Round Two, Tummy Tuck & Brazilian Butt Lift - New York, NY

Hi Ladies, I know what I’m about to tell u...

Hi Ladies,
I know what I’m about to tell u most of u will think I’m crazy for doing this so soon but I’m healed and this should’ve been done the first time.

Three months ago I had lipo of my full back and stomach for a Brazilian butt lift. Everything went great and I was somewhat happy with the results over time. My recovery was great only had pain for two days and it was only when I got out of bed the swelling and itching was the worst part. With the Brazilian butt lift your butt changes every week. I complained one day that all the fat was gone then the next morning it would be bigger than before. But I still wasn’t 100% happy I wanted my butt bigger.

After having the lipo the extra skin was still there and I decided I wanted a tummy tuck. My dr. told me that’s what I needed in the first place but my main concern then was a big booty. So now I’m getting a full tummy tuck, along with my arms lipoed also my love handles that I feel wasn’t lipoed enough the first time it was done. All the fat will be transferred into my butt once again and hopefully I will be 100% happy with the results. I have to be happy I can’t afford to do this again plus I’m not a fan of going under the knife. The recovery will be very hard since I have to lay from side to side since I can’t lay on my stomach because of the tummy tuck or my butt because of the Brazilian butt lift. But this is what I want. No one understands why I’m doing this since I look great from the last surgery but I know what I want.

My measurements before the first surgery were 38 38 42 now I’m a 35 32 44. What I’m hoping for after this one is 34 28 46. At the end of the day ladies it’s up to u & no one else everyone can give there opinion but its u that has too look in the mirror at yourself everyday so I believe if you’re going to do it do it right or not at all. I should’ve listened to my dr. the first time and got the tummy tuck it would’ve saved me some money but maybe now I’ll really get the butt that I want and I do have a smaller back that I love.

I will post pics later

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Pls do post your pics! Due to obvious enthusiasm and trust, I too will consider Dr. Francis for my first ever enhancement!!! I'm a born Brooklynight and willing to travel . I'm concerned sooo many great reviews without pics.
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Hi....I was wondering how surgery went? I also want to do BBL with TT but I am considering Dr Salama in Florida. I am in NY and would love to have surgery here if I could find a surgeon that does good BBL. I would really love to hear your experience and even better if you have pics...

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Hi did u schedule with Dr.Francis I made consultation with him today and wobdering what to expect?
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Welcome to the TT club.  You sure have been through the works and should be happy with the results.

Let us know how it all goes and please do post some pictures.


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I couldnt agree with you more -after all we are the once who look at ourself in the mirror everyday- keep us posted with your recovery, I am going to also get TT and BBL in September :)
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