4 Weeks Post Bleph with Some Questions - New York

58 y/o male, upper and lower bleph, bi...

58 y/o male, upper and lower bleph, bi canthoplasty....still slightly swollen with edema in left eye causing some uneveness in healing, slight droop in eyelid.
slight bumps at end of eye caused by internal stiches from canthoplasty.

So, my questions are:
heat compress or ice?
how do i help internal stitches from dissolving?
what is best to elinimate edema?
what are some of the things that you did to help overall healing.

I am at the stage, for past 3 weeks, that i am mentally beaten down and i need to pick myself up and try new products and/or improve my outlook/attitude.

Help please :-)

I am am 6 weeks post op and one eye is more swollen than the other below. I went back last week to the surgeon who reminded me that I had two surgeries, one on each eye and that they will heal separately,differently and to wait another 6 weeks before determining whether there is a problem. I'm trying to be patient but overall you look great! Keep your spirits up!
Hi you are looking not too bad still swelling more on one eye. which I would ice, but only 10 mins at a time - I feel for you as I am now 11 days and one eye much smaller than the other and I have done everything I have been told to do, took arnica (and actually did not have much bruising at all) used Ice used Warm compress's too! slept upright since op..rested but also got on with my life ...only problem now is I am paniking a little over the right eye so i do appreciate your distress it is not nice! I am a very level headed person and not prone to stressing at all, I always take things in my stride but this is differant and I feel quite upset so, i am going for 2nd opnion tomorrow, I know he will not do anything but I just need to speak to someone! as PS says it is fine, but it is not to me ? as scars differant heights too !...keep well !
Your results look great! I had my upper/lower lids done 5 weeks ago and I am using very little bioCorneum scar supervision cream to help with the scar healing. I iced my eyes quite a bit the first few weeks and also used arnica montana for bruising and healing.

Can anyone recommend a person to do very Light...

Can anyone recommend a person to do very Light lymph node drainage technique around my eyes 5 weeks post bleph?
How are your eyes now? Mine are really getting better, still swollen more on the left, but I think I'm just getting used to seeing my upper lids again! When your used to looking at yourself one way, it's different when it looks different. I don't ice, my doctor said it really doesn't do any good after the 3rd day. I do use antibiotic cream at night w/eye drops. I still have alot of healing to do though. Hang in there, let us know how you feel.
Glad you are doing better. I am too. Not perfect, far from it, but i am becoming happier with results. Still have some bumps on outer portion of eyes where stitches from bi-canth are located, but they are slowly disolving. What type of antibiotic cream do you use, where do you apply it and is it prescription? I use FML ointment on outside under and over lashes.
It's otc neosporin, I apply it to the incision pattern on the upper lid.

Added a new pic...6 weeks post

added a new pic...6 weeks post
Hi MB how is it all going for you? I think you look great, thanks for sharing. Did you get an answer for your heat or ice compress question? Any new pics?
I had upper and lowers down four weeks ago and my lower right eye is bumpy and scar looms terrible compared to the left. I'm going back to the doctor in two days. I'm nervous
Remember eah eye is its own surgery and will heal at different rates. Are you using scar gel?
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