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New Foam Retinol- Vivatia by Precision MD

Just picked up the Vivatia line from my local derm...

Just picked up the Vivatia line from my local derm to try for my blotchy skin. I am trying the retinol 0.05% foam and the brightening complex. After about a week of steady use, my skin looks far more smooth, pores look a but smaller and more even color. In all fairness, I have used Retin A off an on for over 20 years always a staple in my bathroom, but I really like the foam delivery of these products-- seems to lead to less peeling. Am curious if anyone else has used this line? There doesn't seem to be any reviews on line beyond the manufacturers site.

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I started Vivatia 3 months ago only during the nights as I live I the sunshine state and very scared of using it during the day because of daily sun e exposure. I am so impressed with the results, it's really amazing. I have used all kinds of products through the years but never obtained radical positive results like I did with Vivatia. I get daily complements on my skin which used to looked tired, dry, un-nurtured, dehydrated and had dark spots. Now it looks vibrant ,youthful , bright and healthy. I highly recommend it!!! I am addicted to it Ana from Florida
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Huh, I haven't heard of this line. I'll be very interested to hear how you like it compared to traditional retin-a. Were you using a cream or gel retin-a before?

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