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So I have a baby exactly 10 years ago and I...

So I have a baby exactly 10 years ago and I can't seem to get rid of the baby pouch and fat stomach no matter how much I work out and how hard I diet. I started looking into lipo and tummy tucks and finally decided to get a tummy tuck. During my research I also decided to transfer some of the fat to my butt and get a Brazilian butt lift at the same time as my tummy tuck. I don't want to have 2 operations, I would rather get it all done in one shot. I'm scheduled for my operation in the middle of March (only 1 month left!!!) and I would appreciate any comments or tips left by anyone who has had either of these operations, or both as I plan to do. Thanks!


Hey there RFS!! Im SO glad to see your post, as I posted the same thing w/no replies as of yet. I am set to go for the BBL & Tummy Tuck on March 5th!!! Im So scared & nervous & excited all at once. Im a bit concerned tho, reading these posts on here, the Q&A replies from the docs….warning to NOT do all at once! YIKES! I am also worried about the process itself…as far as what comes 1st? Lipo in the front, then the tuck, then flip me over on my newly stitched up tummy, and lipo my back then the BBL??? Yikessss! Then, what about recovery? Are we doomed to our sides for 2 weeks only???? Cant lay on your back as you will ruin the nice newly placed butt fat and you certainly cant lay on your tummy……Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! LOL Im driving my self nuts googling and researching. I have to believe my doc would not put me at risk medically or set me up to fail as far as results. Ready For Surgery….are you having these same thoughts and concerns??????
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Welcome!!   You will be so glad that you did the tummy tuck!  That is the only way to rid yourself of all the skin.  

Keep checking in with us and post some before and after pictures when you have them ready.  

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So after months of waiting, I finally had my...

So after months of waiting, I finally had my procedure done yesterday! I must admit the night before I went through a little scared faze and was considering to back out. But I have always wanted to get rid of my belly and I decided to man up and get it done. The procedure wasn't bad but as soon as I woke up in the recovery room I was in pain. My butt only felt like I worked out and did a lot of squats but i was scared to move my entire mid section. Anyways, I was discharged and if it wasn't for my medicine pump I think I would have felt more pain, but the pump and the pills pretty much eliminated any pain or discomfort. The hardest thing is sitting down and getting back up, but thanks to my wonderful boyfriend he helps a great deal with EVERY step. I don't know how I would have ever made it through this without him, he helps on every level and beyond. I personally am a very independent person and I get embarrassed easily but with this procedure you have to just give in and let them take charge because it will cause worst pain trying to even move by yourself.

So today is day 2 which I've heard and even my doctor mentioned is the hardest but luckily it's been pretty good. Still a little discomfort sitting down and getting back up. Because I had the tummy tuck and bbl I am constantly on my side. And I even slept in the bed last night but had to have help getting out of course. I actually can sit on the toilet and use the bathroom without being in pain. Again, it just feels like I worked out really hard with my trainer and just sore from squats or reverse lunges. My stomach feels the same way, a little sore, but because of the pain pump I honestly don't feel much. As long as I'm laying down I'm ok, it's the moving around part that becomes uncomfortable, especially without help.

Another thing that bothers me are my drain tubes. I have 2 drain pumps and 2 tubes from the medicine pump. So a total of 4 tubes sticking out of my stomach area, I have to be very mindful of how I lay because of them. Also the pain pump is around my neck and extremely heavy so I have to hold it when I walk or else it will tap on my stomach which doesn't feel very nice. Dumping the drain pumps are not pretty either, I hate blood so I have to turn my head, my bf does everything for me including logging it on the doctors chart. I can't stress enough how helpful he has been, and I feel horrible because I need him for every little thing. Honestly I thought I would be in more pain but would be more capable to do things for myself. Boy was I wrong.

So tomorrow is my 2 day post op appointment with my dr. He said he will remove the pain pump, hopefully I won't feel too bad without it and only 1 of my drains!!! I wish everything would get removed! But the 2nd drain will remain on until Monday. I can't wait to see him tomorr, hopefully I can get around better, one day at a time....I just have no patience so it seems like forever to me.....

One word of advice, do not laugh, cry, sneeze, cough or clear your throat, it literally feels like death!!!


