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I have really appreciated the information shared...

I have really appreciated the information shared on this site... it has helped me so much as I was thinking through the decision to go for it. I want to give back to the community -- and, yes, I'd love your support through my journey!

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed my doc and set a date. I travel a lot for work and my "window of opportunity" this year isn't until April, so I still have a while to wait. Trying not to obsess too much in the interim (and not succeeding too well).

Here are a couple of current pictures showing what I want to fix.
You may have a small amount of loose neck skin but you really don't look like you need a facelift! Your lower face looks really nice....if only I could look so good :-)
are you having anything else done. 20k is a lot for a smas.
The surgery fee is $15K, but then I added on facility fee and anesthesiologist. My total out of pocket will be more than that because I'm going to stay at a recovery hotel for the first week, and I'll have a private duty nurse the first 2-3 days. But my primary concerns are the quality of the work and comfort / assistance during recovery; compared to that I am way less concerned about cost.

Not exactly ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille

I got copies today of my professional pre-op photos (which my PS requires) and I was surprised by a few things.

(1) They are in B&W. I guess that makes sense; the doc isn't going to do my makeup, after all, and B&W shows texture better than color. I think the contrast may also have been enhanced to show more detail.

(2) The sagginess of cheeks and neck doesn't look as bad in these pictures as it does in the ones I took (or in recent candid snapshots), because the photographer had massive lights shining straight at my face instead of the overhead lighting we normally inhabit. Fewer shadows = less obvious droopiness. I guess RuPaul is right and it's all about the lighting.

(3) But OMG the texture of my skin in these high-res B&W photos is appalling. Thank goodness for makeup.

(4) And perhaps the most useful thing I learned: the photographer had me do a "big toothy grimace" for the camera... and my smile is more lopsided than I realized. Not that I see this as a problem, but it's something I want to make note of now and not freak about asymmetry later, since I wasn't symmetrical to start with!

P.S. Waiting for my hair to hurry up and grow. I have worn a pixie for years but that does NOT seem like a good option for the recovery phase! Maybe by the time the surgery is done and I'm ready to go back to work my hair will be in some kind of decent shape and people will attribute any change in appearance to my hair being past the awkward-growing-out phase.
I just did my review yesterday --- and it said all information was submitted -- if it went through - this time ----- please look -- I put pictures up from before all the way to end of week three! I remember sending some off to my mom and she said "my God it look like you went through a windshield" Now that I look back -- yea it kinda does! I am real leery of people who are plastic surgeons and don't have a good photo room. Mine had a beautiful set-up so that each "rotten angle" of my face was captured :) But, on the other hand I have know excellent surgeons who just have the person come in and snap away! Anyway's, I hope you get to view my website -- profile name was marathon mom but i believe I left my review caption 57 year old wants to look as young as she feels! Will keep in touch. Oh, yea -- that's pit bull :)
oh, yes -- one more thing -- go to a great place and get put on a good skin care regimen -- I know this could cost up to 500.00 but your spending thousands. I used SkinMedica for 3 months before my surgery and my skin was beautiful. I also now use it just because I fell in love with the product. But, I buy on amazon or e-bay. Again, not cheap -- You can use any facial wash I just ended up buying the same brand -- followed by TMS serum (not cheap) or let's say cheaper on Amazon I paid 250.00, then the derma filler moisturizer (only FDA approved product that has botox in the ingredients, the the TNS eye cream. Now every other day I use the retinol before the derma filler moisturizer. This is what I used --- all I want to do is make sure since not having till April --- go see someone about products before facelift.
Best wishes to you. I decided a couple of months ago to go ahead with my facelift and have scheduled it for February 25th. I think you look great also, but I get where you're coming from. I started noticing major changes to my skin (jowls and neck starting to show wrinkles) at 50 years old. I'm surprised at how much worse it has gotten just in the last couple of years -- so 52 is the year for me. I plan to post photos after my surgery through the recuperation period if you care to check them out. It really does help a lot to read the experiences here.

Pre-op phone consultation with nurse

Called today for my pre-op phone consultation with the surgical nurse. Mostly the purpose of this seemed to be confirming that I read and had understood all the materials they had provided me and giving me a chance to ask questions.

What I learned was...

(1) At 2 weeks before the surgery, really cut out absolutely all vitamins and supplements (other than the Arnica Montana and Bromelain) as well as alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. (a long list); maintain through 2 weeks post.

(2) One week before the surgery, start taking Arnica Montana and Bromelain 3x a day; continue through 2 weeks post.

(3) An Ambien or Tylenol PM is OK the night before the surgery if I am nervous and cannot sleep.

(4) It will be OK to take Diflucan (which, given the antibiotics, I am glad to hear).

(5) I will have drains for 48 hours which my private nurse will remove. But all the sutures and/or clips will stay in a full week; the first post-op appointment will be scheduled for one week after the surgery.

(6) The doc wants patients to keep the face muscles and skin very still to the extent possible -- minimize talking, laughing, smiling, chewing but also not washing the face, not applying moisturizer, not massaging the scalp while shampooing, etc. -- for the first 2 weeks. Gentle rinsing with warm water is beneficial after 48 hours but the strong instruction is don't move the facial muscles or disturb the facial skin any more than absolutely necessary during those first 2 weeks. The nurse said this really makes a big difference for optimal healing.
Are any of you familiar with Ulltherapy? I came across a You Tube video showing a lady getting it and I was amazed at the immediate results she was getting with this light. I simply can't afford a facelift so I'm looking at other options for my neck area and wrinkles around my mouth. I just spent $3700 to have my face lasered and because the dr is conservative, I have to have a redo around the outer corners and chin areas again. I also need suggestions for eyelid wrinkles, he won't do those because the skin is thin there - he won't do anything that potentially can scar. I don't know the cost of the Ulltherapy but it says online it's about $1500 to $2000. If I'm going to spend this kind of money I want to know I'm going to get some good results.
Not sure about this -- but I will say good for your doctor --- to actually say no laser around the eyes due to thin areas --- I think he is fantastic for not doing.
I keep seeing photo's of people with big bandages around there heads and drains --- I had no bulky anything on my head -- except constrictive tape on my neck which would be off by day 7 and no drains. My doctor uses a fibergin glue (not sure if spelled right) so it's really nice - like gluing my face -- loved it!! Not one problem -- perfect

Less than a month to go

I filled my prescriptions yesterday... there is Ondansetron (Zofran) for nausea on the day of surgery, Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen (Vicodin) for pain, Diazepam (Valium) for anxiety, and Cephalexin antibiotic. The nurse told me that patients often find the Valium more useful than the Vicodin after surgery because the pain as such isn't the major issue, it's more the sensations of tightness or numbness and the overall emotional aftereffects in the first week or so.

Anyway I am excited about the date getting closer, a little nervous of course. I am trying to get myself into good habits now, for example trying not to cross my legs when seated. That is surprisingly difficult!
Hi A to Z, I feel exactly the same as you...our dates are very close, my sugery is on 8th, so we can support each other!. I have also started with cutting down (or trying) on things like salt, sugar, coffee, wine & eating salads everyday...& as I read your'trying not to cross legs when sitting' I immediately uncrossed! Ha!. I am seeing my doctor next Friday for pre op stuff...I am excited too & just want to be on the other side of it. I wish us both lots of luck..,I think we will be communicating a lot through the next month! Have a good day.
Definitely, let's keep in close touch! Of course send me a private note any time. This site is such a wonderful resource for connecting people from all over the world. (Gosh I guess I should start trying to cut down on salt now too... )
Wish u the best outcome in ur coming surgery(^_^)!

Final check-in done

I've now had my blood work and EKG done, and I went for my final consult with the PS. Re-confirmed with the PS exactly what will be done - short scar SMAS, including the stitching of the neck muscles under the chin, and also we will do a TCA peel under the eyes to reduce fine lines. Reassured me the procedure is totally routine. I wish the day would hurry up and get here already!

(Naturally, now that I am moving into the period where it's imperative NOT to get a cold, my throat has begun to feel a bit scratchy. Making me anxious since I really do not have a lot of schedule flexibility and absolutely do not want to postpone!! I will just try to get a lot of sleep the next few days and hope it goes away.)

