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Lets Get This over with - New York, NY

I'm 27 yrs old 5"4 154 lb, my normal weight is 135...

I'm 27 yrs old 5"4 154 lb, my normal weight is 135 but I gained some for my bbl.
When I was younger I had a nice butt, I have always had curves, and my weight was always up and down. Although I had some people tell me I have a flat ass but in the right pants it looked good. Past 3 yrs I don't know what happened to my body, my hips turned into saddle bags I started seeing cellulite and my butt got flatter. So I started wearing the buttout buttlifter shorts under everything. Like I did a serious gear up every day , no padding though cuz my ass is huge so the butt lifters would make me look like I have a huge bubblebutt. But I'm done faking and gearing up and being paranoid for my garment to show under clothes or someone feel it when they touch me, not a good way to live.
My family is obviously against the surgery but they have excepted it finally. Only family and boyfriend knows. I'm hiding it from my bestfriend. I'm ready to get this over with 1 more day to go. I think i got everything. Let me tell you I was not expecting the bbl supplies to cost this much. I have spent 1500$ just on supplies alone. Wtf!

It's almost time

Thank you everyone for your blessings & thoughts, I swear I got teary eyed reading them, it means so much because none of us ever met or know each other and we worry and help and act as teammates . It's crazy how worried I actually get when one of the bbl sisters are in surgery. I really appreciate everyone who answered all my questions I know questions can be overwhelming sometimes, and I intend to do the same. Today I'm more anxious then nervous but still pretty nervous. I gotta be there at 7am. I'm 5"4 and 156lb as of today , I'm getting back ,flanks, stomach, thighs,and knees lipoed. Iv been preparing for 2 months I'm sure not as well prepared as ellie890 lol at this point I think she's capable of doing my bbl lmao.
I'm alittle confused of should I be eating a big meal today and drinking a lot or should I keep it light?

Pre. Pics

This is today, I have some cellulite on my butt I wonder if it will go away after my bbl.

Here I go!

Thank u so much my bbl sisters for all the kind words. I got 2 hrs of sleep and I'm ready to get this over with. I pray Dr. Schulman performs is beautiful magic on me and gives me the big bubble nice booty iv dreamed of having. I will update as soon as I can.

Definitely underestimated the pain!

Hi, This is her sister typing for her. I'm finally on the other side. Thank you everyone once again for your well wishes. I will definitely give you guys a full review once I am in less pain but I don't know what's worse, the pain or the discomfort. I keep reminding myself pain is beauty.

Forgot to say

Forgot to mention, I got 1500cc's in each cheek.


After getting up from the bed I had blood/fluid on the bed coming from my side is that normal?


Wow the pain of getting in and out of bed!

I was not expecting this. I need 3 ppl to help , I always thought I had a good pain tolerance but its either this shit is serious or I'm bein alittle pu**y.

2 day post op

Is this much bruising on the butt normal?


Soon I will write a full review from the day of surgery, I didn't expect recovery to be this uncomfortable, I was thinking to myself yay I get 2 months off from work and just lay and watch tv. Ummmmm hell no I can't even think about tv. Hopefully it will get a lot a lot better as the days pass by.

6th day

My first shower 7th day post

So I decided to wait Till 7 days post to shower. I started at 4pm and ended at 6:45 and my shower was literally 6 minutes, the rest of the time my sister spent taking off the bandages and foams which is a mission. I had 4 bottles of ice water by the bed , and took off my garment extremely slow so I won't get dizzy. That was the easy part then came the tapes and foams which seemed like they were part of my skin already which was scary, I had the adhesive remover wipes and liquid it did very little to help, my sister had to soak the foams with the liquid and the tapes we just put hot water on. So after getting the garment on was actually pretty simple I just hope I put it on right the way they did. I put lipo foam inside on my stomach its alittle more compressed but feels more comfortable. The other garment finally loosened up on me and now I'm back to feeling squeezed. When I took my garment off I was actually shocked how much smaller my butt looked without the garment and that it giggled alittle , I started freaking out alittle sayin is my butt small again to my sister? Lol. I weighted myself I'm 164lb, on the day of surgery I was 156lb. I have swelling in my lower abs/pubic area and a few lumpy spots, I wanted to massage them but I was already exhausted and starving. But I do feel a lot better. I just can't wait to see end results but I have to be patient.

Alittle emotional today

My butt has gotten less swollen, there's still 2 flat spots I know it's real early to judge but I'm just worried of my butt getting smaller and not having enough projection after. After this surgery you just go through so much, like iv never had my ass wiped my whole life and with this surgery u most likely need to and for someone who's independent it's really hard, I still can't get outta bed on my own. I mean I'm doing Alot better then last week but u gotta be crazy strong with this surgery, so it gets alittle bit emotional having results not turn out how u wanted. Im just speaking in general not in my case (knock on wood).

Honest opinions please 15 days post

Hey girlies hope all is well with u guys. I think the hardest part of recovery for me is 1 the paranoia and 2 not being able to sit or lay on your back. I haven't even fake sat yet. Iv been eating really healthy up until yesterday where I was like f*** it I don't care and today I woke up with a lot of swelling and my ankles and Knees hurting. I'm guessing its from eating bad. Bruising is getting better and better. My booty seems alittle uneven. I'm just praying and hoping i don't lose much volume. It's like crazy OCD now. I take off my garment and analyze in the mirror 5 times a day , I haven't measured yet, I'm scared to measure cuz I know I will become obsessed with doing it. I'm very lumpy around my inner thigh, I try to massage. Dr. S told me to wait on massages still. I always had a wide flat butt and I feel like its coming back. I just can't wait till 5 months pass so I know final results. Ladies be honest I can take the truth.


