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I am almost 50 (will be by surgery) and after...

I am almost 50 (will be by surgery) and after years of a big stomach I finally decided that I was going to try to get rid of it since working out is not doing it. I am apprehensive but have put a deposit on it and am ready. I will have a full tummy tuck and liposuction of my flanks and back. I will post before and after pictures, anxious for feedback.

I have been going over everyones story and...

I have been going over everyones story and backround and am wondering if I need to lose weight first. I have been trying, working out 5 days a week. Although I have lost some weight (I am 165, 5'5")I look at my pictures and I just look fat!! I have no waist and I have a permanent "pants mark" around what would be my waist. I know I have a hanging stomach but I really want feedback. Honest feedback please. What should I do?
I too am having my TT,flank and arm lipo on April 15th.. I very nervous about having a lot of pain afterwards.. I am 31 years old, I have one child and a horrible abdomen that is stretched out and I hate the muffin top...I want to feel better and look better than my twenties... Good Luck.. I willkeep my progress posted..
I had my tummy tuck two days ago. I also had lipo on my inner thighs, flanks. I am in a full body girdle. The pain is not is not fun either. You want to stand up straight, but you feel like there is not enough skin to stand up. The spots that hurt me the most is the start and the end of the cut. Turning sideways is painful. The biggest thing is that you tire out within minutes. I will post some preop pics, but I have to ear this girdle for a week. I am going back in 6 weeks to have lipo on my lats, back, outer thighs. When I schedule the tt, I did not know how much lipo was needed. Having my own business, this was the only time I had to heal. I will try to get some pics up along the way. I have to say...I just love it!
Wow, I was going to ask my PS if he could do my inner thighs while I am already on the table. It's nice to know that it is possible. I wonder how much more he will charge for that. I;ll see. I would love to see your pre and post pictures. I will post mire.


Ok, today is the day and I am vey anxious, more...

Ok, today is the day and I am vey anxious, more because of the pain and inablity to funtion than the procedure itself. I am very active and I pray this doesn't permanatly interfere with it. I'll keep you posted. I guess I should go to sleep.
Good luck today! You ate going to be amazed with the results. I'm on day 3 postop. It's a little tough, but manageable.

I'm keeping my eye on the prize though! It will get better and I will wear a skirt this summer. With the blouse With a belt! And not hide underneath a boxy jacket!
CONGRATS!!! Today is your day!!!! WOOOOO!!!!

Operarion complete. It is the morning after and I...

Operarion complete. It is the morning after and I am experiencing pain in my back ans stomach region. This girdle I have on is tight as all get up. I have no idea how they got it on me. I haven't seen my stitches or anything. My dr told me not to take it off before I see him which is Wednesday. That's 5 days. That will be a challenge. How have you folks who took pictures on day two do it.

The pain isn't excruciating but I am very uncomfortable moving especially getting up. That's bad. I don't think I sleep long last night cause I was up. All night. Oh, and my through hurts. I wider if it because I had my mouth open during the procedure. It took about 4 hours.

I'll check in later...I hope..
the lipo is what raised the price. I did have my flanks and inner thighs and it was a little over $8000.....also this doctor has done several surgeries...I was going to have lipo on my outer thighs, bacl and bra roll in a couple of months and it would be another $6,000. Don't know if I am going to need it now and neither does he. My food portions have changed and I have lost a few pounds. I am going to wait and see what I look like in a couple of months.
Hi there. How did your procedure go? I think mine went well but I haven't had my post op appointment. It is tomorrow. I don't feel like I needed to go so I am not complaining. I am anxious to hear what the dr says. Have you been to your post op yet?

Today is my 1st post op visit and I am anxious to...

Today is my 1st post op visit and I am anxious to get feedback from the doctor. I don't count down to the next pain killer anymore so I know I feel better. It is still not simple to maneuver but at least i can do it. In the beginning it would take me 15 minuets before I made the first move. That's how hard it was to mover and how much it hurt when I did.

I know that I have a lot of bruising and I guess it is because of the lipo and because of how easily I bruise anyway. Is anyone else similar and can tell me what to expect in terms of recovery from the bruising?

Today is post op day 6. I had a very active day...

Today is post op day 6. I had a very active day yesterday and went to my PS. He took the grain out and all is well. Says I am super swollen so I am definitely looking forward for the increased better results. I am completely satisfied with the progression to this point and thought I'd feel bad at this point still. I do have struggles moving around/getting up and down. I think the fact that I work out regularly contributes to the better than expected recovery. I do get tired quickly and I want to get around cause I always like to be busy. Oh well, in time.
wow! You look terrific.
The lipo really made the your rear end more defined too. Did you have fat transferred to that area ( like B.B.L.) or are you just lucky to have that shape? I am sure you work out a lot too.
I think the price you paid is great! I live in WA state and would have to pay more.
Face. Yeah my dr did some contouring on my rear and i really didnt notice the big difference until i took more pictures tonight. I may post them but am no certain if it would be too revealing. (its not like you can see my face). At first i thought i paid more than i would have had too, but upon furtjer review i realize my doctor really went at it and probably gave me more tjan i paid for. I am itching an awful lot though.

I am two weeks post-op and feeling better each day...

I am two weeks post-op and feeling better each day. I am anxious to work out to begin the finishing work of what my PS started. I am so excited about the upcoming summer and cannot wait to get into a bathing suit where I dont look pregnant. I think I may have pushed too hard because I had a couple of bad days as a result of doing too much on the days I felt good. I'll post 3 week post op pictures when its time.

Today I went for my 3.5 week post op visit and the...

Today I went for my 3.5 week post op visit and the doctor told me I can start working out. Well, I am not sure about that, but I will see what happens by Monday. I am still not in a great space and still taking it slow. I hoped I'd be able to work out soon, but it didn;t seem so yesterday, though today I feel better. I will see. I am still swollen but feel like I am getting larger instead of smaller since the day of surgery. It may be more of my vanity. I am updateing the pictures today with my 3.5 week post-op.
NY, I think you look fantastic at 3.5 wks PO! What a wonderful transformation :)

I can totally relate to the feeling of getting larger as the PO weeks go by. I am 5 weeks PO and I definately noticed increased swelling at 3 weeks. My 3wk pics are worse than 2wks, or the pre-op pics, even! I haven't added more since, and I'm certain I haven't swelled less since.

I have heard that most women will see a decrease around 6wks.
You're body, even in recovery, looks years younger than one would expect 50-year-old to have. That's awesome for you! Congrats.
Awww. thank you. I don't, however, agree (LOL), thus the body transformation at 13k!!. I think my face looks younger than 50; I hope that my body can eventually get on the same age.

But really, thank you for the compliment.
Dr Taranow

I felt that my Dr was more expensive than I would have had to pay (having had other consults)but his reviews on ratemd, and his approach and down to earth demeanor swayed me. And now, when I compare the finishing work, I know that I made the right decision. As I write this it is only day 3 post op so as for the final results I've got a way to go. However, judging in this short time I feel the results are great so far and will only get better!! I really love my doctor and all the staff I intereacted with.

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