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I've wanted an otoplasty for as long as I can...

I've wanted an otoplasty for as long as I can remember. I guess I wanted it so bad that I didn't care that my dr didn't really let me talk during the consultation, and was trying to persuade me out of my original plans that I had gone over in my head for years. He also insisted that I use general anesthesia instead of just local, which I thought was strange bc a few of my friends that had the procedure all used local anesthesia.

Anyway, surgery went fine and I wore my head wrap for 24 hours. After I took it off there was a lot of bruising and swelling, which I expected, but right away I noticed that one ear was "plastered" to my head and the other didn't even look pinned at all.

At my 5 day post-op I mentioned it to my dr and he seemed to be oblivious that anything was out of place, and he didn't seem concerned that I was unhappy. He was so busy that I waited 30 min after my appointment just to see him for 5 minutes and all he told me was to come back to see him 5 weeks post-op.

I'm extremely upset with my results. I waited my whole life for this surgery that cost me $4800, and now I feel like I was cheated. I want a revision.

Dr. Ross


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what doctor did you use? im in Chicago and just want to make sure not to use the doctor you used. I hope your doctor does the right thing and fixes your ear, free of charge.
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I wrote you a HUGE comment the other day about my otoplasty but its not here.. I'll have to retype it.. it was LONG..
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Looks like the comment wasn't confirmed via email, but since you've confirmed your account then I've published it below. Hope this helps! :)

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My DR gave me the same BS about "stitch didnt hold", "internal stitch busted".. a whole bunch of BS... I am about to have my 5th otoplasty revision but I never had to repay... you shouldnt have to pay for anesthesia... Have them just do it under local.. Which is also rough cause you can hear and feel the tugging but it beats having to spend all that money.. I go in tomorrow to see my Dr and we'll see what BS excuse he comes up with now as to why it looks like a damn elf ear! :(
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Just so happens that my Dr won't do surgery under local anesthesia. Ugh, makes me mad bc now I have to pay an extra $650 for "supplies" and IV sedation this time. Also, the ear that is over corrected actually touches the side of my head, but he wouldn't even address the situation. I wish I had gone to the Dr I was originally planning on seeing. My Dr is a cocky jerk that likes to hear himself talk.
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Just curious how you're doing now? Have the results evened up at all?

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They have not evened out. I go see my Dr. tomorrow, hopefully he can give me a good news about getting a revision. I understand there may be some asymmetry, but in mm not cm.
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Good luck. I hope he has some good news for you.

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Thank you! He told me that he would fix the left ear bc maybe the stitch didn't hold right. I just have to pay for anesthesia. I honestly don't think he cared about my opinion on how I felt about the surgery. If I had the chance to have gone to a different Dr. I would in a second.
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I don't see anything wrong with your ears at all.
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Maybe this wasn't the best picture, but they are very asymmetrical. I'm just as self conscious about my ears as I was before my surgery. I'm going to see my Dr. on the 23rd to see what he can do. I feel like I had a failed otoplasty.
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I had otoplasty last march and it was the biggest mistake I ever made!! I had the same problem as u.. Left side was fine but right side was stuck against my head so bad u couldn't even see that I had a ear. I have had it redone 4 times... No joke!!! First 3 revision attempts were done under local ... DO NOT DO LOCAL!! It i awful ... The ear may be numb but u can still feel the pressure and the pulling and tugging and I could hear when he was stitching me up!! It was horrifying!! They all failed ... He tried to pull it out and i didn't have a fold in that ear and he tried to make a fold (which I didn't really want, it didnt bother me) well now it looks like a total elf ear!!! It has a funky bump in the tip .. It looks soooo ugly!!! I totally feel your pain!!! But if ur not happy then tell him... Make him fix it!!!

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