Here are a last couple of "before" photos of what I want my neck not to look like...
I'm sure you're doing well, but let us hear from you when u can. Thoughts are with u.
Hi A to Z....i did submit a review on Sunday & not sure why it wasn't posted. Anyway I will try again in a few days. I've done it!, my surgery yesterday. I am at home now & feel a little weak. Just wanted to wish you Good Luck again for Friday.
Hi Sal9, your review can be found here. Loved it so far!

day of

I am now ensconced in my recovery hotel with expert nurse. One interesting point is she wants me propped at 45 degrees not upright... Says too upright contribute to pooling / swelling under chin. More tomorrow!
Oh good. Hope you're feeling well! It's so nice to get on the other side of the surgery and on your way to recovery!!
Would love to see more photos of you. I too had a facelift and a 35% tca peel yesterday (April 10) and I am back at home. I have very little swelling, pain and no peeling (yet). I do have bruising around my neck area. I am afraid to wash my hair or take a shower. I just don't want to irritate the stitches and staples.
Hi cme... do wait a while before washing hair! They tell me I can take a (careful) shower today with drains in, and then wash my hair gently 2 hours after drains out.

rest of what happened yesterday (day of)

So here I am! Amazingly I was really not nervous before the surgery yesterday. I was supposed to be there at 6:30 am but I totally did not want to be late and I go there about 6:10 (fortunately craxy taxi diver managed to avoid causing an accident but it was a close call... wouldn't THAT have been perfect). When the nurses arrived at 6:30 they had me strip down and get into a gown and compression hose, take a final pee, and then got me into the operating suite (I was not catheterized thank goodness). The anesthesiologist go the IV into my arm, started the sedation, and that's the last I remember until waking up in recovery. I was woozy but not in pain, no nausea. They had a drink a fair bit of ginger ale (juice also an option but I love ginger ale) and then god me dressed and the duty nurse and my husband accompanied me to the hotel.

No face bra (yet - may come 2nd week, bleah). Just bandages. The way they have the drain set up it's a single drain that apparently runs the width of my neck under the skin and comes out behind the right ear. That is tended and is making my neck look lumpy and causing bruises. But, I hope, preventing hematomas etc.

So I had not much pain -- really only the very top tips of ears -- maybe 3 on scale of 10. Took my Vicodin, antibiotics, Bromelain. The most difficult think is trying not to talk or laugh and not to do things for myself. Oh, and keeping my head pointed straight ahead and tilted back at 45 degree angle along with torso. Watching old "comfort TV" (I brought DVDs) helps stay still but does not help the head position. Getting up to walk laps in the hotel hallway is a relief.

I didn't sleep all that well despite Vicodin and Ambien. Plan to take a nap later today. More later when I can give proper report on day 2. Meanwhile I should take a walk and then get my head back into proper position (hard to do while typing!).


ps please excuse, typing semi-recumbent not helping!!

day 2

feeling more tightness in the neck today and definitely aware of the drain. But still in the "discomfort" realm rather than "pain". I feel like my face and jawline look pretty good, a little worried about appearance of my neck which I hope is just swelling and issues caused by the drain, and the horizontal banding I'm seeing now will go away!! the bruising is much less than I'd feared (so far but of course it's only day 2).

definitely feel more lucid and amble to walk much better. still an effort not to talk too much, laugh, push myself too hard. Will be very happy to get the drain out and have a shower.

more day 2 pix

Hi Ato Z...glad to read all went well for you. Best of luck for a healthy recovery...
Your neck looks good. & scars short & neat....you are going to look wonderful!

Day 3 adventures

I think I am in full "balloon face" mode now. My face and ears look and feel very much more swollen than yesterday.

The good news is, I got a decent night's sleep last night and the drains are out. The bad news is, I got VERY VERY woozy after my first shower. With help of my nurse everything was OK but it was kind of scary. I think I need to eat more... I have had basically no appetite, but the body needs fuel to heal of course. Originally the plan was for me to be on my own by this afternoon but I arranged for 24 hours more nursing supervision. Will just feel safer that way.

I'll post more pix when I can but for now just imagine a Bobble Head. Thank goodness the nurses have seen it all before, and though my ears feel like two bricks tied to the side of my head the experts tell me the swelling is not bad at all and will go down soon. Everyone says day 3 and 4 are the worst, right??
Absolutely right to have your nurse for more time. I was like you & so weak afterwards, with no appetite, I only ate a banana between Mon eve & Thursday. I did eat something the day after surgery at the hospital, but threw up. I hope you are feeling better today.
Yes day three and four are the worse -- hang in there -- day five around the corner

Day 3 report - made it through and starting day 4

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement!! It is so much appreciated!!

Here are some of my balloon-head pictures. As I know others have experienced, my face and neck *feel* much more swollen than they seem to look (not that I would say it looks good or anything). The numbness probably makes that feel even worse... you know how when the dentist numbs you and it feels like your lip is the size of a cantaloupe? I guess it's like that, my cheeks / neck / jaw feel about 5 times normal size but only look twice normal size, ha ha.

I am actually surprised that there is not more bruising. Developing bruises (just from brushing against the corner of a desk, etc.) is one of my best skills, so I give major credit to my doc and the Bromelain that it's not worse than it is.

Today I am definitely going to pay close attention to my blood pressure; I always tend to run low (typical 110 over 65) but I do NOT want a repeat of yesterday's scary dizziness. Maybe I should get a bp cuff of my own to use once the nurses are off duty starting this afternoon.
The incision by your ears look beautiful, looks like your PS did an excellent job. Can hardly wait to see you end results.
I'm glad you're not bruising much! I think the under the chin swelling and scar are what bothered me most, but it was short lived. I'm sorry about the woozies. I didn't have it with this, but I have low blood pressure and know exactly how it feels. Mine has been as low as 88/58! The oral surgeon said, "Wow, and you're conscious!" hahaha The second week offers so much recovery/healing compared to the first. You're moving right along! :)
thanks for the positive words... the day 4 swelling under the chin is starting to freak me out a little! How long did it take yours to go down? I am not sure if I should be up and walking as much as possible, or reclining at an angle... definitely want that swelling to go away!!

day 4 swell-o-rama

I thought I looked like a bobble head yesterday but that's nothing on today! The nurses tell me it is all normal and will start to go down tomorrow and I sure hope so. I can see why Day 4 is the day when people start wondering "why did I ever do this?"

I am heartened by everyone else who has been through this and come out with beautiful results... I hope I will get there too!!
I'm loving reading your updates......and feel almost 'there' with you. Thank you for posting. Those early days are so hard and you're coping fantastically - and looking great. Take it slowly ..... every day is easier. I'm at 3 weeks post op today and those early days seem so long ago. All good wishes!
Sending you healing prayers for a speedy recovery....it does get better each day! You are looking better every update.
Thank you so much!! Hope you are doing well also!!

Day 5 part 1

My emotional rollercoaster is dipping today for sure. I slept well last night, thank goodness, but when I woke up and found my face still felt like a giant heavy mask and that the swelling under my chin didn't look any better than last night (why did I think it would magically go away overnight?) I really got hit with a case of "oh no why did I do this to myself things will never be normal again" etc. etc.

My husband is being a sweetheart. He doesn't understand why I felt I needed to do this but is being supportive... on the other hand I can tell he is freaked out by how I look now, and last night when he came to visit he said he really never wants me to do anything like this again. (I suppose that's better than "hey honey, do X and Y next, OK?")

Maybe some of my low mood is the fact this is my first morning waking up on my own since my nurses went off duty yesterday afternoon. Actually I should point out that last night the nurse who helped me through my "whoa-low-blood-pressure-don't-pass-out-on-me-girl" first shower dropped by to check on me. She was here in the recovery hotel with another patient and when she went off duty she came by my room to see how I was. She assured me the swelling was much better ("I can see your cheekbones now") and that the swelling under the chin was not a hematoma or anything scary but just a part of the healing process.

