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This was my 2nd Fraxel on my neck, chest and this...

This was my 2nd Fraxel on my neck, chest and this Monday, I had the first treatment to the face. I had major pigmentation damage due to years of laying in the sun, which Ive now, sadly, had to give up. Personally, I had some minimal discomfort from the Fraxel re:store treatment. Prior to the laser, lidocaine was put on for one hr to the parts to be treated. While recovering from my first Frazel 3 months ago I had a rough time and experienced a lot of red blotches. This went away quickly and can be part of the healing process. Majorly reduced the age spots, tightened the skin and is also helping my minor lines. This time just bronzed, lizard like skin. I haven't started to peel off yet. Im thinking in a few more days. I initially looked like a had a sun burn and now just a scaly bronze to my skin. My neck experienced an amazing restoration from the first Fraxel and the lay turkey skin completely went away. It takes a while for the collagen to rebuild so the skin can retract. To really experience the amazing result you have to give the skin time to rebuild. I am convinced that this Fraxel is the miracle we have been looking for. Also this is procedure that really should be repeated to get flawless results. I will go back for the third Fraxel in a few months. I can't write about this most recent treatment because it just was done. Ill post monthly as I start to recover.

5 days post Fraxel

All is going well. I have just begun to start to shed some of the lizard like bronzed skin. I have no pain but I am not being social this weekend. Figured it'd be best to lay low until Ive shed into my new skin. As far as a 3rd face, neck and chest treatment, time will tell once the skin starts to build collagen. Also need time to evaluate the age spots after I shed.

At about 3 wks after Fraxel-

It took a solid week for my facial skin and chest to start to flake off. It happens so slowly that only by touching your skin can you feel this shedding. My face still has some spots and now it needs the months it takes to restore and rebuild the collagen. I will need more treatments on my face. I spent YEARS in the sun so Im not surprised that this is the case. My friend has had many facial fraxel treatments, she's 63. I swear it looks flawless. Smooth, spotless, tight, bright, and very minimal lines. These treatments aren't a one time deal, until you're seeing the results you want. Stay OUT of the sun. BooHoo. If you go without 50 block those spots are right there, just waiting to pop up again.
New York Dermatologist

Dr Madfes/ cosmetic dermatologist is amazing. Very experienced and conservative, caring and skilled. You have to trust in her expertise and her office staff know how to precisely get those great results.

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I am thinking of having this done to get rid of discolorations, wrinkles, some baggy skin. Is those items why you decided.
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I had an ipl Lazer procedure done yesterday. Just noticed some of the small freckles are getting a bit darker. Any suggestions to move this process ahead faster so the freckles will go ahead and fall off?
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You need to be patient and let the new skin rebuild under the treated area. You can't make your skin rebuild faster. Be patient and do not pick or exfoliate these areas. You can use some biafine ointment or acquafor. I had one spot on my hand that was treated and I picked the skin- it left a discolored mark. SO, hands off! You probably will need more than one treatment to get a smooth, unblemished surface.
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I am thinking of having this done and appreciate your first hand experience.
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Wonderful success!! So glad you took the time to share with the community :) I understand it can take up to about 6 months for the collagen to rebuild, is that what you were told? Do you have to have any further treatments?
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Hi Eva, as far I am understand the collagen is in continuos process. One month after you should already see a better texture. But yes the effects spread until 6 months at least. I think our collagen is lazy after 26 yo so a stimulation from time to time after this age should be great. It does not solve acne scars (nothing does), at least a single fraxel. But texture is better so acne scars are less visible. also say goodbye to fine wrinkles. I which I could find an acne scar solution one day. I will continue the fraxels for the moment as I can see improvement.
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Have you looked into juvaderm injections? If the scars are deep the filler can be a lifesaver. The IPL lazers I've done helped quite a bit to eliminate the darkened spots left by the acne scars.
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I use fillers for under eyes and cheeks but not at scar level. I have tried but it makes it worst. the indentation becomes more visible and then there is the donut effect. If it worked for me I would for sure use it. It work more for depressions on single not so much for mild rolling scars I guess.
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