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Very Comfortable Experience, Now Have Permanent Damage.. - New York, NY

Let me put this out there, I made it to 3 out of 4...

Let me put this out there, I made it to 3 out of 4 ipl sessions. It was a very comfortable experience, no stinging, no burns, no rubber band snapping sensations, the office was great. Explained worse case scenario it may not work, best case scenario skin will look great. I browned on my sun spots, flaked, and they fell off just like I was told. My face looked great...due to microswelling.

On my 4th session, I was scheduled after July of 2010. I didn't show up. Reason being, I began to notice drastic changes to my face, cheeks losing plumpness, dry skin, strange scars just showing up, wrinkles developing, orange peel texture skin, odd creasing. I went in for sunspots, I came out with serious damage. I'm a victim and I didn't have any initial reaction.

If you decide that ipl is the best for you, take your own pre ipl pictures, and post ipl pictures once a month for a year. And please keep posting and updating, it will help people make more educated decisions once they have all the knowledge about ipl and lasers.

3 Ipls in 6 weeks. This picture shows what...

3 Ipls in 6 weeks. This picture shows what happened to me in less than a two month period. I never made it to the 4th, because I noticed the difference immediately after the swelling went down after my 3rd treatment.

I found a link that I would like to know if I can...

I found a link that I would like to know if I can post here, not only have we seen the positives on laser and ipls, but I don't think there is enough resources showing the negatives other than the our personal experiences. It doesn't highlight any practices, etc, but it is a very useful link so that those considering have as much information upfront as possible. Hope this is okay to post
http://atndesign.com/pdfs/Laser%20Compl ... kl2005.pdf

Interesting study on ipl and oxidative...

Interesting study on ipl and oxidative stress:

Recently, I came across some information that I...

Recently, I came across some information that I thought might be helpful. IPL is non-ablative, and reaches the dermis. The dermis, when heated, can retain the heat from ipl and cause 2nd to 3rd degree burns, even if you feel no pain during your session. The dermis can not regenerate itself. Once it is destroyed, the appearence of skin will become lax, leathery, and lose elasticity because the structure holding it up, the dermis, has been compromised. Any swelling that feels hot to the touch, and lasts for more then several hours after the ipl session, has to be immediately looked at by a burn center for evaluation. Often, because the dermis retains heat for hours or days, blistering does not need to be present in order to be indicative of a dermis 2nd degree or 3 degree burn. I wish I had known this, and had more common sense to contact a burn center immediately after my experience. My skin felt hot for 3days, but I was told that was the normal "sunburn" reaction. Any doctors on this forum care to comment?

The more research I do, the more I understand the...

The more research I do, the more I understand the cosmetic laser industry. To find out more information about the laser you are researching, I would encourage you to look under the laser's annual report filings, known as the 10-K form. "We have modified some of our products without FDA clearance. The FDA could retroactively decide the modifications were improper and require us to cease marketing and/or recall the modified products." That's just a small blurb from one of the annual findings, do all your research and determine whether you trust the laser company you're looking into.

Please check this site out, this isn't just a...

Please check this site out, this isn't just a "lunchtime procedure." This is a forum where opthomologists are discussing patients that have been treated after ipl created damage to their eyes. http://www.dryeyezone.com/talk/showthread.php?13971-The-Dangers-of-IPL-please-read-before-you-get-your-first-treatment

An update: Texture the same, has not improved,...

An update: Texture the same, has not improved, skin lax, leathery, jowly, with the same bumps and linear scarring. The hydroquoine was increased to 8% for me, and has done wonders in helping keep my skin uniform in color. I'm still doing my chemical peels every 6 weeks for pigment, and have an appointment to go in for my 3rd visit for tca cross in dented/ice pick scars. So far I haven't seen any noticable change with the latter, but I'm giving it about a year before I stop with the tca cross and give an updated review on my outcome.

Nearing my 2 year anniversary since my Ipl...

