39 y/o: Submental Lipo with Chin Implant

I have hated my profile for as long as i can...

i have hated my profile for as long as i can remember. i used to think about it off and on, but it has become more and more bothersome with age. as i've gotten older, i have noticed more sagging along my jawline and under my chin. i HATED being in pictures...i had a little girl last year and my insecurities were preventing me from ever wanting to be photographed with her so i decided it was time to do something. i went to visit a PS to have a mole removed and figured i might as well ask about my profile while i was there. he took one look at my chin, pinched the fat on my neck and said he would recommend some neck lipo and a chin implant. i booked the procedure right away and counted down the days until the big day!

i did twilight sedation. dozed off within about a minute and woke up with a compression garment around my face. went home, slept for 3 hours and wasn't in very much pain for the rest of the night. i slept (pretty decent) sitting up, but 'awoke' the next day in AGONY. my face had swollen quite a bit and i was in SO much pain. vicodin did nothing but make me feel sick so i switched to tylenol and (surprisingly) it made a world of difference. it's been getting better everyday day since then and although i have been sore and little uncomfortable...i wouldn't call it 'painful'.

well, i am 5 days post op today and the difference is amazing. i am still very swollen, but i already like what i see. i developed a tiny bit of yellow bruising on my neck on day 4, but it hasn't progressed. i went to my first post op today and the Dr said i could stop wearing my compression garment during the day...i just need to sleep with it at night. i'm not gonna lie, sleeping upright has been pretty rough, but i know it's only for a short time and it has helped tremendously with bruising and swelling so it's totally worth it!

i know i have a ways to go before i can see my final results, but i'm feeling very good about everything so far :) i will post more pics as my swelling goes down.
I have always felt a strong chin is very important, and should not be considered a cosmetic surgery, but fully covered by insurance. I think you will get a better job and have more self-worth when looking for the "right" companion in your life.
Beautiful, what a difference. My chin was similar to yours and I just had my implant a couple of weeks ago, I'm 53 years old. It's good you did it now as the skin really starts sagging worse with each year. I spent a lot of money on fillers trying to keep it looking good. In the end surgery is the real answer.

first day out

it has been 8 days since my procedure and i am feeling great. i went out to lunch today with my MIL and didn't think twice about it. i never experienced any numbness like some people have posted about and my bruising was completely gone the day after it appeared. i can still notice some swelling in my jowl area, but other than that i feel pretty much back to normal. i am still wearing my CG at night and sleeping upright which i'll probably do through the weekend. anxious to see what it looks like in a week. i read somewhere that 80% of the swelling is gone in 2 weeks and then it take a few more months for the rest to go down.
I know what you mean, I finally moved back to my reg bed with a wedge pillow. Is better, but miss sleeping on my side curled up!
i couldn't last another night sitting upright. i caved and cuddled up with some pillows last night, but still kept my head slightly elevated and was careful not to rest on my chin in any way. i am also a side sleeper and i CANNOT wait to snuggle in on my side with a nice squishy pillow.
We definety need our sleep! I've been drinking sleepy time tea as well, seems to help. I noticed some pain on the left side of my implant this week. 1st week back to work so maybe I've overdone it. As the swelling is subsiding I can now feel the side ridge of the implant on the left side. Is tender and I wonder if this is normal?

day 10

10 days post op today and still feeling quite swollen. actually feeling a little bruisey. not looking bruised, but feeling sore. i feel like it's gonna be awhile till the swelling is down enough that i don't feel like i have a giant chin with jowls, but i still think i look MUCH better than where i started so i can't really complain.

started sleeping with regular pillows again, but am very careful to keep my head elevated and not put pressure on the chin. SO much easier to sleep that way which i think is better overall.

going to see my mom on monday and i didn't tell her about the surgery. wondering if she'll notice! i'll keep you posted.

mom didn't notice

...granted i was wearing a hat with my hair around my jawline so maybe it was hidden a bit, but she didn't notice a thing when we went out for lunch on Monday. i guess that's a good thing (?)

anyways, i don't really have anything new to report. i'm just waiting for the swelling to reside. i saw my PS this morning and asked why i was more swollen on one side...he said it's because he has to make one pocket longer to insert the implant before centering it. i am still feeling very jowly and i think it gives the lower part of my face a weird shape. i hope this will subside over the next couple of months as the swelling continues to fade.

he told me i don't need to wear my CG anymore, but i have still been sleeping sitting up halfway on my back. i just don't feel ready to nuzzle down into a pillow yet.