My plan for today is to take a (careful) shower, watch some "comfort TV", and maybe (MAYBE) check work email for no more than 1 hour. I was thinking I might try to take a very short walk (just up and down the block) but if it is still raining this afternoon I will stick to pacing in the hotel room!
Hi there you seem a lil down,don't be by the time your swelling and bruising disappear you will be so happy with you results,put your make up on do your hair you will feel so much better .as soon as I woke up I put make up on and tried to style my hair a bit,and I looked like a freak,however I new as the days go by my appearance would improve,pretty much with in 10 days all my bruising ans swelling was gone ,I to have taken pic of my journey and the transformation is unreal,enjoy yourself and go with the flow end result is what counts :)) you rock chick Hugs xxx looking great
Thank you so much - I have valued your story and others, it is so heartening to see your success and I really appreciate the words of support!
AtoZ...it is only day 5.... I honestly think from your pictures...yes ok swollen...but you look good! I said to someone else I just wish I could see a picture of myself a little down the road, to see myself looking normal, then it would be easier to take these low days. We will get there!. My husband has realised a different approach is a better option & saying things like ' gosh I can see an improvement just in the past hour!'. ( ha!) My neck feels like I have a tight scarf on...BUT I 'THINK' the sweeling might have gone down slightly this evening! Yes!

Day 5 part 2

So it did pretty much rain all day, no walking the block for me. But I did take my careful shower and pace around the room a bit. Maybe a sign that I am feeling better is that I caught myself trying to turn my head a couple of times (and chided myself: no head turning! Turn whole torso only!). Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice out so maybe I will try my "walk the block" then. Originally I was thinking I would walk to my doc's office for my appointment Thursday afternoon to get my sutures out -- it is only half a mile -- but now I am thinking maybe it would be smarter to get a cab than to walk by myself.

I did *not* check work email and not feeling too guilty about that! But I did chat with one of my three girlfriends who is "in the know" and that was nice. Husband came by tonight and we had (soft easily chewable) dinner together. The next couple nights he is away on business... and then Friday I go home for a week's recuperation there.

I think *maybe* the swelling is starting to subside in my cheeks. My face is starting to look a bit less like a balloon, although it has acquired a lovely yellow bruise color. The neck and under the chin (and the left ear... why??) still feel and look super swollen. But, early days, yes?

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words of encouragement. You really really helped me get through the day without a crying jag, which would have done no one any good. Karma points to you all!!!
Getting your suture out will be a 'turning point', I'm sure. I had the best long shower and hair wash after mine were removed......look forward to that.....and feeling/looking better little by little every day from now! Thinking of you!
I cant write much, as we are both on the same page,but hang in there. This will all be worth it! :)
To you as well -- feel better and I am sure a month from now we will be going "yay, I am so thrilled I did this!" :)

Day 6 update

I counted surgery day as Day 1, so that makes today Day 6. So then tomorrow is lucky number 7? :)

Today my face seems to be more face-shaped (yay!) and my neck a teeny bit less swollen but the swelling under the chin is still freaking me out. My right ear (the less swollen one) is starting to feel slightly more like an actual part of my anatomy, though the left one still feels more like a brick tied on to my head.

The TCA peel under my eyes is actually starting to slough skin, which is progress. Actually I also noticed the front of my chin (not underneath) is starting to shed some skin flakes though there was no peel there. Maybe just from the swelling and the lack of moisturizer? My strict orders from the doc are to do absolutely nothing to my face other than keep a thin layer of Aquaphor on the TCA peel areas under the eyes.

I took a walk around the block today and that felt good. Maybe I will actually brave the walk to the doctor's office tomorrow instead of taking a 2-minute cab ride. I am glad I'll see the doc tomorrow to get stitches out and ask him my long list of questions! Not just about the swelling and such but also when will it be OK for me to start smiling and laughing and generally having facial expression again? :)

Day 6 photos

A to Z...everything is all coming together!...I just looked at your 'before' pictures... You can really see a difference...just a few more days & you will be perfect!
Thanks so much! Happy healing to both of us!!

Eventful Day 7

Today was my post-op appointment to have sutures removed and generally have the doc check me out. I walked to and from the doc's office -- about a mile all told, which should by rights be nothing but still felt like an accomplishment!

I went in with a very long written list of questions so I'll start with what I learned:

1. Is all this swelling under my chin and on my neck normal? Is it going to just stretch everything out so I am back to turkey wattle? What's with the lumps behind my ears, are they from the drain? -- ANSWER: normal swelling. Unfortunately everybody is different about how long it takes to subside, so we can't say when it will go away, but everything looks totally fine. No, it will not stretch back out into a new turkey wattle. The fact that one side (for me, the left) is more swollen than the other is very common. The weird lumps and bumps on the neck are mostly due to the short-scar procedure rather than the drain, and will settle down and flatten out over time.

2. I've had a bit more pain around my ears the last 8 hours. Is that because the nerves are starting to heal, or is something wrong? ANSWER: yes, the nerves are healing; no, there is nothing wrong.

3. Is it possible to sleep too much or should I just nap when I feel like it? ANSWER: sleep all you want. Sleep is healing.

4. I should still be trying not to move my face much for the next week, right? No smiling, animated expressions, etc? ANSWER: keeping your face as still as possible through the next week will give you the best result. Similarly don't floss your teeth, yawn widely, etc. for another couple of weeks. If it feels OK to you it is now fine to turn your head about 45 degrees to left or right, but no more than that, and if you can keep looking straight ahead for another week so much the better. And keep sleeping propped up and no bending over!

5. Do I really have to wear the compression stockings for another week? ANSWER: not necessarily if you are up and moving around, but it doesn't hurt.

6. When can I wash my face? Can I use my Clarisonic again? ANSWER: you can wash your face gently with Cetaphil if you feel the need, but it is actually better still to do nothing in week 2. Wait until at *least* 2 weeks after surgery to use a Clarisonic and if it doesn't feel right, stop immediately. Basic rule -- if something doesn't feel right, stop.

7. Do I need to have my head supported when reclining / sitting? Or is sitting up (e.g. at a desk chair, working at a computer) all right? ANSWER: It's all right to sit up, but you may be more comfortable for a while yet with more support. Don't push yourself.

8. I normally watch what I eat very carefully. For this first week after surgery I set that aside and just ate what I could to make 3-4 meals/snacks a day (not just soup, scrambled eggs, and applesauce but Ensure, yogurt, peanut butter, ice cream, chocolate... I fear I will be one of the few people who actually gains weight in the first week post surgery). Is it OK for me to go back to my normal calorie intake now, headed into the second week? ANSWER: yes, but make sure you eat extra protein.

9. Is it reasonable to target about half my normal exercise level as a goal in the second week? ANSWER: sure, give it a try, but listen to your body.

10. Do I have to wear a face bra now? ANSWER: it should help with the swelling. Here it is -- wear it as much as you can when you are not out and about, take it off if it starts to drive you nuts.

11. How should I care for the incisions? ANSWER: Up till now we wanted you to just leave them alone. Now that we're taking the stitches out, it can't hurt and might help to put on a thin layer of Bacitracin morning and night.

12. I go home tomorrow... what precautions should I take with my pets? ANSWER: Pet hair and dander can cause infections of the wounds. Keep pets away from your face. Wash your hands well after touching your pets, their toys, etc. Use a clean pillowcase each night. Keep your face bra clean.

13. What should I have asked that I'm not asking? ANSWER: Can't think of anything but call any time.

Anyhow, the nurse took out the clips in my scalp, the sutures in front of my ears and under my chin. The ones behind my ears are dissolvable and may take a while to finally dissolve. Wish my hair was longer!!

The nurse also checked out the TCA peel under my eyes and carefully removed the last of the dead skin so I guess I am all done with that. Whew. It was not a deep peel so that went quicker than what many others have experienced.

Both nurse and doc say my result will be very good. (Of course what are they going to say, unless they saw a big problem that definitely needed fixing right away... but I will try to take them at "face value". By the way this whole experience makes me realize that movie "Face Off" was far more ridiculous than I ever could have guessed, even though I did in fact guess it was massively ridiculous.)

I do feel like the swelling under the chin is a teeny bit better than yesterday and the bruising a bit less noticeable. Little baby steps.

