I had my breast reduction on Jan 14th 2013. Im 30...

I had my breast reduction on Jan 14th 2013. Im 30 years old, 5'7 and 135 pounds. To be honest Im not sure what my size was before because I was squeezing into my bras, refusing to by bigger sizes...but I was somewhere around a DD-DDD. I wasnt always large..I actually was completely flat until I was 18 years old..and then they started to grow..by the time I was 19 they were a B..at 20 they were a perfect C..and by 21 they were a small D but still perfectly shaped and perky..I wish they could have stopped there but they didnt...by the time i was in my late 20's I was wearing DD bras and up until recently I was barley fitting into a victorias secret 34DDD ...I still had nice shaped breasts but they were majorly sagging and I hated the way they looked in everything!!! I was constantly throwing fits on frustration every time I tried to get dressed.

I told my surgeon that I wanted to go down to a a full B/small C....he was well aware that I wanted to go significantly smaller. So far I think they look great shape wise, but hopping they get smaller!! RIght now they perfectly into a 34D victoria's secret bra that I still had from 10 years ago. As Im writing this im almost a month post op..My surgeon says I should have a better gage on my size around the 6 week mark and that I still have swelling...

Its been exactly 1 month post op....went into...

its been exactly 1 month post op....went into victorias secret today..tried on a bunch of sexy bras and lingere, had so much fun..everything looked amazing on my new boobs: )...i fit perfectly into a 36C in VS brand....also strolled into macys...fit perfectly into 36B...that made me very happy...i didnt buy anything yet, since im only a month out..

Im at 6 weeks and im feeling frustrated: ( i dont...

im at 6 weeks and im feeling frustrated: ( i dont know if its in my head but i feel like they are getting bigger!!!:(((( im prob imagining it but i hate not knowing exactly what is going on. Its frustating to look in the mirror and still feel like they are large...not medium but LARGE...the thing is, i havent noticed a decrease in size since my surgery, ive noticed a decrease in swelling, ive noticed that they dropped, but they size is still the same, i thot w the swelling going down they would slowly be getting smaller as the weeks go by...i have an apt w my surgeon on monday and I cant wait to get all these questions answered!

Feeling a little better this week then I was last...

Feeling a little better this week then I was last week. I had an emotional breakdown last week, feeling like I still look large on certain days, Im also expecting my period so im sure that has something to do with it. I am realizing that on certain days I am just more swollen then others. I did have a post op apt today, Im 7 weeks and my PS seemed pleased and said everything is healing wonderfully, and that yes I am still swollen and prob will be for at least another 2-3 months. He also said that I should expect my incisions to look worse before they look better, so they might become even more raised and red in the nxt couple months as its part of the healing process (that should be fun ugh: ) I was given the OK to sleep without a bra YAY! and i can now wear whatever kind of bra i want, no more sports bras thankgod, but not to purchase any bras for a least a month maybe two. I also got the OK to start running again but no more then 5k and to wear two sports bras for extra support and to not mess up the "internal sling".... So i guess im gonna try and chill out and not have these little freak out moments and just look foward to how they will be looking in the months to come...

I have felt so swollen this past week that i...

i have felt so swollen this past week that i havent even wanted to post new pics...just got my period (finally!)...hoping that it was the reason I was feeling extra swollen and extra sore..and that i "deflate" and continue to see progress...

Today is the two month mark..cant wait to get to...

Today is the two month mark..cant wait to get to three...I havent seen a drastic diff since one month mark, but they are starting to soften a bit, the hard lumps are starting to dissapate..

Went running for the first time since my surgery.....

went running for the first time since my surgery...i got the ok at 6 weeks, I waited 8.5...im sure that they are going to swell as ive heard thats what happens but im just glad to be back at the gym!

If you look at the profile pics that i posted a...

if you look at the profile pics that i posted a few weeks back (week 4)and compare with the ones i just posted (week 9) you can def see a difference as far as shape and "drop"

Hey guys, so i just wanted to share something a...

