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I will be 30 this year and I really miss my...

I will be 30 this year and I really miss my pre-pregnancy body. I had a c-section and it has really done a number on my lower half. Nothing fits anymore or at least to my liking and I am so sick of looking at the clothes hanging in my closet and wishing I could wear them confidently again. The truth is I am sick of being ashamed of my body. It has been four long years dealing with this extra skin and bad self esteem and now with the support of my husband, I am really going change my life. I am fortunate, I know not all people can do this for themselves. So I am going to make the best of this by going to the gym daily, taking my vitamins and watching what I eat. I am determined to do all I can on my part to get the best result.

I am just curious if any of you ladies have any Pre-Op tips for me? Supplies I would need?

Photo Update

Well I finally got the 'Before' pics up,...

Well I finally got the 'Before' pics up, it was really not as bad as I thought. It is strange to see myself from that angle, just used to looking down and grabbing at the flab with negative thoughts.

Now it is all positive thoughts, a little anxiety and a lot of anticipation.

I just went for my 2wk pre-op and settled a lot of...

I just went for my 2wk pre-op and settled a lot of my fears. Like the Arnica/Bromelain debate. Arnica is not needed cuz it is for bruising and I won't be bruised. Vitamin E is forbidden! No binder for this TT, yey me! My scar will be super low, actually below my cs scar. No medical clearance necessary cuz I am under 40, just bloodwork needed. I am excited, nervous, and anxious. MIL will be here next thurs to help prep the house. She will be staying 3 weeks, hope that is long enough...Until then, I will count down the days.

Hi ladies, well it went really well. Feeling no...

Hi ladies, well it went really well. Feeling no real pain yet, just discomfort from backpain, gas and swelling. Can't seem to get much sleep, feeling a little dopey too. DH was a star at the hotel, draining every two hours, helping me up and down. Day one almost down, just want to get some sleep!!!

Well it has been a week since surgery and I feel...

Well it has been a week since surgery and I feel alright. Off all pain meds except Tylenol PM to sleep. Ohhhh to sleep... Saw PS yesterday and he says the incision looks good, and I am going to look really good when all this swelling goes down. Sure doc, when is that????!!!!!

Still have both drains in, doc says they have to stay in till >20ml drainage per day. Today one was 60ml! Oh I just want them out so I can sleep in my own bed and on my side. I am in my son's bed cuz all the pillows I need in order to sleep on my back would most definately smother my husband in the night!!!

MIL is a big help, I couldn't do this without her. Really.

Anyways, I am taking this day by day and tomorrow will be better. Thanks ladies, you all have been a tremendous help both pre and post-op. Without this site, we would all be clueless.

Well it has been a month now and everyday is...

Well it has been a month now and everyday is getting better and better. Finally got both drains out and I plan to have a ceremonial burning of that god-awful fannypack along with the granny panties later this summer. Still cannot fit my regular clothes due to the swelling, but I am seeing it lessen everyday. I am happy. Although I would kill for a Zumba class, PS said to wait two more weeks before getting back to the gym :(

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

It has been one year now and I feel great. Best...

It has been one year now and I feel great. Best decision of my life. Now if only I could lose those last 10 lbs....

Going Back for Vaser Lipo to Flanks and Fat...

Going Back for Vaser Lipo to Flanks and Fat Grafting To Butt! It's been 2 yrs since TT and super happy with flat tummy but the rest needs work. Going in on Thursday, March 28. Wish me luck!

Got Lipo and Fat Grafting to my Butt

Got Lipo and Fat Grafting to my Butt

Been a month since flank Lipo and Fat Grafting to...

Been a month since flank Lipo and Fat Grafting to my glutes. Feel good now that I dont have to wear that awful crotchless torture device. The garment was seriously the worst thing about my surgery, all went fine, barely any pain AND NO BRUISES! Seriously, 4D Lipo is the way to go. Doc carved the small of my back and hips. And took my own fat, 700cc, and fixed my flat ass by a fat injected right into the muscles. Felt like I was sitting on two rocks for a few days, but beauty is pain! Ask me anything...

3 days post op: Girls 4D Vaser Lipo is the best! it had tightened my skin, so happy

So here we are again, another procedure and another recovery. This time it was 4D Lipo to the back and flanks with Fat Transfer to my Buttocks.

So now to recap: TT with m muscle Doc has put at least 600cc in each side. Definitely giving me the S curve I never had with my flat seat. Now I get to have a nice round shape.

This is the last contouring procedure I need to get my body back. Because by NOT having the extended TT like my PS insisted on I avoided the extended scars along my tattoo. I had to do it in separate sessions of lipo and fat grafting. I am happy with my results so far and trying to live through Swell Hell!

My DH has been a wonderful concierge doctor. Took the full week off for me.

For now, I am sausaged in a scuba suit a.k.a my compression garment. I have a love-hate relationship with this thing.