Next official appointment with the doc won't happen for about a month, though they welcome me to come in or call any time.

Oh I almost forgot the important but *really gross* thing I learned today (discovered all by myself, not at the doctor's office). Since the first day I had been feeling my ears were clogged but assumed that was just numbness & swelling. Well this evening I had kind of an itch in my left ear canal -- not near the incisions -- and (sorry, but here it comes) I pulled out a plug of dried blood about the size of a black-eyed pea. EWWW. I checked, as you might imagine, to make sure there was no new bleeding and there wasn't -- the thing must have been left over from the surgery itself or the day 1-2 ickiness. Now it's gone I can hear again in my left ear -- hallelujah! There may however be an evil twin lurking in my right ear... will rinse with some ear drops when I get home tomorrow. Sorry for the yucky story but I hope it might help someone else.
LOL @ it's evil twin. :D I had read blood can collect in ears like that. I'm glad you got it out. I had a clogged ear feeling for the first week after too. You look great. I hope you have much more healing this week and your under the chin swelling starts going down a lot. That part really bothered me too.
its. Dang non edit feature. :D
The pictures which you posted before and after are really amazing.One thing i could not beleive is how you have so small swelling after surgery.have you completely recovered now?

Day 8

I'm home now from the recovery hotel. For me I think it was good to be away that first week, but it sure is nice to be home. I think a week of rest and healing at home will really help me ease back into a normal routine and prepare for the "real world".

I'm wearing the face bra as much as possible since I got it yesterday. It does look weird but it feels supportive and I have less fear that I'll bump an ear in a bad way or something. And maybe it is even helping with the swelling? Whether it's that or just the passage of time, I'll take it. I feel like I can start to see my chin emerging once more. Still swollen under chin and lumpy around the neck, still yellow bruises, still sort of flaky skin around the lower face but overall a little better I think. Patience (says The Impatient One)!
You are looking great. I am with you regarding patience. So want to get about regarding my social life.
I just wrote the below, without seeing your most recent update.....you look great! Impatience....this was a real test for us!.
Ah A to Z....you are going home today...YIPPEEEEE!......& not having to see your doctor again for a while....that is great! Your yucky story made me smile...I would keep feeling lumps in my hair & waking up to bits on my pillow.....oooooo that first week is gruesome! Have a lovely, lovely Easter!

Day 9

Last night I did find the face bra uncomfortable when I woke in the wee hours, so I had to take it off to get back to sleep. But it does make me feel more secure that I won't do something horrible to an ear by turning my head in my sleep. So I will try to keep wearing it as much as possible at nights for a while and during the day while I'm home. One thing I realized -- no need to fasten it too snug behind the neck!!

My energy is definitely improving... for sure not back to 100%, but today I helped the Mr. run errands and did not feel shaky or anything. My pedometer has me at over 6000 steps for the day so far... not bad, considering. I felt a little silly in my scarf, hat, and sunglasses getup but I guess I did see people wearing sillier things.

Small daily improvements continue. Swelling a little less, I think. Right ear feeling a smidge less clogged. Left side of the face still quite yellow but oh well. Too early for any makeup on the face, but I have been using the black & blue bruise I got on my arm from the IV as a test case. (That is much more typical of how I normally bruise, and I had expected my whole face to come out that way.... big hat tip to the doc that I did not!) I had a reasonably decent result by starting with Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick and then patting Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème over that. If that got the awful black & blue to a somewhat less noticeable yellow, maybe it can hide the scars and any remaining yellow on my face and neck when the time comes.
You're looking great and I'm so glad you didn't bruise a lot! It sounds like you're moving right along in the healing process. :)
Ato Z...you are healing beautifully and quickly...I am in to my 8th week for the brow and midface lift and in my 6th week I was just starting to see me again...what an emotional roller coaster. Whenever I have too much salt the swelling sets in again and I have to flush it out drinking plenty of water with lemon. Having a good day today as I see more of me everyday... Stay positive and encouraged....God bless and good healing
Add a smile to that face and it will look stunning : )

Day 11

No huge changes in the past couple of days... kind of incrementally inching along. Sometimes I worry that I have traded a droopy neck for a swollen neck and double chin... but then I remind myself it is still early days, I should not expect to see the final result yet, and the swelling really does seem to be going down (though slower than my impatient self would like). Besides, I definitely feel those developing jowls are gone and the cheeks are back where they ought to be instead of drooping down... so I need to trust my doc that the droopy neck will be gone too once it's all healed up.

Yesterday I saw a friend who knew about my procedure beforehand and had been skeptical (not quite trying to talk me out of it, but sorta feeling like she *should* try to talk me out of it). She was very encouraging, commented on how little bruising there is, said by next week definitely I will be ready to face the world. It was great to hang with a friend for a couple hours... only bad thing was having to try to keep my face still, not talk too much, and not smile or laugh! :)

I'm still feeling clogged in the right ear so I am going to have the nurse check me out Wednesday morning... besides having them look at the clogged ear (which the nurse said on the phone today it's very common to have temporarily, from swelling and/or dried blood that normally works its own way out) I might as well just generally get another overall status assessment and a chance to ask more questions in person this week.

Last night was the first night I slept my normal sleep pattern... asleep by 11 and up with the alarm at the normal weekday time of 6:30, without any long period of wakefulness in the middle of the night (and actually without the face bra making me uncomfortable all night). By morning I had kind of scooted down so that my head was only "somewhat" elevated... have to work on improving that elevation strategy. (Ha, maybe that was why I slept better!) Seat belt? Velcro on my butt?

Trying to get myself back in the direction of my normal routine I went to the gym first thing with the Mr., but I did only treadmill "strolling" at 2.5 mph for 30 minutes followed by standing stretches that did not involve any bending from the waist. Then after shower & breakfast I worked on some various light projects around the house... by lunchtime I was tired so I took a 40 minute nap, but my energy's been pretty good in the afternoon.

I put on sunscreen today before running an errand and oh boy is my skin peely (everywhere *except* where I had the peel)! My doc says it is OK to start washing the face with Cetaphil during week 2 but "less is always better" so I actually have not washed my face since the surgery. I think tomorrow I may have to give it a gentle try.

I finally figured out how to take a picture of the backs of my ears, so thought I would share how that is going. Dissolving sutures back there -- not sure how long they will take to finally dissolve! I wish I could make my hair grow about 2 inches this week... hoping once I lay off the Bacitracin and can actually use styling products it will at least do a bit more to conceal things.

Day 11 continued

Looks like you are coming along perfectly. The work looks all very neat & tidy. You're getting there!
Try a pillow under your thighs to stop sliding down, would be more comfy than Velcro on your butt : )
You know this may finally get me to lay off the salt. Since I have low BP I have never worried about it before and I sure do enjoy it. But the swelling thing is big motivation for sure. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement!! :)

Day 13

No really big visible changes in the last couple of days but since I am here at the almost-2-week mark and I did go in for a checkup today with the nurse I thought I would post a status update.

First thing I have to say is that when the docs say "presentable" at 2 weeks but also "you'll still be healing and you will not see final results for several weeks more," that is exactly what they mean. I do think I have reached "presentable" in that the bruising is pretty much gone, and I don't think anyone who's not looking closely would notice anything amiss other than I'm looking kinda washed out with no makeup and no hairstyle... for example, I have not felt especially self conscious running anonymous errands like going to the drugstore. However, being the impatient type, I was hoping (especially since I am on the younger end of the spectrum for the procedure and generally fit and in good health) that "presentable" at 2 weeks would mean "basically completely healed and back to normal with my awesome new look."

Well... no.

So for any of you reading this and contemplating the procedure: really, it will *not* be all over and done with after 2 weeks. Even though you see pictures of folks here on RealSelf who look absolutely fantastic at 2 weeks, most of them come right out and say they still feel swollen, tired, etc., and are still healing. Somehow I did not really internalize that part into my own expectations because they look so great!

