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I will be having a Tummy Tuck and Vaser Lipo of...

I will be having a Tummy Tuck and Vaser Lipo of back and waist on July 12. I'm 41 years old 5'"8. I haven't been on the scale in a while but I "should" weigh between 155 and 160 pounds. I have a 9 year old daughter. I exercise almost every day when I can. I decided to do this because I want to get rid of my back rolls and have a flat stomach. Very excited about this whole thing. Worried about the scar....Still a ways to go. Worried about the heat in July :( but is the only time I have off...

Good luck to you! :)
you are similar to me, (height, size, age) so hopefully you will be as thrilled as i am post op! i am only 6 days out but so far so good....i think it will look great in about a month!
Aww hotstuff thanks for your comment. Hopefully we get the great results must ladies get in this site :)

Wow I can't believe just one more month to my...

Wow I can't believe just one more month to my surgery day. My preop is June 28th so until then it doesn't seem that real. Probably when I make the payment it will feel like there is no turn around. I see many people here that have surgery close to mine are already getting ready and getting all kind of necessary things. I tend to do everything the last minute so after my preop I will start getting ready. I keep thinking something is going to happen that's going to make me cancel one way or another but it hasn't happened yet. Not nervous yet but if I think too much about I get kind of anxious. :)
I can't believe is almost our turn. You are going in a week before me. I just want to be on the flat side and recovering and hopefully being happy with the results. I'm going to keep a close eye On you too ;)
Your the same height as me, I have a ton more corrections to get done then you do but I will bee watching your progress you are going to look fabulous! I am scheduled for July 3rd! YIPPY! Not much longer for either of us! One more week and we will be into our magic month! ;D Good luck to you can't wait to see the results!
Thank you :)

12 days to go!!!

12 days to go!!!
Wow can we say next week? ;)
Nena, we are on the countdown girl.....10 more days from today! July 12 will be here in the blink of an eye!

Ok this is no good. I been reading a forum about...

Ok this is no good. I been reading a forum about people being swollen even after 3 and 5 years of a tummy tuck. I need to stop reading this and pray everything will be ok :s

Just four days left for my surgery. I still don't...

Just four days left for my surgery. I still don't know at what time will be, they will call me te day before to let me know. Im trying to spent the most time I can with my family, going to the pool etc. trying to clean the most I can. Tomorrow I'm checking what I need to buy to keep in the house ( gauze, neosporin, etc). I don't have a recliner I'm going to be sleeping on the couch with supersized pillows, we will see how this works. I always noticed my toilet is higher than a regular toilet, today I asked my husband why and he said is a handicap toilet..perfect. Today my 10 year old daughter was helping me get up of the couch, she wanted to practice for after the surgery. Isn't she cute? But she couldn't get me up :( I feel pretty good right now not nervous at all, just if I think too much about it I start getting anxious. I really hope I have a speedy recovery so I can enjoy a little bit my summer before I get back to work. We are planning going to Florida in August. That would be two weeks and a half after my surgery. I wonder if it wil be ok to travel after two weeks.
Thank you! Yesterday I was browsing online a little too much. I need to stop doing that. Get myself worried. Thursday is the big day for me. Im really excited. You are looking really good and your posts make me laugh. This site is great I get over 50 emails a day from realself and I read each one. :)
You look pretty slim already so you will look fan-freakin-tastic when you are done with this! Don't tell us about 3 to 5 years for the swelling! We don't want to hear that. My doc told me 6 to 12 months and I didn't believe him.
hey nena thx for ur comment on my profile ..wow ur next i hope all goes well..and smooth...ur results are gonna be amazing good luck!!=)i bet ur going crazy right about now=)))

Ok this is crazy but I'm not nervous or anxious...

Ok this is crazy but I'm not nervous or anxious anymore. I'm really excited now. I can't wait for Thursday!! Good luck to everybody having their procedure this week and happy healing for the ones that are already on the flat side. :))
Thanks girlis woke up at 4... A lot of pressure in my stomach and I'm shaking that's alll feel cOmfortable right now. I will spend the night here :)
Thinking about you and praying for a speedy recovery for you!!
Nena6 thinking and praying for you on your day.Happy healing.

I wrote this in "July Tummy Tuckers" Forum...

