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My breast aug is scheduled for 2/15/12, and I am...

My breast aug is scheduled for 2/15/12, and I am so excited I cannot stand it. I have wanted bigger boobs since I was a teenager, and I finally decided to do it. I am 35, no kids, 5'10" tall, 155 lbs, and currently a good size "A" cup. I just went to my pre-op appointment yesterday, and we settled on 325 cc mentor moderate plus silicone implant. He is going under the muscle, and will use an inframammary incision. I am a little nervous about the size because I don't want to be a "D" cup. I don't want someone to look at me and think I have huge boobs, I want them to think I have nice boobs and that I am well proportioned. Everyone always tells the tall girls you can go bigger, but I am just not comfortable with that idea. My before pictures are below. My left breast is a little bigger than my right, but it really doesn't bother me. We are going with the same size implant in each breast. I really love the shape of my natural breast, so I hope because they are already so pretty, I will end up with a great result!


Thanks Lauren, I will be sure to keep everyone posted! Only a few more days left to go!!!
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Hi there! Finally, I found someone in the same boat as myself!! I do not want someone to look at me and think "she has implants" I want them to wonder.. I want them to be natural! I am shorter then you, same weight (though I do not look fat, I just have muscle). I am choosing between 325cc or 350cc. I too am smaller in the right breast and my PS wants to fix it, I too told my PS that if they are uneven, it's ok with me because I don't want perfect sized-equal breasts.
Also, I think the 325cc will be great for you because you have tissue to support the 325cc implant. Your breasts will be larger than mine, because I have less tissue! I just keep thinking to myself that no matter what they will look (how small, we decide) better than what I have now (as long as they are not big).
Best of luck to you! Oh also, I read a ladies blog and she totally recommended socks during surgery and silk pants once you are home because you will be able to slide better on the couch and or bed! Please please, let us know how it goes!!!
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Hi Gigi, I am about the same proportion to you (38, 152lb, 5'11") and I am going with 450cc (high profile). Did you take some pictures with the 325cc implants in? also I have asymmetry and it am going to get a 50cc difference because it really bothers me, be aware that once your boobs are bigger, that difference might be more obvious. I would try some more sizers on with a 25-50cc difference look down at them. I could noticeably tell one was smaller than the other without that extra 50cc in the right.
I agree with you about not wanting my boobs to be obvious, but due to my height and bone structure, 450cc did not look too big (take a look at my blog). It took 2 visits for sizing before I finally agreed how much to go. I recommend another visit. My first visit was such a blur. Also you have a good amount of breast tissue, so with the 325cc you might end up looking like you have 400cc.
When is your surgery?
Good luck!!!
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Ugh!!! Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, and I...

Ugh!!! Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, and I woke up with a sore throat. I feel the beginnings of a cold coming on, hopefully I won't have to reschedule!!! I am calling the PS offfice to let them know, and see what they think.


I'm 5'8", 130Ibs, 35, 2 kids with about the same amount of breast tissue you have, but dropped from breastfeeding. I went with 325cc and 350cc (asymmetry) 5 days ago. It's still early, but I am so far very happy with the size and this was a major issue for me, but I felt very confident that my PS knew I wanted boobs, not bazookas, and he put what he could fit within the space - 375cc would have been too much of a stretch. I think you'd be very happy with 325cc or 350cc, there's minimal difference. Also - the sizers look SO different compared to what it feels like once it's in. Good luck!
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Good luck tomorrow gigi! My BA is scheduled for Feb 16! I'm 5'10" and weigh 160 pounds. I've had 4 kids so my boobs are empty shells. I'm getting 550 cc saline implants. I have a fear of looking too huge, yet I need to fill up what the kiddos took away from me. I guess I'm trusting my PS to make me look fuller and natural. I'm pretty broad in the shoulders. Anyways I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
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Well, they are done! Surgery was at 7:30 am, I...

Well, they are done! Surgery was at 7:30 am, I was on my way home by 9:15. I am sore, but I don't think it's terrible. My right breast hurts more than my left, maybe because I am right hand dominant, and that side was smaller with a tighter muscle? Has anyone else experienced more pain and swelling in one vs the other right from the start? Little things like pumping hand soap to wash my hands can be difficult. Otherwise, I am really happy with the result. They are super swollen, but they look great.


They look great! I hope recovery is going great for you!
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You look great, quite hourglass! The swelling on top will go down a lot in just a few days. Rest well :)
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wow! they look great! my operation is on Monday and I am so excited. please keep us posted with the recovery!
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So this is day two post op, and I feel great! The...

So this is day two post op, and I feel great! The right breast is riding higher than the left, which doesn't surprise me because it is the smaller breast, and I am right handed, so I have more muscle tone on the right side of my body in general. I only took one pain pill the first night, and it made me nauseous so I switched to Tylenol.

I took a shower today, I have been pinching my shoulder blades together, lifting my arms above my head, and doing my massages as my PS instructed. I am using frozen peas to ice, and it really feels great. Overall I think yesterday was the worst day for me.

Sleeping has been easy for me. I borrowed my sister's noodle pillow from when she was pregnant, so I kind of wrap that around my head and chest, and I am sleeping semi propped up no problem.

So far this has been a breeze!


Your new boobies look great!! Hope you are feeling well!
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Thanks everyone! I feel fantastic, and I love the boobs. I should have done this years ago!
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Results look so natural. Hope your recovery is easy going.
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I am 3 weeks post op, and I am doing great. I...

I am 3 weeks post op, and I am doing great. I LOVE MY BOOBIES! They are both super soft and beautiful. Now it's all about the scars healing. My PS does not have me in a bra, and I cannot wear one for 6 months, which sucks because all I want to do is buy new bras!!! I have to say it's the best thing I ever did.

If you are thinking about it, but not sure, and you have always wanted bigger boobs, you will not regret it. Just make sure to talk to several doctors and find the one that you are the most comfortable with. Do your research, and make sure he has good reviews, no pending actions against his license, no suits, etc. I even checked Yelp for mine, and I really felt like it helped. If you have a PS that knows what he is doing, you will have a great result. I eliminated one PS because his front desk staff had work done and looked SCARY. You know he had to be the one to do it, which means he doesn't have a good aesthetic eye. Make your decision based on comfort level, not price. Yay for tatas!!


You look FANTASTIC!!
I look pretty close to your befores, so I am excited that I might look like your afters! YAY for Boobies! Lol
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I'd like to go silicone - your results are great!! I'm with you - would hate to have the rippling and a harder, unnatural feel. Thanks for sharing your story Your results look so natural! I'm putting off my mommy makeover as I'm getting a little fibroadenoma lump removed. Health first, then I'll be ready for flat tummy and boobs. :).
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You look fabulous. Were you concerned w silicone safety? I love the look, but unsure. What size bra will you wear?
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I went in for my 2 month post op appointment. I...

I went in for my 2 month post op appointment. I am doing so well that they took after shots (my PS usually does them at 3 months), and I don't need to go back in until 1 year post op!


You look GREAT!!
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You do look really good! YAY!! :)
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