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I am twenty five years old with two children(3...

I am twenty five years old with two children(3 & 1). I love my babies more than anything, but they really destroyed my body.

On December 23rd, 2010 I had a Breast Augmentation...I went from a barely 34B to a nice 34D. Although I was uncomfortable, the pain wasn't enough for me to take anything more than Tylenol.

Last Tuesday, March 15th, I had lipo of my love handles and the fat was transferred to my butt(often called a Brazilian Butt Lift). I found this recovery to be more difficult because I cant sit, resulting in swollen legs and sore calves. But, I can already see I will have to say it was worth it!, TOMORROW is my BIG day...I'm finally getting my Tummy Tuck!! I am happy, excited, scared, anxious, nervous...

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So...I had the tummy tuck and I guess I'm...

So...I had the tummy tuck and I guess I'm doing ok. It's very hard on the back to not be able to stand straight, and that's the worst part for me at the moment. I have the binder on so I haven't seen my belly or incision yet, but he promised it will be as low as he can go, which he drew slightly above my hair line. Also, there is one drain...but he secured it nicely so it hasn't bothered or pulled me at all, as of yet. Tomorrow is my first follow up with my PS to make sure everything is looking good...I can't wait to see how I'm looking under there!!!!


I thought about having a Brazilian butt lift but I don't have enough fat. How was that recovery?
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It was super annoying not to be able to sit down for almost a week! I never even thought about a butt lift...that was more for my husband than anything. But, I guess it made sense to get it done and "complete my look" with all the right curves in the right places. So far, I'm happy!


Congrads! Make sure you get plenty of rest the next couple of days.
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Wow, you've gotten the works! Fabulous, girl. I bet after your swelling goes down you'll be flat as a pancake under that binder. Will you be posting before and after pics?

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I never thought to take before pictures of my breasts or butt, but I did take before pics of my belly yesterday right before the Tummy Tuck, so I will post them in addition to what it looks like today at my first pre-op.

Well, I'm two days post-op and pretty sore....

Well, I'm two days post-op and pretty sore. But, I'm trying my best to keep my spirits up. I've been staying at my dad's house since the Tummy Tuck and miss my husband and kids soooo incredibly much, but I know that if I were home there is no way I would be able to relax and rest. I just can't wait til I feel better and get home and be with my babies!!!! post-op appointment is in two days! :)


Congrats! Isn't it so exciting to feel like you can have your pre-baby body back? I am 28 with five and it feels great to have my boobs back:)!! I also had a tummy tuck, and lipo of the thighs.. wondering if I shouldn't have put my lipo in my behind ;).. How do you like that part? You look wonderful! !! :)
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Thank you...I feel amazing!! Honestly, I hadn't even considered the fat transfer until my husband hinted about it one day--but I'm happy with it now. I have a nice, small butt...I didn't want a J Lo butt or anything, so I'm really to have a little something other than my old flat one.
My PS said that if he made the incision a little longer he could remove the whole tattoo, so I said, "go for it!" I guess it all depends on the exact placement and size of it.

The Vicodin made me extremely itchy and my whole face and neck were red- red like I was laying on a beach for days. Now I'm on Dilaudid, which seems ok.

Best of luck for your tummy tuck!! This is all so exciting!
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I am four days post-op and saw my PS today. He...

I am four days post-op and saw my PS today. He said everything is looking great and he's very happy with my results so far (so am I!!), but he wanted to keep my drain in until Monday. The drain part kinda bummed me out a little bit, but I shall deal. I am completely off of the pain killers, but he did prescribe me a muscle relaxer today to help with the back pain...keep your fingers crossed that it works. Well, I hope everyone is doing well!

Also, I posted a new pic from today's visit.


Awesome results! Congrats!
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You should be gettinng your drain out tomorrow.. I am so excited for you.. Everything will go great and be another step toward being home. :)
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WooHoo...I can't wait! This whole Tummy Tuck thing is kicking my ass...I still can't stand up straight (which means I still have terrible back pain) and I have absolutely no energy. I'm going stir crazy staying inside all day! Ahhh!!!