Hey guys, so i just wanted to share something a personal note..as far as being with someone after the surgery and my thoughts on it....so i am single, i know a lot of you ladies are married and obviously you would tell your husbands about the surgery....last week i was intimate with my ex, first time being intimate since the surgery...I did NOT tell him about the surgery, and he was not able to tell...A.) it was dark so he couldnt see anything and B.) guys are stupid; ), lol i dont think he even noticed that they are smaller! if he did, he didnt mention it. I am choosing not tell my ex or any man i am with for tht matter that i had this done...I feel like men get freaked out, and even tho the breasts look better all they see is the incisions. I am hoping that I can get by for the next couple months while the incisions are healing and eventually if all goes well, they wont be that noticable. Lets see if I can pull it off; )

And I just wanted to add...despite my fear of him...

and I just wanted to add...despite my fear of him noticing the incisions...felt so much better not having big giant boobs flopping around; )

My left breast is really starting to piss me off.....

my left breast is really starting to piss me off....def has more volume then the right....nothing drastic but i notice it especially from the side...having a day where im feeling big: (...does anyone else have these days, one day you love the results and the nxt day your nit picking, feeling like your not as small as you want?? did i have unrealistic expectations in my head??...i am finding that yes i look better in clothes and yes i can wear alot things that i wasnt able to before..(something as simple as fitted white vneck, before i had "butt cleavage" "uniboob") however, i am finding that there is a handful of things i still cant wear...that are meant for girls with A or B cups...lol i was picturing myself looking like jessica alba, or being her (breast) size but alas, not the case..part of me feels like i should shut up and be grateful that i have such a good result..but the other part of me just a has a preference of smaller boobs, realizing maybe it just isnt possible to get a breast reduction and have boobs as small as someone like jessica alba, especially for someone like me who had DD-DDDs

Also, i went running outdoors today, something...

also, i went running outdoors today, something that i love to do and have been dying to get back to. ive been running on the treadmill (boring) for the past couple weeks and have not noticed any significant swelling....but tonight after running outdoors.. they feel sore and swollen? unless its in my head; ) ugh i guess ill save outdoor running for 6 month post op, its just not worth it! i know its irrational but i feel paranoid every time i run (even lightly jogging on the treadmill) that im going to mess up my results, even tho my PS said it was ok, and the docs on this website say its fine to run after 4-6 weeks...what is wrong w me: /

Looking back on my comments..i see that i started...

looking back on my comments..i see that i started to freak out right around this time last month...and im feeling exactly the same way right now: sore, possibly swollen and definitely neurotic...which means, my period is around the corner!... hoping i wont have an emotional breakdown like i did last month; )

So has anyone done "the pencil test" since having...

so has anyone done "the pencil test" since having their breast reduction? I used to be able to hold a whole pencil pack under there! ; ) now my right breast wont hold the pencil..left sometimes depending on the day.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing...

just wondering if anyone else is experiencing swelling and extreme soreness 1-2 weeks before their period...the first month i didnt notice, prob cause i was already sore and swollen, second month i noticed, noticing it even more 3rd month..they feel so heavy and sore right now: (

So im a little over 3.5 months... and i just...

So im a little over 3.5 months... and i just wanted to say that i feel great about my breasts. I think the swelling on the left breast is slowly starting to give, its still bigger then the right but I think they are both gradually getting smaller...I would post pics but im waiting till i get to the 6 month mark to post, so that any changes will be more noticeable. I am still a 36C in victoria's secret but it fits a bit looser then it did before, the cup is a little bunchy/extra fabric..however 34C is still to small...In other brands I am a 36B....Anyway i wanted to post something postive..last time I was freaking about my breasts because my period was around the corner...and yes they really do swell that bad! I am noticing that the scars are also slowly starting to look better....I cant wait to reach 6 months! its funny tho after you hit 3 months you do start to lose count a bit....

