22 Years Old, Getting 400cc High Profile - New York, NY

I am 22 years old with sad breasts that lack...

I am 22 years old with sad breasts that lack volume and perkiness. They have the volume of an A cup on top and B cup on bottom. In 2010 I had lost 20 pounds that I had slowly gained over the years. My breasts were never that big even when I was 20 pounds heavier, so I knew it was either live with the breasts I didn't like, or make a decision to change them to breasts I like and enjoy.

For the past year I have routinely checked this site and read many women's stories, mostly good ones and some discouraging ones. One week ago I was given 10 days off from work as requested to take a vacation, but instead, I made a long overdue decision to get my boobs done last minute. I found 4 doctors who I aesthetically liked, but only one was able to see me and agree to perform the surgery in one weeks notice.

Our meeting was short but he was friendly and put me at ease. I tried on some implants with a bra just to see what size I liked, and I liked the 350cc and thought the 450cc was too big. He said to go with 400cc because he encourages patients to go as big as they're comfortable with as to not regret getting bigger ones.
My surgery is Wednesday, 2/26 at 1pm. I have been rubbing bio oil on my breasts, and taking bruiseguard pills. Also have an antiseptic rinse (forgot name) that ive used a few times prior to the surgery.
I will post my before pics asap. I look forward to hearing any suggestions and tips for a speedy recovery from you guys, as well as general feedback as I lay in my hotel bed in pain recovering. ;|

30 hours since surgery

So far the pain is not too bad. So happy to have boobs! No idea what size I am.. But a definite improvement! Hopefully recovery goes well. Taking antibiotics and painkillers. Haven't been icing because i was never told to...

Two days since surgery

Reading other reviews where at this point patients have removed their surgical bras.. Showered.. Tried on other bras.. Iced their breasts..
My surgeon advised me not to do any of the above and to simply recover and wait till our post op on Monday.
I so badly want to take a peek at them or at least see how the incisions are healing! Ahh..

Five days since surgery..

My first post op appointment is in a few hours.. Pain is very low but it is still such a struggle to sit up from a laying position.. grr.
And dark blue bruising near incisions.. Middle of my chest is a green color bruising but you can't really see in photo...

Four months later

Happy they they are bigger, but they aren't as big as I wanted them to be.
Dr Tehrani

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How are you liking the size?
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Hi! I've red many blogs where the girls take off their surgical bras & stuff out very quickly too! Personally I'm 11 days post-op and still have mine with the bands aid and I have to keep it for a month. Don't compare you with the others, just follow what your PS tells you :) every surgeon and every patient are different and heal differently.
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I also had my surgery this Wednesday the 26th!! I had previously got implants last year but wasn't happy with the size and my left implant never dropped or settled so I decided since I had to get my left one fix I might is well get them bigger. I use to be a AA and I got 300 cc saline implants last year but ended up being too small. I didn't even fill a C cup so this time I decided to go 425cc and I'm hoping I will be a full C or small D. Hope all goes well with you and I hope you love the results. I also got a mini tummy tuck and lipo on my top stomach and flanks. I'm very sore all over
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Congratulations on your new additions! I'm sure it must be frustrating to not be able to see them yet but it will be worth it when you do! I'm sure they'll look great :)
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I sure hope so! :) so far so good..
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Ooo i'm excited for you lovely! Can't wait to see how your BA journey goes. What are your stats? Did you chose silicone or saline implants? :)
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Silicone sientra .. Recovering in a hotel now. Thank god for percacets.. Not too much pain just feels more like pressure.. Slight pins and needle feelings here and there.. Haven't removed my bra but they look good so far! Thanks for your comment :)
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Wow they do look great so far! :) Looks like you chose a good cc amount for your body, They will look so amazing when they've dropped and fluffed -hugs- happy healing lovely, get lots of rest! I will be checking up on your review again soon :)
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