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Tummy Tuck with Lipo After Weight Loss - Oakdale, MN

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I...

I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I have never been able to look in the mirror naked and like what I see. This is something that I have wanted to do for years but never thought that I would be able to. I let it go for years because I constantly told myself that it was just a dream. I lost around 100 lbs, met and married the best man in the world and he takes the best care of me. We both work really hard and I have gone through lots of fertility issues and am not able to have children so with the help of my husband, my dream is finally coming a reality. One of the main things that I absolutely can not wait for is to stand naked in front of my husband feeling no shame or fear that he will not love me because of what he sees (which would never happen but it still scares me) I have to be honest, I am scared to death. I am excited, hopeful, scared, nervous, anxious, worried that I am not making the right decision, you name it. I know I am strong but I am scared of the pain, having regrets afterwards and possibly not liking the results. Although when I type that it sounds funny because I laughed at the doctor when he was telling me that I would have a scar. I told him that the scar that he would leave was nothing compared to what I am carrying now. I am hoping that I will find guidance and friends to share my experience with and to help me along the way.

Kennedy..thank you so much for sharing with me. It helps SO much to hear other peoples stories. I promise to keep you posted!

Saint Joseph...Thank you! I totally agree...I have spent hours on here already!
welcome you will love it here so much information here that will help u i get on and dont want to get off lol
Thank you! I totally agree...I have spent hours on here already!

July 18, 2012 Okay so I seem to be at a place...

July 18, 2012

Okay so I seem to be at a place of acceptance, for now anyway. I don't feel as scared, just ready to do it and get it over with. I REALLY hope that I can keep this feeling. Being scared sucks! I hate anxiety! Just 21 days until my Pre-op appointment with the surgeon, 22 days until my pre-op with my PCP and 35 days until my surgery!
yea, time goes by fast i go to my hembglohim dr thur well today see i need to get to bed its late lol bye

August 8, 2012 Welp I had my pre-op with the...

August 8, 2012

Welp I had my pre-op with the surgeon today, now I am scared again! I got my prescriptions, surgery is paid in full, and I hope that it stays that way...meaning I hope that I don't have to pay for revisions! My surgeon won't charge me but I would still have to pay surgery center fees, etc. UGH! Dear God I hope I don't come out looking worse than I did when I went in LOL!! I am off to my PCP tomorrow for surgery approval. I just have to keep reading and focus on the good and stop focusing on how bad it's going to hurt or the "hope I wake up from surgery". I know everything will be fine but wow when you read all of the potential things that could go wrong...I wig myself out!

Ok so I am adding my before photos. This is VERY...

Ok so I am adding my before photos. This is VERY hard for me to do because I am ashamed and embarrassed. This is the part of me that I hate and the part of me that my husband NEVER sees. I am VERY good at hiding this ugly stomach. I had surgery when I was a teenager to remove a cyst and the bubble headed doctor closed up my belly button and I have had several surgeries after that for fallopian tube issues so my stomach not only is fat and gross but looks like a road map! Everyone here is such an inspiration and I am so thankful to have found this site. I am scared today and just ask for prayers, advise and guidance from your personal experiences. Thanks so much to everyone for reaching out. God bless!
Hi Bobbie, Im so excited for you. Its normal to be nervous but think about how you will look after the surgery. Keep positive! I thought i would be nervous the day of. As it turned out i was more nervous about being late, lol. I am currently eight weeks post op and i still experiencing swelling. I dont feel 100% yet but i see a flatter belly and a waist now :). So happy i did it.
Thank you Kennedy! I think that I am just as excited as I am nervous. I am just ready to get it done! Do you remember how you felt when they woke you up from surgery?
I do, i couldnt believe that I was done. I was a little groggy but excited. I remember being wheeled into the surgical room and talkimg to the anestegiolofist. Then i woke up. I felt sore, like i had spend an hour doing crunches. Thain wasnt bad at all. The biggest pain was carrying around the pain pump and drains around. Just make sure you have your pain and anti nausea medication before your surgery. And of course someone who is willing to take care of you. I only needed the anti nausea meds once. I really wish i would have found this blog before i had my surgery. Its amazing! Its given me so much information, its answered so many of my questions which saves my ps's office needless Phone calls, lol.

Ugh I have been in freak out mode about my surgery...

Ugh I have been in freak out mode about my surgery all day today. I absolutely hate the anxiety and the constant ups and downs! I can't wait to get it over with! I know recovery is not going to be easy but that is something that I can control. I can't seem to control my emotions being all over the place. 9 days and counting!
Bobbi! How are you doing? Its almost tiiiiiiime...for both of us!!! OMG! :)

Surgery center called today and I have to be there...

