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I was NEVER slim.......NEVER. Pretty, sexy, funny....

I was NEVER slim.......NEVER. Pretty, sexy, funny.....yes. But, slim? NEVER!

As the years passed I struggled more & more to try and control my weight. After having a GBS in '96, I lost 130 lbs. Then started packing on the weight again during fertility treatment in '03. Was 190 lbs by the time I got pregnant, and 240 lbs when I delivered. Couldn't get the weight off!! Consulted with my surgeon and found that there was a complication that would require me having the GBS all over again. In Jan '07, I had the second GBS and lost 75 lbs. All these trips up & down the scale have left souvenirs I do not want! So, we will be getting rid of this hideous apron and these awful bat wings to start! Having Fleur De Lis TT & brachioplasty (arm lift) on 2/20.


Hi there ladies! I am greatful for your kind words and good wishes. I come to you with good news. I am now at POD 3 and can honestly say, it's been far easier than I ever expected. I haven't really had "pain". Just alot of discomfort. I've been sleeping in our recliner in the living room. Even having the arm lift, it really hasn't been that bad. I am taking oxycodone for the pain. It's been working, though it maskes me very loopy. I will see my ps on Monday for my PO visit. Hopefully he will remove arm drains at that point. Having the drains above the vajayjay seems to be more comfortable than if they were on my hips. So, it's all good! I hope all of you who've made the trip this passed week are doing well. I will post some pics when I can.
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So glad you're doing well. Please keep us posted!!
happy to hear you are doing so well...hope you continue with ease

**POD 6** NEW PICS. So far it's been a pretty...

**POD 6** NEW PICS. So far it's been a pretty smooth ride. No real pain to speak of, but, that may have a lot to do with me following the advice of all my TT sisters and staying on top of my meds. PS gave me clearance to shower yesterday at my appointment. So, today, while kids were at school, I took a nice warm shower and washed away all the post-op yuck. I finally looked at all my incisions. I am VERY swollen today. I am pleased with the TT incisions. Nice & low and very even in the hip area. My arms look pretty bad though. Especially the right one. Took some pics of the TT. Will post arm pics soon.


You look great!!!
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**POD 8** Feeling much more alert and "normal". ...

**POD 8** Feeling much more alert and "normal". However, I think I may be in what's referred to as "swell hell". Last night I was in so much discomfort that I had to take off my binder and arm wraps.....even if for a few minutes. I just felt sooo confined. Like I was going to bust open. It felt so good. Just about 3 minutes!! I so needed it! Anyway, I am grateful for regular BMs, minimal discomfort, and what I believe to be good progress with my drainage. I am fortunate to have the help & support of my husband & my Mom. Even my 5 & 7 yr olds have been exceptionally good this passed week. Today I cut down my pain meds to 1 when I wake up, 1 in the afternoon and 1 before bed (orig dose was 2 every 6 hrs). I am looking forward to my 2nd PO appt on Monday. I'm hoping to get my drains removed. I am hoping to avoid seromas.


Looking good Lorna.
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Cant wait to see your new pics. Your stomache looks great! Hope your healing and recovery goes well. Thinking of you... :)
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**POD 9** Added new pics. Still feeling very...

**POD 9** Added new pics. Still feeling very swollen. Everything pretty much moving along nicely.


Looking awesome Lorna!
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you look wonderful...
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wow. you look great!
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**POD 11** I am not in pain. I am able to get...

**POD 11** I am not in pain. I am able to get around on my own pretty well. However, I do get easily exhausted. So, for the most part it would "appear" that I am all better now.

I think the after effects of the anesthesia is the hardest part for me to get past. I have my 2nd PO visit tomorrow. Plan to ask about some other form of cg for arms. The ace bandages he's had me wearing are really a pain in the a__! Also, need another binder or cg of some type as the one I have is closed up to its tightest and it is not tight enough anymore.

In addition to buffalo wings, I have learned that even the slightest amount of chinese food blows me up like a balloon.

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**POD 12** NEW PICS So this morning both my...

So this morning both my hands looked like they belonged to a cabbage patch kid. Chinese food is an absolute no-no. At least for a while.

Saw my ps for my 2nd PO appt. Believe it or not, he said I was wearing my ace bandages on my arms too tight. He told me that he wanted me to keep my bandages AND my binder off for the day. He said that he only wanted me to wear my compression at a comfortable level. I said I thought that I was supposed to wear it as tight as I could take. He said that he absolutely does not agree with that theory. He said I should rest today and keep my arms elevated. Tomorrow put my gear back on, but comfortably. On another note, he removed one of the drains and I have to go back on Thursday to get the other one removed. He removed the tape from my horizontal incision. I'm very happy with the way it looks.....VERY happy. I hope the vertical one looks as good when the tape comes off. Still have no clue what my bb looks like. Another bit of good news is that I will not need to have ANY stitches removed. PS said all my stitches are on the inside and will dissolve. He used some type of "glue" on the outside to close up the incision. How cool is that??


