexandrite too. Really can't see how a complete removal is possible at this point, but I'm hoping for it to fade enough for a good cover up. Looking forward to your updates (:
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I'm lucky enough I don't think my ink was placed very densely. My artist works quick and didn't dig too much. So some of my yellows have broken up quite a bit and orange was actually my first colour to disappear. I'd say no worries about fading for a cover up. You're definitely in the clear on that one. I'm fairly confident though and know if you go to the right dermatogist you can get good results. Best of luck in your progress!
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haha mine is a bad cover up of a bad first tattoo so the artist pumped a ton of ink in :/ i was on the chair for a very long time, and he kept going over and over the same parts even for parts that weren't covering up old ink. i'd love to see pictures of yours if you wanna share them (:
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Right now a friend had my progress photos cause I was obsessing over them too much Haha! I'll be sure to get them soon and post as best as I can
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