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Ok ...soo I am 30 yr old female 5'8" 135lbs active...

Ok ...soo I am 30 yr old female 5'8" 135lbs active no stranger to the medical field as I am a nurse. Aprox 8 yrs ago I had a breast reduction w lift for Large 34DDD breasts although I am tall I have a small frame I was very happy but over the years I thought I may be happier in a bathing suit and that slightly larger breasts would cover my scars as I was a perky 34 B. So I went and got 410 cc saline under muscles that ended up being waaay huge 34 DD ( I had desired a full C) Within 2 wks of surgery I started getting pain in my right breast and within a month it had completely bottomed out my scar was thin looking and I looked deformed. That surgeon had offered to cut me open in office but upon doing my homework I found that this was not an easy fix so best to find a reconstructive surgeon which I did.

Next surgeon was real nice real sympathetic and told me I had good instinct to find another doc. So, back into surgery I went within 4 months for 380 silicone with repair of both breasts using alloderm (4 hr repair) I was happy after surgery as the breasts looked much better than previous but within a month I was unhappy w how I looked in clothes self conscious about the size. Should have fone smaller then but my focus was on the fix at the time..The right breast also is STILL bottomed out not nearly as bad but bottomed out with no upper pole fullness .. I returned to the reconstructive surgeon who was less than pleased with me. He made me feel like scum and said I was unrealistic and said why did u do this in the first place amongst other non comforting remarks before storming out of the room ... Great, no more food instict i guess so my plan as I told him was to get smaller implants but he didn't even address whether or not he could fix the right one further he was just put off and said ok 2 months. Soo once again doing my homework. I decided instead of going through any more breast drama I would comepletely explant. my surgeon said that since I had a reduction w lift in the past I was not a candidate for a further lift ...

So if I had more issues with bottoming out in the future I didn't want to deal with an explant 10 yrs down the line and not have the option of a lift . So my thought was back to my non augmented breasts ASAP and get on with my life. My doc has been awful says I'm going to essentially look bad ( without saying those exact words) even the receptionist had something to say about how she thinks I just won't be happy... The RECEPTIONIST! ( this was tactfully addressed ) I already put money down but I am nervous with all these negative opinions especially the surgeon not being supportive I am PETRIFIED for surgery Makes me wonder will how he will be during surgery toward me I just want this over and I don't want some proud surgeon taking out his issues on my poor girls : ( I'm sure he won't but I've been through enough all on account of a little boob greed ...


I'm sorry you've been through all of this. You titled your review perfectly. Boob drama, indeed. The first thing that comes to mind is, can you get your money back and find a different doctor to do your explant? I think it's so important to find a compassionate doctor/staff.

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Ok so I had the surgery. The experience was quick....

Ok so I had the surgery. The experience was quick. The only thing the surgeon to my mother after surgery was " she has very little breast tissue". Guess he is still upset over my choice but I don't have time in life to go making pompous surgeons feel better IT WAS ABOUT ME!! They look really good small not as perky as I remember ( just 11 months ago) the skin feels less firm but I know this could take months to tighten up a little. But overall I would much prefer this size and now they are symmetrical . I


Thanks for your update! Glad you're happy the result.

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