Yes I had the same thoughts and feelings but it's now day 3 since surgery, I moved my date up a week so I'm going through recovery now. The first two days I must admit were easier but today has been tough. The worst part is I've been nausea and I had to go to see my doctor today as well. How are you feeling? You should have also had your surgery and recovered by now, any tips or suggestions??
Congrats on ur surgery!! I'm 10 days post op as of today. I'm feeling pretty good...I'm able to stand almost completely up right and the muscle soreness has eased up. All that bothers me now is how tight the skin feels on my stomach like if I move wrong I'll break open the skin! My incision is pretty gross too n my belly button is way to low for my torso. I'm real upset about that. My butt looks great tho! He did s nice job and was able to graft more fat than he thought which is cool. I'm still VERY VERY swollen too my whole mid section and thighs. I'm watching sodium n drinking water like crazy but seems I can't get that in check. How's ur sweling & ur booty?! Have pics posted yet?

Ok so it's now say 4 since surgery and I'm not in...

Ok so it's now say 4 since surgery and I'm not in too much pain just a lot of discomfort!!! I can't move much and everytime I get up to use the bathroom my entire mid section is literally crying. The worst part is all I can do is sleep or lay here on my side and my thighs begin to get numb and hurt like hell. I went to the doctor yesterday for my follow up and he only removed the pain pump, which one tube had already came out on its own while I was sleeping

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So no drains were removed (I have 2) and the...

So no drains were removed (I have 2) and the doctor said to come back Monday but he probably will only remove 1 of them!!! The drains aren't as annoying today but I will be very happy when there out, although I am scared it will be painful when he removes them, is it that bad??? He said everything else looks good just time to heal I suppose. Yesterday was actually my worse day yet because I was so nausea and I couldn't eat or even think about alot of foods, then when I took the pain killers it got worse. I slept most of the day and forced myself to eat a little bit before bed and taking more meds. I woke up a little better this morning. I think I need to use the bathroom, when do we start having bowel movements again? Well I thought that was a problem yesterday so I took a stool softener but I didn't use the bathroom just passed a little gas, sorry this may be TMI. Lol, anyways it helped but I still haven't used it. And I think the stool softener caused some discomfort so I'm not taking that again today. I've been sleeping a lot which is good but I just can't lay comfortably for too long. I'm ready for this recovery to be over with already. Like I said before if it wasn't for my bf I don't know how I would ever make it through this. I'm also going through some emotional discomfort, I regret doing this and I didn't think it would take this long or I feel like I have a lot more time to go before I'm up and running or even feeling my stomach back to normal. Everything feels so tight and I dont want to pull or break anything. Did I mention I still haven't seen my stomach because it will make me feel more pain, I'm very weak when it comes to things like that. Ok I guess that's it for now, till we meet again....


Hi, I haven't been able to take any pics yet and I'm waiting for my swelling to go down also. I still can't even think about standing straight either, how long has your belly felt right? Is it still feeling like that and does it hurt also? I think I will feel that as well cause it seems a little tight now but still numb, I don't think my butt is nearly as big enough but I have reconsidered not doing it again bc this recovery processes is wearing me out!
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Today is day 5....I honestly thought I would be...

Today is day 5....I honestly thought I would be out of some pain by now, I thought the first 3-4 days would be the worst, which they were worse then today but I still feel discomfort. I can't walk straight yet, my stomach is extremely tight and I still feel pain when I turn. The worst part is I can't sleep comfortably without moving every so often and my thigh starts to go numb and feel sharp pains. My back is still sore and tight. I plan on getting washed up again tonight but I'm still to scared to get into the actually bath tub. I also will get massaged on my back and my butt but no where near my stomach. My best suggestion to anyone out there is to have someone who can help you and your completely comfortable in front of because you will have to rely on them for EVERYTHING! I'm so blessed to have someone here for me every step of the way and although I feel so bad for him he makes everything easier for me. The doctor said I can go back to work after 2 week but damn its been almost one week and I don't even feel like I will be recovered anytime soon. WTF!!! I'm just praying when all this is said and done, that it will be well worth it cause honestly at this moment it doesn't seem like it at all. I don't know why I took this surgery so lightly, what I fool I was. The sad part is I have to do my bbl again because I can't even tell the difference and I really want to see a difference. However, being in this pain I'm reconsidering. We'll see.


