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I'm Chinese , saying that should be enough. I...

I'm Chinese , saying that should be enough. I don't have a butt n I would like to have something for my Colombian bf to Grab onto. I'm 5'6" and 175 pounds. Waist size is 12-13. I'm a big Asian gal.

I had my first procedure with dr lefkovits when inwas 19, breast augmentation. I LOVE the result. No One can tell they are fake. Got them under the muscle. Second procedure I had done a tummy tuck at age 21 n it was also a great procedure. I HATED MY belly!!! I love it now n wear a two piece. My belly button does look a little disfigured but it's ok with me.

My third procedure I'm having a BBL bc he gave me an AWESOME DEAL ON IT. I came in for consultation originally for lipo on my flanks n lower belly as I have put on some weight after giving birth at age 26. I still fit into my jeans buy just have that muffin top look over my jeans. I hate that! So as I went for consultation he suggested I get lipo on my upper, lower abs, ny inner thght, my pubic area, my flanks all for $4,500. Including operating fees n garment but not including anesthesia (hes separate). I was shocked at the price he gave me.... SHOCKED! I could kiss him! I sign up for it n June 30 can't come any sooner. I called to make my final payment over the phone n asked how much would he charge me for a BBL n he again gave me an awesome deal 3,500.00.. He said only bc I am a returning customer. So don't expect the Same deal lady's.

So I'll update u when it happens. I'm sure it won't be as bad as a tummy tuck! That was awful.

Good luck today, Cheekz!

Yes, 600 cc's will be enough to have a nice round butt. i had 500cc per cheek and not too much resorbtion so, he really did a good job. i will be three months post op this friday. im just going back to a touch up and i want to add a little more ;-_)
I was thinking 600cc each cheek bc I'm big boned and bc I heard abt reabsorption. He's a traditional man he doesn't do anything thats outrageously big. He will do the right Amt to fit my body as he did with my breast. Hopefully he'll agree with 600cc. Thanks and I will def post pics and my size n weight before Thursday.

Hello I am in a lot of pain. I would rate it a...


I am in a lot of pain. I would rate it a 9/10. Child birth is a ten. Dr lefkovitz told me he doesntmput more than 430 cc in each butt cheek bc then complications start to happen. Like I said he's a very modest guy he doesn't do book shelf booties. I'm getting fevers here n there but am taking half a pill of percocet bc I dnt want to feel nauseous. I am also taking 1000 mg of apap. I am currently 186 pounds from 175. I haven't measured my waste line bc I'm obviously swollen. My waist size before surgery is: the widest part of my waste 43". The smaller part of my waist just below my breast is a 32". My hips were 25.5". I haven't had the energy to use my laptop to upload photos but i will once I feel up to it.
Hey Cheekz312! How is your healing, I see you're very bruised hey, Im also going to do brazillian butt on d 15t of December with traditional lipo. Did u do traditional lipo or Vaser Lipo? You said u had a tummy tuck b4 and u just had a baby now so I'd like to know how is your tummy now, didnt the pregnacy ruin it again coz i also did a tummy tuck bt my fiance wants a baby.
fancyface, I had had vaser lipo and there are a lot of bad reviews including me!~ i can not even tell what they did to my stomach, it is uneven and they did not take out enough fat. so please tell them you want traditional lipo. i wish i would have told them that, because i noticed that people have better results with the traditional and they see result right away. i have to have a redo, so traditional is best.
Good luck Maimai, it's going to hurt like he'll the first 3 days but it does get better hun!! Take the pain killers they do help!! Try and walk around it helps circulate the blood.

Thanks girl2.I hope the swelling does go down but I'm starting to feel like the dr didn't lipo enough n I still have a pudgy tummy. It's only been 9 days so I'm sure it's still swollen ( ESP since I've still got bruises) I'm going for the second bbl for a bigger effect. Maybe some time in the winter.

Its been two weeks since my bbl with lipo. altho i...

its been two weeks since my bbl with lipo. altho i feel like theres still fat on my belly.. bc i see a belly, my waist has gotten smaller. i imagined it to be completely flat. ive lost 1 inch on the widest part of my waist, 3.5 inches at the smallest part of my waist and 1 inch on each upper thigh. im sure im still swollen bc thats what ive been reading everywhere, it takes abt 3-6 months to see real results. ive been bad with the aftercare. i havent been wearing my compression garment just bc it doesnt feel tight on me. its uncomfortable and its not compressing anything and ive been sitting on my butt. im bad and i admit it but with my job it requires me to sit a little. i see a butt but like i said not as big as i wanted it but thats why im going to a second procedure. when i wear my underwear, it fits differently. the lining falls right below my butt crack so thats a sign my booty got a little bigger. i still have to wait some more to see how much of the swelling will go down and how much of the fat on my booty will vascularize and "expand".
Yea I was very bruised! I was shocked when I seen it. As of today it's all gone. U have to look very carefully to see the faint bruises left on my abdomen. I still have the inner thigh bruises tho. Good luck on ur surgery on the 15th. Im not sure which lipo I did but I'm sure it was traditional lipo. Anything with heat will melt the fat n that's not what we want bc we have to inject that baby back into the buttocks.

As for my tummy tuck. I was fortunate to have not gotten any stretch marks during my pregnancy. I was small. Most people didn't even know i was pregnant till my last few weeks. Whatever stretching my tummy did it bounced back without loose skin. Good luck Hun
cheek312, they really lipoed your tummy good. i have three children so i do have strecth marks, but they are not too bad. i, just think and noticed that they did not take as much fat out as they could have. i have a appointment at the end of the month, so im shooting for partial money back, i had no bruisin at all on my abs so that lets you know that they did not lipo very well. my love handles are gone and they did a pretty good job on the fat tranfer, but the abs and upper back, they must redo.
I've had Asian girlfriends who had 600cc in each butt cheek who were left unsatisfied. I've had friends who had 1100 cc who were really happy. Most of the BBL doctors I spoke to said you need more than 500cc to be happy with the result. I've had this procedure done 6 years ago and I love my butt but I was it bigger. My hips measure at 40 inches. Can you post some new photos?

Dr Lefkovitz put 352 cc into each cheek and 70 cc...

Dr Lefkovitz put 352 cc into each cheek and 70 cc into my hips. I was looking in the mirror today and I do like the way
My booty looks. It is bigger. I felt a little lousy abt it yesterday but Im liking it today. It's still changing I guess. I still am going for my second procedure. Dr Lefkovitz told me putting anymore than 500cc in one procedure can lead to complications. A greater chance of absorption and that lumpy look I guess. He said it's safer to put a Decent amount which is 500cc or less procedures at a time than 1000cc at once. Reception said she's had Patients come to dr lefkovits with that book shelf booty that became unsymmetracale over time. So I do feel confident in dr Lefkovitz. I know he's Doing what's best for me. Just sucks I have to go through all the pain again.
Also forgot to mention. I only have to pay $1950 for round two for the bbl. $6000 for the breast lift. He gave me a nice butt the first time but I want more projection from the side and overall bigger. 450cc each cheek. I don't know how much more I should get. Another 450 in each cheek I think would be to much.
I am happy that you are getting what you want. I also am a patient of dr lefkovits. He did a wonderful job on my brazilian butt lift but I choose to do it for a second time and I am also getting my breast lift at the same time. I can't wait.
any updated pictures?>>
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still waiting for the swelling to go down, so far so good.

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