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I never write reviews for anything, but given the...

I never write reviews for anything, but given the amount of research I did on Real Self before having this procedure, and the strong negative opinions of some doctors on the subject of silicone injections and acne scars, I felt I owed it to folks who are here looking for info.

About me: I am a woman in my mid-30's who had cystic acne in my late teens/early 20s that was cleared permanently by Accutane. I have had 2 rounds of full-face CO2 laser and and just about every temporary filler you could imagine, including old school collagen, Juvederm, and fat injections--the latter from the so-called pioneer of lipostructure, or whatever it's called these days. My acne scars could be characterized as moderate, mostly boxcar-type and rolling on the lower portion of my face. I'm sorry but I don't have before and afters, the thought of having my acne scars permanently memorialized on the web freaks me out.

I had my first round of Silikon 1000 injections for acne scars 1 week ago. My experience has been excellent--way beyond expectations--at this point. I realize I still have a couple more treatments before I am finished, and that there can be a latent period before side effects show up. However, I am extremely pleased and will update as my treatments proceed.

The procedure was virtually pain free (even without topical anesthesia, which my doctor prefers not to use) and I experienced only very mild bruising/swelling. The correction from Silikon is a thousand times better than I have experienced with any temporary filler. Even some of my scars that were extremely recalcitrant and never filled by any of these temporary fillers are now greatly reduced. My doctor used less than 1 CC of silikon total, which is about 1/5 of a teaspoon.

I am disappointed that Real Self does not allow regular users to respond to doctors' comments about a particular treatment. I did a huge amount of research before undergoing this procedure, and I feel there is a lot of misinformation going on here (notice there are doctors who don't seem to delineate between the difference between generic silicone and Silikon 1000, which is a highly purified medical grade silicone). For the doctors who will surely respond to this post trashing Silikon 1000 as a filler for acne scars, can you please point me to a single documented case in the medical literature which shows a silicone embolism due to conservatively injected (less than 4cc total over the course of treatments) Silikon 1000? Can you point to a single documented case in the medical literature of conservative use of Silikon 1000 causing granulomas that are untreatable by simple steroid injections? Furthermore, I've also noticed some anti-Silikon doctors implying that doctors who use Silikon have a financial interest in doing so. I'm not sure how this works, since a series of Silikon treatments is infinitely cheaper than a lifetime of temporary fillers.

Finally, I just want to say that for anyone whose life was changed for the better by Accutane, I'm sure the story around Silikon rings true. Basically, it's a treatment that works and saves scores of people from a lot of heartache, but it's controversial because a) some people have used it incorrrectly (in most cases of silicone-related side effects, we're talking about non-medical grade silicone injected by non-medical personnel); and b) there is a financial incentive for doctors to push temporary treatments over permanent ones.

Please, do your homework like I did. Draw your own conclusions. If a doctor makes a claim, good or bad, ask them to back it up by citing the medical literature so you can review it yourself. If you decide to do this treatment, go to an expert. It's permanent, so if you need to travel to find that expert, save up and do it. If you're someone with acne scars that don't really bother you very much, maybe this isn't the treatment for you, because you really should do your due diligence. But for years my scars were all I saw when I looked in the mirror, and I finally feel like I've shut the door on that part of my life.

You're so right -- There is such a polarized opinion around silicone in general, from implants to injections. Thanks for adding your experience to the mix! I'm glad it worked out well for you.


Two week update: Loving it! Life changing! I wish...

Two week update: Loving it! Life changing! I wish I had done this years ago.

would love to see a before and after...even if you block out your eyes!  thx for updating

I know, I'm sorry. My scars were not the type you could see really well in a typical photo of my face--I would've had to sit under harsh light and take it, which honestly I was too ashamed to do (I see now it's silly, a lot of people don't even notice acne scars, but that was all I could think about when I looked in the mirror). We did take a before in the office but I haven't seen it. If it helps my doc has some good pics on her website that are pretty representative of my experience.
Thanks, Sharon! Acne scar treatment in particular is a tough area for consumers to navigate, because we're used to so much being promised and so little being delivered. This is the exact opposite of all of those negative experiences I have had.

Three week update: Not much to add. Really, really...

Three week update: Not much to add. Really, really happy. Even my family, who kept saying I didn't need it, now say, "It's made such a difference!" It's the subtle kind of difference where your friends and coworkers know something is better, but they can't put their finger on it. Anyway, I am looking forward to going back to NYC in a few weeks to visit Dr. Barnett for a second round, though she did such an amazing job the first time that I honestly don't think there is that much to do (and believe me, I had plenty of scars, so it's not that I looked so great before--it's that she's kind of a miracle worker).

Vices nailed it. The greedy doctors dont want the Filler "gravy train" to end.
I'm a guy who had deep wrinkles & a pitted complection I have had Botox which is great because it keeps you from making wrinkles but my wrinkles were deep and set in. I had one line on my forhead that I could put a coin in! The furrow lines (11) between my eyes took 24 units of botox & you could still see them.
An amazing doctor was recomended by a friend he basically said lay back & let me go over your entire face. He injected wrinkles as I expected but then he went after my deep acne scars & some chilhood scars. I wasnt expecting much as the cost was so low and the pain minimal. When he gave me the mirror I was blown away!
It was like I had been photo shopped! it didnt take weeks or multible sessions (wrinkles/scars are shallow so just a dab will do ya)
It has been two years and no one believes I'm in my 40's & I get complimented almost daily!
Thank you so much for posting this. It's nice to hear after reading so much good and bad hype over Silikon. I always felt that doctors want to push for temporary fillers because they wouldn't have so many repeat patients if treating with permanent. Please keep us updated on your progress. :-)
Thank you for your comments. I haven't been able to go for my second treatment yet because my work has been extremely busy, and I need about two days to fly up and back to see Dr. Barnett. But I am looking forward to going within the next 6-8 weeks, and I can say that I'm still incredibly pleased. When I think about how much money I spent on temporary fillers that didn't do much and were completely gone after a couple of months, I'm so grateful for Dr. Barnett.

Finally found time to go to New York for my second...

Finally found time to go to New York for my second treatment with Dr. Barnett. Perfect in every way--pain was minimal, no downtime, and I'm actually getting complements on my beautiful skin. I never thought I would hear that! Can't recommend Dr. Barnett and liquid injectable silicone highly enough for anyone with acne scars. I have one more treatment to go but am so thrilled with the results to this point.
Hello! I just wanted to update this forum with my experience as well! I just went to see a very prestigious doctor in NYC for consultation and silicone injections. It was extremely quick, in and out of the office in about 15 minutes with just some tiny red marks on my face afterwards. The doctor was great, just one look and told me exactly what I needed! He gave a thorough history of silicone and provided me with some areas he suggest silicone should be injected in. He knows exactly what scars work and which ones doesn't. Its been two hours after my injections and I feel no pain. I will follow up in a few days and let everyone know how I'm doing.
I have had Silikon 1000 injected in my lips, tear troughs, and cheeks. My experience has been absolutely amazing as well. In the hands of an experienced medical professional, it is a wonderful product. The swelling I experienced from Silikon was minimal compared to temporary fillers.
Any updates on your experience with this filler on acne scars?
New York Dermatologist

She is extremely kind and an expert in her field. She will take all the time you need to answer questions and won't push you into anything. Plus, she's as responsive and helpful after the procedure as before it--something that's rare among doctors, at least in my experience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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