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So about a week ago I had my saline implants...

So about a week ago I had my saline implants exchanged for Mentor Silicone memory gel implants. I can’t say enough what a difference they are.

My implants were place behind the muscle which I would highly recommend because it makes the breasts look more natural. My cousin has them above the muscle and they are beginning to sag. I had my implants in for 12 years before I decided to change them.

The saline implants are hard because well ..its saline water in them there isn’t any give to them. When I would push my breast in the side the whole implant would shift and it was very uncomfortable. If I had a bra on which was even a tad to small it felt painful and the implant would actually feel like I had a ball sitting in my breast, the feeling is hard to put in words. The silicone implants I have now are an amazing difference.

I no longer have that feeling that something “foreign” is in my body. When you touch them on the side your finger pushes in and they are so soft just like a real breast should feel. I can’t say enough what a better feeling these implants are I no longer have any pain and they look and feel so natural. I will never go back to saline implants I am so happy!

New York Plastic Surgeon

The doctor I chose is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone. He was very professional and informative his staff are all amazing.

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Meant "for my BA", not "for my BAD". Nothing BAD about a BA!!!
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Thank you for the review. I was originally afraid of any implant with the word Silicone in it and as I am waiting for my BAD I am comparing Mentor Silicone Memory Gel to saline implants . Your review was very helpful. The more I research, the more I am definitely leaning toward the Mentor SMG implant. My PS charges $1,000 more for the Mentor SMG but I am finding that it could be well worth the extra $ in the long run!
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Can you please give me the name of the doctor? I live in the area..
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Can you give me the doctor name please. I've been looking for one for a while. It seems yours did a great job.
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Can you give me the doctor name please I lived iin New city!!
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Who was your doctor? I live in Suffern and would like to go to this plastic surgeon.
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upon my first consultation a week ago,i was told that a silicone implant would not spread through the body,that if ruptured and or if it were even cut open that it would remain in place.i would have to fall from a 20 ft or higher building and land on my chest before any of it would ooze,leak or squirt out into my body.not sure if this is true,i am not a ps,but this is exactly what one told me during consult.hope this helps
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Problems do not usually show up for several years, especially with the children; we all (hundreds of thousands worldwide, believed the propaganda in the beginning. We wish you luck.
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When these are removed, please have the lymph nodes checked for migrated silicone. On PUBMED a European doctor wrote of finding silicone in 6 lymph nodes upon explantation. Please start saving money now for explantation.
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Carolyn: These are memory gel so the silicone isn’t liquid so I don’t think this applies to these implants I will check on that though. I dont plan on having them removed. I will have them replaced in about 10 years or so.
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As I understand it, these were the gummy bears that were removed --we have had several reports that they disintegrate ---not leak like the old ones did.Start sloughing off. Good luck to you and hope you already have your children - because silicone crosses the placenta -- and is in breast milk.
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Carolyn, Hello, I’m not sure how they would disintegrate since the shell that containing the “gel” is exactly the same shell as the one used for saline. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with your implants but I feel like you are trying to scare me or something. I checked out all types of implants thoroughly before I exchanged my saline for silicone and feel totally comfortable with my decision. I also have friends who have silicone implants and nursed their children with absolutely no problem. I however, have no plans on nursing. Our contact with silicone is extensive throughout all of our lives and it is used widely in medicine. Silicone is used as a lubricant in every disposable needle, syringe and intravenous tubing. Silicones are used in lipstick, suntan lotions, food processing, skin creams, hair spray, and cosmetics. Over 1000 medical products use silicone as a component or in the manufacturing process including artificial heart valves, joints, and pacemakers.
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Breast Augmentation surgery with breast implants placed under the muscle is "standard of care". You end up having a nicer result. Patients can have beautiful results with saline implants as well as silicone gel implants placed under the muscle. The time when silicone gel breast implants make the most difference is when the patient doesn't have much body fat or breast tissue. For those patients, they may feel the "rippling" of the saline breast implants.
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So even for people who are getting breast augmentation done for the first time is silicon only 5300?
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Alyssa: I really don’t know to be honest. Prices of plastic surgeons vary tremendously as I’m sure you are well aware of. Don’t focus so much on the price in my opinion be more concerned about the qualification of the surgeon and look at before and after photos. Hope that helps..
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