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Umbilica Hernia Repair and Tummy Tuck - New York

I am 37 with three kids. I thought after the...

I am 37 with three kids. I thought after the second that my belly button was crooked, but and it was, but that was due to the hernia. I have two older children and a one year old.

I am now one month post TT and getting better everyday. I didn't think it was that bad. The worst part was the bad reaction to the anesthesia. But, the recouperation is taking forever!!! I hate that I haven't been able to take care of my baby. I am not allowed to hold him for three months - well that's not going to happen, once I make it to six weeks I have to start taking care of him again.

I still have burning, tightening of the musles, but it's really not that big of a deal.

I had returned to work after seven days. I had two drains that were in for 10 days. But, I was allowed to shower with them. Sleeping was the biggest challenged. But, I have been in my bed the entire time. My stomach looks amazing. I'll post pics....

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Hi there. How did you get a tummy tuck for so little cost? I have a hernia causing me a lot of pain, and I have ppo insurance. Any idea on how I can get away with the low cost of your tummy tuck price?

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Hi Amber, I too am having a TT with hernia repair. My insurance covers most of it. I am paying only $2,700.00 and insurance is covering the rest. The whole surgery is 9k total.
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Thank you for posting. I am schedule for Feb 6, 2012 and am 40 yrs old with a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old..both boys. I just freaked out..your PS said you couldnt hold your baby for 3 months???
I thought the rule was no lifting, including the baby for 4-6 weeks and then with the binder on. Obviously, no rough housing, swinging the baby around but I mean diaper changes, lifting him in and out of his crib, etc. I will have help with this for the first 4 weeks and then will have to do some of this while husband is at work.
Can you clarify the 3 month thing?
Congrats on being on the other side, hope you post pics and so glad to hear you didn't think recovery was too bad. :)
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This has been the worst part, because I did everything for my son - now my husband is doing it and my son will NOT go near me - he is so pissed at me. My doctor said I can NOT lift him. He said that at six weeks I can hold him, but still no lifting for three months. Honestly, I just starting holding him a little yesterday, but he just kicks to get out of my arms. I think this has been extremely traumatic for him. I did everything and then just in his eyes stopped and he can't understand. Now he will actually go to me to hit me to leave the room. I am trying to be patient to get to six weeks, but even then, I won't be able to bring him to bed up the stairs or walk around with him....
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Hi Cindyjo!
Thank you for the review! I will be having a TT with umbilical hernia repair on Jan. 9th. I am worried about the belly button because ps said there is a VERY SLIGHT chance (1%)I'd "lose" it due to the hernia repair, but of course it doesn't make sense to do the tt without getting the umbilical fixed. How did yours turn out?
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My belly button, looks amazing - it's unbelievable. YOu can not tell at all!!!
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Awesome!! I have been so worried about it! Glad it worked well for you, cindyjo! And it's nice to read a review where the recovery has been manageable. I'm trying to be realistic about how much pain there will be.
Are you still sleeping in a sitting up position or can you lay down flat now? I am a side sleeper and I know I'll struggle a little, but the pain meds should help with that. ;-)
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The drains came out on day 8 (I mistakenly wrote 10). I was two sore by the drain sites to lay on my side for a couple of days. So I would say I was back on my side by day 11. I wasn't taking any pain medication except Motrin by day 3, except at night for comfort. Seriously, the pain is not bad, except don't sneeze or cough for two weeks - lol. It's really not about pain, it's a serious surgery that takes patients for recovery. You will feel tired easy and move slower and experience soreness, like if you did 100 sit-ups. I look like I have the stomach of an 18 year old and my scar is so low. My doctor did a great job...
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So glad I found you on here. It really is reassuring to hear a great review! ;-) I just scheduled my pre-op appt for mid Dec. They weren't going to have one - they were just going to mail me the scrips right before the surgery. Uh...no - I have questions! lol!
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dnt worry about the belly button they will make you a new one. I lost mine when I had mine done because my belly button was in such bad condition from the hernia.
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