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Just had it done on day 3 it is indeed major...

Just had it done on day 3 it is indeed major surgery so no getting around it. Exhausted sleeping a lot spent 2 days w private nurse in hotel next to surgical site, had upper eyes facelift Tca peel was to have lower eyes done but too much swelling and Boold pressure spiked so they stopped, I will have them done later. Not much bruising md says I looked great. Just washed hair. Getting sutures out sun am. More later!

Sutures out

Today had them out along with staples 5 days out. Not bad at all. Still tight in neck but that is to be expected with neck lift. My md does not believe in arnica nor bromide. Some swelling and bruising but mostly yellow and on neck . Just still tired from trip to city and home . Will get under eyes done when healed more due to blood pressure issue during surgery. Tried to add photo or short video but cannot figure out how to do it? It is on my eye pad any ideas?

It was worth it so far.

Feeling much better today will be day 7 still feel tight and tired but all sutures and staples out had a short scar surgery as it turned out. Will need to do lower eyelids later. Worked all day at home on couch on laptop. No pain just tired. I know week 2 is the killer week so I am praying that the yellow bruising goes away prior to work. Have a nasty mark under my chin which will be treated with sulfa cream. My husband is the most amazing person he keeps assuring me that I will look eventually terrific. Daughter still not talking to me. having this website has been so helpful to me and hope that finance girl and level are doing well?still trying to post photo but will try and follow instructions.

7 weeks out

Still have not much feeling on my cheeks and still tight around neck which is noticeable most of the time. I also just had my lower eyes done yesterday as they could not be done during the first surgery. Other than that I feel good am back to working out ( now out again for 3 weeks due to eyes) and just had a facial as my skin looked dull. She was gentle and it was a great improvement. Also had Botox a week ago on forehead where there was no lift. Overall I am very happy with the exception of the neck squeezed feeling. I still have one very light bruise on one cheek (stubborn!) but hardly noticeable. I know now that it takes about a year to notice all but happy at 7 weeks.

