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I'm a 38 year old mommy of three (5, 3 and 1 year...

I'm a 38 year old mommy of three (5, 3 and 1 year old) boys. I'm 5'7" and 140 pounds - hope to be at 135 by the time of surgery. I have been lurking on this website for a long time and decided to post as I see how supportive everyone has been to each other! I've known I would have a tummy tuck after I was done having children as I gained about 55 - 60 pounds with each of my boys. Each one was over 9 lbs so that combined with my weight gain explains the need for a makeover!

I'm 20 days away and will be having a tummy tuck, breast lift/augmentation and lipo. I am scheduled to have lipo of my arms but am not sure after reading some reviews whether I should. If anyone can share positive/negative reviews of their experience I would really appreciate it.

Haven't taken my before pics yet but will and will then post them! Thanks and good luck to everyone!!!


This is exciting! I am having mine on the same day. You can read my page if you want to! We have to keep in touch with each other as we are going through it at the Same time.
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Hi there! I just wanted to post and say that I am about 5 months out from my tummy tuck with lipo to abs (no breast or arm stuff done), and am almost exactly your size (pre op I was 5 foot 8 and 143 on a typical day, although they weighed me at 139 at the doctor's office the morning of surgery since I had a colon cleanse and had to fast after midnight from all food and even water). I don't have pre op pics posted, as I didn't find this site until post op, but I have post op pics posted out to 11 or 12 weeks post op. I still look basically the same as then. As for lipo to arms...I'm not sure I would do that with your other procedures, as you can't use your abs to stand up/pull yourself to a seated position, so if your arms are very sore, you might be pretty miserable during recovery!
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Wow...you look great! I hope my results come out that good! I appreciate your advice. Still undecided about the lipo. I think it will be a last minute decision!!

OMG!!!!! Surgery is paid for. I've wanted this for...

OMG!!!!! Surgery is paid for. I've wanted this for the past 6 years and now that its 2 weeks away I'm freaking out!!! The thing I'm most nervous about are complications after. If i knew 100% that everything will go smoothly I'd be so much calmer. Oh well....2 more weeks of worry and then a flat tummy!!!


Hey girl! It is getting close for us! I had to search for you because our previous texts was removed from my page for some reason. Go to my page and post something so that I can keep your name info so we can speak with each other during recovery over the next few weeks. I will let you know what time my surgery is Monday after two, just to see how close our surgery is. Time has flown by so fast and it is almost our turn now! Will contact you soon. Again, make sure to go to my page and post something so I don't have to dig for you again. Thanks!
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I know. I can't believe it is almost here. I'm so nervous...are u? I just hope the results are what I'm imagining they are going to be. Will let you know what time surgery is when I find out Monday!
Ok. Yes I am super nervous, but so ready! Every time I look in the mirror I get motivation to go through with it. Lol! I can't sleep at night cause I am so nervous

I did it!

Well I can't believe it's over. I will update my story when I can. But I'll post a couple of pics.


Hey, I was checking to see how it's going. Would like to see more pics
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Hope everything went well for you and you are feeling better soon!
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We did it girl! Congrats
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