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Expensive, Painful, Ugly Regret - New York, NY

I was skeptical about joining this blog because I...

I was skeptical about joining this blog because I am so embarrassed. I am use to hiding my tattoo instead of showing it and talking about it. I was 19, head over heels and my soon to be husband got my name tattooed on his neck. So what do I do in return.. get his name tattooed on my boob/chest ofcourse. It's close to my heart, I'm in love yea! 5 years later, no! The name looked great, I would get compliments and everything. Then the relationship went sour and I saw that he got my name covered up, so what did I do.. yup, got a little twisted one night and got his name covered up. Except, my cover up turned out like Shit and his actually looked ok. Just days after getting the cover up I started regretting it. I wanted it as small as possible, so to cover the name it had to be extremely dark ugh I wish I knew that. If your thinking about getting a cover up please do your research. 8 months later and extensive research on laser tattoo removal, I finally found someone to start with (because I was so scared I would mess it up even worse) Dr. Jessica krant in nyc. She has the picosure Machine and her reviews were excellent. I went to my first treatment last week and I am extremely nervous and anxious to see the results. I know it will take a long time because the tattoo is so dark and I'm west Indian so my skin is Brown (skin type iv) the darker the skin the more challenging the removal. I was told there was a chance I could lose all my skin color where the tattoo is being removed. And it could come back or it could disappear forever. I can't explain how much regret I feel for doing such s stupid thing. I am constantly beating myself up over it. I have had to change my wardrobe. I can no longer show cleavage, not even a little bit. Hopefully this picosure removal works because I am so tired of hiding this ugly tattoo. I just want it gone forever!
Hi, I know you hate your tattoo and I totally understand but it's not that bad at all! Also, it looks like it didn't scar at all. Sometimes chest tattoos have a thicker raised look. Dr. Krant sounds really nice BUT... I am surprised that she is going ahead with removal on your skin. Picosure is not advised for your skin tone. You clearly have beautiful even toned skin- you don't want to loose any of the natural color!!! It may take longer, but there are q-switched lasers that are much better and many people with much darker skin using them without scarring. I would have another consultation with an doctor experienced with removing tattoos from someone with skin type iv- without loss of pigment or scarring. It seems PICO has a lot of hypopigmentation issues even with very pale individuals! You will see when it heals of course and then decide. And as she said, even if it is hypopigmented- time will heal it a lot! Good luck- I hope I have heard wrong! All the best:)
Thank you, I did go to a couple of q switch laser consultations but when I dug deeper it seemed like picosure was the one with less side affects and better results. I just did my first session last week so I'll see how it goes and go from there. Dr.Grant will only do ny treatments every 8 weeks and she said she wants to do it on the more sensitive setting to see how my skin reacts. If I see hyperpignentation I'll consider the q switch.
Hi, I understand how you're feeling but at least here now and won't have to go through it alone. We all make mistakes sometimes and, ultimately, your body doesn't define you. You're one step closer to being rid of that tattoo now. Please let me know how things go with Dr. Krant, as I have a consultation with her in a few weeks. She seems good, so I'm hopeful! Good luck!

1 week & 5 days later

There Is a little bit of fading. I hope to see more fading in the coming weeks.
nice healing- doesn't look like you got hypopigmentation at all!! Hope you see more fading soon though:)
Fingers are crossed for you - keep us posted :)

3 weeks after 1st Pico

I still don't see much fading... I forget this is a long process and I need to be patient.
Lol I am embarrassed of my tattoos as well. Don't beat yourself up, it will probably be funny in 30 years :) good luck

picosure removal #2

Just got my second treatment of picosure today, it hurt more than I remember.. I asked her to turn up the setting being that my skin didn't react badly the first time and I didn't see much fading. I'm feeling very hopeful. I'm more Sore, swollen and red than the last session, but hopefully that's a good sign and I see good results.
Glad you took the time to update us :) What setting did you go up to?

2 weeks after picosure treatment#2

I see some fading, I see some hypopigmentation also. Hopefully my skin color decides to come back or else I'm postponing my next treatment until it does. I heard rubbing ginger root on it helps the color come back :-\ I may start trying it! Don't judge me lol

2 weeks after picosure treatment #2

picosure #2

Slight fading, still frustrated. It's almost summer, it sucks having to be restricted in what I wear. Hoping by next summer I can be a regular person again.
Hey, hows it going? have you continued treatments?
I actually did a treatment this weekend at Tataway. The lady there suggested i try the revlite because my skin color is dark and picosure might take away my pigment in that area. so I will be sure to post up pictures as soon as my blisters are gone and i see some improvement. I am crossing my fingers. I basically took the whole summer off on tattoo removal. I plan on being more consistent with it now that the weather is cooler. The heat makes it worse for me.
Keep positive and keep going to your sessions and it will fade! I've been working on mine since December and now it's almost gone!:) hope all goes well and do check out the medlite laser.

q switch

3 weeks after q switch laser at tataway.
well i've only done 1 session there but I think they are great. They are quick, to the point and helpful. They spoke with me about my different options and whats best for my skin color. I plan to keep going there and see what happens.
How was tatt away compared to other doctors
Thanks for keeping your review up to date, your fading is coming along nice. Hang in there :)

6 weeks after q switch

appointment this this sat at tataway. I will be asking for picosure this time because it seems q switch did nothing! So disappointed!
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