Surgery center called today and I have to be there at 7:15 am and my surgery is at 8:30 am. I am scared out of my mind but I can't wait to do it! TONS to do tomorrow. Say a prayer for me please!
Bobbi.. pls let us know how you are! Stay strong, deep breathe, we can do this! Lets just be happy to get it over with..so we can move on with our lives and new tummy's! :)
I definitely will! I can't wait for the next phase to begin! I will be SO happy to be done with it and start the healing process! I will be thinking of you as well! Good luck and thanks so much for the encouragement!!
Your time is almost here...Alright!!!

Well here I am, the night before my surgery! I...

Well here I am, the night before my surgery! I have to say that I have found a new calm today that I haven't had and I think that it's because of a card a coworker gave me today. She said exactly what I needed to hear and by sharing her words to me I hope that I can give those of you who have their surgeries coming up the same kind of peace that she gave me.

"I always tell my boys to do the thing that scares them the most because the sweetest rewards are delivered at the hand of courage."

God bless ALL of you! Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement! I will be praying for you, please pray for me too! Easy, peaceful, HAPPY HEALING to all!!

So ladies, as the saying goes in these parts..see you on the other side!
Hi Bobbi, Congrats and welcome to the flat side..I had my surgery yesterday also..and so far I'm doing great..no pain just feeling the soreness. I hope all is going great for you sorry I'm just getting in touch with so many of us here it hard to keep up and find out who's close with your date as well. Glad your husband is fully supportive, I have 3 kids all boys 19, 4, 2, and at 41 I felt now the time to do something for me. Anyway just wanted to say hello and congrats I know you'll be enjoying your flat side soon..take care.
my prayer are with u i got my hembloghim up happy my app is 1 st of oct.
AWWW Bobbi is so blessed to have a wonderful husband who seems to show her wonderful support! Glad to hear she is doing well... BOBBI you ROCK! Can't wait to see your results! Prayer for quick recovery and healing! xoxo

PO Day 2 I am feeling better today. I have been...

PO Day 2
I am feeling better today. I have been carrying a low grade temp and the binder is driving me aboslutely crazy now though. I suspect I have some swelling going on. I have 2 drain tubes, they are both slowing way down so hopefully I can get those out next week. Doc told me I could take the binder off and sponge bath, but just be sure to get it back on securely. I don't think that I am ready to take that step yet, more than anything i'm affraid i won't put it back on haha I have blisters on the side of my left leg from the socks you have to wear for clotting. My vagina looks like someone just stuck a needle in there and put in about 20 ccs of something! I hope that goes away and soon! Anyone else experience that? Havent had much of an appetite...going to go lay down now as my pain meds are kicking in. Overall, it could be worse! Every day will be better!

PO Day 3 I am feeling great! I can't believe how...

PO Day 3
I am feeling great! I can't believe how good I am feeling. We took the binder off today so that I could put a tank top on under it. I was really scared to do that! I will take more pictures soon. The key for me I think has been to get up and move as much as I could, but not TO much, and to drink lots of water. I am walking pretty straight now, not fully but almost. The drain sites arent even bothering me that much. I feel kind of silly for psyching myself out so much before the surgery. I do still have the issue with the swelling in my woman parts, so weird! My first PO appt is the 29th and I am hoping to get my drains out. My husband has been the absolute best. I couldn't have done this without him! Happy healing everyone!
Thank you!
Bobbi.. Hi! Sounds like ur doing well. The lipo to my back is killing me. Black and blue.. I am ocd-ing on moving my legs enough etc. havent went BM though so I am worrried.. U?
Hi Newme! I am doing great! Drink lots of water and keep up on your pain meds! Your legs will be fine, just keep getting up every couple of hours, at least, and walk for a few minutes. I haven't had a BM yet either but I haven't really eaten much since surgery either. Keep taking your colace and this to shall pass! Your doing awesome! Every day that goes by it gets easier...I am only one day ahead of youand its amazing what a difference a day can make! We can do this!!

PO Day 5 I am still feeling good. I took my...

PO Day 5
I am still feeling good. I took my binder off again yesterday to wash up and change my tank top under it. I got more brave and took a closer look at what's under the bandages and so far what I have been brave enough to look at looks good...i know it's flat! I keep running a low grade fever off and on though. That is more annoying to me than the incision site or the tubes. I basically feel as though I have done a thousand sit ups. I am stiff and tired of sitting around so much. That is really hard for me. I tried not to take any pain meds today. I did end up taking some this evening to help me relax so I can get comfortable to sleep. I had that stuff! I have been having bms all day today yahooo! My post op is Wednesday so i'm a bit nervous about that because i'm good at babying myself so as not to cause pain but man i sure hope these drains go bye bye!! I will try to get post op pics up soon. oh by the way, my doc said he took SEVEN POUNDS of skin! That is not counting the lipo!! WOW! Happy Healing everyone!
Hi Bobbi how's it going?
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