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Ever since college, I've been self-conscious about...

Ever since college, I've been self-conscious about my high hairline. Others would comment on my high hairline and I would cringe when I saw my forehead in photos. I almost went through with it right after college, but I postponed it due to financial issues. Now with a much better paying job and a move to a new city in a couple of months, I felt now was the time. I scheduled my procedure on June 30th. I flew into SF and attended the Pride festival. I then stayed at an AirBNB in Oakland. I thought I would be nervous before the procedure, but I felt no nerves whatsoever; thinking about this procedure since college definitely calmed my nerves.

Now on to the procedure. I did not feel anything at all! I fell asleep under IV sedation and woke up when it was done! They gave me several medications and my ride took my home. The first 6 hours after the procedure was painless. After that, the pain started to seep in and I took the pain meds that they gave me. I woke up in the middle of the night and the pain was even worse, but I took the vicodin. The next morning, the pain was still there, but it wasn't as bad as the first night.

I went back to the office, and I had my bandages removed. It was such as surreal experience: I've always wanted my hairline lowered, and now that is it, I was shocked. For a few seconds, I thought It was lowered too much. However, I knew this feeling came about because I've always seen myself with a super high hairline. What I am sure about is that my new hairline is significantly more appealing than my old hairline. I am still swelling, but a couple of my friends have already commented on how much better my hairline looks. I look forward to a few months from now when I can wear my hair up without being self-conscious about my large forehead.

My scalp is numb is it feels very weird, and I am starting to itch a little (meaning the nerves are coming back!). Thank you Dr. Kabaker, Joowon, and all the staff there!

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Photos included!

Here are some photos I took pre and post-operation. What do you think? :-)


Hey, you look great! Thanks so much for sharing the details of your procedure and recovery. It's so great when you can correct something that has always bothered you!
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10 days post.

Days 5-10 have been the worst in terms of swelling and bruising. On day 4-5 my forehead and eyes were still a little swollen and the areas underneath my eyes and eyelids started bruising. It became very dark. I then stopped taking blood thinning painkillers and started to warm compress/massage my eye bruises. They are now starting to fade, and the swelling has gone done considerably. I went back to work on day 9, and one of my co-workers told me nothing looks different besides my new hairstyle. :-)

During this time, I also my got my stitches removed my Dr. Hoppen in DC. The nurse who removed my sutures told me the wound was healing very nicely, and that Dr. Kabaker did a fabulous job closing my wound.

Currently, my forehead is still a little swollen and eyes are bruises, but good progress is being made. :-)


That's a big difference! Great results!
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Thank you for sharing your experience. I always felt self conscious about my hairline, and wanted to have my hairline lowered as long as I could remember. In July of 2013, at the age of 34, I had a hair transplant done. I decided on this procedure out of concern over the scar that would be left behind, and believing that the results would look more natural. It is now the biggest mistake I have ever done. First, I'm a natural ash blonde and my hair in the front of my head naturally grows in blonder than the hair in the back of my head. Second, I had beautiful hair that was naturally more dense in the back. The back of the hair was used as the donor hair, for the hairline lowering. When the hair started growing I noticed that my hair was actually darker than even the hair in the back of my head. Which means that you can tell from a mile away that I got my hairline lowered! I have a whole strip of dark hair in the front of my head. To make matters worst, the main specialist who completed my hairline lowering told me directly after the procedure that in two weeks I would be able to wash my hair regularly and that I could even scrub any scabs on my head because the hair cells would already be in my skin. WRONG! Maybe he was used to doing male hairline lowering where hair was implanted on scalp skin, instead of facial skin like mine (which I learned later on that are very different). When I scrubbed I saw many follicles fall out some with white bulbs. They told me that that it is natural for the first set of hair to fall out. Now that I am over a year into the procedure I am completely horrified at the results. Much of the hair on the site that I scrubbed with my fingers as instructed are gone! So on top of the dark strip there are patches where you also see my scalp. It looks unsightly and unnatural!! These post-operative instructions also appear to have caused the loss of my natural hair!! This has been such an emotionally painful experience, and I need for others to beware (especially light haired women and men who are considering the procedure).
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You look really good. Thanks for sharing your story and posting all the info you have, it was very helpful and encouraging. I've desired a forehead reduction from before I knew it was even probable and know that it's possible I intend to get it done sooner than later. I am considering a hair transplant along with it to camouflage the scar or maybe have permanent makeup applied.
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