41 Yo Mom of Two Smart Lipo...still Recovering - Oakland, CA

I am in very good shape after two kids, and do...

I am in very good shape after two kids, and do either "the happy body" weights routine or bikram yoga every single day. My entire body is lean and muscular except for a small "donut" of fat around my belly that I couldn't get rid of even when I was 105 lbs on my 40th birthday. (I am 5'1 3/4" tall and normally am btw 110-114 lbs.) I went to Dr. Michael Cedars in Oakland (practices with Katie Rodan of Rodan & Fields), and he is wonderful. However, eight days out from smart lipo on my abdomen (upper/lower plus a tiny bit from the sides), I am really bumming due to the following: 1) I weigh 2-3 lbs more than before the procedure and my clothes don't fit right; 2) my waist is 2" bigger than before the procedure; 3) I am really wanting to get back to my exercise routine and release nervous energy; 4) I am not sure this recovery will be worth it as I'm losing muscle every day and I can't get back to bikram yoga for three more weeks. The procedure went well and I think I am healing as expected - no need for pain meds after first few days, now numb and swollen but otherwise no issues - but I maybe broke something that wasn't broken in the first place. Will update hopefully with progress when I am cleared for exercise. :/


Congratulations!!!! You look great. Give it time,it literally takes 3-6 months for swelling to subside and see the end result hang in there,you may be surprised and like what you see in time. Happy healing.
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Welcome to the community, and I'm sorry you're bummed right now.  You look fabulous.  The swelling you are experiencing now will not last, of course, and it's obvious the fat is gone.  

I went through a mommy makeover about a year and a half ago (including breast lift and a full TT,) and I wasn't able to work out for months.  From my experience, you will not lose more than a month's worth of work per month you take off.  So if you are 3 months off, it might take 3 months to get back to where you started, then you go from there.  Are you allowed to stretch at all?
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Thank you. I see my doctor tomorrow and will beg to be cleared for some exercise. The happy body involves no jiggling so I'm hoping he'll let me resume it, perhaps with lighter weights than I usually use. Fingers crossed...

12 days post - back to pre surgery weight

Doctor cleared me for some happy body exercises two days ago, without crunches or twisting moves. Feeling much better, and fitting better into my clothes. Tummy is definitely flatter than before, though this morning I have a hard pooch in my lower stomach. I go back for a checkup August 8...


Thanks for the updated pics. You look great!! I think the pooch you point out is swelling. Happy Healing.
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You look great, really!  Is that the hard pooch you were talking about that you can see in the pictures?  It doesn't look like a fat pooch, so I'll bet it's going to disappear.  Good luck at your checkup.  Maybe it'll be gone by then, but if not, we can hear what the doctor has to say about it.
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Wha? Hips and butt are 2" bigger

Not sure if swelling/fluid retention is supposed to happen in non-lipo'ed areas, but I took my measurements this morning and my bust was normal, waist was normal/ maybe an inch bigger than pre lipo, and my hips were 2" bigger than normal. No wonder my work pants were tight yesterday. Today is exactly two weeks post. Ugh...I wish I could sweat out the water retention. I've been eating mostly clean with a few cheat days...


It is normal for your whole body to swell with lipo. It is very common don't worry,you didn't gain weight in 2 weeks. It literally takes 6 months for swelling to subside and notice your new you.! If you have time walking helps with swelling. Have a great day.
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Thank you! That makes me feel better. I thought my metabolism had suddenly taken a nosedive.
Smile, you're just going through the healing phases. HAPPY TACO TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so bad. I love tacos&Margaritas. :) on Tues

Lumpy bumpy but flat...my pants still don't fit

Well, my recovery is progressing and I hope to be cleared for yoga at my appointment tomorrow. Three weeks and two days later, things are improving, but in my harsh bathroom lightning I see a lot of bumps. Also, my pants size has gone from 2 to 4, and won't com back down. I wonder when the swelling will go away?


You look great. I, too, am having the same doubts that you initially had. I am only 17 days out and still very swollen. I had velashape at day 10 and I think that might have been a little to soon - the technician worked really hard on the crease area and now it is extremely sore. Thank goodness I don't go in for another round of that for another 9 days!!! The doctor told me this would help with healing, so I did what I was told. Time will tell and until then I will continue eating right, drinking lots of fluids and walking at least 4 miles daily. You look great!!!
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love the updated pics :) you are healing nicely.
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I know it's frustrating with the swelling.  After my procedures, I swelled for a year!  But it gets better--it may be a few more months or maybe just a couple.  You may have slight swelling even longer.  

Are you trying anything for the lumps, like massagers or ultrasound?
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Cleared for Bikram!

Still dealing with some swelling and in need of dropping a few lbs gained during the recovery month, but my doctor cleared me for all activities/ dropping my compression garment, and I feel mostly normal again. Tummy is still numb and a bit lumpy but looks okay in gentle lighting.


How is the healing coming along? Hope all is well.
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You're about 1 week ahead of my, but I am not feeling as happy as you. I started powerwalking 5-6 times per week at day 7 - had my weight down 8 1/2 pounds until I made the mistake of eating Chinese this past weekend - way to much sodium - up 1 1/2 pounds. Back to the gym today. I have crease and a hard ridge on my right side above the belly button. I've ben told not to worry since I am almost only 4 weeks out. Will have velashape to help with lymphatic fluid and bumps tomorrow - we shall see. See the ps on Thursday, so I'm to see what he has to say. Will post pictures Thursday before I see him and update on his opinion then. Good luck and keep posting - I think you look great.
I think you look good BayAreaLatina41. I am 27 days post today and am not as happy. I've been assure by a physician on this site not t worry, but that is who I am. I see the velashape tech tomorrow so hopefully she can get rid of the lymphatic fluid and hard ridge on the right side above the belly button that has developed - my PS thinks this is just built up fluid. I am 54 and have been doing my powerwalking regime since day 7 - 50 minutes, 3 miles. I was down 8 1/2 pounds until I made the mistake of eating Chinese Friday - have gained 1 1/2 pounds of fluid - no more salt!!! I will update pictures Thursday before seeing my PS and his evaluation on Thursday - wish me luck!!!

7.5 weeks out... Feeling good in bikram again

I've noticed swelling toward the end of the day, and I still get weird dents in my stomach from my slightly too tight pants (I gained 5 lbs after surgery and it all went to my hips, legs, butt). Most sensation has returned, except for numbness right around and under my belly button. I am able to do my full bikram practice, and started in week 4 ( only took till the third class to regain my regular torso flexibility and strength). Twisting and stretching was a bit rough at first, but now is okay.


You looked great even pre-op, but your results are really fantastic.  Congratulations! :)
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Your abs look AMAZING!! You can't see any dents. You gained 5 lbs in 2 months?? I didn't think that was possible.
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I'm an overachiever...what can I say? Seriously though I probably gained 2-3 real pounds and 2 pounds of puffiness from wrong foods/ water retention.
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