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New Beginnings - I am so pleased with my decision to complete this journey - New York, NY

Had my facelift just about 48 hours ago, my...

Had my facelift just about 48 hours ago, my initial reaction is how comfortable of a recovery it has been. I haven't needed to take anything other than tylenol for pain. Although I am swollen and bruised I am beginning to see the results and I am extremely happy. This is just a part of several surgeries I have planned due to massive weight loss. The overall experience so far has been great and I am so pleased with my decision to complete this journey

Nice Recovery !!

So far so good, today is day 5 post surgery I'm still very comfortable and I don't even need tylenol at this point. There was a little more swelling on day 4 as opposed to day 3 , but waking up today I can see things a really settling down. The bruising is really going away and the swelling has gone down somewhat. I'm starting to see the transformation and I'm very happy

Light at the end of the tunnel !!

today is day 6 post surgery from my facelift and I'm starting to see the bruising really subside. The swelling is lessening as well but probably not as fast as I'd like !! I think it's because
I feel so physically well that I would love to resume normal activities, but appearance wise I'm just not there yet. This is absolutely a visual recovery. There has never been any really physical discomfort for me. I'm going to get my stitches removed tomorrow so hopefully I'll start to look a little more pleasing to the eye LOL !!


What a difference a day makes!! Today is exactly 1 week post surgery from my mid facelift , upper and lower eyelid surgery a chin lipo. I am amazed how much the swelling and bruising has subsided !! Dr. Watts removed my stitches around my eyes and under my chin today so being that I was already in New York to do that I thought I'd spend the day shopping I did and throughout the corse of the day the swelling and bruising really began to disappear , don't get me wrong its still there I still look like Rocky but what an improvement. That being said I do believe I will be going back to work on Monday with minimal swelling and bruising, so that 10 to 14 day window your given for recovery after a facelift is spot on. I'm extremely happy with how this entire procedure has gone from start to finish. One surgery down 3 to go !!

WOW !!!

Today is day 16 post surgery. My swelling and bruising has really subsided and I am able to fully appreciate the changes in my appearance and I am elated. True, the midface lift is no picnic to visually recover from and I had moments of thinking my face would forever remain swollen and bruised. At this point I am able to say I would do it all again. I am so pleased with the results and I know it will continue to improve over the next few weeks. Bravo Dr. Watts !!!


I am 9 weeks post op from my facelift, upper and lower eyelid lift and chin lipo. I feel and look great I am so happy with the results and I think its safe to say it is better than I thought !! my swelling is practically gone and I am now able to see the final results. Dr. Watts did an amazing job.
Australia Plastic Surgeon

There is just not enough I can say about how pleased I am with Dr. Watts. I felt completely informed prior to surgery and extremely happy with my decision to choose Dr. Watts to preform my surgery. We have several other surgeries planned and I have the utmost confidence with his skill and knowledge

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Congratulations! Are you feeling now at 9 weeks that you are in your "new normal" and just don't think about recovery any more (other than being thrilled with your new look)?
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Feel great !! And I love the new look . I love that I still look like me just fresher and more vibrant very happy girl
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Awesome -- so happy for you!
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Thank you ! It's been a long road but worth it every step of the way !!
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I'm glad this went so well for you! Thank you for sharing your experience. What procedures did you have done?
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I had a mid facelift upper and lower eyelid surgery and lipo to the chin area.
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I had a facelift not a mid facelift my error .
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who else did you consult with in New York?
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I didn't consult with anyone else in NY I actually heard about the program at NYEE 5 years ago after I had lost the majority of my weight. I met and spoke with three people who went to NYEE to have surgical procedures and they were all very happy. I consulted with a surgeon in NJ and after that consult and meeting with Dr. Watts at NYEE I decided to go with him and I am very happy with my choice
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did you have fat transfers? why was he so cheap?
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I didn't have fat transfers. NYEE has an excellent fellowship program you can go on their website and get info on the fellowship program. I really did my homework and spoke with 3 people who went through the program with great success. I didn't take the decision to have multiple surgeries lightly and really researched all my options and I really feel I made the best decision on where to have these procedures not just based on cost but based on where i felt I would get the best care and outcome. I've lost 130 pounds and was willing to take loans or even refinance my home to correct the damage done to my body by being overweight for so long, so the decision really wasn't based solely on cost. Hope this helps you can go there for a consultation for a very reasonable fee to check it out for yourself. Good luck
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Congratulations! Let us know how you are doing!
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Thank you I sure will !! I have a few more procedures planned and then I will finally feel like I fixed all the damage that was done from being overweight for so long !! Looking forward to completing this journey
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