My own experience at 2 weeks is.... I still have considerable swelling under my chin and through my neck, I still have some pain (manageable with Tylenol) that randomly comes and goes near the incisions at the bottoms of my ears, I still have scabs under my chin and inside the tragus of my ears. I knew I would still have numbness, so while I'm listing where I am at... what's numb for me is the lower half of my right ear (the one that *didn't* swell too bad), under my jaw and chin, and about 2" at each side of my lower face, in front of my ears.

None of that means I am unhappy or discouraged, though.

Compared to a week ago I have made huge progress both in how my healing face looks and in how I feel. I am back to my normal sleep schedule. I feel able to go through a normal day at home unassisted (a week ago I was nervous about taking a shower!) and I had no hesitation today about taking a 2 mile walk around the city by myself today. In fact, I noticed myself several times speeding up to my normal brisk pace and had to consciously remind myself to slow down and not push too hard (whereas a week ago I was nervous about walking half a mile). I am confident I'll be able to go back to work next week without problems.

And as to how the results will finally look, I've compared where I am at now to pre-surgery and I can definitely see my cheeks back up where they should be instead of sagging. Though the swelling (darn it) is there under my chin, the looseness and droopiness is gone... and I will keep the faith that the swelling will not subside to leave a brand new wattle but instead will yield the smooth neck and jaw that I've seen others enjoy down the road. One other interesting thing I noticed is that the shape of my face from the front is much more oval. It had been starting to get fairly square around the jaw pre-surgery -- which obviously was nothing to do with my actual jawbone, must have been the jowls forming. They're gone, and I like the oval shape.

And the news from the nurse today was all good. I had my usual list of long Q&A so here they are:

1. How low should I keep my sodium to help the swelling go away, and for how long? ANSWER: Low sodium can help, but it's not going to make the swelling you have under the chin and in the neck -- which is totally normal -- vanish right away. That will take a few weeks. If you stay under 1500 mg of sodium a day, that's great, but trying to cut back to 1000 (for example) is not going to make it un-swell faster. If you eat a LOT of salt, over 2000 mg a day, it could make you puff up though. Or... it might not. It depends on your personal reaction to sodium. Everyone's different.

2. How about eating a high protein diet... will that help me heal faster? ANSWER: it's a good idea to get plenty of protein while you are healing, but that also will not make you magically heal at a superhuman rate.

3. How long should I keep putting Bacitracin on the incisions? ANSWER: until the scabs are totally gone.

4. How long should I continue to be super careful about washing my hands after playing with my pets? ANSWER: until all the scabs are totally gone.

5. How long should I continue to avoid bending at the waist? ANSWER: at least another week. And as always, pay attention to how you feel... you do not want any feeling of pressure in your face. (Side note: with all the squatting instead of bending, I have actually noticed that my glutes and thighs are getting a little extra work. Hey, it all helps.)

6. How long should I continue to sleep elevated? ANSWER: for a few more weeks yet. Let's talk when you come see the doctor at the one month mark. You can start sleeping elevated on your side if it is comfortable. (Side note: I do not think it would be, with how my ears feel.)

7. Can I start using hair styling products and a warm hair dryer? ANSWER: yes. (hooray!)

8. Can I start having a glass of wine once in a while? ANSWER: yes. (again hooray!)

Friday is my official past-the-2-week day, so that's the day I plan to venture back into the world of hairstyle and makeup. We'll see how that goes!
I am 2 weeks and 3 days and feel exactly the same. Wish the ears and neck would hurry up, but it's just a waiting game. I can't really wash my hair w a real shampoo until all the ear sutures are completely healed. I think that will be a week more. But I do look so much better and happy.
Ago Z, I just read your journey. I have my face life on this coming Monday . Your posts, advice, and questions are extremely helpful. Hope you're doing well.
So glad this is helpful for you and all the best on Monday!! Do keep us posted on how you're doing! :)

Day 15 - emotional rollercoaster again

OK gals, I'm asking for your support and reassurance once again!!

Today was my big day to try hairstyle and makeup. I was hoping this would feel like a "breakthrough" for me but honestly it has left me a little shaken. The hair's all good -- well as good as my hair gets anyway, but it's nice to use my normal styling products and get a bit of shape. The thing that has freaked me is the makeup.

Moving my face in the ways I normally do to put on makeup (you know the silly faces we make in the mirror while doing eyeliner, lipstick, etc.) felt really strange; the new tightness in my face made it feel all wrong.

And I normally do not wear much in the way of base -- just concealer under eyes and on any blemishes -- but I thought I should try the camouflage base. Yikes! This left me looking super "made up" and I didn't like it at all. The only place I feel like the camo helped at ALL is on the scar under the chin. The rest of it I think just looks awful. I may wash my face and try again later today with only concealing that and just my normal everywhere else. Thank goodness I also have the weekend to practice!

But the thing that freaked me out most was trying to smile.

Until now I have been following the PS instruction to keep my face as motionless as possible for optimal healing. Can you forget how to smile in 2 weeks? Or am I just too afraid to smile properly? Or have I actually obliterated my old smile? The smile I saw in the mirror looked so fake and halfhearted and not me at all. I can't even post the pic I got of that, it's ghastly.

Since I have been given permission to have facial expressions again I think I need to genuinely allow myself to be expressive for a few hours and then check it out again.

Those of you who are further down your journey -- did you have this kind of experience? Please tell me it came out OK!!!
AtoZ!...you look wonderful!...look at your first pics & compare with todays! ...fantastic improvement ( in the nicest sweetest way possible!) I still haven't worn make up yet...like you I am afraid of pulling mirror faces ( also I do still have the dodgy eyes boo hoo)... BUT, we haven't seen ourselves with make up for a couple of weeks & I am sure I will look clownish until I get used to it again. I am not having a great time (hence no posts recently)...but when I look back at old pre pics I think 'ok....bit more patience'. Again, I think you look lovely.... & wattle free! I think a large glass of wine & a good laugh is in order! ( without a mirror) (BTW my smile is still dodgy, like my eyes, I will up date my review over the weekend)
Gosh I was hoping to go back to work after 2 weeks but think that is probably unlikely now. I think the clinics under estimate the recovery time to reel you in. But I am sure it will be worth it in the long run for both of us. After only 6 days I am still very swollen and bruised, but I have a jaw line for the first time in about 40 years. You look great by the way.
Believe me, Linda, 12 days is *way way way* better than 6!! I am kind of getting over my morning freak out... honestly I think my weird smile was a combination of (1) not having smiled properly in 2 weeks, (2) being a little afraid to smile properly -- will it un-do the doc's work? (3) having slightly different muscle configuration than before and (4) numbness / tightness making everything feel weird. But I am getting better with an afternoon's practice! :) Will see if I can brave posting a pic later. .....AND, if you are not ready to go back to work at 2 weeks you can always "come down with something" to get a little more time. Congratulations on your renewed jaw line!! :)

Day 15 - calming down a bit :)

Thanks as always to those who have reminded me it is early days yet, I am still healing, all those things my rational mind knows but my emotions freak out over nonetheless! You gals are lifesavers, really. I am so grateful to you!

Besides watching some comfort TV and getting a mani-pedi, I actually practiced smiling and being expressive this afternoon (how weird is that?), I took a "shopping therapy" trip to Sephora to buy new lip gloss and perfume, and I redid my makeup without the awful heavy camouflage stuff. Ladies, based on my experience today I would say if you don't have an awful black-and-blue bruise to hide, go with your normal makeup and you will feel much better! I think I probably do still have some redness and "off color" at the sides of my face, but I think it looks a lot better with just my normal dusting of Bare Essentials powder.

I also did some "before and now" comparisons to cheer myself up. I won't say before and after, because I know I won't see the real "after" for another several weeks. I still think my smile is not as broad as it was before and I think that's just the healing and being out of practice... I will keep the faith that it will come more easily in the days ahead.

