10 days away from EXPLANT of leaked Silicon implants

I started at 25yrs old 36---Got Mentor Silicon...

I started at 25yrs old 36---Got Mentor Silicon Implants to 36D
Changed to Saline (when implant scare)
Saline ruptured
Replaced with Mentor Silicon Gel - Yr 2000
One ruptured from antibiotics @ Lyme treatment.
Going Au Natural - April 3rd.
First photo is BEFORE - ruptured implant is one with STRETCHED (larger nipple)

Hi again Margo. OK...I tried to open the mailbox again but it says that you are not excepting private mail so it won't let me open up even the mail you sent me. Bummer. :( Let me know that your ok....
Hi Margo, How are you doing? I tried to open your message to me and it wouldn't open up in my mail box. I haven't been on much only twice a day so it might take me a little bit to get back to you. Did you get your compression bra? :) Birdie
Hi Breast Explant 2013--for some reason, I don't see any photos that you mention. Glad you're doing better!
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