I wrote this in "July Tummy Tuckers" Forum yesterday right after the surgery at the hospital (7/12): This would be day1 Post-op
I feel so comfortable right now. I feel like I Did 1000 push ups right now but tolerable. I got some lipo of the underarm ( axillary folds) fat but is ok. My lower back hurts some. I been totally aware. Nurses are great. They are not going to let me eat but I'm not even hungry. I'm having an ice pop! So far so good I may hurt later idk. They say to call when I start feeling pain but idk if the back pain is enough reason to call. I'm going to go for a walk in few minutes. My period stopped so maybe is the end of that :) I'm happy right now... I'm pretty aware too. Good luck to you and all the girls that are due for tomorrow . Smiles :))
Hey Bootie! In having a Pretty good first day as well. Pain at minimum. I haven't taken a look at anything. I have a full garment on. The nurses are great. They don't let me eat but I'm not hungry. I feel good. Hopefully this means a good recovery. We will see. I have to see if the vajayjay got the lift . I'm curious now lol

Day 2 post-op: I have been feeling pretty good...

Day 2 post-op: I have been feeling pretty good today. I can do pretty much everything. I can get up from the recliner, go to the bathroom etc pretty much independent . I'm walking very hunch over. Trying to drink water . My daughter is 10 years old and she has been an angel for me. She just made me a sandwich and doesn't complain about anything. (Usually under normal circumstances she is a drama queen). My doctor says I can take a shower tomorrow lets see how that goes. This morning I got up to go potty (4am). Once seating on the toilett I felt like I was going to pass out I got that feeling sweating, you feel cold and feel like you are going to vomit and very dizzy. The nurse helped me to my bed. Few minutes later I was better. Went home around 11. I'm happy to be home. I'd like to take my garment off to wash it but I'm going to wait until tomorrow. Overall I think that so far *crossing fingers* I'm having a pretty good recovery. Wishing everybody having surgery today good luck and to those that are on the flat side a happy recovery... Pictures will come some time this week ( I feel to hunched over to be taking pictures)... My tummy looks flat but is swollen :)
That's too funny You made me laugh and laughing hurts. II can just imagine. Don't you think we look funny walking like that ? My ride came to pick me up with her daughter and they were funny... Her daughter thought I looked like a very old lady. We just kept laughing at the way I walked
Ha! Ha! According to my husband, when I was drugged that first day, I kept following my teenaged sons around, saying, "Look at my ass. Look how black and blue the doctor made it..." and they'd say, "No, Mom! We don't want to see your ass!" and they'd go the other direction, and my husband had to redirect my hunched over drugged self back to the recliner to sleep it off! I almost died when he shared that with me, (which was only yesterday).
Kapi right after the surgery I wrote on this site, I wrote to my mother in Facebook and I sent text messages to two friends that know about this. Funny thing is I don't remember writing them lol . I have been clearing my throat for hours. I coughed without even thinking and oh my that really hurt lol :)

I think yesterday was day 1 today is day 2....

I think yesterday was day 1 today is day 2. Feeling pretty good. I got up walking a little straighter than yesterday. I have been sleeping on and off all day. I think the
Meds make me that way . Doctor said it was ok to take a shower today but I prefer to wait, took a sponge bath instead. I don't have too much appetite but I been eating healthy. Oh my back hurts so much if I'm up walking for too long. I have to clean my bb everyday and change the dressings so I got to take a look at myself. I see a waist!!! Scar is really low as doctor promised and I'm a little bruised but not a big deal. I got to wash my garment which makes me feel so much better. I still had some of my period so the mess I felt dirty. All taken care :) hopefully recovery keeps being smooth. Did I mention I'm bored.... Oh my doctor sent me flowers isn't she nice. I really wasn't expecting that nice detail :)
I feel good I was walking straighter earlier but as the time goes I hunched over more. My stomach feels really tight now. Yes it is hard to get up from bed I have to turn on my side first and then hold the bed pillar I feel I'm using my abs a little less this way than if I get up on a different way. I try to be careful I don't want to use those muscles at all but everything I do it seems I use them somehow
How are you today nena6? Last night was hell for me....today a bit better. Do you find it hard getting up from your bed?
Hi judygirl. Same here. My incision doesn't hurt but I thought maybe because I have a pain pump attached. I just removed it because I realize it was empty already. I've seen my stomach already I just took a shower and felt great. Back Is better today and I'm walking straighter. I need to remind myself not to walk too straight. I switched to Tylenol for pain today, so let's see how that goes. Is just morning time so hopefully is good at the end of the day. Hope everybody has a good day today :)

Today is PO day 4: yesterday I decided not to take...

