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I really hope it's worth it?? I still see old...

I really hope it's worth it?? I still see old line... hope it won't be a problem.

I had eyelid surgery 5 days ago. I wanted it because my eyes were asymmetric. one eye had a double and one had a single. I believe I can still see the old line in my left eye. I'm wondering if it's like this permanently or because of the stitches... seems odd it'd still be there.

Also I currently feel the cut is way too high...

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I am recommending doctor until surgery is complete (bruising, stitches, healing).

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that is awesome treatment suggested by the
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I have my old line too and it's swollen looking but I doesnt even look like I have a crease. How did yours turn out?
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Hi i just had mine done and after 4 days i noticed the old line on my right eye...can you tell me how yours is now? Did it go away??
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Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for sharing your story. How are you doing now?

You may also want to post your photos on our Doctor Q&A forum so you can get some professional opinions.

Good luck with the rest of your healing and please keep us posted on your progess!

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