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I am 44 years old ( will be 45 in a few weeks)...

I am 44 years old ( will be 45 in a few weeks) married 23 years and have 3 children, ages 20, 17, and 11. I am 140 lbs and happy at my weight, but the stretched skin I have from having children really bothers me. I've thought about having a tt for years and am finally getting one in a month! I found out through my conceltation with the PS that I have a hernia, so he will take care of that as well. I wonder if the recovery will be longer? has anyone had a tt with no drains? I've read up on this type of tt, and it sounds like it would be better? I'm nervous and excited! :) the countdown begins!!

I'm having a hernia fixed as well - and I don't think this will take any additional time - as my doc didn't really say...Thanks to Kimmers25 for posting these helpful links! I'm a December TT as well!

look forward to hearing more from you!
Its so nice to chat with others going through this!Its funny, I didn't know about the hernia until I went to see the PS. I agree, definitely a big thanks to Kimmmers25 for posting the links:)
looking forward to hearing more from you as well

Welcome to the Tummy Tuckers!   Now get ready for the new you to make an appearance.  This is a nice holiday gift to yourself:)  I look forward to following your journey and reading your posts.

I have included a link to some answers from our RealSelf doctors on the recovery time with both procedures.  Hope this helps.  I have also included a link with information about the process with or without drains.  

I would love to hear how you found RealSelf and your doctor.


Hello December tt-ers:) I had my pre-op today. I...

hello December tt-ers:) I had my pre-op today. I had all my questions answered and am now anxiously awaiting my tt and hernia surgery, only 2 more weeks! Nervous and excited!!!

Only 9 more days until my tt and hernia surgery! I...

Only 9 more days until my tt and hernia surgery! I am excited!! I have my scripts. I have ondanesetron for nausea, ciproflaxacin, which I start the day before, which is a antibitic, and oxycodone for pain, then I still have to go pick up my last script which is a soap/cleanser to use the day before and morning of surgery. Time is going so fast! I look foward to being off of work atleast 2 weeks. My hubby will be able to help me 4 days, then he'll go back to work. My mom will come and help out as well. I've only told very few people about the tt, most people think I'm just getting the hernia repair. I am so excited to see the results!

Today I paid for my surgery! It feels real now!!...

Today I paid for my surgery! It feels real now!! only 1 week from today and I'll be recovering! I am so excited to finally get the tt I have wanted for so long!:)
Hope all is well
Thinking of you, leigh!! Please let us know how you are doing when you are up for it!
Best of luck tomorrow leigh! Will say a prayer for you-stay strong- it will be so worth it in the end!:)

I got home last night from surgery; on pain...

I got home last night from surgery; on pain killers every 4 hrs. Hubby has been my rock, I couldn't of done this w/out him. b4 i left the hospital, they showed hubby how to change pads ( i had a no drain, there are 3 holes across belly and they drain out, they will close up soon).i looked down and saw a flat belly! wow! havnt seen that since b4 kids:) its worth all im going through. exhausted.will write more later
Glad your home and resting :)
Glad to hear you made it through-hope you're feeling better ??! :)
Glad to hear from you Leigh!!! Congrats & get some rest :)

I went off the pain meds last night, they make me...

I went off the pain meds last night, they make me nauseated and dizzy.so now im on tylonol every 4 hours. It's been a rough few days, but thank God I do feel each day get better than the last. My post op apt. is tuesday morning at 8:30 am.

I am feeling clastaphobic with the binder on. I...

I am feeling clastaphobic with the binder on. I had to wear a double one, I just took off the top one. they are both so tight. I will be glad when I don't need them anymore! The top one I just wear until my apt. tomorrow. Its been uncomfortable to sleep. Last night I decided to sleep on the couch and it was better. I'm walking practicly all the way standing up, and have been since day 1.
Omg! How tight were those things?!?! I feel so bad for you!!thank goodness u were proactive about it!!
yes,I get a little stretching/pulling feeling, but my ps said I wouldn't have to be bent over. The nurse actually encouraged it, but thought it was great that I was almost straight up. Actually, I feel the same things whether I am bent over or almost standing up. I read somewhere you heel faster that way.so I'm doing whats comfortable. how are you doing with your binders? are you like me and feel like its 10 times too small? Its hard to take deep breaths!
Leigh the binder gets easier! I want to say up until sometime yesterday (day 5) I finally felt like I could breathe again (and my husband has been tightening my binder & i've had to tell him to take it easy lol). At 1st I thought there is no way I can wear this for longer than a week but now I feel naked without it. If its put on "right" I feel like it helped me stretch out, stand more errect & walk upright easier!! Sounds like your doing good & every day gets easier, I promise lol. I was told by my nurse days 3 & 4 are usually the roughest, as thats when swelling is at its worst & she said a lot of patients hit the wall emotionally at that time & I so felt both of those things big time. I'm am finally coming out of my funk! lol

