2 weeks post-op

After reading so many stories shared by so many...

After reading so many stories shared by so many beautiful women, I thought I'd share my experience also, as I found the stories of others to have been extremely informative throughout my pre-op and doc searching process.

I'm starting off with A-.... Have always wanted larger breasts..or just breasts! any breasts! Lol I'm going with 339 natrelle, under muscle, areola incision. I'm 5'6" about 113lbs. Trying to go for big enough boobs without going BIG.

I've got my zip up fleece and sweats ready for the day of. Anxious, excited, nervous ahhhh! =X

Will post a before tomorrow.

I would love to see pictures if you're comfortable posting them! I'm about your same size and am really wondering what the CCs that everyone talks about would look like in me. I know that many factors influence it, not just weight and height, but I'd love to get a general idea :) I'm still a few weeks out from my first consult and I'm super nervous and just hoping I'm confident in the doc because they're really aren't many to choose from up here in AK. I'm so scared because I have a six month old and there are so many opinions about lifting babies after BA. Some docs say wait a few weeks, some say you can do it as long as it isn't painful. Others say not to for six weeks, which is out of the question for me. The last thing I want is more surgery due to bleeding! Whew, sorry! It feels good to get that out :) Maybe I need to start posting on here, haha! Good luck tomorrow!!! I'm sure everything will go well!
Confraternity and good luck
Lots of luck! Can't wait to see your before's and after's !

Day two into recovery and I'm feeling just OK....

Day two into recovery and I'm feeling just OK. Just a quick recap of yesterday: woke up at 5:30...showered with antibacterial soap and washed my hair. No food or water since 12 am..changed into loose clothes and headed out the door. after a couple of routine things and meeting my anesthesiologist, nurse, getting a big kiss from my bf.. I was on the operating table.

It was super cozy and heated...so instantly I was more at ease... They stuck some stuff on me and started the IV. My nurse was such a doll and held my hand. Next thing I knew.. I woke up in the recovery room. Nauseous and in much pain which the nurse gave me more juice for. :) then I was just delirious. TIP: BRING A FLUFFY PILLOW TO HUG ON YOUR RIDE HOME..bumpy roads are painful!!

So yesterday completely sucked. Maybe more so becuz I didn't stay on top if my meds. Definitely helped that my bf was there to help me sit up when needed cuz when done on your own hurts like hell.

Day 2- woke up.. Ate a bunch of pretzel sticks and popped an antibiotic and percocet..and watched tv. :) definitely better than yestersay. Cant wait to see the girls!

Can't seem to post pics... The link doesn't seem...

Can't seem to post pics... The link doesn't seem to be working. Will post as soon at it works.

Congrads...and thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! Good tip on the pillow for the drive home...would not have thought of that. Hoping you are feeling better today. Just in case, here is a link on how to post photos. Let me know if you're still having difficulty. Happy healing!

Hi! Thank you! It went well.do you have someone who can help take are of the baby while you recover?
So glad everything went well! Yes, I will have help but probably only for two weeks. After that I'll probably be on my own. (We are flying my sister up to help, but she won't be able to stay more than two weeks). My oldest is 4, so not really old enough to lift the baby yet.

Its day 3. Am I still suppose to be in a lot of...

Its day 3. Am I still suppose to be in a lot of pain?? :(
Hmm.. I would take the advice of doctors as they know best. Allowing your body to rest and heal properly can help in decreasing complications. I'm on day 4 now.. and still taking the prescribed pain killers and Valium..will keep you posted.

Its been six days since surgery on Wednesday march...

Its been six days since surgery on Wednesday march 27th. To summarize it all... first two days was ABSOLUTELY HELL. third day was better but still not great...went in for my first post open where they took off the bandage. Wasn't sure if I really wanted to see! But not so bad..then the doc put on the band to push fume implants down and that hurt like hell. **take a percocet and Valium before you go..it helps..I took mine too early and its effects were already fading when he pulled it tight in choked back tears.

Day 5- went shopping for some loose flowing work shirts. showered finally..no problem..just took it easy..pat dry my surgical tape and reinforced some.

Day 6- went towork . Took a percent, val, and
nti-biotic... made the day go by very quickly and possible.

All in all.. my doctor and his team has been absolutely amazing and kind throughout the entire process. Even when I had questions ans emailed on a Saturday..my answers were returned by a phone call and she was so patient with all my paranoid questions!

I know I promised pics and I have been keeping track but realized it hasn't been working for me because pic posting link for some reason doesn't work on mobile.

So far loving the girls. Can't wait for them to fully drop and fluff and HEAL!
Thank you! :) any idea how I can get it to work on mobile?

