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I recently had rhinoplasty in February 2011.I had...

I recently had rhinoplasty in February 2011.I had a bump removed from the bridge of my nose as well as the entire tip re-shaped..I went back the 1st week of august because i had a water filled bubble on the inside of my nose,so i went in for him to drain it..its now the end of october & im still not happy with the tip of my nose..I thought the bubble was causing the tip to look different on both sides,but i dont see that much of a change.both nostrils look different.

Also,i feel like where he took the bump away,now my front profile looks wide & swollen where the work was now 8months after it going to get any better? i hear it takes up to a year,but i feel like it isnt going to get better..

any advice would be helpful because im highly considering getting a 2nd surgery


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Are those After pictures of your nose thaken 8 months after your surgery? I think the shape if your nose looks great, and even though it may look a little wider from the front thats not a bad thing. I see what ur saying about the tip. It definitely looks swollen still. It could also be scar tissue which in that case you would need a revision. My nose changed the most a year after the surgery. I never would have believed it would get better but it did. I think your beautiful either way, do what makes u happy!!!!!!
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Yes,but i should i trust the same surgeon for better results? I had a breast augmentation from him & had a problem with one breast dropping, i mean,it could just be my body but i dont know how i feel about him doing it again..i need professional advice
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