3 days Post Op

Stony Brook Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Epstein is a skilled plastic surgeon who performed my abdominoplasty with absolutely stellar results. I am very happy with my flat tummy and I am only six weeks out, which is my recovery halfway point. Prior to meeting Dr. Epstein, I had a consult with another PS whom I felt was more of a sleazy salesman than a caring physician. A girlfriend who had a BA a few years back highly recommended Dr. Epstein and thank god she did! My first consult with him was thorough, informative and reassuring. A polar opposite to the PS I met before. I felt as if he really listened and cared about what I wanted and also gave his honest medical opinion and realistic expectations as well. There was no up-selling of unnecessary lipo or some pricey product pitch like I found with other surgeons. He was straightforward, knowledgeable and professional, something you really come to appreciate while standing naked on a pedestal. I left the office feeling very confident in choosing Dr. Epstein. The surgery went well, from what I remember… My stomach looks flat and amazing and the scar is super low and healing well. I love to show it off in bikinis and tight shirts. I am 6 weeks post-op and feeling better every day. I have had very little discomfort and I credit Dr. Epstein as he does not use those uncomfortable binders or steri-strips, thus making recovery much more comfortable and more tolerable especially in the beginning when relief is needed most! My biggest complaints were normal, mostly back-pain and those annoying drains staying in four weeks which felt like FOREVER! Each post-op visit went extremely well with no complications and I felt as if the staff had my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend Dr. Epstein and his staff for your next procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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you look great, do you have any pics of what a 4 year post op tummy tuck scar looks like. I would love to see thank you :)
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Everyone scars differently, mine is great. In the beginning I was worried about it but then it occurred to me that I did not take care of my c section scar and it healed well. Best way to predict yours is by looking at your own.
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I saw your scar photo from 2 years its looks great and just wonder how much yours faded from 2-4 years.
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Thanks for posting your story, just helped me make my decision to do tummy tuck, 4d laser lipo on tummy, back, flank, arms and inner thights with Dr. Epstein! You look amazing!
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Hey how are you doing?! Any more photos to post? An update would be awesome!
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looking good lady!!!!!!!!
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You look great!
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New pics up, feeling great and working on my other problem spots now. Finally I took off the garment and got back to the gym. Can't wait for summer and bikini shopping. Best thing ever.
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Hey how are you feeling any new pics?
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Since we both have surgery on Thursday we'll have to check out eachother's after pics. Sounds like you're just having a little maintenance done to improve your TT. Good for you!
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How did it go? Feeling ok?
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You do look fabulous. Now you're going in for lipo and grafting to your butt? Is that like the Brazillian Butt Lift or something like that? Just curious. We'll both be in surgery on Thursday, that's the day for my TT.
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My PS suggested the grafting, he says why throw away good fat? Lol. Whatever you say doc! Apparently it is similar to BBL, putting fat up top to give rounder appearance except no sculpting at the bottom. Good luck with yout TT Thursday, the only thing I'm worried about is the fasting until 2pm, ugh.
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Wow I sure wish my PS had suggested that for me since I have virtually no butt so having some extra fat (and I have lots) injected would really help the appearance I'm sure. Maybe at a different surgery. I'm kinda hoping since he's doing lipo on my back & flanks to give me a waist then it'll atleast look like I have a little more butt since there will be more definition there. Since my BR and now TT I know I'll want my flabby arms & inside thighs done with lipo & tightening. Then there's my neck, my nose, my eyes. Everything is saggin and I'm trying to fix myself up one surgery at a time. I'd love a Mommy makeover type surgery but my PS doesn't like to keep anyone under that long (10-12 hours) and do that many procedures at one time. Plus at 58 I'm sure it's alot more dangerous than some 30 something.
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Hey!! I am also going to dr e, but for my BA. Did you go to him for the fat grafting?? You look slammin by the way : )
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Yes, he suggested it for an optimal result. Who am I to argue with the good Doc?
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how was it? was it painful? id love a mini TT with some lip and fat grafting. i wasnt sure if dr e did a BBL type procedure but obviously he does lol how do you feel? do you have any more pics id love to see how you look. did you have to have the drain for the grafting?
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Wow! Awesome to see your results! You look fabulous!
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You look fabulous! I am stuck on losing the last 10 pounds also. My arms are HUGE, they have gotten that way since after the surgery. I am happy with the stomach, but now on to the rest of the body. I am going to try and drop some weight and see if I am not happier.
Congrats to you, you look GREAT!
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Hi Loch, u look great, continue to keep us posted
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You look fantastic:)

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Hey, great results!!!!!!! congrats, girl! Hope the rest of your healing is smooth. I am so encouraged by all the great results and recovery stories I read on here.
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You look incredible! Love the new pics.... its amazing how your body starts healing so much quicker without those darn drains! You will be in a bikini in no time.... you are so nice and flat! That is great that you can go back to the gym in 2 weeks! I just can't wait to get back to indoor cycling class but have to wait another 2 weeks for that! Is your MIL still there? how are things going with your little one?
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Hey Hope you are doing well! Update your pics soon! How are you feeling?
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Hey u . . so you say you got one drain removed, eh? Awsome! When u getting the other one out? yesterday I saw my PS and he game me the okay to start working out!! So happy :-) Ur day will get here soon and ur gonna be like damn where the heck did the time go !
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