4.5 Months post

So just for fun I decided to put a little bit of cover up on the scars...and i thot it worked like a charm..I would feel totally comfortable walking around in broad daylight infront of someone, and know that they wouldnt be able to see my incision lines...i know that wearing cover up on my scars is not practical, but as i am waiting for them to fade its def a neat little trick that works.....i will post more pics (with out cover-up ha; ) when i hit the 6 month mark...as far as the condition of my scars...they are slowly starting to fade and flatten but of course still noticable

almost 6 months post op

hey guys, im almost 6 months post and wanted to update...so for me not much has drastically changed after the 3 months mark...the scars are fading more and more which is great..im very curious to see how they will look 1 year post. for me my size did not change much after the first month of surgery..i was a 36C 1 month post op and I am a 36C 6 months post up. The only thing that did change was that they dropped into place and look more natural. Although i have to say I didnt mind having them so perky in those very early weeks.

I am noticing that my posture has improved. I am walking with my shoulders back, and my back more arched. This is not something that I purposely try and do, my posture just naturally changed on its own, i dont know if its a confidence thing or because my body is no longer carrying all that weight.

its summer in NYC and it is sooooo great to throw a tank top on, or a sundress w no bra and walk out the door. its so nice to be able to actually enjoy the hot weather, and wear little things and not have to deal w boob sweat and trying to conceal them in the hot weather. I havent been to the beach yet but I already bought a bunch of new bikinis and cant wait to wear them.

as far as nipple sensitivity my my left nipple is prob as the same as it was before but the right one is about 10 times more sensitive , in a good way but im still getting used to it..sometimes even when i brush up against it on accident its like whoa...

im still a little insecure about the scars, although you cant see them in the dark i still get subconscious, its almost an involuntary thing...when my boyfriend goes to touch my breast i feel myself pull back a little...this is also an adjustment and im sure ill get over it...

My left breast is still bigger then the right i will post more pics of my profile shots, because you really cant tell from the front, not even in person...i guess its not that big a deal, but def something that I will discuss with my surgeon when I am a year post op. If its something that liposuction can fix great..if its more invasive such as reopening the scars ill pass...all in all I am happy, they are half a cup size bigger then i would have liked but in gen im very happy w the results: )

emotional day

so today i had a visit with my PS. I am 6 months and 3 weeks but the reason i went to see him is because i am moving to california in a month and I wanted to discuss my concerns with him before i left. i told him my concerns with the size, i dont care what anyone says i want to be smaller. he seems to think that they are perfect size and shape and thats great and all but m not 100 percent satisfied w my size. Ive also been having some trouble w the scars...some areas have become raised like around the nipple and where the T meets under the breast. He told me that the scars have become "slightly hypertrophic" but not to worry, and that it will improve with time. Honestly i just wanted to break down and cry. It just sucked standing there half naked with my scars, while hes taking pictures (for documentation) and the whole time his pretty assistant with her naturally tiny and perfect boobs is standing there, probably thinking to herself OMG look at her scars. But its funny because when i standing there during my pre-op with my giants breasts i was thinking that the girl must be looking at my giant saggy breasts thinking OMG. Bottom line is that both times i felt like some freak show and I just wanted her out of the room.. so anyways he gave me steroid injections and told me that when i come back during christmas, he will inject me with more and we can discuss revisions at that time, because at right now its still to early. He then told me that everything looks great, he doesnt think I will even need a revision, the scars will improve, and not to worry. But when he left the room I just broke down and cried. Im not saying i regret anything. Most days I am so happy with this decision. I just hate that i had to have the surgery in the first place. Why did I have to be cursed with large gross saggy breasts when it seems like all my friends, family, sisters have normal sized ones? i know im still healing, im almost 7 months so of course there is still time to improve. Its funny when you get to the 5/6 month mark the excitement of being smaller goes away, you get very used to your size by this point..idk maybe thats why i am focusing so much engery on the scars. anyways enough babbling it was just an emotional day