Once again major karma points to everyone for being there to help me get on a more even keel!!
I viewed all your photos and you really are healing well --- I don't know why we don't give our faces enough time to heal. Since all the fluid roll down into the chin area it will look puffy and soon he will give you exercises that push the fluid back up towards your ears. The incisions behind your ears he is right they will flatten. Yes it will take time before you can hold a phone or sleep on them for quite a while. I am in month 4 and just now feeling somewhat better holding phone to my ear!! Your smile will take time --- but it will be fine -- but do not I repeat do not try to force a smile. You are still in the swollen stage --- just smile like you normally would --- I know that is a hard request. Again, keep us posted but remember -- patience -- really wait till month 3 and then 4 and it just keeps getting better - I promise.
Thanks so much, that is all really good advice!! Patience is something I always have to work at...
Hey just realized we are very close in time on our procedures- you are a few days ahead of me. Good to see your progress. Behind your ears looks much better than mine. Even my mother, a nurse, made a face when she looked where my drain had been. You really have to pull my ear back to see it, but I can feel it... this IS going to get better, right?! PS: you look great :)

Day 18 - survived first day back at work

I did feel self conscious (of course) but the only comment I got was from a (very!) observant person who asked if I had twisted my neck or something because I was moving more stiffly than normal... I said I have just been working on my posture! Holding phone to my ear not comfortable, but actually wearing the headset wasn't too bad. I was "aware" of the new sensations but felt like I was mostly able to just be normal animated self when talking.

I pretty much got into the groove, actually, and did my normal "start a brand new project at 6pm" bad habit. Around 7pm I felt like my neck suddenly inflated into Cinderella's pumpkin and I decided it was time to go home! The swelling *is* actually a little worse this evening than it was this morning, but not the "10 times worse" that it feels like.

Possibly I should have taken a Tylenol even though I had no pain just as anti-inflammatory. Possibly I should have been drinking even more fluid through the day. DEFINITELY it is the case that I need to take everyone's good advice to heart and be patient, remember that swelling is part of the healing journey, and it will get better as the weeks go by. Thank you all for reminding me! :)
Well done!...I think that's great that no one said anything (apart from stiff neck person).... That's exactly what I want when I start my work again. Gives you time to feel comfortable & lose your self conciousness.....all good I say!
Day 2 at work much the same as the first... maybe slightly less self-conscious, same exact problem of not getting myself out the door as early as I should. Tomorrow, maybe? But it is good to be busy. I've decided I need to quit taking pictures of my head every single day and scrutinizing them for improvements, because I must be past that "big daily change" phase, so I'll try to just document more on a weekly basis from here.
My first day on my new job will be tomorrow. Good thing nobody knows what I looked like before. Saw my ps yesterday, everything looking good except the the area behind my left ear. Still looks irritated and I might have a slight scar there. My doc. Wants to see me in one month. The bump on my right cheek apparently is no big deal, I just need to massage it and put a warm compress on it. In 3 months they will take photos of my face. I also learned yesterday that I had a deep plane FL not a SMAS lift., which is a good thing because they last up to15 years and more natural out come but longer recovery. So it was also great I had 3 weeks to recover before I start my new job.

Three weeks (plus 2 days)

I’ve made it through my first week back at work, which was the 3rd week post-surgery. Here’s the progress:

Scabs: All gone; the ones in my hair were the last to go, but they’re finally gone. Which means I am no longer putting Bacitracin on anything, just trying to get the last remnants of it *off* (I may try Westy53’s Neutrogena Makeup Remover trick on the creases behind ears, where there is a residue I’m glad no one can see… I doubt it does any harm, but it’s just gross). It also means I can play with my pets and generally hang out in my pet-hair-dusted apartment without resorting to protective draping and obsessive hand-washing.

Scars: The scar in front of my right ear is almost invisible. Not so the left – I feel like it looks worse in person than the photo indicates – but at least my hair on that side seems to do a better job of concealment. Under the chin it’s hard to say but who sees that anyway? I can’t move my head that far back to give anyone a view. I know what damage the sun can do, so to foster best possible scar healing I am being scrupulous about sunscreen and have bought some wide-brimmed summer hats… found some with attached scarf so the ears get even more coverage and the hat won’t blow off in the breeze. Oh, and my doc said OK to wear earrings after 3 weeks so I will start (mostly just to reduce my self-consciousness about that since I *always* wear earrings), but just keep to tiny studs for a while.

Itching / tingling / numbness / sensitivity: about as expected. No biggie. I take the itching and tingling and even the occasional nerve zinger all as good signs. Tops of ears are less sensitive than they were. Numbness not a lot changed; possibly the boundaries of numbness have receded about a quarter to a half inch from the high-water mark… still numb along the sides of my face, under chin, and the lower half of my right ear. Sometimes the scalp incisions feel “tight” and sometimes behind an ear it feels like I have an annoying bit of hair stuck back there – but it’s actually the new scar tissue (not hair) that I am feeling. All manageable. Really not taking any Tylenol at this point unless I feel super swollen.

Mobility: after a week back at work, generally being my normal expressive self, my face feels much more mobile -- actually I am glad that I did not redo Botox on my forehead yet, so my eyebrows have more range of motion during this period. The part of the face that’s not numb does not feel weirdly tight. Putting on makeup and doing my “putting-on-makeup faces” no longer feels bizarre. Smile still not quite what it was, but maybe that is OK (thank you, everyone, for the kind words after my freakout on that!)…it does look like me, just not exactly like the “giant toothy grin” me. (Maybe like a younger me! I will have to go back and check my smile in younger photos.) After the couple comments I got about “did I hurt my neck” I have been practicing moving my neck within the 45 degree range to either side of straight ahead that my doc recommended. But I’m not pushing it, as I don’t want to loosen anything prematurely while it is still healing. Looking upwards is the biggest restriction: I don’t think my chin comfortably goes up more than about 30 degrees. But that’s where I wanted it tightened, so I’m not complaining. I will work on range of motion when the doc tells me I can, but if having a super mobile head contributes to development of a new turkey wattle, I’d rather not go back there. (And claiming a minor neck/back injury while on vacation seems to have put an end to people’s questions.)

Energy level: better all the time. Still not 100%. I definitely did push myself too hard my first couple days back at work... I really was not up to my normal 10-hour “all systems go” day. Tried to take it a bit easier the rest of the week and I'm definitely resting this weekend. My exercise goal last week, which I hit, was to average at least 8000 steps a day. My goal for the 4th week is to see if I can get back to my normal 10,000. But if I can only manage 9000, I’ll set 10,000 as my Week 5 goal.

The main thing that’s NOT proceeding as I would wish is the swelling. It’s really only a *microscopic* bit better than it was a week ago. I talked to the nurse about this and she assured me that’s normal, everyone is different and it will not leave me with a new turkey wattle; it should be almost completely gone by 6-8 weeks. She said like when from one day to the next you suddenly need a haircut, there will come a day I wake up and suddenly realize the swelling is gone. I only wish I could make that day come sooner! My doctor and his staff say it is a waiting game and there’s not much to be done but be patient. Other than my poor attempts to be patient I’m trying to focus on diet, elevation, and compression (just to make me feel like I’m doing something).

I posted a question here about sodium and protein, and the answers have been consistent with what my doc and his staff say: low sodium and high protein can’t hurt, as long as your diet is balanced and nutritive, but they’re not a silver bullet either. I appreciated the one doc here on RealSelf who said sodium can contribute to edema but it’s a different kind of edema than post-surgery swelling. Still, I’m aiming in general to stay below 1500mg sodium and above 60g protein until the 6-week mark at least.

I’m still sleeping propped up – not quite sitting, but maybe a 45 degree angle against an “arm-rest style” cushion. Sleep schedule is basically back to normal.

And I’m still wearing the face bra to sleep in and a fair portion of my time hanging around home (my husband, poor man, seems to be getting used to me looking like a character in a bad science fiction movie).

Other remedies I haven’t really been pursuing. As I understand it the bromelain is really for bruising, which is now gone, so I’m not bothering with that. And as soon as I realized that the Arnica was a 30c homeopathic dilution I lost interest in it. I haven’t been doing any massage because my doc doesn’t recommend it – for now I’ll trust in his instructions: “don’t disturb the area other than compression and elevation and ice if that feels better”. I have iced occasionally when things feel “super swell,” like after my first Monday back at work, but thankfully that hasn’t been often.