Today is PO day 4: yesterday I decided not to take my medicine anymore I was having ctazy dreams. So yesterday I switched to Tylenol strength it made me really sleepy all day took a loong nap. Weird thing when I was taking my nap while asleep I was trying to wake up from my sleep and I couldn't. I tried to move my arm or call for help and I couldn't either then I decided to stop trying and go back to sleep. Then I woke up. Isn't it weird ?
Today I haven't taken Tylenol at all and I feel good. I got up and walked a little straighter than yesterday. While my husband was taking a shower I decided to go get me myself donkindonunuts coffee and I did. I knew coffee would make the trick for me to finally poop it always does and it did . Yeah it feel so good, it wasn't much but took a way the fear to push. Sorry if tmi lol. Well the ride to the store made me tired so I'm resting now. I want to try walking today on the machine. Is getting hot out. Pain wise just feel the pressure and tightness on my stomach. I was sweeping the kitchen this morning very carefully and I hit myself ( I thought on the scar but it was actually my hop) with the doorknob. God it hurts. That made me cry and get really emotional but it wasn't about the pain. I think I was feeling sorry about myself and started adding other personal issues to it so I cry for everything, everybody even my deceased siblings. I feel better now but I can see I'm getting emotional. I hope everybody there is having an easy recovery. ??
Hi mdgirl. Glad to hear from you. So far so good uh. My nurse also said I should walk hunched for at least a week. We are getting close to the week. Thursday I have a post op appointment hopefully these drains come off. They are always on the way ;)
Hey there!! Just read your updates wanted to check in on you!! Sounds like we are about in the same place. I dont like taking the pain meds either and I have been having crazy dreams too! So I am sticking to the ES tylenol seems to do just fine. Plus I dont feel out of it. I cant wait to get rid of this last drain though thats for sure! Other than that Im feeling pretty good. OH and I was going to tell you the nurse at my drs office told me to quit walking so straight up like I have been. That it really helps healing and the results to stay hunched over for at least the first week. I have a hard time staying hunched if I dont need to. Wondered if you had been told the same?
Working hard thanks for your kind comment. I guess we get vulnerable at this moment. Is been better for me. You know what my compression garment has been killing me today and just noticed I can adjust it at the shoulders I'm tall so it feels so much better this way I can even walk a little straighter now ;)

Day 6: well this morning I felt pretty good, I...

Day 6: well this morning I felt pretty good, I planned go out to see my daughter practice tennis, but after the shower I felt so tired that decided to stay. I washed my garment again. It feels so good to be without it. I can't wait to be just in spanx. It really kills me. I had some lipo in the axillary area and the garment was really hurting me there so what I do now is I pull the garment up but don't put my arms through. It was just hurting me too much in that area. My back is starting to hurt from the lipo also but not that bad. Im pretty mobile, my tummy doesnt really hurt anymore. I I have PO appointment tomorrow so hoping she takes the drains off, I'm not draining too much this last couple days. I see everybody is healing good. I love reading everybody's reviews.
I teach sixth grade English, Reading, and Social Studies. Maybe we could arrange some small guided groups in the afternoon so we can sit down...? Sure we will need to put our feet up when we get home!
Definitively, dresses and skirts. Im hoing to have to go shopping. I teach spanish 4 classes of 7th grade Spanish and 2 high school Spanish classes (9-10 grade). What about you? :)
That's promising for the drains :) I'm guessing I will be wearing more dresses to begin .... end of the day is hard any way! What do you teach?

DAY 7 PO: I went to the doctors today and got my...