calmed down

i know you guys i am being a bit of a drama queen perhaps...it just felt awful and embarrasing to be standing there with no shirt on, in fluoresent lightening, and having some girl with perfect breasts who has no idea what you are going thru just staring at you while your PS is taking pictures. You feel so vulnerable and exposed and your flaws are just out there for some girl to sit and judge in her own head. i know the girl has to be in the room for legal purposes so a patient cant sue or bring forth accusations against the PS etc, but yeah it sucked and it was overwhelming on that particular day. I feel much better today, I am trying not to get down about the scars..I know that over all I have great results, and I havent had any complications the whole time.. but in terms of the scars I feel I am a bit behind in the healing process compared to others who are at the same stage. Some women at 6 month seem to have thin white lines already while mine are still pink and raised in some areas or hypertropic as he says. I think its just my body/skin..it takes a long time for even a scrap to go away so I guess I shouldnt be suprised. And I know that if worst comes to worst and they dont improve much I can always have a revision. I didnt use the sillicon sheeting because my PS didnt stress it,,he was like if you want to you can but its not neccesary. However on my last visit, after he injected me he told me to order them..I asked if it was too late since im almost at 7 months and he said absolutely not, that the scars are still fresh. So I would recommend to anyone doing this to get those sheets right away...they seem to work and hopefully they will help w mine


as ive been venting lately i figured i might as well include some updated pictures...im going to the beach today so ive including some bikini pics too....along w scar pictures....i compared them to the ones i took in april and they def have not only NOT improved but gotten worse, which is just really strange...the parts where it is raised at the T and around the nipple were not like that in april...i wished i caught it earlier..i guess its something that happened gradually, and unfortunately i didnt notice until last week....better late then never i guess...if i wasnt moving in a month i probably would have never scheduled the appointment to see my PS and I would have end up waiting until January to see him again which is when I was due...anyway better late then never and i hope that with the injections and the sheeting i can prevent it from getting worse and hopefully improve. And yes they have continued to fade and its only a couple spots on the incisions but its like as time goes by you should be improving...i feel like i hit a point and then started going in reverse.....anyway hopefully next time i post there will be improvement. On a good note today is one of those days where i feel quite satified with the size...and ill end it on that

Revision Date

Hi guys, so i just wanted to give an update....so i am going ahead with w a revision on my reductionm its scheduled for December. I know ive gotten alot of compliments and many have asked who my surgeon is...its a personal choice, i spent alot of money on the surgery and I am still not the size I want. I went from being very large to..well.. kind of large...Right now I am a 36C and sometimes even a D depending on the time of the month..no bueno. Also im not thrilled about how the scars healed so that is the other reason I am having the revision. I do think that I am a slow healer as far as the scars are concerned...they are def fading but this is a trade off...if you are going to have scars you should at least have the breast size that you want. that is just my opinion. there are some things that i can wear that i was not able to wear before, but there are still quite a few things that my boobs are too big for. I want to be able to wear whatever I want without a bra.

ALso just wanted to give a warning about something that I recently experienced. about a month and a half ago my PS injected the scars with cortisone (could have been something else but i believe it was cortisone) because my scars had become hypotropic. shortly after that the skin around my nipples thinned quite significantly. in addition to the scars i now had ugly blotchy redness and blue veins and cappilaries that were very visble because the skin was so thin. in combination with the scars i almost looked like I was burned around my nipples.. I called my surgeon and he informed me that this was a side effect known an "fat atrophy", and that it could last from 6 weeks to 6 months. I flipped out!!! anyway im glad to report that after 6 weeks its already started to fade, thank god!! it was alot to emotionally deal with. i have to say that it didnt do much for the scars tho...not that it matters since im having a revision. anyway..i just wanted to let anyone know..if you get those injections for your scars be prepared for that side effect. its not pretty. Right before my flip out I read on real self that the effect of skin thinning is permanant. Its not thank god! so dont believe anything you read just listen to your PS.