Some of you RealSelfers out there seemed to be doing a lot better with swelling at the 3-week point than I am. Others didn’t. For those of you reading this just embarking on the journey – I hope you follow the quicker path, but if at three weeks you are where I am, well, we all heal differently and just take comfort that it’s not unusual. I have sure been glad to hear from others that their swelling did diminish and the jawline tighten up over time.

At least the swelling does not seem to be taking up any more volume along my profile than the turkey wattle did before. That’s temporary comfort.

More next week!
Well AtoZ, I must confess...I have been following your wonderful and very informative posts since I began my recovery from neck/facelift with fat transfer 5 weeks ago. Your posts are interesting to me because I also have disappointment with lower face/neck swelling...I even ended up on antibiotics at my 4 week checkup, yuck! Still, I am swollen even as I type now. (I am wondering if my live-in dogs may have helped...although I tried very hard to always sanitize my hands after touching them and really didn't participate in their care for about 10 days.) I believe the swelling that I have now is more related to being back to my more usual life and not taking it easy as I should. Oh, also...l am way older than you - 65!! That must also be an issue in my slower recovery even though I am very healthy, etc., etc.. The point of my rambling is that even at 5 weeks, 3 days, swelling is normal and probably worse at night! My doctor has provided great support and says that there is no norm to swelling, we all heal differently (just like you mentioned), but we all will heal and the swelling will go away! I will let you know when the day comes that all of a sudden, I no longer have the swelling!! But, I bet you will see it before me though, so no worries!! One day I will post some pictures and write my review--It is not that I do not look MUCH better and younger (I wouldn't go back to the before)...it is just that I am hoping for even more and until the swelling goes, no photos and review for me!! Keep up your great posts for all of us!
After your thoughtful 7 informative posts on my review, I came to check yours. Wow, I've learned a lot! 1st of all, I'm so glad I read about not touching your pets--I'm a cat & dog groomer! I've had 1 very eccentric, high-maintenance customer, begging me to come groom her dog on Monday (10 days post surgery, 2 days post stitch removal). All that dog hair flying onto my fresh wounds??? I don't think so... found another groomer for her. I also am curious about not washing your face AT ALL? After the surgeon told me I could shower (3 days post), I've been back to washing, astringent & moisturising everywhere but the stitched areas. Also, I talk on the phone a lot & am eating a normal diet. ????????????
I guess every surgeon's recommendations are different -- mine seems to be quite conservative about moving / touching the face absolutely as little as possible the first 2 weeks... to include as little talking and smiling as possible, chewing as little as possible (soft diet), not moving the head to the side, etc. I was allowed to shower after the 3rd day (though as you may have read that was a bit of an adventure at first!) but still really not supposed to touch the face... just rinse and gently pat dry. But again every doc has a different approach -- be sure to ask your doctor any questions to see what they think.

Four weeks

OK, when will the day come that I wake up and all the swelling is gone?

Not yet, sadly. Looking at my photos I can barely see microscopic differences from a week ago... honestly the visible differences even from 2 weeks are very small. Looks to me like the neck profile is almost as voluminous as before surgery -- just made up of swelling instead of drooping. I still have that nagging dread that when the swelling finally goes down I will be left with the same old droop, but I tell myself to believe my doc and the experiences of RealSelfers who are further along than I -- and keep the faith that it will all smooth out and snap tight into place.

Most of the differences since last week are in how I feel: better energy (back to my 10,000 steps a day), somewhat less self-conscious, a little less numb (numbness receding on my cheeks, no numbness now in front of the chin scar, even starting to get tingling in lower part of my right ear).

However today in NYC it was suddenly quite warm and humid (80 degrees F compared to 60 the past couple weeks, with 80% humidity) and that sucker-punched me. Humid heat often makes me feel lousy, but it's not *that* hot today; I definitely found myself thinking I must be extra susceptible now.

I'm still sleeping propped up on my back with the face bra (and the silicon scar reduction strips... thanks, cemlaw!), keeping sodium under 1500mg and protein over 60g. I read that bromelain can help with swelling (not just bruising as I thought) so I'm starting back on that. I am going to ask my doc about lymphatic massage and whether it might be OK for me to take a diuretic when I feel especially swollen.

I have to give a presentation next week to a big auditorium full of people. I enjoy public speaking, but this is my first time "post." Wish me luck!
Yes, bromelain & also turmeric. Just has my 2 wk check up & PS said I can finally sleep laying down & just wear the bra at night.
I can see the difference in your photos, slimmer lower face, younger around the cheek area and less swelling in the neck. Because you are 'examining ' your face every day it's hard to see the difference but it is there. Just remember you weren't horribly aged to begin with. Good luck on your presentation and smile, it will make you even more beautiful. :)
You are looking great. It is interesting, after 4 weeks of post op from the face lift, I have gotten together with good friends that I did NOT know I had a facelift,but told them I had a TCA peel . They did not notice anything, that I look good. I finally broke down and told one of my close friend that I had a FL and she did not believe me I did the procedure, I showed her a selfie I took, and she thought it (picture) was doctored up. Interesting.....I am starting to wonder if spending major bucks is really worth it. She ended up taking my Dr. phone # for her husband (who is also a doctor) because he wants get a neck lift. Wondering if any of you are experiencing this? i.e. no one noticing a difference (that is if you did not tell them)

Five weeks

Week 5 has been a good week. My big presentation went well... when I was on the stage I was able to focus on the message and the audience and just be me (and not think about my face at all). The "inflated head" feeling is no longer kicking in like clockwork every day at 7pm... not to say it doesn't happen at all, just some days I've escaped it and overall it's less intense. I can hold a phone to my ear without issues (I am *aware* of it but it's not massively uncomfortable), and I feel much less self-conscious generally. The swelling under my chin and through the neck is a bit less, I think, and it definitely is starting to feel softer under the chin instead of balloon-tight like it still does lower on the neck, which I hope from others' posts means it is on its way to receding.

I saw my dermatologist on Friday to re-Botox my forehead and between brows. Last time I saw her was about 6 months ago, at which time I asked her recommendation on facelift surgeons; I was wondering if she would take one look at me and say "so you did it!" but I had to point it out. We compared to "before" pictures she had in my file and where she saw the biggest improvement was in the cheeks and jowls (neck still swollen of course). She had a look at the scars and could hardly even see the one under my chin with the concealer on it; said everything was healing well and I looked very natural. I'm thinking if a dermatologist who knows you were thinking about a facelift can't immediately tell you had it, then average folks won't think you look "done" either.

By the way I have settled on a sunscreen and concealer routine that's working for me. I use Neutrogena SPF 70 solid stick on the scars, then spray Neutrogena SPF 45 spray on my ears/sides of face/neck/under chin while shielding eyes and nose, then finally spray more on my hands and pat the central areas of the face. The Kat von D tattoo concealer is the one that's covering best and looking most natural for me. Just a tiny dab the size of a lentil on the back of my hand is enough to cover all three scars with a fine-tipped makeup brush, then I stipple it in and dust with my usual Bare Essentials powder to set. Holds all day. And I think I have come up with a plan for how to wear my hair as a "slightly longer pixie" which is also helping me feel more "me."

I go in for my 6-week checkup with the surgeon next week and will bring my usual long list of questions. I'm feeling very positive about results so far and how they will finally be... in part because yesterday I went looking for old pictures of myself to compare (a couple are included in the post).

The one thing I'm not seeing yet that I hope I will eventually see is a flat, smooth line along the jaw meeting a flat, smooth line along the neck at a sharp-ish angle. Some of you gals have achieved that and I hope I'll get there!! BUT, looking at old pix of myself I must admit that I have never in my life had that. Possibly the structure of my muscles and/or glands isn't compatible with that contour. I'll ask the doc when I see him next week. Even if that's just not going to happen, I am so pleased to have gotten rid of the neck wattle and the descending jowls! I am feeling more and more ready to head confidently into my next decade.
Glad I checked here today. You look wonderful and are progressing so well! My submental scar is the one I thought would take forever, but it's flat already -- thank goodness. Like you, I think it will be invisible once the pink goes away. :)
AtoZ, thank you for your update. You look great. You're a couple of weeks ahead of me. O like the way you put coverage over your ear scars. My chin seems to be healing slower, and it's sensitive under the scar. I'm astonished that I did this and I'm glad I went through with it. Here's to the next 5 weeks! Lilygirl
Have you tried applying silicone scar remover? My office highly recommends it! Mine is coming on Tuesday. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AV14GTE/ref=pe_385040_30332190_TE_M3T1_ST1_dp_1

6 week checkup

The doc said everything looked great and although I am free to call or come in any time, there's no real need for further checkups. Of course I had my list of questions so...

