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I had sculptra injections 4 years ago. 11 months...

I had sculptra injections 4 years ago. 11 months afterwards I started getting lumps, (granulomas ?) all around my mouth area, where I had the injections. I then had kenalog injections to decrease the lumps. The result from that were deep atrophy and made my wrinkles deeper.. I have tried hyluronic fillers and radiesse. It does not work on me, possibly because my skin is so thin. I have also had contour thread lift, 8 years ago..I wanted to get a "lifestyle" lift. but was told I may have folds because of the threads. So. my next course of action is co2 fractional resurfacing and ultherapy. after reading real self, I am so nervous. So many people say it is so painful, especially with thin skin. am I doing the right thing?

I had the procedure on Nov. 7, it is 5 days later...

I had the procedure on Nov. 7, it is 5 days later , Nov 11. for the co2 laser i was numbed with a cream...before the whole procedure I took a xanax for anxiety and a percocet. I was given lidocaine . I had my whole face resurfaced, but only around my mouth area with the ultherapy as that is my worst wrinkled area. It was not painful at all. there were occasional sharp pains but lasted a second. After the procedure I was swollen. I really liked the look as I have a very thin face. It didn't feel like a sun burn. just tight. The only discomfort is itching. while it is peeling there is itchiness. and of course there is no touching. I am still wearing aquaphor and see the doctor on tues. n ov. 13. so far I am very pleased and hope all the swelling is down...cause I really like this look. My Doctor is Dr. Song of Omni Aesthetics, Oakland , N.J. He did a great job and has a very gentle bedside manner.

dr. William Song, Omni cosmetics

my provider was dr. William Song, Omni cosmetics

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Customized Ulthera procedures with fractional co2 can provide very positive improvements in the face and neck areas. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles
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So how are you doing now, Jenkie? Have you noticed any loss of the fullness that you liked?

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It is now March 8, 2013. I feel the results of the co2 and ultherapy did nothing. no rejuvenation. I still have deep wrinkles. I just compared my before pictures to what I look like today, and I look the same. I am very disappointed. But I am a rare case. I know co2 has worked on others. I just have thin skin. and nothing works on me. had some radiesse recently. that didn't work either. I'm not giving up, but don't think there is anything out there to help me right now.
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So sorry to hear that. :( Its really surprising to hear the Radiesse didn't do anything. I really hope you find something that works for you.

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why didn't you go with lower face lift...i see dr song is featured in bergen county mag...so your input was very important..

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Do a facelift...
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Dr Song is a great doctor with a great bedside manner. I am an exception, no one really knows why nothing works on me. I think it may be because I have an auto immune disorder, and my body is fighting any artificial filler that is injected.
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Dr. Song is a great doctor with a wonderful bedside manner. He is not a plastic surgeon. Fillers and laser. I think my face is too thin for plastic surgery. I have been told that I am not a candidate by plastic surgeon.
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one doctor told me a facelift for me would be like stretching skin over a skeleton. I don't have much fat in my face, so I don't thnk that is a choice for me.
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I think the doctor who told you that is a boob. A lower face lift from a top quality surgeon would do wonders. I see all these woman doing lasers and ultherapy and I can barely see a difference in improvement. (I feel like its the emperor who has no clothes) Find a good doctor and he will help you. Stop throwing away money on all these fads.
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Have you considered a deep Phenol peel? There is a very well known doctor in Temecula California that does an amazing peel. He has perfected the technique so there is no pigmentation changes. There is an onsite recovery center. I have about 3 friends who had this done and are totally happy. The doctor's name is Kelly O'Neil. Google him and check out his website for some great before and afters.
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I'm now done. I had a facelift on March 4, 2014. had a dermabrasion around my mouth. the deep wrinkles are gone, my face is tighter and fuller. and most importantly, I'm happy! check out my facelift story and pictures. thanks for your feedback.
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Ultherapy and pain We perform ultherapy in my practice, and yes, it is painful when the pain factor is not specifically addressed. There are individual differences, in how pain is perceived. For some if is very tolerable for others it can be unbareable. However, as a facial plastic surgeon, there is absolutely no reason why we can not make everybody comfortable. We do this by using nerve blocks and pretreatment. Ultherapy is treated like any other procedure, it would be unacceptable to be in pain during a facelift, similary we need ot make Ulthera as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, the company has now come out with a new protocol with lower energy settings which should further decrease the experience of pain.

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You ask if you are doing the right thing but ultimately, only you can decide that. Its a matter of weighing the possible benefits against the possible risks. If you think the possible benefits outweigh it, then perhaps its the right choice for you. I know that doesn't give you the answer you wanted, but some people will be very  happy with outcomes that would be a disappointment to others. Clearly you are doing your research and looking into this beforehand, which is so smart! Keep doing your research, and reach out to lots of other community members by posting comments on their reviews so you can hear their thoughts first hand.

Let us know how you are doing as your appointment gets closer, and whether or not you decide to go through with it - we will be interested to hear how you are doing!

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