After my last visit w my surgeon, which was after the injections he agreed with me that a revision would be best. I think he agreed that my breasts were still a little too large (although he didnt come out and say it) and he also said that my scars should heal better since there will be less tension after the revision. He said that the revision surgery should be a breeze, as in its a very easy surgery. I hope he is right: )
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Hi, I know this is an older post but Im wondering how your revision went. Are you happy with the size now? I had my 1st reduction when I was 17. I went from a DD to a 36C and let me tell you I highly recommend going smaller then your surgeon reccomends! Those things grow quickly! I am ready for my second and Im going to find a PS who will drop me to 34C at most. You should always leave room for growth ex. Weight gain or having kids!!! Mine are back double D'S and I only have 1 child! Hope everything went well! Take care : )
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hey thanks for the comment..i did get the revision and they are now at at 3bB...but they fluctuate around my period to a C...which is annoying....its funny because the first month of my surgery they were tiny and i was so excited....i went into victorias secret and was able to fit into an A cup!! but they have since filled out to a large B/small C and I am only 8 months post op.....after my first surgery, i was squeezing into that 36C which means i was prob still a D....i dont understand how so many posts on her claim that your boobs will get smaller as the months go on after a revision because that wasnt the case for me..both times.... i am still bothered by the scars even after my revision...they healed better then the first time but still..they are very noticable, sometimes i question was it worth it......
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Oooh no mamm those things do not get smaller. Obviously when they are bruised they are puffy and harder in a sence but when they heal they appear bigger because they drop a little. Thats just one of those things that it varies by body type, however I cannot see them getting smaller? Lol As for the scars I wasnt concerned since they are covered up most of the time and cannot be seen in a bra. Im black so mine are very dark! Real men dont care About scars or stretchmarks. But if they are bothering you, check out some laser surgery to remove them. Afterall most importantly you need to be happy. Im sure they are awesome! My breast reduction was the best surgery Ive had, and even tho they are back huge, I remember how Great I felt and how pretty my titts looked in a shirt and bare!
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Yeah but I'm not married or anything so it's frustrating to have to explain the scars away ....for some reason the area around my nipples just doesn't heal that great and it's funny....this happened the first time as well...the scars don't look bad till around 6 months ..and this time i wore the sillicon sheeting around the clock, slept in sports bra for months longer then needed and the nipples still scarred ...I've actually gone a few emails asking about my revision so I will post pics ...and I am seein my surgeon in a couple months...he did mention the laser surgery ....yes I love having smaller breasts ....but I'm still relatively young and single and personally for me it's hard to explain away the scars when ur in a new relationship ....it's def 100 percent a trade off ...but yes the decision to go even smaller was the right one for me ....btw how did pregnancy effect ur scars ...have the faded more since ur first year of surgery ?
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The scars have faded a bit but are also not in a straight line. The only scars that are just lines are the ones where I was cut up under all the way to the end of my boob. I think your under boob cut was just right under the boob. Where as mine went all the way across near to my armpit. I had mine a long time ago when I was 17, I'm 25 on Saturday. I didnt notice any darkage or lighting during my pregnancy. The only problem that was a trade off for me was the whole nipple issue. With no feeling. It took 3 years just to feel a little something. And when I could finally feel some sensations again.. I could feel pain and stinging when It was time for a period. The nipples are still numb in most spots tho. I'll be looking out for new pics! I really want to go small like you. Oh, and with my nipples I had staples around them. Is it a possibility that the dissolvable stitches arent bonding the nipple skin together tightly and may be causing that problem for you? Everybody is not the same, so what may have worked for some breasts mightve had a slightly differnt effect for you
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Best if luck with your revision though; I can understand about wanting to wear certain things or just having a type of figure in mind; it's a personal thing. I know from a lot of research it is a little risky going too small and better in two stages rather than one so hope it works out perfectly for you.
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You look fantastic!
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I love your results and if you're using VS sizes to justify how huge you are then you're wrong because VS according to my knowledge has a different sizing than the normal. You don't even look close to a 32 C OR D not to talk about 36 C. Unless your pictures are being deceptive to us. But then you look good, and if you go ahead with your revision wish you the best. You have lovely results! Xx
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I know nothing anyone here says will sway you from revision, and perception is always relative, but having just been through a reduction myself and being much older than you and being overweight as I am, what I wouldn't do to have such gorgeous breasts as you now have! There is no way most of us would ever classify your breasts as large...not even remotely so. They are as close to perfect in shape and size as any I have ever seen. Your PS did an absolutely amazing job...I am sure you know this, based upon your posts. I am sure you are aware that a revision may possibly create even more scar tissue and complications, right? If you are concerned about hypertrophic scarring, I cannot imagine that further surgery will help with this issue. I don't see how additional surgery or reduction can possibly improve on what you have, unless you truly want to be very small breasted. As long as you aren't still suffering any ill effects such as back pain, for example, that's what's most important. Anyway, that's my two cents, for what it's worth. Best of luck and success and health! You already look beautiful and I hope you will be able to see that.
