Was So Nervous Had Tummy Tuck on July 5, Was a Nervous Wreck Going into the Room - New York, NY

PS nurses and anesthesiologist really great had...

PS nurses and anesthesiologist really great had the royal treatment. Came out of surgery and slept felt like truck hit me. By the evening with all the meds felt better.

Day two home. stayed in bed most of the day and took percs all day along with motrin and had terrible heartburn. Also had some trouble with taking deep breaths.

Day three, I would have to say had the worst pain.

Last night had a fever 100 low grade called the p.s. and he told me not to stay in bed. Was so paranoid last night that I stayed up all night and walked five minutes every hour. Slept for about two hours was really scared. Woke up at 7 a.m. walked in my house and finally took a shower and washed my hair and got dressed.

The dr. told me to put a pillow to my stomach and cough cuz there mite be some phlegm that needs to come out. Well my son is on vacation in Europe and I tried to call him and can't talk cause I have a tickle in my throat that needs to be coughed up and it is the most painful thing I have done since giving birth. Had to hang up on him told him I would call him later hopefully the tickle goes away on it's own.

Using the spirometer. Tummy is black and blue in sporadic places very very tight and numb. tAking a shower felt great.

Wondering< I have not had a bowel movement since Tuesday morning, it is Friday, been taking flax seed oil since yesterday and stopped all the narcs only advil at the moment and suggestions?

Drank some prune juice and ate some prunes all is...

Drank some prune juice and ate some prunes all is well in that dept. lol

Today is seven days post op. last week at this exact time I was in the car with my best friend on the way to the have my procedure. It seems surreal.

Had my first post op yesterday nurse took stitches out of my bb and one stitch out of my cut no more stitches. She also took steri strip off and instructed me to "stand up straight" and massage my stomach and scar line. She told me to keep active walk and start to get back to my everyday routines. yay.

First week was really hard, had lots of doubts and...

First week was really hard, had lots of doubts and regrets. Yikes, very painful surgery. Result amazing. Can't wait to get back to the gym

I feel like I have reached a milestone (one week) yay

Adding pics

Day 7 completed. Exactly 7 days ago I was in the...

Day 7 completed. Exactly 7 days ago I was in the ambulation center getting ready to go home. They told me that I would forget the pain of that day and they were right. Even though I am still very swollen and my waist is actually bigger than pre op i just put on a skirt that I usually wear a sweater over to hide my globs and pulled it down to put the sweater on and it actually looked good. i couldn't believe it . So amazing and today no motrin not pain med not anything. Wow. I am so looking forward to the swelling going down, but am being realistic and don't expect anything for as the ps said 1 1/2 - three months for 70-80 percent of swelling to diminish one year for 95-100 percent. Happy anyway

Its been one month since I had my tummy tuck. My...

Its been one month since I had my tummy tuck. My doctor recommended not to do lipo along with the tummy tuck. I feel fine and love my flat tummy but now I feel like I am wearing a donut around my hips and flanks. I had requested the lipo and he said don't need it and I didn't insist on having it and now I regret it. Want to go back and have the lipo of the flanks and hips to get rid of the huge hips that don't match the small tiny waist. I'm so upset that I can't sleep at night. My stomach is in knots. I went for a post op on Monday and was told all is well. I asked my best friend for an honest answer and she told me yes your hips look huge. So upset.

Almost two years later and tummy tuck is great :)...

Almost two years later and tummy tuck is great :) absolutely no regrets
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You look great! Who was your Doc? I would like to see some more of his work.
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Hi. I saw your post on the other part where you asked a question about not getting lipo. My honest opinion is you are still in the recovery phase and it would be hard to evaluate your actual results yet. You do seem to have a tiny hourglass shape from the pics you've posted. If you are feeling like you are wearing a donut around the hips I'm betting it is healing & swelling going on.

Try to relax and let your body heal. It's been through a lot. Look at other pics. They can look dramatically different as the weeks go by. If you still feel the same in the future you can always look into it. Hope this helps!
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I agree with Kimmers25, your shape looks great! Very curvy and femminine. (Please forgive the spelling)
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You have a tiny perfect little hour glass shape. 

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Yes, I'm so glad, had i come home with the drains, i probably would have lost them. One attached to doorknob, dog, visitors, etc. I'm known to be very clumsy.
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That is nice . Less hassle with no drains.
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My doctor gave me one drain and took it out the day after surgery. Went home with no drains.
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Hello manhattan22, hope you are doing good . You look great . Did your doctor use drains?
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Wow you have had quite the week!  Glad to hear you are doing better and are up and about some more.

Please keep us up to date on how you are coming alone from week to week

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