Great progress! You look awesome.
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You look awesome Lorna!
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Hmmm. already said that:] You look fantabolous girl!


**POD 16** NEW PICS (WARNING: GRAPHIC) Had my last drain removed yesterday. Whew!! What a relief! Also, took bandages off my arms and said I don't need to wear anything on them anymore. Double whew!! All that's left is wearing the binder for another 2 weeks. Then I will be FREE of all these confines! I must say, I am feeling much better since I stopped taking the percocet. I didn't realize how much it was affecting me until I stopped taking it. PS said if I feel the need to take one at night to help have a comfortable sleep, it's ok. I finally got the pics he took during my surgery of the skin removed. It's kinda gross, but, also amazing! Take a look if you dare.

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Took a shower tonight. At the suggestion of my...

Took a shower tonight. At the suggestion of my ps, I used a washcloth on my incision areas to help the glue come off. Finally, got a better look at my BB and not very happy with what I see. It's barely even opened. Not round. I sure hope it will somehow change shape with healing.


Who says you can't be 50 and fabulous! You will be for sure. One day at a time. Keep compressing. That BB will start looking good soon.
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Hey, Lorna how are you doing?
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OMG those pic caught me COMPLETLEY off guard! throwing up now lol
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**POD 28** NEW PICS. I am finally feeling close...

**POD 28** NEW PICS. I am finally feeling close to normal again in terms of energy. I have been able to go out shopping and walk around for a couple of hours. I've been tending more to meals (not gourmet, but edible), my kids, even went to a PTA fundraiser last week. Haven't gotten as far as house cleaning or laundry though. I thinks that's due to lack of desire, more than lack of ability. LOL! Like most of you, by day's end I am sore and swollen. Then I am back in my reliable old recliner for the evening. Took a few new pics today with my cute new panties. Still swollen (or at least I hope it's swelling!!), but, pleased all the same. My arms are pretty uncomfortable though. They seem to be healing ok, but, the scars feel like they are burning or pinching all the time. Seeing ps tomorrow for 4 wk PO appt. Looking forward to seeing what he has to say.


You are progressing wonderfully! How did your 4 week PO appointment go today?
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Thanks T!! My actual birthday is 4/13, so I have a few more weeks to get it together. Seeing ps tomorrow for 4 wks PO appt. Hoping he gives me the ok to start going back to the gym. I am still hoping BB opens up. Will see what he has to say about that tomorrow.
Getting better every day Sara!! Thanks for checking in!

**POD 35** BB pic. Saw ps last Thurs for 4 wk PO...

**POD 35** BB pic. Saw ps last Thurs for 4 wk PO appt. He was very pleased with my healing so far. I told him I wasn't happy with how my BB looks and he kinda "pffft!" me. He said we will see how it looks in June when I see him again. I definitely see a difference since I first really saw it. But, it seems to me like maybe an inner stitch didn't hold. You can see the outer scar being a circle, yet, it looks triangular. Otherwise, he lifted all restrictions but told me to "listen" to my body. I haven't been able to give up my binder completely. In fact, it was too big so I cut it at the seam, and removed about 6 inches, then resewed it back together. Fits great again! I put it on when I go to bed and take it off whenever I get dressed to go out in the morning (sometimes afternoon).


I am having brachioplasty and tummy tuck april 26th!!! you look great!
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Congratulations on making the decision to do this for yourself! Best of luck for a smooth surgery and a rapid recovery. Keep us updated. And post pics pre & post op if you can.
Thank you!! I was actually trying to post some pre op pics but I cannot seem to figure out how?!

**8 Wks PO** New pics. I've been experiencing...

**8 Wks PO** New pics. I've been experiencing some "spitting stitches". Had to go twice to the ps's ofc to have them removed. Not a big deal. Just a pain in the butt. Feeling ok, though still not 100%. I think (hoping!!) I am still swelling. Especially, if I am more active and on my feet a lot.


Hey Lorna!! Been wondering how you are doing? Hope you are having a great summer
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You look sooooo good! Very encouraging. I hope I look this good. Thanks for sharing. Did you go back to work? I am scheduled to go back on day 21 but might push it to day 26 th. not sure. Just wondering...
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Your TT is excellent . You look great ! I hope mine goes down . Thanks for encouraging words on my blog. I will post more pic of my neck on Tuesday that is a 2 week mark . I can't believe how swelling we get and tired over barely doing anything . Sis you have that ?
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Joshua King

After consulting with 5 different ps, I decided on this ps because he seemed to really see me as an individual and not "just another TT". He was the only one who suggested something other than the traditional TT. Also, the person who referred him to me is in the health profession. She had a TT with him also. I figure she is "in the know" about what ps is the best for this procedure. She was very happy with her results and the care she got from him and his staff.

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