Pics coming soon..
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He only injected 300cc bc he said I'm so small it may not be safe to do too much, I cant tell, I mean I see where he put it bc it's starting to get hard but its not bigger and I'm sure once the swelling goes down it will be the same, I'm going to do it again but I have to wait 3-4 months. I'm sure compared to the Tummy tuck recovery it can't be half as bad, plus I can lay on my stomach at that point. I honestly don't want to do anymore surgery but my butt has no difference and I
Wanted it pretty big, not huge but a nice size, we'll see.
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No diff at all in ur butt?? How many cc's did he inject? Do u have before n after photos? I've learned myself, that we(recovering ps patients) aren't the best judge of things especially this early on. I am 12 days post op today n I went back to work yesterday but I do know how u feel. Last week sat I said the same thing. "oh the hell am I gonn go back Friday?!? But honestly after a full wk PO I felt 100x better. Incase u didn't see my post/review I had the exact same thing as u. Full TT W/ muscle repair & the BBL. I wasn't big to begin with n doc warned me that I may not get a drastic improvement in my butt but anything was better than what I had begore which was nothing. He ended up lipo'ing a few more areas n ended up gettin 500 cc's in
Each side. I noticed a BIGGG improvmnt right away n today..yeah lost a bit and I can tell n yes I'm bummed but when u look at before n after...WOW..Still a drastic improvement. What does ur b/f think? Can he see a diff?? Hang in there..I promise it gets better!!!!
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Ok day 6.....today has been pretty smooth finally,...

Ok day 6.....today has been pretty smooth finally, BUT my stomach is still extremely tight and one time I got up I thought I popped my stitches it hurt so bad. I still haven't looked under my garmet at my stomach because I'm too scared it will gross me out so I'd rather wait. I didn't sleep well last night at all because again my sides start going numb and it's difficult to turn over onto the other side. The pain in my thigh hurts so bad I eventually get out of bed and just go on the couch where it's a little easier and I place an ice pack under my thigh. I hate sleeping alone so I hate sleeping on the couth at night, besides I'm on the the couch ALL day and it's annoying. I really wish I could sleep peacefully, I think it would make my recover 100 times easier. I also was leaking all night on my right side because I think the drain is clogged or not working properly. I'm praying when I go to the doctor on tues he will remove both drains but he told me probably only 1. I just need my stomach to come back to life and stop feeling so tight, it's still also very numb but I would rather it be numb than feel pain. I've lightened up on my pain killers and take only one pill rather than two. I'm not in much pain only when I get up or try to turn over while laying down. It's just the discomfort and not really being able to move around. Also, my back pains are still in full effect and I keep an ice pack on it around the clock. I attempted to wash my hair today in the kitchen sink since my bf said it was starting to smell....lol. However it didn't go so well because of my back pains, I was able to get it down but I had to take a few breaks in between. It's not like I can lean my head back to have him wash it in the shower because my stomach would probably feel like I'm ripping it. Anyways, i'm still not recommending this surgery because I still feel horrible and I'm over this recovery process already. I thought I would be 50 times better by now but I guess I was naive about the type of procedure this consist of, and I'm still very swollen so I'm not even attempting to look for any results yet. I just hope it all is worth it in the end because right now I don't feel like it is.


I don't know if its necessary, my PS said it's not but I heard it helps. All I do know is I became sore that night and could barely sleep, now I'm scared to get anymore. But it does feel good while your getting the massage.
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I heard you should start ASAP with the massages, I'm only 6 days post op. but I don't know, some doctors say its unnecessary
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R u doing the massages?! My PS never ever mentioned it...now I'm worried...ugh! I'd do anything to get the best most aesthetic outcome. Maybe I'll email him...see what he has to say...letcha ladies know...

So it's now been 16 days since surgery, FINALLY! ...

So it's now been 16 days since surgery, FINALLY! But I'm still not able to stand straight and my tummy is still numb and tight, and a little sore. I got my second drain removed tues (2 weeks after surgery), so I got those out of the way. I hated when the doctor took them out because it felt so weird!!! I'm definitely better now than before but still not where I want to be as far as recovery is concerned. I'm still swollen and I can't see my final results. I finally looked at my tummy yesterday, after 2 weeks. My stomach is smaller and I no longer have my baby pouch, however because I'm still swollen it's not completely flat and I also fear that my eating habits during recovery isn't helping me keep my weight down. But I'm starting to diet again and I'm dying to get back in the gym. I want to start toning up asap. I still can't determine whether I recommend this surgery yet, obviously since I haven't really seen my full results yet. My doctor said it could be another 6 weeks before the swelling really goes down and as far as the numbness it could take up to a year at the longest, which seems very drastic to me. I hope it doesn't really take that long! As far as my BBL, I can't see any difference at all so I've decided to go to Dr. Salama in Miami next year, because he requires you to wait a year after any procedure......hopefully that won't be half as bad as this tummy tuck was.


Wats your doctors mame
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where did you get your surgery??
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In nyc
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