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Free At Last (33 Y/o Male, 5'9" 225lb)

I am a 33 year old male 5'9 225lbs. threw out...

I am a 33 year old male 5'9 225lbs. threw out my entire life I struggled with my lower stomach so on my 13th birthday I got my first weight set; ive been working out religiously every since . 5 years ago I dropped down to 188 pounds from eating healthy and running 7 miles 4-5 times a week, 400 sit ups 4 days a week and gym 6 days a week and still I had not just a flabby lower stomach but almost like I had another ass on my lower belly; with 2 abs on top. I was always complemented on how good I looked but I am a pro at sucking in and wearing tactical clothing. It also helped that I have a large muscular back, shoulders, chest and legs from working out. 4 years ago I was involved in an accident and had shoulder surgery so I can no longer do half of my work routine and so the ass on my stomach got larger and more depressing.

I was a little skeptical about going to a female doctor because of the shame but im glad I did. I believe she is the only one with the newest machine and really took pride in her work. I did my lower abs and shanks the procedure took about 4hrs only because im very wide and she added a few area's at no cost. I am currently 1 day post op and fell good. I can’t stomach the pain pills so im just taking 600mg Advil’s.

After surgery I left the office yesterday at 2 pm took a nap and still felt great enough to take a walk. I was supposed to take a pain pill at 10pm witch I new I wouldn’t take but 9:59 some pain kicked in. because I didn’t take pain pills I slept uncomfortably.

I woke up this morning 1 day after surgery and already only mild pain only around my lower stomach. I can walk around fine and notice the swelling is down allot and I now have a regular shaped belly which I think it will be flat after all the swelling is down. I will soon post pics.

6/21/10 drainage stopped after 2nd day but I feel...

6/21/10 drainage stopped after 2nd day but I feel like allot of fluid still inside and lower stomach looks a little flabby but excited to see what the next few days bring. I visited doctor today she told me that the body will absorb the fluid and to ice today then heat tomorrow on.

6/24/10 the day after heating I got really swollen and bruising around entire lower stomach. today I still have the swelling and bruising its a little discouraging because I went from a sloppy lower stomach to a muffin top but I see the doc on the 28th so hopefully the bruising will clear up and swelling go down buy then.

That is an awesome story, especially for me because I know exactly how you feel! Working out religiously and more situps/crunches than I can even count did nothing for my stomach. I had it done a month ago today and feel exactly how you feel...FREE AT LAST! No more "strategic" dressing to hide...now I LOVE getting dressed!CONGRATS and post pics soon! WTG!!!
Ronit Adler

Only one with the new machine in New York. And the few times I was at the office I seen 2 other people go their to fix another doctors mess.

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