I'm one week post-op today and feeling better...

I'm one week post-op today and feeling better and better as each day passes. Last night was my first night of sleeping through the night since the procedure...and it felt great!

Saw the Plastic Surgeon today and he pulled the God, that hurt like hell!! But, I am so happy to be done with it and have one less thing to worry about. He also took the belly button stitches out.

I have some swelling now, but nothing crazy. I'm still super happy with everything so far. Oh...and I jumped on the scale while waiting to see the doctor-- I've gained two and a half pounds! I'n sure the weight gain is not from the swelling, but more from me not being able to do much but eat. I'm kinda bummed out about that, but I know once I'm back in business I'll be able lose it in no time.

My next appointment with my PS is in four days...he wants to make sure I don't have any fluid build up from the drain being out. It's slightly annoying to have all these appointment, but it's more of a relief to know that he is so thorough in what he does. I am still super satisfied with my choice of Surgeon!

Happy Healing, everybody!!!


How far apart did you have the BBL and tummy tuck - doesn't seem like there was a huge time between the two surgeries. I am considering the two surgeries at the same time - wondering if you would recommend that? Thanks!
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The procedures were six days apart. After the BBL they suggest you not sit or sleep on your back for about a week...that was rough. I don't know- my PS is a pretty picky person...he won't do a TT if you're more than 10 pounds from your goal weight. Anywho, I am happy with his work...and I guess that's all that matters at this point. :)
Wow, you look amazing in that picture 4 days post-op!!!!! Hope your drains come out today!
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8 days post-op today! I am feeling so much...

8 days post-op today!

I am feeling so much better! I even went shopping today...I was born a Jersey Girl (nothing like you see on TV!), so that's pretty much what I was born to do. ;-) I decided my hubby and kids each deserved a present for putting up with my selfishness in getting this today was all about them.

I do have two complaints. The swelling is worse today, maybe because my activity level was up. And my abdominal skin is sooooo dry...and I mean dry like flaking! Yuck!! I guess since having to wear a compression garment all this time, my skin dried out from not being able to breathe. Now I am lathering tons of lotion before putting my binder back on.

Hope everybody else is doing well also!


You are looking fabulous!!
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My stomach and thighs were flaky. I stopped using the dial soap. I went back to using Dove body wash and that solved that problem. Also let my stomach air out for a couple of hours (I have the binder off)
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I noticed today how dry my tummy skin is too! After I get out of the shower tonight I'm gonna drown myself in lotion! Lol and I'm 15 days post op and my swelling is much worse than it was a week ago.
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9 days post-op! So, I had to have my pics...

9 days post-op!

So, I had to have my pics removed from the website because I didn't like the fact that what we post on here makes it's way to google and other search engines. I am on RealSelf to talk and relate to women who have gone through, are currently going through, or plan to go through the same procedures as me. It's a shame that I can't share my photos with you ladies, but I am just too personal to share them with the whole world...after all, most of my friends and family don't even know what I have gone through.

I have so much more energy the past two days and have been getting out of the house alot. By the end of the day I'm exhausted from over-doing myself, but it's worth it. :) My incision is getting super itchy, but I know that's all part of the healing process. And the swelling is getting worse, but now out of control. My biggest complaint right now is sleep. I am soooo not a back a result, I spend hours and hours awake each night. I've only had one full night's sleep since getting my Tummy Tuck. I keep wondering when I'm gonna be comfortable enough to sleep on my belly....

Next appointment with my PS is in two days. I'll update again then.

Take care, Ladies! :)


Hi !!happy healing Ihave a question, does the doctor use local anesthesia or you were completely sleep when he did the lipo
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Your story just put me at ease!! I'm scheduled for a BBL with Dr Yager on 1/24 and a TT just 8 days later. I haven't found anyone who had done the procedures 1 week apart until now. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I can finally focus on the excitement of it all! Hope your doing well :)
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bummer that i couldn't see ur pics but by the way you speak i don't think that i need them congrats!! a quick question if you don't mind did you pid 17,200 for everything or just your tt if you didn't can you tell me how much was your tt? thanks.
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