The lumpy parts in my inner thigh were there before surgery after I gained the weight so it has nothing to do with dr. S. he really listens and tries to give you exactly what u want. I gave him a lot to work with cuz my surgery took 5 hrs and when I woke up he was like u gave me a really big workout big butt lol. He said the fat I had was solid and didn't have any liquid in it so it was good fat (dk what that means) so my butt shouldn't lose too much volume cuz of the type of fat. But every case is different. I was surprised he got 1500cc in each cheek. That's cuz he's an amazing doctor and I kept saying I want huge I want huge so he worked overtime getting as much fat as he can to give me huge. Thanks to all the bbl ladies for the encouraging words and motivation in my time of paranoia, it's so appreciated.


Ok I need advice from my bbl sisters , I see all the other girls trying to lose weight after sx , I'm trying the opposite. I'm eating a lot, mostly healthy but I have some bad days, I'm not trying to gain just maintain or be up like 2 or 3 lbs. before my sx I was 156lb now I'm 166lb. I wanna maintain till 4 months when I know for sure my fat is permanent, then I will workout and lose a couple of pounds and tone up. U think this is a bad idea?

Juvderm lips

At the request of a bbl sis, my juvederm lips done 3 yrs ago and still big.

The dent on 1 cheek and my before pic of my lips

U never realize I how stressful this sx can be after and the paranoia that comes with it , iv never been so obsessed with looking at my butt , everyday I wait for the dent to go away, dr. S said its swelling around it that's whats making the area look flat ,I'm praying he's right, but I'll know my final results at 4/5 months. I'm just not a patient person at all lol. I have a feeling it was my garments fault cuz it was so incredibly tight squeezing the life out my butt cheeks first 2 weeks , but then again no other dr. S girl got dents and we all had same garment. I cutt the sides of both my garments and kept 1 of them regular. So we will see.
New York Plastic Surgeon

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Hope your well hun
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Hey hun, How are you doing? Are the dents any better ?
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Ur lips look amazing! Ur progressing well. He did a good job in spite of ur OCD lol
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You look awesome and everyday you look better, my day is coming soon and I'm nervous of all the swelling our body goes through.....but I'm getting ready.....hope you heal soon ....good luck
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I like the way he fixed your hips and the butt looks awesome, happy healing....
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You look nice girl. I already know that I'm gonna be just as paranoid as you after I get mine done.
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Hi congrats on your journey you look great wow 1500ccs it looks good on you.
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Your result look great, I like the gap between ur legs, I hope to achieve something similar, even if its just a tiny gap. We'll see how that goes. You go girl...looking good!
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Hey Sissy....I dont see the dent. That booty look nice and plump to me.
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Yesterday I didn't wear the garment for 12 hrs only wore a squeem and my dent was looking alil better, kinda got me thinkin if I hAd too much compression on my butt in the beginning. How u feeling. Did u get the thigh highs or atleast until u do u can ace bandage it.
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Your looking fabulous!! Can you tell me how much fat is needed to get a nice assssss like yours?
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Aww thanks girl. Wat do u mean how much fat,? I was 156 lb and I'm 5"4 and he put 1500cc in each cheek.
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I ask how much fat because I'm hearing that the doctors use your own body fat for a bbl.. And some of the girls have been saying that the more the doctor use the better the result...
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Yes they try to get out as much fat as they can get and inject it in the booty. I gained 20 lbs just to have extra fat
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Your lips look great! I think the dent will go away as the swelling starts to go down. Just give it time! You look awesome!!
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Wow that projection is on point girl
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Girllll.....that booty is PHATTT. I don't see a dent....
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Ur butt was my motivation!
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Looking mighty bootiliciously beautiful hun! I can only imagine the obsessing part ugh, because this is such a big investment Emotionally, financially & physically. Your lips are beautiful too! Does Dr. S say it's ok to cut the garment if needed or wanted? Is it working out better for you now since you modified it?
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Girl, maybe my eyes are deceiving me but you look like your fluffing!!!!!! :)
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I also think it looks like she's fluffing but isn't it too early for that? @MGB I relate to the paranoia, I look at my butt every chance I get, measure daily & feel it often, it's so obsessive... I know it's hard but be patient. Hopefully your dr is right and you're butt evens out.
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I'm a total newbie to this myself. Lol. When is fluffing supposed to happen?
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@fingers to be honest I'm not sure lol but from everything I've read it seems to happen around 3-4 months or so but then again everybody is different.
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Yea I think it's too early for fluffing, my butt def. dropped though its just that dam dent that's got me frustrated and obsessed. I measure daily too lol. I pray and hope he's right. My butt is still hard on the bottom part so when it softens hopefully it releases the dent.
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Ur rhino must of been a breeze compared to the bbl. when I got my nose done 4 yrs ago I didn't feel a thing , and sleeping was the opposite of bbl , like u gotta basically sleep sitting up almost.
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