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Yes! I totally think she even has the best results I've seen on here. And the only reason you feel big is because you have a rather large chest and back not boobs. I would trade my boobs for yours anyday. Congrats on your surgery. And all the best with your revision. Your ps did an awesome job regardless!
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I was j.w How many grams got removed the first time?
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Good luck with your revision, I know exactly how you feel
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I love the bikini top! NEVER would I even think, for a moment, to wear ruffles on my bathing suit!!! lol. See, when they're smaller, you can wear those types with no thought of "making them look bigger" or anything like that! Good for you. I hope the injections and scar sheets are helping. I think they look fine, although I can see how they would bother you. I hope you are doing well :)
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I think you look beautiful. The size and shape is fantastic! I don't think your scars look bad at all! :)
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I just wanted to tell you that I used your pictures as inspiration when talking to my PS. I think they look amazing! It's so much harder judging your own, I know. I'm only (almost) 6 weeks post, and I'm already complaining that I think mine are still too big.... But they are a heck of a lot better than what I had!!!! :) You look fab...own it girl! :)
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Your boobs are so pretty! Really looking good. Congrats! Who was your doctor?
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I to have those emotional days and my breast get bigger aroound my menstrual and hurt soooo bad. One time it even scared me to the point that i iced them and it went down. Yes i think with our new breast. The pain is worse than before. OUCH im going thru it rt now..
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Oh, I'm so sorry to read that you've had such an emotional day. Your breasts do look great but you have to live with them so only you can decide the best way forward. According to my PS it will take up to a year for everything to finish healing. The steroid injections should help your scarring and if not, there is plenty that you can do to help minimize the scars later on - like laser treatment. I had laser treatment to remove a mole and a scar on my face and it worked a treat (you'd never know they had been there). As for size - it's so difficult - we have an image in our head of how we want to be after the surgery and if it doesn't turn out that way it's so upsetting. I know that initially I was upset about my size. I really wanted to be able to fit into any 32B bra that I plucked off the shelf but that doesn't always happen and it took me a while to adjust and let go of my expectation. It's hard to go into this whole adventure hoping for a certain size but also trying to be mentally prepared for if it doesn't work out exactly as we dream it, and still trying to be happy and accept our new size. Perhaps your surgeon felt that he couldn't take any more without risking blood flow, this does seem to be a considerable deciding factor in our post-op size, as well as the size of the base of your breast dictating the finally outcome; and the PS taking enough tissue but not so much that creating an attractive shape becomes problematic. Perhaps you can go through these things with him (if you haven't already) and see what he says. You could also get a second opinion. Looking at my boobs I've realized that in reality I probably would have liked to have been a large A cup but that is completely unfeasible and I've come to accept and even love my new boobs! They are certainly infinitely better than the saggy old jugs that I had before! Give yourself time and be kind to yourself, I feel like your beating yourself up an awful lot and there's no need - you're beautiful :)
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You look so good. Can't believe you were DDD. congrats on your boobies. Love them.
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You do look great, I wish I had you breast. I'm almost one month out and feel the way you do. If you want a revision that's what he should be giving you
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You look so awesome!!!!! I'm so happy you're happy with the results! I have to admit, I do not see the size difference between left and right when I look at the pic, I think we tend to be overly critical of ourselves. As far as telling/not telling your boyfriend, it's such a personal issue. I'm sure when you find the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with, you will decide what you think is the right thing for you. I hope I get as great of results as you have gotten!!! :)
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How do you cover-up the scars??? what do you use??
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I just used normal cover up that I would use on my face ...but it rubs off super easy
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Looking great.. Enjoy your summer without all the baggage!!
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Glad to read things are going well for you. Your scars look like they are healing nicely. I know what you mean about posture, mine has improved too. I think it's a mix of not carrying the extra weight and feeling more confident as well. It's certainly very nice not to feel like you have to hunch over to try and hide enormous knockers! How are your boobs pre-period? You were going through a phase a little while back where they were super-sore and swollen before your period - has that settled down any?
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