Today was my post-op & it went great! He wants me...

today was my post-op & it went great! He wants me to put the binder back on( he allowed me to take it off last night as its hard to breath & talk!). anyway, he said everything looked great! he will see me in a week! He said I should see final result at about week 6. I have some swelling, but even with that, I am amazed at the results! the nurses comented on how great I looked. Oh, and I lost 10 lbs! But, the first few days I barely ate. I'm at 133( with clothes on) and hope to stay there.I feel good about how I look for the first time in many years! I can't wait to go shopping! My shirts are too big!getting dressed today and looking down an not seing that pooch was awesome!!The PS also wants me to get out and walk more, so I plan to do that starting today!
well ladies, I went to my post op today. I lost 10 lbs! Im at 133 (with sweats and 2 shirts on) so im super happy at this weight. The PS wants me to put the binder back on:( darn. I honestly don't think I can wear that for 6 weeks.he says the binder will be big after awhile. I hope so!he wants me to get out and walk,so I plan to do that every day.He said i should see more results at week 6. I have some swelling, but I love my results thus far!to see a flat belly through my shirt is amazing, no buldge! wow!so now we put a antibiotic gel with gauze twice a day on the incision and holes ( holes are covering up nicely).I highly recommend the no drains tt! I go see the PS in another week.
Good God Leigh now that's scary!Sounds like that could have been a disaster for sure-glad you're ok now & I bet you do feel better- breathing is not an option lol

I am now 3 1/2 weeks post op. I am at 131 lbs! i...

I am now 3 1/2 weeks post op. I am at 131 lbs! i still have a bit of swelling above the incision, but its going down slowly! i have been putting scar cream on that the PS gave me at my last apt. which was Dec. 20. i go see him again on Jan. 4th. I'm still feeling that tight feeling, but it doesn't bother me until late afternoon. It's been great being back to work the past week! I can't wait to start getting back into my work outs! For now, I'm just walking as much as possible. This was definitely worth the pain those first few days! I keep thinking, why did it take so many years to finally do this?!

Congratulations on the weight loss!  Good job:)

I am happy to hear you are doing so well and feeling great.

Happy New Year


Thanks Kimmers!

Happy New Year to you as well, hope its a wonderful year for you!!

:) :)


Today I had my 4 week post op! The PS did a scar...

Today I had my 4 week post op! The PS did a scar treatment, he said it will make the scar smooth, he also did it on the bb. He told me he could see my abs:) 2 more weeks I get to work out, I can't wait!!!!! I see him again in 5 weeks. he said i can take baths now, how nice that will be to soak after a long day at work:)Days are great, at night I still get swollen and tight, but each day is better:)

Its been 7 weeks and a few days and I feel...

Its been 7 weeks and a few days and I feel amazing, besides the tightness still, but its not as bad as it was. I tried on size 3 jeans tonight at the mall, wow! its so nice putting on pants and not having that pouch hang out. for the first time in years, it feels wonderful to try on clothes and look in the mirror and feel good about myself! As far as the work outs, I've been taking it slow, its still hard to work out, but I will get there! At 130 lbs. and happy with my weight:) I will be excited to run again, but I know it'll take time. I'm so glad I did this in the winter!
I took the garment off at 6 weeks, and I love not wearing it. I wear it when I exercise though for the extra support.
I still have swelling in the late afternoons/evenings, but its gotten better.
I will go back to the ps beginning of February.Thats about all for now!

I went to see the PS at 9 weeks post op.They were...

I went to see the PS at 9 weeks post op.They were going to take a photo, but I wouldnt let them lol. I've had swelling and fluid, so we will try next time for the photo. He wants me to put the binder back on for 3 weeks. ughhhh!!!So, the one he gave me I've been wearing 12 hours ( mainly at night) and the nice one I bought at a store in the day the other 12 hours. I have to admit, since putting it on, i dont feel the tightness as much and its much more comfortable to sleep. Thats about all for now:)

March 7th. I went to see the PS at 12 weeks ( last...

March 7th. I went to see the PS at 12 weeks ( last week). They took my after photo this time and they are going to send me photos in the mail, so I'm excited to get those! I do still have minimal swelling. No more binder though, yeah!! Thank God!! I am now back into running and it feels amazing:) I go back to the PS the very end of may. I feel amazing!!!:)
I'm curious to see your pics. I have a hernia too and wondering what my bb will look like. LOL
allyintx, i will have to have my daughter help me take a picture and load it on here, because I'm not good at that. i will try to do it asap:)
Glad you are feeling so good!! :) Can't wait to see your pics!

2 years post op

Wow! Its hard to believe its been 2 years since my TT and hernia surgery! I am still as thrilled now than I was then that I had this done! Still loving the results:) Hope everyone is doing great as well!!
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