1) As the swelling goes down will I achieve that lovely clean 90-degree angle between neck and jaw? ANSWER: no, because of the position of your hyoid bone. That can't be changed. (So that's why I never had that angle before... I didn't even know there was such a thing as a hyoid bone.) But things will continue to tighten somewhat as time goes on.

2) Can I start sleeping flat? ANSWER: yes. It's possible that this may make you feel a bit more swollen in the morning. Do what's most comfortable for you.

3) I have been keeping to only 45-degree turn of the neck. Should I start increasing my range of motion? ANSWER: yes, at this point you can work back towards 90-degree head turns without danger of affecting your results.

4) What about yoga inversions? ANSWER: you can try them -- you won't damage anything but you might not feel comfortable for a while yet.

5) A friend said the Olay rotary scrubber brush was a bad idea... what's your opinion? ANSWER: I don't think it's a good idea. It could create a "shear" force. Just use a washcloth. Don't twist the skin.

6) What about silicone gels or strips to improve the scars? ANSWER: They won't hurt but I don't think they help much either. Younger patients like you actually will see more pinkness in the scars for a longer time. That's normal. The absolute most important thing for good healing of the scars is to protect them from the sun. Always sunscreen, and a broad-brimmed hat is also a very good idea.

So anyway... I know the changes will slow down; certainly not visible daily anymore, not really even weekly -- maybe monthly? (Time to put the microscope away...)

I am encouraged by the 3-month and 5-month and later check-ins from gals further down the path: thank you all for sharing! I'll let you know how it goes for me...
BTW I caught my reflection in the car side-view mirror today, which was always like Kryptonite for me before (I mean, seriously, for *years* before).... and there was a young, fresh looking me! Yay!
Yeah! It's great you had a positive reaction to your reflection. Btw, I think I am healing faster now that I am more level ( sleeping on one or two pillows vs. ,my head being elevated) I think the blood flow to the head is now a good thing . I am lucky I do not have any scars or visible signs of the surgery after 6 weeks. I am using Mederma behind my ears. I still have a few bumps which is more noticeable to me than to other people. But slowly they are getting better but I think it is due to sleeping flat.
Yes beware when you start sleeping flat- your face is going to retain fluid. It startles me some mornings! It's mostly resolved after a shower and breakfast. I do the lymphatic massages in the shower- whether they help or not, I dont know, but it FEELS like it gets the fluid draining. Thanks for the heads up on the scrubber! I still say the strips are helping. My chin scar is much less raised now. Did you say you were using tattoo cover for the pinkness? Does it have sunscreen? I need something for Italy I don't have to constantly be worried about.

8 weeks

The visible changes from the last time I posted pictures, at five weeks, are not very noticeable... the scars continue to fade a bit, and under the jaw is tightening a smidge. The Week 8 photos have no makeup at all so you can see how the scars are doing.

But over the past week I've started to feel like I am moving from "Healing Phase" into "Renewed Normal." I've put away the face bra - no longer getting the "swelled head" feeling at the end of the day and no longer feel I need it for sleeping. I am sleeping on my side and making no particular effort to elevate my head... though I do still find it more comfortable to use the crescent pillow to keep from lying directly on my ear. Haven't felt swollen in the morning.

Best of all I got my hair cut for the first time since the procedure. My hairstylist knew what I was having done and she said if she hadn't known she might have wondered if I'd lost a little weight because my face looks slimmer. And she absolutely could not see my scars at all, even though I pointed right at them (I had concealer on them of course) and she was just a few inches from my ear. We were talking abut how I wanted to keep the hair in front of my ears a bit long and she genuinely couldn't see what I was trying to cover. So I'm really not worried about someone noticing them in daily life. I am grateful to Dr. Hidalgo for doing such a great job of placement and stitching.

Still a couple of inches of numbness on the sides of the face, right earlobe, and behind the chin scar, but it continues to recede slowly. Occasional tingly or itchy sensations. Things feel generally "tight" but of course that was the whole idea.

I'm sticking to the low sodium diet, and I haven't yet tried yoga... of course I know healing is still going on, but the "Renewed Normal" is a good place to be.
You look lovely my dear. Your lips and your skin tone/quality are especially gorgeous!
Okay, I checked your before and 8 week photos. My turkey wattle looked identical to you skin laxity in first photo. If you check my photos (even before), I do not have that. I'm sort of inclined to say your PS did not adjust those muscles directly underneath? If he/she did, not enough? I think your lovely regardless, but I would check it out.
He did do the muscles under my chin, but said the position of my hyoid bone would not allow things to get totally flat with a sharp 90 degree angle. I couldn't find many old pictures of myself that showed a profile (probably because I deleted them) but the ones I did find didn't show a sharp jawline ever, even in my 20s and 30s. I may go back around the 3 month mark to get the Dr's opinion and see if any tweak might improve things, but I admit I don't want to go through the healing process again so soon so I may just learn to live with it. I definitely feel better about the way my face/neck looks compared to before!

3 months

In the last month the healing has progressed a lot. I no longer have any skin numbness -- sensation has returned to the skin on the sides of my face, under the chin, and the lower right ear. But I still have a sense of numbness *under* the skin in those places, if that makes sense. No longer using the crescent pillow to protect my ear when sleeping... just normal pillows like before the procedure, sleeping on my side.

I went way off my eating plan yesterday and had far too much sodium (and too many calories) but it doesn't seem to have made me swell up today. Yay! (Now about those calories...)

My energy level is fully back to normal. I have gone back to restorative yoga class with no problem and I'm thinking about getting back to more active yoga with serious inversions and such.

The visible changes in the last month are subtle. I think things may continue to firm up slightly but I think as far as anyone else will see, what you see now is what you get. Looking back at some old pictures, I definitely feel Dr. H has given me at least 10 years back... maybe 15!
Hi AtoZ you look wonderful and I'm so glad to hear your energy is back. I can't see your scars at all! Are they nice and smooth in the back as well? I'm a side sleeper too but worry that is causes wrinkles. I keep trying to sleep on my back but always end up on my side when I wake up. Congrats again on a great result!!
Things feel kinda bumpy behind my ears but I guess things felt bumpy and fold-y there before. I'm sure it is more so now. I just went and got a hand mirror and looked... here's a funny, the scar behind the right ear (which is better in the front) is worse than the one behind the left ear (which is more visible in the front). I'm not really worried about it since my ears lie close enough to my head that any body who could see back there had better be my husband or a doctor. :) The scar under my chin is still fairly pink, but at least it's flat.
Gorgeous! Your scars are invisible already, very encouraging! Thank you :)

6 months: it just keeps getting better

The changes over the last 3 months are subtle, but I can see that I have more definition along the corner of the jaw near the ear and that things are a bit tighter along the throat and under the chin. In the past few weeks I've had new sensations of itchiness / tightness in those areas; I'm sure that's just the continued reconnection of nerve endings that are waking up to discover things are tighter than they used to be. The healing process does take a long time to fully complete!

Though I continue to cover the scars with makeup most days (they're slowly fading, but the one in front of the left ear is visible when you know where to look) I feel confident they are not detectible with makeup and even without makeup somebody would really have to be scrutinizing me closely to see them. I don't worry at all about going to the gym or running a quick errand with no makeup.

I am really happy with my results and hope they will stay with me for 10-15 years!
Wow, there is a real change between 3 and 6 months...you look great! It gives me hope that I'll see some more improvement too!! Thanks for the fantastic review...and congrats on the lovely results!
Thank you -- glad you can see it too! Good luck to you!
6 months - woohoo - you look amazing! I love how you've done your photos to show the transformation. Agree with cemlaw - great to 'see' you again. You must be so happy with the outcome.......enjoy!
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