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My dermatologist whom I adore & trust (she is...

My dermatologist whom I adore & trust (she is same age as me 50 & looks fantastic but not "done") performed the procedure today for me. No topical anesthesia, no pain meds just did it! I do have a high pain threshold & have had botox & restalyne before so not a big deal. I have no bruising now (8 hours later) but my face is tender & when i do the 5 minute massage it is a bit painful but nothing crazy. Right now my skin looks great & everything is lifted & firm - i realize this is the temporary swelling & will return to my derm in 3 weeks so she can see how it took & possible inject more- she did my temples, my cheekbone (right under) & my chin. SHe said she wanted to lift everything just a tad & it is fantastic- She has used it on herself & loves the results so i trust her- she believes in doing small steps that make a big impact - people say i look about 40 so i know she is darn good at what she does! I also take scrupulous care of my skin- no sun, hats & Renova- I am fighting the good fight to make 50 fabulous -


Hi Nina, you commented on my post. I wanted to know how things were going with you Sculptra treatment?
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I only had a total of 2 1/2 viles. It was put in my temples & cheekbones & bottom corners of my chin. I do like the fuller look of my face. I also had it in my scars. I saw pictures of people she did that had sagging jowls. She lifted their whole face so nice that they wouldn't need any kind of surgery. I just have no patience. I don't like having to wait for results so next time I'll go for another kind of filler for the scars.
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Which doctor did you go to? I agree with the strategy of doing things in small steps.
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This morning i had the 2nd Sculptra treatment...

this morning i had the 2nd Sculptra treatment (will have 3 total) and it was less painful than the first go round which wasnt that bad. I do have a high pain threshold however- no numbing cream ever- so the doc again did the temples, and the jawline & upper cheek bone area- no bruising, no swelling but tenderness yes- have to do the 5/5/5 massage but if you use water & cleanser or a plain face cream that helps make the rubbing less painful. I am seeing subtle yet great results- glowy skin, higher cheekbones, outer eye are lifted but so subtly- no puffy Real Housewives face!!! thats not how we roll in NYC anyhow- i think east coast is all about the small things so you just look "fresh" & rested...:-) will go back in 4 weeks for last Sculptra treatment-


Hi, would you mind clarifying? When you say you had a total of 2 1/2 vials was that per treatment? Or is that the total number of vials you needed from start to finish? Also would you mind telling us what the cost was for the whole thing? I am very interested in this procedure but am not sure I can afford it, and honestly don't want to waste a doctor's time if it's truly out of my reach.
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Just saw your post, to let you know some prices going around in Florida I paid $550.00 per vile since I bought 2. It's usually $600.00 each. Prices might vary depending on where you live & who you use. Since Sculptra is permanent in most cases you have to get a good doctor. One who is familiar & has a lot of experiance. Very Important!! It's way different than the other fillers that go away in 6 mos to a yr. This you have to live with good or bad. Should you decide to do it go slow.
Hi Jule, I had a total of 4 vials over 2 sessions. The total per session was $1500 or $750 per vial. I received a rebate for each vial of $50 so was discounted $200 for my total cost. I hope that helps.

7 months later

obviously the results from my sculptra treatment have been SO good I havent had any thing negative to report- I went in to see my dermatologist today & she injected 2 vials - so that makes 4 treatments so far- she says it makes more sense to keep up with sculptra rather than using juvaderm or restalyne at this point. I dont have wrinkles just a bit of hollowing which the sculptra fills in beautifully & very naturally. My skin also seems to be smoother and more glowy - i have to do the 5/5/5 massage again. It is not cheap, but the results are more than worth it. No numbing cream, she injected my chin, temples & top of cheekbones-


Ok so now it's been 1 1/2 yrs since my Sculptra injectiona. I just noticed I'm geting a bump under my skin on the cheekbone. It's making my cheek look like it has a dent. I'm hoping it goes away & that it's not the Sculptra still growing, I read some stories about it happening yrs later. I also noticed every once in a while I feel a lump in my jaw area near my mouth but then I massage it & it goes away but it's scaring me a bit.on the cheek. I'll get back & let you know if it goes away. I had a good doctor so I'm hoping it's something else. What I don't know..


I think it's super important to thoroughly vet the doctor that is going to be injecting a filler into your face!! I have been with my dermatologist for 5 years- I didn't just walk in off the street & ask for sculptra- this has been a gradual process- she knows my skin, my reactivity, & what results are realistic for me to expect. And she herself has tried each & every procedure she performs!! This is important to me- I can ask her about it & she tells me honestly what the pros & cons are-
The next procedure I will get is Fraxel for some brownish pigmentation on the left face by cheekbone ( I have just made the connection that is the side of my face that is always in the sun when I drive (!) it definitely has more sun damage than the right- ugh! I'm doing that in December - 6 weeks from now-
Still massaging my face as I had sculptra yesterday- it is sore - I massage way way more than 5 min 5 x a day for 5 days- I am constantly massaging for the 5 days- you can't over massage!


Hi Kim - can you please let me know how long it was until you saw results. It's 7 weeks after my second treatment and my face has changed noticeably. Can you let me know how yours developed?
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