Nearing my 2 year anniversary since my Ipl disasters. Unfortunately, my skin never bounced back and neither did my contours, and now I am looking into fillers and even considering fat grafting at age 35. I have more crepey skin texture and linear scarring than ever. I can only imagine it getting worse with normal aging, never in a million years did I consider light therapy to be so destructive.

It has been about 5 months since I posted, and I...

It has been about 5 months since I posted, and I can't help but be vocal about how destructive this can potentially be and how scary and mind blowing the gamble is with lasers, from ipl to fraxel. The changes have been continuously downward. I avoid mirrors so I can get out of the house and function like a normal person, because once I see myself I still cant get over the fact that I dont recognize my lumpy and scratched up skin and my features. I did a series of peels, and to this day I can say the pigment luckily stayed uniform. But the textural damage just keeps getting worse, and its embarrasing to smile or laugh because right from under my eyes down to the corners of my mouth, my skin bunches up in raised scars with roped thick lines and squiggles. I am thankful tje damage happened to me at 33, I had already had my son, my job was secure, and i had and have an amazing circle of friends and family who knew me before, and dont judge me based on what I look like now. I feel awful knowing there are teenagers, young adults, or just regular people that may suffer from acne, post acne scarring, rosacea, or other skin conditions and professionals are dupying them every day into thinking this can help, pretending it is a consistant, well understood, and regulated practice. It's not, it's a crapshoot, where some people make it through feeling good and others are getting disfigured. It's not worth the gamble, the technology is not well understood. I came in with a clean face, oily, a couple of sunspots I simply didnt want to wait out as usual for them to go away on their own, and it's been a night and day
experience. And i learned strangers, employers, etc., absolutely treat me differently based on what my skin and face look like. It has been an incredibly surreal journey, and I still cant figure out exactly what the life lesson was for me here if there was one.

I just wanted to update, almost 3 years out in May...

i just wanted to update, almost 3 years out in May of this year since my initial ipl treatments. Skin just keeps nosediving, its pretty gross. I wouldnt do it again and i dont recommend it. ill be 36 this march, my sons friend called me a grandma...lol. Thats what i look like, eww.