Hmmm.. Word of advice. As all who have been...

Hmmm.. Word of advice. As all who have been researching and looking into breast augmentation... You always hear about "boob gree" and/or wishing they gone bigger? Its true!

Though I'm not at my final size.. I already wish I had gotten a significantly larger implant size. I started with nothing and went with 339 natrelle on both sides.. Which was the largest my doc recommended if I wanted to keep it natural.

....but boob greed has come in and I wish I'd gone bigger after all that who sha-bang physically and emotionally I had to endure.

Just a thought for the ladies out there.

***so I cannot load mobile pics which is how I've been keeping track... So I promise I will load them into my comp tomorrow so will see from day one to day 8.. Day 9 is my 2nd follow up. Excited!!!! Oh yea.. Think I can actually just go with extra strength Tylenol today ;) took it easy tho.

Check in around tomorrow evening for pics. :)love to answer any questions if any. This site helped me a lot. I eeven chose my do from here. ;)

***one more tip for those who are in healing...

***one more tip for those who are in healing process. For work.. I need to wear all black and CANNOT wear a bra since I need to wear the band. I just wore those tanks with built in layer that's not padded (since I'm not suppost to offer any support) and stuck in those thin pads that come with bikini tops. Disguised my nipples no problem! And helped with the squshed saggy uni-boob look :)

Happy healing :)

anyone else out there with 339 natrelles? If you don't mind sharing your story and how they look? Would be awesome.

Sorry, but unfortunately photos cannot be uploaded from phones yet. If ya can, email your mobile photo to a computer and upload from there. Take care!

OK will do that. Thanks. Hahaha just trying to take short cuts
Hahaha I know I sound paranoid and silly... But can pics here be copied and shared on the internet?

I think im starting to get "boob greed" At first i...

I think im starting to get "boob greed" At first i thought I just wanted a full B--small C... than I wanted a full C..maybe small D..

I got 339 Natrelle. They definitely disappear under clothing. I was aiming for a natural look with the biggest i can go.. and with my breast diameter width (which i forgot) would not look right with a larger implant unless i go with HP...which the explained would not look right on me since i have [racticallt 0 breast tissue to begin with. Either way.. still wish i could've gone a littlllee larger. Lol

I posted pics from pre-op to today day 10

hopes this helps those out there trying to figure out sizes

**one more thing... implants places below muscle will be smaller than what you tried on during the consultation. During the consultation I was actually afraid of going to big, but after surgery.. i look "normal" hahah
Hi! I am sure you will love them once they drop! I want to downsize to 339cc!!! I have 421cc and I am a solid D! trust me you can always make them look bigger with a push up but you can't make them smaller!!! happy healing!
I'm almost two weeks post op now and still feel some pain and cannot return to full activities without discomfort just yet, like running :( then I think back to the first three days and feel like I've got nothing to complain about today compared to then. You're breasts really do look amazing and like they fit your body.. so really think about if another surgery to downsize will ultimately produce results that will make you happy. And boobs disappear under clothes anyhow :) I haven't gotten any ogles yet but I've been strategically wearing my scarves :)

"Morning boob" exists... ;/ and sucks. Lol only...

"Morning boob" exists... ;/ and sucks. Lol only take extra strength Tylenol when needed which is barely now :) its mostly mornings thats bad.

Started taking 800 units of vitamin E per day. It was recommended by my doc because its suppose to help with reducing chances of developing capsular contracture.

Next post-op next sat. Can't wait.

Its started getting real warm in NYC out of no where the past couple of days... Boobs are wonderful... Boob sweat however pi s new to me and quite gross I must say, but so worth it! ;))))
I have an hour drive after my surgery, so thanks for the pillow suggestion. I will definitely bring one for the drive!! I lol'ed at the "boob sweat" comment. What's that?! Haha! I haven't read that about the vitamin E. Are you suppose to take that forever then since you can develop CC at anytime?
Hi! Make sure you bring a fluffy one. It still hurt some when we hit pot holes through Manhattan so I'm not 100% sure if the pillow helped or not. But I hugged it while I floated in and out of my haze. I also brought double bagged plastic bag just in case I puked on the way home. Fortunately I didn't have to use it but its good to have one handy because the anesthesia will make you feel icky after. There's no proof that vitamin E can prevent cc.. But many docs believe it may help lower the chances. Lol!! Yea! Boob sweat sucks! Loll I was having sweaty cleavage :X "cleavage"---feels good to be able to say I have that now ;) When's the big day??
Thanks for the bag idea too. Better to bring it just in case. My surgery date is Tuesday, the 16th. EEK!! I am a so nervous!!
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