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I was drawn to this procedure after watching it on...

I was drawn to this procedure after watching it on the Dr. Oz show. I was sold when the woman it was demonstrated on said it wasn't uncomfortable. I had it done this past Friday and it was nothing like she described.

My dermatologist applied numbing cream to my cheeks and neck and let it sit for over an hour. He offered me a Vicodin pain killer as well, but I declined. A nurse stood by with a hose blowing cold air on my face as he started to go over the areas half inch by half inch. The ultrasound felt like firecrackers exploding under my skin; the intensity varied but it could never be described as being uncomfortable. When he fired it over my jaw line, the pain felt like a tooth in need of a root canal. The fan was really just a distraction and I told them to turn it off. He went over the treatment areas twice. Knowing the level of pain I'd have to go through again made my entire body tense and shiver.

Afterward, the areas of my face were super red and very hot. They gave me a mild cortisone foam to apply and an ice pack. The redness went away completely after 2 hours, and you would never know I had anything done. But the feeling of being bruised under my skin remains. This procedure really should have been done under a local anesthesia. No one should have to endure this much pain. I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Was all this worth it? I saw an immediate difference which I hope continues through the 4-month recuperation period.

where was the research trial?
I had it done 6 months ago. I am 52 fair skinned and had VERY saggy skin under my chin and droopy jowls. I actually had to hold my skin up to scratch my neck! I had the procedure done for free at a research trial. It worked great! Completely got rid of the turkey neck and brought my jowls up. I go for my 6 month follow up visit this week. Will be interesting to compare results at 6 months vs. the pics taken after 3 months. I'm starting to see some of the sagging under my chin return. :( I think it is a wonderful procedure producing excellent results but I'm afraid it is not going to last long. I'm already having close friends and my husband say they are noticing the turkey starting to return. The procedure itself hurt like HE*L! I'd rather have given childbirth again! But I would repeat it if the cost is lowered because I'm telling you - it is NOT lasting. My husband had it done with no results whatsoever. Two freinds had it done. One did not have any results..the other looked very strange afterwards. They obviously stopped too soon on her neck because she has these awful horizontal and vertical wrinkles halfway up the neck..then it smooths out. Strange looking to say the least.
My suggestion - have it done but plan on doing it again in 6 months if you want the results to last. Two Ulthera reps were present throughout the procedure and both told me if I liked the results - they recommend repeating within 3-6 months if you want it to last a year or more.

Update as of June 2011: It's been 7 months and...

Update as of June 2011:

It's been 7 months and the treatment has all but worn off. What a disappointment! My sagging neck skin is back to pre-treatment status. Looking back, it was an excruciating, expensive and VERY short term fix... and if given the option, not one that I would repeat. Sorry for the bad but truthful news.
Interesting! I think the price will come down over time. I guess I just don't want to get depressed, look great and then look horrible again but maybe it's a viable option!

i had mine done for free at a research trial when it first came out. i'm not paying $$$ for something that only lasts 6 months.
if anyone knows of a place that does it for around $500..i would certainly do it again.
it DOES work - just didn't last
It's been a year now. Face has returned to droopy jowls and saggy neck. :(
Worked fairly well for about 6 months..but then started noticing saggy skin returning. now..after a's as if I never had it done.
so disappointing!

artemis123 --- the 85% that say it's worth it ... how long after the procedure are they posting? if within months of having it..heck yeah it's worth it! but i'm telling you...does NOT last!

Lots of questions regarding whether I would repeat...

Lots of questions regarding whether I would repeat the procedure. Only if it was offered free every 4 months and they knocked me out! There has to be a better way short of surgery.
i'm not posting before or after pics because i don't want my face plastered on the internet! LOL! Especially now that it is back to a turkey neck!
Sooo disappointed.
If anyone has had luck with this procedure lasting AFTER one year..please let me know where you went. I wouldn't mind doing it again if the cost was around $500 OR if someone knows of a place that has PROVEN results lasting at least a year.
this sounds like a very honest comment. there are some suspicious, overwhelming positive comments given to this treatment in here (no other treatments can get this high rating!). Those comments must have lured many of the people (including me) here to try this treatment. I hope there won't be anyone posting their comments for some particular reasons (like promotional).
I'm wondering the very same thing. I'm also curious as to why nobody seems to be posting before and after pictures.
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