Interesting, the office staff was incredibly lovely, acted as if they were fully knowledgable and advertise on their website that they have the expertise on "ethnic skin." They answered all my questions with absolute confidence. They didn't rush me, spent time with me, and then followed up with me because I didn't show up to the 4th treatment. But here's the kicker, they either are in denial, or know nothing about the real term side affects of ipl. The machine they used was Lumines.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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hmm, i have one. thanks for a wonderful comment and have a great day;).
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Probably a laser tech. Lol
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sorry for not respondong sooner to those asking questions. i have been using the hydroxy lotions, i dont think it helps, but i dont think ot hurts either. just remember eveyrhting is an individual experience, so what may not work for me might just work for others, and thats always a good note:). and thank you everyone for all the positive comments, for those damaged i hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel:). have to admit though, this is such a bummer! but have to keep moving forward....
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sorry to hear that this happened to you. I hope you are doing better emotionally, I know it's a horrible experience.. I also know how difficult it must have been (esp at the beginning stages) to care for your son as you were dealing with this. I got damaged in August of 2013 and was emotionally unavailable to my 5-year-old for the first 4 months after the damage (thankfully, I have started to realize that I need to put this on the backburner and focus on the more important things in life..) that lallis person is just some (not gonna say who lol...) that is posting nasty comments on people's negative IPL reviews.. I wonder how he/she would feel to go through the ordeal we are going through...
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Hello, did you happen to have fat lose also? It seems to be happening and I'm wondering if there is anything you (or anyone else) have tried that helped? Or if it happened in the beginning and then gotten better? Any information or advice would be welcomed. Thank you for sharing your story, it has helped and your strength and ability to march on is inspiring. Thank you!
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Hi HopeandPray, I dont mean to scare anyone, but yes i have experienced fat loss. it happened within the months after my ipls, i was told i looked really sickly, and still do, although my weight hadnt changed, and now that im almost over three years out and coupled with just regular aging, its been more. i dont know if everyone experiences it, or i dont know if im confusing fat loss with the loss of plumpness in my skin because of the scarring. i did try juvaderm once, very little though to see how my tissue would react, it was fine, but i havent gone back since. im too chicken to try anything else:/....lol.
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Hi, I was wondering if you at any point have been told you have sebaceous hyperplasia. If so, where and if it has gotten better?
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Hi Cveroleyva, did you try the Alpha Hydrox? Did it help???
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I'm so sorry hear about your experience. I had the same result and I was only 24 when it happened. 2 years of non stop crying in the mornings, I still have my mood swings because of that. It has been extremely hard, 6 years on it still hurts to think that my life could have been different. It damaged my self esteem, even though people around me say they can't tell, but I see it (it looks like yours and I'm only 30). I know that I can't live in the past and cry about it all the time, but it easier said than done. I hope people will read your post and will not make the same mistake. Wish you well and I love how strong you are :)
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I felt so sad reading your story. Big hug for you. Your courage and resilience is amazing. Keep your chin up, and know that you're a beautiful woman, regardless of the damage on your face. xoxo
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Thank you I appreciate your kindness it means a lot. Xoxo
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hi cheroleyva . i sow somewhere (DONT REMEMBER AND CANT FIND AGAIN) that ipl can cause candida overgrowth. i am just extremely attacked by candida( my mouth, ears, and another woman places) Is it ipl? or weak immune? do you have the same?
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no, i didnt experience that.
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Did you know that fat necrosis occurs at 55 degrees C? Cell viability is reduced to 20% if a constant temp of 55 degrees C is maintained. IPL is not capable of doing this. Yes a high temp can be reached with IPL, possibly even 55 degrees C but only momentarily.
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Actually I've read that IPL is capable of exceeding 55 degrees C. Especially when coupled with radiofrequency such as the Syneron machines.
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i have the same(((( when will this awful damages stop? in what time?
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Mine will be three years this October. No improvement continues to escalate with the ageing process. All you can do is give the illusion of improvement that is temporary with Botox , fillers , and products that plump the skin. I can't afford fat injections and a face lift is too scary for me,
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hello do you have any improvement?
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no of couse not, its permanent in my case:/.
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I have had zero improvement. I can only wish. I'm over 1.5 years out.
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IPL does have dangers. Five years ago I had IPL on my lower legs to get rid of some sun spots. I've never been able to expose my legs again. Another doctor said it must have burned because my shin bone is prominent. After the burns healed I was left with broken blood vessels, crepy skin, pink & brown spots-disgusting. One doctor suggested PDT with levulan but another doctor disagreed. There isn't any information out there about PDT on thin leg skin.
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What is PDTAnd does it differ from IPL? If you are burned with the heat that lasers create, how does exposing yourself to more heat repair it?
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eal791 I just want to make sure that when and if you decide to go through with this procedure you are comparing apples with apples. The skin on your neck, hand, arm, and face are very different because of the depth and thickness of the skin. So a test patch should be done on your face maybe on your forehead on the side just in case the results are not what you hoped for you can hide it. Also, know all your settings and the type of equipment the are using. Last 48 hours is not enough to see how your skin reacts you need a minimum of two weeks. Some stories the effect is immediate mine like several others took about two weeks after the second IPL the doctor claimed she only moved it one notch higher(I have photos posted). I have been told these machines are so powerful that one notch on some brands are 30% stronger. I am not olived skin, do not go in the sun, or smoke. I just want you to have all information possible because when damage does happen it does not get better for most it continues to worsen. Look under Fraxel and IPL damage to read how others got damage without even that sunburned feeling. I wish the best and hope you are going to a honest medical doctor. I find it hopeful since the disclosed that you could get scars other than hypo or hyperpigmentation that least is a start that is a first. Please have a another test spot, know the level of settings, wait two weeks. It also helps to have before and after photos taken outside light. Good luck and wishing you the best at whatever you wish to do.
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