DAY 7 PO: I went to the doctors today and got my drains taken off!! I feel human again.I drove myself to the doctor's office. Someone was with me of course, but I felt just normal. The doctor said she removed about a kilogram of skin (2,2 pd) and about two liters of fat from my beefy back!! She says everything looks good and she was surprised how good I look (walking straight), Back pain is not that bad today. She said I was swollen and that I won't see the final results until at least 6 months. Btw I went on the scale today and I lost about 8 pounds which I attribute also to me eating less than normal. She said I could use spanx from now on which surprised me so I may alternate between the spanx and the cg. Right after seeing her I went to the mall and bought a spanx by flexees that seemed to work for me, I need the support on the back because the lipo. Got home, and forget about lunch lets try some clothes, started trying on my bikinis first, they looked pretty good, no flabby belly, some waist, cool. Let's try on some pants...big mistake :( They fit if I really try to close them and I don't show a muffin top like before, but they don't close easily. Sounds kind of strange considering my shape looks better and I weigh less...swelling.....I try a pair of jeans but I didn't dear closing them. I put on a fitted shirt on and a pair of sport shorts with elastic band on the waist, and looks good. My waist looks tiny in comparison what it used to be. I never had a waist before so i feel curvy but I know is just swelling my hips are bigger like right under my belly button, all that area is swollen including hips. I would have never wore those shorts with a simple fitted shirt before. Muffin top would have been visible and back rolls too. She said I may swell more...oh god...we will see...I guess we have to be patient with this swelling thing because is just the beginning. Overall I am very very happy. I hope everybody is having a happy recovery too, Today is a good day! :)
Hi nena u look awesome,,,! I wish I knew how to up load my pix....:(. Glade to hear u are recovering well....just think its been a week already....U r a brave soul driving already I'm just chicken.....I think I might give it another week or so....I will say it again...u look awesome....!
Congrats on getting rid of the drains! I got rid of mine Tuesday & showered today :):) Tried on clothes today too :) Just tops mainly - glad they fit, just some nice cleavage now - some not for work anymore ;) Isn't it fun??
Thank you Nikki, now that I found a before pic I can see a difference. I guess I'm to critical of myself :)

Day 9 PO. Hellooo. Not much to report. I went to a...

Day 9 PO. Hellooo. Not much to report. I went to a swim meet today. I stayed most of the time. Weather was comfortable. I stayed for almost the whole meet but i got tired so I went home. I'm feeling almost back to normal. I'm walking upright unless I feel swollen I start hunching a bit. At the end of the day I can feel more tightness and swollen even my garment seems to not fit . I take the dog for a walk and do chores atound the jouse, no makor chores or heAvy cleaning but easy things to do. I started massaging mysewith the lipo areas with vitamin e oil cocoa butter from palmers if feels good. I'm thinking I may need a revision or more lipo. I still see fat on my back and my waist. Not sure if is fat or just swollen, but to me is fat lol . Anyone knows if Are there going to be more changes in the figure on the following months or this is it. I have no patience :(
I so cannot wait to be able to lay on my side without having to hold my damn tummy up...lol. YAY!! I love that side shot of you! You are looking really good girl!
Thank you . You will be able to lay on your side sooner than you think. I know the look when I use to lay on my side before tt was pretty gross lol
Sounds like you are enjoying the fruits of your labor; just don't clean out the orchard.
Your preliminary results look fantastic.

13 days PO . I haven't updated in a couple days by...

13 days PO . I haven't updated in a couple days by the time I'm reading everybody's reviews is too late to write on my own. So happy everybody I'd recovering fine. I hfeel pretty good no back pain, I can sleep ony side but I miss sleeping on my belly. I Derek comfortable taking a shower now. I been massaging gently my lipo parts. I have been walking more now I would like to try going to the gym again. I think I can do it I would take it easy but I'm going to wait until I see my doctor next week the 31st. I love exercising I practice led mills classes such as body pump, body combat, boda atrack and body step. I think I should be able to start attack and step taking it easily . The other two I may wait because one is with weights and the other one is kind of like kickboxing and I don't think I ready for it. House needs to be cleaned :( u been dusting and moping here and there but I may need help with the vacuum cleaner. Laundry I can do .if my husband carries the basket down to the basement. Pretty much back to normal I don't think I'm overdoing it. Still very swollen. This morning I felt sharps pain from my scat but I suppose is healing. I have to ask her. Also this morning I felt I wasn't that swollen. Still my sides look big not sure if swelling or fat. I'm going to try to be patient with that :p the doctor lipoed my waist but there is a section that it looks may need more lipo. Maybe called the flank? Like write by my hip area. I don't think she lipoed there. I have to ask. Overall very happy with the results. I have a more feminine figure. This morning my tight clothes fitted... Yeah and no muffin top. Wow that makes me happy. Trying to try on fitted shirts but I don't own any. I always bought silky flowy shirts to hide the rolls. All I could do was try on my gym tops. They look great ;) wishing all of you a happy recovery!! ;))

Sorry my phone autocorrects me and I see a couple...