1 year out

Yes it has been one year .
So here is my update my neck is still tight and feels at times that I have a mask on. I am very happy with the results but it does take a year.my neck will be tight for a long time. It is major surgery for sure
But really worth it
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You look great. thanks for the warning of how long it will take. I am a little impatient.
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You look so great and young!
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Thanks! I just turned 60 so love the kind comment even more!
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Glad to hear you're doing well! I'm also busying myself on my laptop...what else is there to do? :) What are you thinking about returning to work on Tuesday? I just said to my husband , I cannot even imagine that, but we've got 5 more days to resolve. I'm very worried about that and wondering if I should just take the xtra week or not.
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Totally get it I am praying also I do have make up tried on bruises this am as our maid showed up and my husband said she is such a busy body she will blab to our next door neighbor so I tried it looked way too coverage so then tried to take it off somewhat so wore hair down glasses said hi and disappeared to basement w laptop! So I hope it works . It was insane at work even working from the couch this week so pretty tired by now. Yesterday I was so exhausted from being in the city all day at mds that I just came home and went to bed at 6 pm! Of course could not sleep then in middle of night plus sleeping on back really hard for me. Belated happy birthday by the way! Dsail
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Thank you much! I need to get something for coverage this weekend for this awful sickly yellow I've turned from the bruising. Do you have something that you like you are using? At this point, I can't even imagine putting it on my swollen areas as it's very sensitive. The thought of even smoothing it on my face makes me cringe. I did call in to work yesterday... our office is quiet, but production still good, so they're just telling me to relax and take it easy. I actually did tell the man I work for that I've had some "corrective" elective surgery (which is true as it has improved some old acne scarring by 90%) Just to be sure we don't get into high stress mode on anything when I get back. Insanity this profession sometimes. We work at mach speed sometimes which is probably why I looked like I did to begin with! As for the maid... lol... I cancelled my housecleaning service for two weeks just not to deal! It's just my husband and myself so not too bad. I would be interested in what you're using for cover. I know a lot of people use Derma Blend. I just imagine it to be like the old pancake makeup. Have a good recovery day!
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Yes that Mach speed! Are you a financial advisor with a brokerage firm? I am in private banking. I am constantly worried about sales and hate it. Love the relationship part of my job however. Make up :here is what my ps nurse told me: go to Mac and have them put together a new makeup package for you that covers. Got it all out today. I tried to buy dermablend but was told that there was an issue with it so then went to Mac. In between I also stopped at I think an Estée Lauder counter and they gave me a vial of a total coverage make up. I tried a tiny bit of that when the maid showed up but obviously I need a lot of practice because it totally covered all right but then I looked like a corpse so I took some off. I am hoping this Mac will be in between . Yes I have yellow on both sides but now 2 dark bruises one on check and one near my mouth. So attractive :) one popped up yesterday . So I am going to wear my hair down and try this make up but under my chin is actually a mess where there is a line where the stitches were and it is still fairly nasty. So I am sure someone is going to notice. I even came up with: wouldn't you know that last week I had to go for follow up with md and tripped and fell flat on my face ! My big fear is folks will say oh gosh we covered for while she had a face lift? Ie how frivolous I know they will ask. So far not one person has been told what procedure I had. So pray this goes away in 3 days!
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Also I was told to throw all my existing make up away as I could get an infection but I love this one brand but it is only sold at bergdorfs and is called kanebo they have a great foundation I may sneak a tiny bit on also.
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The make up I use I tap out onto a plate, then use a brush on that. My brushes NEVER touch my make up. I ave expensive make up brushes, so they are cleaned thoroughly every two weeks to make them last and no build up of bacteria. I did buy a new one, though, for my foundation to ensure all is clean
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Dsail.. love the tripped and fell cover! I'm at one of the wire houses on the Private Wealth Management side. I am not an advisor, I work with the Advisor as his registered associate. We've been together, no joke, for 15 years plus; practically unheard of on our side. So we have really developed a team approach to this. I've been recently doing a lot of heavy option trading strategies which seems to be consuming my time along with retirement & goal analyses plans. Those we present together. Part of my concern when I go back is that I have three very important ones to complete and present... two of them will be live with clients. Interfacing with prospects and clients is so important to us for the asset gathering process and maintenance. So needless to say, I'm praying to that these three days we have left work for both of us! I had not had anyone tell me to get rid of my old makeup... but will definitely take that under advisement since it makes sense. My plan is to go out , yellow or no, today to a place my PS told me about near him that just does makeup lines. I was reading yesterday that lavender tinted primer/coverup will neutralize the yellow. So that's what I'll be looking for. What a process this has been, right? I think overall I've managed my expectations about right on the recovery to date. You seem to have as well. Not a walk in the park certainly. Thanks for the makeup info... I'll see what I can find today. Best.
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How was your day?
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What a great read! I relate to both of your stories!
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So glad your husband is helpful to your healing. I'll bet it all looks amazing ;)
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Except for bruising not too bad but then I am trying to be optimistic!
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Hi. I will agree that it is a tiring process, even though we are mostly doing nothing. The tightness will feel that way for a while, kind of like when you thump on a watermelon! Your daughter is just worried maybe? Sorry about that. We are all here to support you and listen to any ups and downs you may go through. Good luck
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Daughter talking to me now finally which is making me very happy. I worked all week at home bruising in 3 places eyes looking pretty good developed a weird zit type rash on chin that made me go back to md and then a dermo all in one day think an overreaction to putting on too much acquafor on my cin and blocking my pores where peel was. nothing like looking like a 59 yr old teenager.:) have no pain still feel masque like and very tight around neck. But I am happy so far with results I pray the rest of the bruising goes away by Tuesday am! Thank god tomorrow is friday
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Hi there,

You should be able to post photos with an iPad. Here's a brief tutorial on how to do that. Please feel free to send me a PM if you're still having trouble.

I'm glad you're on the other side! Please keep keeping us updated!

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Hey Dsail congrats on some of the sutures coming out! I'm heading to docs tomorrow for my eye sutures and hoping he'll take something else out too like yours. I am also mostly experiencing some tightness and swelling in the jowls, not too bad on the bruising on the face; a couple of black eyes though that are healing nicely! :) Have you tried taking your pics and saving to the desktop on your ipad? I don't have one so all I do is save my phone pics to the desktop go to the edit button for your post and at the bottom it will give you the option of uploading a picture and editing the caption for it. Give that a shot. Are you pleased so far with your results?
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hang in there! i am sure you will be beautiful! xo
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Thank you for your support! Working through it!
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