i know my photos are kind of boring cuz they all look pretty much the same at this point, but i will attach a new one for today (my 2 week-a-versary :) )

i also realized that i didn't tell you very many particulars about how i got through the first couple of days. like what kind of pillow i used or what i ate. i will fill in some more information soon. i know it was helpful for me to read about how other people managed. maybe i can edit the first couple of posts. i need to check it out. be back soon :)

annoying swelling

okay...so i think i'm in that annoying waiting period people always talk about. the swelling seems worse in the past week or so which is very frustrating. i still have faith that i will be pleased with the results in a few months, but it feels discouraging to still see a fat neck and jowls right now. ugh.
Thank you for such an informative review, it is so helpful! The chin really makes a difference in the profile and even the lower face it seems. Makes me wonder if that isn't part of my sag and jowling issues? Anyway, lol, thanks for the review and the pics! Looking forward to your progress, take care of yourself! xo

3 week-a-versary

since today is my 3 week-a-versary, i wanted to post a side by side of my before and after. i'm not as swollen as i was yesterday and seeing these 2 images side by side makes me happy.

i think i look about 10 years younger, right?!...well, maybe just 5, but still ;)

anyways, i'm looking forward to watching things progress even further.
Fantastic result. You look great. Congrats.
thanks! so do you. isn't it crazy what a difference a chin makes? lol
I can't wait!! 8/21 is on the schedule now! Thanks for your kind comments, new.mom!

23 days

i had lunch with my mom again...not one word. haha!

anyways, i feel like i look a little bit different every day. maybe i'm just less swollen today(?)

it's really nice to come on here and get some feedback from you guys because i only told 3 people and they're sick of hearing me talk about it. lol...so thanks for all the comments!
Such an awesome result! I went in for a consultation a few weeks ago but I'm so nervous about going through with it. Overall are you happy that you did it?
absolutely 100% yes. i am so happy i finally did it!! what makes you nervous? you're just doing an implant, right? no lipo?
Your profile is classically elegant. You look wonderful! :)

4 week-a-versary

so it's been 4 weeks today and i feel like my chin is starting to feel a little more 'real'. there are still times i think it looks big, but i think that will change over time. i just need to get used to it
it' sore under near the incision today....i think it's residual soreness from the lipo...probably doesn't help that i am chasing a toddler around all day and picking her up and bending forward to change her and what not. i am also not elevating when i sleep anymore and i have a thing for salty foods. i blame the day to day fluctuations in swelling on all of these things, but a girl's gotta live, right? anyways, i'm posting another pic today just because. can you tell that things are starting to settle in?
Congrats Bay Area RS Sister!!!! Your neck and chin look great!
thanks Bella :) Bay Area is the BEST!!
I have to agree. We got the weather and everything around us from Napa,Tahoe,Sonoma to Big sur,Pismo beach,halfmoon Bay,monterey,Santa cruz&LA&Vegas by plane if we don't want to drive :). I am a CA native. How are you feeling? Any new pics?

7 weeks

well, i haven't checked in for a little while. so i thought i'd post a quick pic. my chin is still a bit sore (mostly in the morning after i wake up) but this morning was worse than usual. i think i slept on it wrong...lol and i don't have all of the feeling back yet...and it's still a little hard underneath, but i'm sure that's from the lipo.

i can still see some jowly-ness and i'm really hoping it's just swelling. it seems to go down the teensiest bit each day...so i'm hopeful it will go down more. being patient is the hardest part.

when i see profile pics, i still think my chin looks a big, but my husband assures me it looks great...and no one else has noticed anything at all. so i think it's just in my mind. i guess it's just hard to get used to a the change.

anyways, i'll pop in again in a week or so to let you know if the jowls go down anymore. fingers crossed!!
What was the size and name of the chin implant used? It looks great!
thank you, PAGRL. i have an implantech extended anatomical implant in a size medium.
Beautiful! Thank you for your updates.

3 months

it's been about 3 months since the chin. i am very used to it now. finally! i had some filler (juvederm) injected above the implant to help fill in the labiomental groove (1cc)...and i decided to get some squirted into my upper lip while i was in the chair (.4cc)
overall, i am thrilled with the results. seeing the before and after shots side by side is kind of shocking...although i have to say that is a particularly terrible 'before' shot. (seriously bad)
my face looks so much more balanced now...it feels like such a relief. PHEW! lol
You look so beautiful with your new profile, congrats! I waited till I wa 54 years old, wished I'd gotten it sooner. :-)
thank you so much anon. the filler made a huge difference. i kept thinking the chin was too 'big' but it was really just the groove above the implant that looked out of balance. i see you took your a lot of your pictures down. i hope you're still happy with your results!!
Thank you, I am completely thrilled with my results. Will be 4 months soon. My dr is fantastic and gave me exactly what I'd hoped for. My only regret is that I waited so long. I will need some fillers. Waiting till 6 months for the final touch.
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