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This is a permanent filler. You must be fully...

This is a permanent filler. You must be fully informed and prepared to deal with the consequences when receiving permanent substances to your face.
I wanted only the temple region filled with a permanent product because, doing the math, is be spending way more on injections every 2-3 months over the course of time.

I had a photo with me of how I wanted my temples filled and my Dr. talked me into filling my brow-ridge area, based on the photo I brang along.

A year later, seems the weight of the filler in the brow area has brought down my eyelids a bit. There are spots that weren't addresses in the temple region (what I originally asked for) and what was filled now has lumpiness that can be felt, but not seen.

May need to go back to have the areas refilled.

Dr. Taek Kim


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I have consulted with Dr. Shah in Chicago. He is confident he can correct the areas with a longer lasting HA filler. Over time with the semi permanent fillers, scar tissue (collagen) builds up and one would eventually need less and less until the desired look is achieved.
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ok once again didnt your dr tell you to massage the area to keep it smooth. remember this is a substance like breast implants that need to be massaged or they will get hard. so massage the area where the artefill is . massage the lumps, massage uneven areas and keep massaging as your face changes as your skin gets looser the artefill slips keep massaging its permanent.because our faces change and skin gets loose the artefill stays looking bad, thats the truth.
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Sweetie, PMMA basically contains plastic, hence the permanency of the substance. Massaging would actually do more harm than good. Massaging for breast implants is meant to break up scar tissue and get blood flowing into that tissue so that the hardness known as "capsular contracture" does not form. It is not a substance like breast implants. PMMA is a major component in the cement used in orthopedic surgical techniques and bonding. It is not a biodegradable substance. For some people, this material works as a facial filler, but others with thinner skin, less fat, less elasticity, tend to notice more of the negative side of receiving this type of filler.
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I have many lumps from Artefill on my face including one right in the middle of my cheek that this doctor cannot do anything about. I would not do Artefill again and I am sick about it---thousands of dollars later!
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Laindarien, I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune. There is a way the lumps can be improved with steroid shots to dissolve them. Please ask the dr. Or see a new dr, even a dermatologist.
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if that bad you can have it laser ed, out by a dermatologist
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Sorry to hear things didn't hold up as well as you had hoped in the long run. Do you mind me asking how you can tell it was the filler that caused your eyelids to drop down more as opposed to aging?

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Hi Megan! Not at all. I had only gotten the fillers about 8 months ago. It's really just below my eyebrows (he thought I needed a more pronounced brow bone area. I am thin-skinned too, so I'm suspecting the weight of the filler may have bogged down the area, making it look like the skin is now drooping a bit over the eyelids. It can be corrected through a bit of tightening, though. I'm the trial and error girl of procedures, so I'm sure you will see more from me here. :)
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Well I'm glad to hear we'll get so see more of you, but what a bummer that you need to do some tightening now. :-/ Any ideas what you will try, or are you still in the researching it out phase?

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I actually am contemplating seeing Dr. Kenneth Kim in LA for ptosis repair (unrelated to the artefill issues) and canthoplasty. With his procedures, it should address the overall issues of lax skin in that area. I'm quite excited about it! I'll keep you posted here. Hoping to have the procedure done this summer. :)
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I'm so glad to hear you are feeling positive about it - looking forward to hearing your updates!! :)

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