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Had silicone injected to butt area by a friend of...

Had silicone injected to butt area by a friend of my mom's. Trusted her so much I never expected to be here laying on my bed regreting all this discomfort.
I started to feel pain years after silicone was put into my buttocks soon after I started going to the gym on a regular basis. I did some research to see if the "hylouric acid" as I was told it was would be a reason for the pain. To my amazement and disappointment it is almost impossible for someone to have this great product injected due to it not remaining in the body long and it's price. I started searching what could possibly be injected and in fact found it was silicone, what type, waiting for lab results... I found Dr. Mandieta in Miami as well as Dr. H. Lee to be highly recommended for the removal. I decided to go for Dr. Lee because he was closer and I would not have to worry about not makin follow up visits or being far in case of emergencies such as infection. I can't see much difference on my butt from what it was. Dr. Lee told me on the day of surgery that my butt would be in fact bigger than what it was. I am waiting patiently to see the results and post pictures of my big booty... I am going for my follow up today and to be honest other than not being able to sit I feel pretty good. I am glad I got however much he could of the stuff off and that he was honest and sure of the results being some that would make me happy.
I got arm, inner thigh and belly fat removed and added to my dear booty

Before/few days after

Pre op Monday... Post op Thursday

Feeling better every day...

Saturday!! Just noticed my stitches are a little raised and red...

Si stitches on top of butt are a little swollen, red and raised... No pain, no discharge and tape that was over them fell off.. Calling doc but don't suspect its much... I am a little disapointed but waiting for results... My daughter told me my butt looks a "little smaller than before" I didn't tell her what I had done but they know I had surgery cause I "needed it" she just made a comment as far as it lookin smaller and me skinnier
Dr. Harrison Lee

Can't give a real great review because I just had surgery but, So far Dr. Lee was great during surgery day. He briefly spoke to me to mark me but did answer my questions. My arms look smaller and well he said butt would be bigger than before so waiting on those results once everything goes down as far as swelling and bruising is concerned. I feel good overall and today we shall see what other input he has for me as my follow up is soon approaching... Thank you Dr. Lee

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Ok why do you have stitches at the top of your butt what did he do? I didny know you had stitches i missed that part.
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Lol doc Lee said I can sit but I will noooot! I am paranoid of doing anything... I just want to lay on my tummy and leave my butt alone and out and away from any pressure... Can't wait for results
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I had dr lara remove silicone from my buttock area in mexico my butt was huge bigger than pebbles almost now its mostly lifted and normal im tryong to find a dr to remove the silicone from my skin it is superficial i need a dr who use laser on the skin area to
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I have read wonderful reviews about dr Lee and his facial reconstruction and stuff maybe you should google him... He is also in Beverly Hills... I really like him and staff so far. I am do far happy but can't deny the worry about being left flat and not having a round butt because 300cc is all that was transferred but it is what it is and as long as silicone was removed all or few it is worth it
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I had alot removed mines is still round did he use laser on your skin for tightening
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Harrison H. Lee, MD, DMD, FACS
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He performed smart lipo... I hope it all looks great in the end
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It will and most of all you will feel bettee
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Cccongrats on getting silicone removed or whatever it was. Glad you're healthy&found a ps that could help you. wishing you the best!
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Thank you... I am happy it was removed and I am waiting patiently for results and well let's see what comes from it
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May i ask what were those injections supposed to do?
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How did they remove the stuff? It didn't move from the butt area?
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He liposuctioned and as far as it moving my general doc had me get full body MRI and I was one of the very few lucky ones that didn't have it all over the place... I can tell you that since it was injected my butt began looking bigger but also dimpled.
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Thanks ladies... Follow up was brief but as before Dr. Lee answered all questions.. Swollen and bored in very mild pain... 300cc on each cheek which makes me wonder if I will look smaller on the butt area but also happy most of that crap is out of my body... Photos to follow soon..
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Do tou have any photos of results? And how much did he charge if you dont mind me asking.
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Welcome to RS!
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So sorry about what had happened. Glad to see it was able to be removed and that so far, all is well. Best wishes.
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