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So, ten years in the thought process. 18 years ago...

So, ten years in the thought process. 18 years ago I lost 85 lbs. I was 30. I took it off within the span of a year. Then started an exercise program on my own in my house and walking outside. At 48 years old I am probably in the best shape of my life. 5'0 tall 120 lbs, lots of muscle. Just some left over "Stuff" that I can't seem to get rid of no matter how I train. Lifting, cardio, running. Crunches. Medicine ball....and of course a decent diet Monday-Friday. My children, 24 and 21 have had their college tuitions paid. Cars purchased. Husband was sent on the trip of a lifetime for his 50 th birthday and a in my head I can now justify the 10,000 + this is going to cost me. Sort of. Full tummy tuck and lipo of the hips, inner and outer thighs and knees. I am a bit of a control freak and move at double speed so I'm in a bit of a panic. I'm struggling with the thought of down time. Not being able to orchestrate everything in the house. My job is a bit hectic but I can work from home part of the time im home and be somewhat sedentary if I need to be when I return 12 days after surgery. Oh the emotions. Frivolous. Vain. Things I could spend this money on instead of something elective. Feelings of Inadequacy that I can't be satisfied with myself. Panic. In a nutshell.

Breathe through your fears. Imagine all the energy you've spent over the last 10 years thinking about your body and feeling out of control of the way it looks. now smile and imagine how it would feel to spend that time having different thoughts, to never have to feel that same feeling again.

Plastic surgery is a gift to yourself. Money comes and goes. Your body is your body to have and hold until the end. To gift yourself may allow you to enjoy your future even more than if you continue on as is.

I also lost weight about 12 years ago and thought and dreamed about a TT for the last 10 of those years. I had mine on August 17! Today was my first day back to work. This is the REAL THING!! This is me in my life with my new body!! I was walking down the street and thinking, wow, I can carry myself differently now, and... there is nothing about my body that is causing me any anxiety at this moment. I'm going about my daily routine and I feel BETTER!!! Happier and more relaxed!
Best to you.
happy for you:)
Treat yourself the way you treat everyone else you love.
Wow. Thank you so much!!! That was powerful. And so true. I can absolutely feel it!!

Ok 24 hours post op. no where near as awful as I...

Ok 24 hours post op. no where near as awful as I thought it would be. I was expecting today to be worse than yesterday. It's not. I'm sore as hell. Insides feel like they are on fire. Liposuction spots are sore. Hunched over like a 100 year old person. Stay on top of the pain meds. They told me every six hours. I'm doing 5. Helps!!!! Everyone says it. I find sitting up on the couch with my legs on a chair the easiest. I can use the arm of couch to help myself up. I have lots of help, which is the winding up to be one of the more difficult things for me. I'm not accustomed to having anyone do things for me. I'm the ultimate care giver here. I have to keep reminding myself they are just caring!!!! I've stopped crying as much. Less emotional after. No regrets now.
how are u feelin u got any pic
3 days post op I'm doing well. Se discomfort no pain. I have lots of help. I'm a little worried about getting back to work. I am scheduled for 9/17. Par for the course I suppose that I should be worrying about something! 21 days. I can't wait.
How are you feeling? Are you getting around ok? It's a BIG surgery, huh. I'm in a stage now where I am back to work, 22 days post op and I just wish i was fully healed! It's hard because I feel good and can move around well, BUT that was a big surgery and it takes months.
I'm happy for you that you did it, i happy I did it, too! It's such a big deal, such a big takes a lot of getting used to!
Hope you're well and feeling as comfortable as possible.

Guess today makes the start of 6 days post op. I'm...

Guess today makes the start of 6 days post op. I'm sore. As hell. My back is killing me!!!! Lipo incisions are the worst! What was once the strongest part of my body, my legs are now so unbelievably weak. Unreal and emotionally trying. I had my first real cry for no reason this morning. I'm guessing because I had expected to be much more mobile than I am. Still can't stand upright. Stopped the Percocet. 2 days ago....started the miralax, FINALLY went to the bathroom!! I know for sure the inside stitches are healed after that experience. That is on my list of the top 3 worst happenings thus far. Stressing over tomorrow PO visit. I don't want him to touch anything. Everything is feeling fine just the way it is!! I was lucky enough not to have drains so I don't think he even needs to take off the bandages yet. Getting out of and back in to my compression is totally stressing me.
Exactly what I'm stressing over. I don't want him or anyone else touching me. Everything feels fine. Just leave it alone!!! Lol. Will take off the dressing and put fresh on I'm sure. Give me the green light for a shower thank goodness.
Lol I will attempt a garment photog. It is quite the site. It's been an ok day. Much much better because of the constant banter back and forth here. Spent a good part of the day sitting outside today. Seemed to help. First PO visit tomorrow. Stressed over that. Yikes! This is crazy
Don't be to stressed. I was sort of nervous for my first appt also because I had not idea what he was going to be doing and like you I didn't want to be touched. But for me it was quick he took a peek at my incision, swelling, and my drain and asked me how I was feeling then he sent me home. So for me it was pretty easy.
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