Sorry my phone autocorrects me and I see a couple words switched them into Spanish. :(
I just sent you a message, then checked out your page, You Look Great ! :) So happy for you, the swelling gets less and less, I am 4 months now and still having swelling at times.
I sleep on my side and stomach also. I had to sleep on my back for several weeks before I could sleep on my side. But when I did boy did it feel good. :)

18 PO : I have been feeling really good. About...

18 PO : I have been feeling really good. About pain, aches and swell: very seldom I get pains on my belly , sometimes in my incision. I feel a burning sensation when I get up in the morning on the lipo sites similar to when you have a sunburn. Not too swollen in the morning. I still can see a tiny belly but I can tell is swollen, still I have a tightness sensation throughout the day. I get more swollen at the end of the day. Yesterday I ate a red lobster and I tried to order healthy, but I have to be more careful whatever I ordered must have been loaded with salt, because as soon as I got up I felt like a blow fish and I had a sharp pain in my stomach. My clothes fit nicely, even pants and jeans. I still don't want to wear jeans or anything tight to avoid pressure on my belly but they fit. Today I'm wearing a pair of Capri pants with a fitted shirt. Is amazing but there is no rolls showin from my sides or back. It feels good. I have doctors appointment tomorrow. I have many questions to ask. Hope everybody is doing great and thanks for the support :)
Hey Nena,
Glad everything is going well for you..It feels great to wear clothes and not see any rolls :)
Kapilani, I had to really laugh about the moms giving you te eye. I went out to dinner w/ hubby Sat. night and he said all the women outside on the terrace were staring at me. I had a tank dress on, it hugged every proud curve :) I saw in them the look I used to give when I saw a woman with a body I wanted. Funny how things turn yes? Im kinda liking the envy!
Ok, what is it w/ your posts making me laugh so much???

4 weeks po: and this week on Thursday is going to...

4 weeks po: and this week on Thursday is going to be 1 month after the surgery. I'm feeling great. I'm a lot less swollen now especially in the morningsat the end of the day I get more swollen Is easy to tell I swell right by my incision. My tummy still not totally flat but I can tell is swollen and I'm gaining a little but of patience now because swollen and all I live the results. My sides still swollen as I stated in other posts but we will see in two or three more months how everything is looking. I love how my clothes fit is so nice to just throw a nice fitted shirt on you and see that it looks nice. Before I used to spend hours before I got out of the house because nothing I tried on made me happy. Now if I spend too much time getting ready is because I can't believe how this or that fits and I keep trying and trying my clothes . I need to go shopping fir tops because mire of my tops are pretty loose cause i use to hide my figure and now i want to show thw curves :) Friday we are driving to Florida from new York spending a couple weeks there before I get back to work, sooo that means i get to wear my bikinis. I'm definitively going to " try" not to get too much sun since I read us no good for the cicatrization process. Is going to kill me not to be able to go in the poool or beach. I haven't asked my doctor yet but I read you are not supposed to until at least 6 weeks so lets see what she says. My scar is totally healed but I'm still afraid of any infections... I have been walking and using the stationary bike at the gym but in dying to start my regular classes. Doctor says not until 6 weeks so I shall obey ;) I'm sleeping good I tried sleeping on my stomach but still doesn't feel right so I'm going to wait a little more
hey, lady how are you feeling. how did the holidays treat you?
Happy new year beautiful. I'm feeling great, very happy with the results. But yes there is a but I'm going back for more lipo of the flank areA including lower back and hips. Now that I'm flat I see other areas that need lipo. I guess im way to critical of myself...March 22 is my date but after that I'm done ;)
Will good luck. What's funny, I'm thinking of a brazilian butt lift. But Dr. C does mint do this. I want to take the fat from another area and inject it in my booty.. two for the price of one.. need to find the right person though. I'm glad you are doing well. What happen to your pics would like to see desire to date.

New pics after a year..update soon


Is been a year...

It \has been a year and I'm still very happy with my results. My clothes fit a lot better. I don't have fat rolls or muffin top anymore. I'm still the same size (8) and sometimes 6...but my pants look great. I'm confident enough to wear my bikini and walk around. Dresses look wonderful, they never looked the way they look now, no matter what the material is my stomach looks flat and I have more of a figure. I'm happy with the scar it has been clearing up lately, I'm not using silicone strips but I started using a little bit of rose hip oil and almond oil and it seems to be clearing up (not sure if these oil help with scars but i read they are good for stretch mark which I still have). In another note I joined a boot camp and I love it, I been exercising a lot and even did a spartan race and a warrior dash. This has helped me a lot on becoming more toned, I can see a difference specially on my arms, shoulders and legs. I still read many of the reviews, very happy that everybody is happy with their results. Hugs :)

Some new pics


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I love Dr. Capek. All I have to say I didn't need to see any other Dr. after I met her. Feel like a friend, like family. People at her office very nice and helpful.

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