2 weeks po revision.

Well I'm scheduled march29. I can't...

Well I'm scheduled march29. I can't believe it. I'm so nervous. I'm not excited for fear of jinxing myself. I had 3csections. 3beautiful children. How did I get here? I ask myself thAT EVERY DAY. I starved myself to a size. 2 before my wedding than gained 111 pounds with my first pregnancy. Second 55. Half. Dieted to a size zero.3rd times a charm. Too much scar tissue can not hold my stomach in. Can not starve myself anymore.

OK so I did not finish. My 3rd pregnancy I gained...

OK so I did not finish. My 3rd pregnancy I gained 85 pounds. A lot harder to loose the weight and my stomach just not the same. Scar tissue bad. Stretched out skin. I will try to post pics soon. Oh I am 5'8 ,41 years old. My heighest weight with my first pregnancy was 242. After my seconchild I starved myself to 118. Size 0 or double zero. But my husband worked all the time so I never cooked therefore never ate. Everyone say I looked sick. The truth is is that I couldn't stand my stomach. Anyway surprise I get pregnant again. Pack on 85 pounds. When I am pregnant I am starvinglol . So after that I never go back. Kids bigger. Running around. Cant

So now I'm 152. Which I guess is not bad but I...

So now I'm 152. Which I guess is not bad but I look terrible. I have a huge stomach and I look pregnant when I am not holding it in. My skin is stretched out. I have that spare tire from scar tissue and stretch h marks galore. I just want to tuck my shirt in and wear a belt. I have not worn a belt or tucked in my shirt in 6 years. It is too hard to not day now that the kids are bigger. B Esides even if I lost weight not sure how I would be. It is different after my third. I'm curious as to what PS say about my stomach muscles because I can't hold my stomach in and I have extreme gas all the time. I recently met a women in PS office who say gas was from distasis. Well I went to gastrointestinal docter and colon docter because I suffer all the time. I even had

I even had a colonoscopy. Irritable .bowel they...

I even had a colonoscopy. Irritable .bowel they say. Anyway I went to pay my bill yesterday. It was surreal. Am I really doing this crazy. Went around getting stool softener.itch cream.bromelin.arnica. protein shake. Vitamen c.iron pills.tylenol cold pm. I dropped off my 3 prescriptions at target. I almost had a stroke.b loodclot medecine 550 dollars. I sat in my car for like 10 min. What the he k am I going to do now. I did not fill it there. Called PS. They no help. Freaked out that. Went to Costco. OK 150. Better but the pharmacist was a father of one of the kids my son goes to school with. So that was uncomfortable. He ask me when my surgery was because he would not have it till Mon. Very professional. Still feeling exposed

So I took pictures on my phone but I don't WAnt...

So I took pictures on my phone but I don't WAnt them on my computer or linked to fb

12 more days to go! I am starting to feel like...

12 more days to go! I am starting to feel like I'm not making the right choice. Today i went to my sons game and realized I will be missing a tournament april7. I keep reading about bad experiences and swelling. I keep thinking about my ps saying I may need a revision and my legs are kinda thick. So I handed over all this money and hope for the best meanwhile I am giving up my freedom. I hate being in the house, hate when my house is messy and hate being helpless. I had such blues after 3 sections. Im confused as to what garments to buy afterwords. they say spanx. omg i hate tight stuff makes me want to throw up and get a headache. That is what is on my mind.

OK so I'm still numbing through the day. I think...

OK so I'm still numbing through the day. I think my husband starting to resent me he keeps mentiong the money and tacking on extra. He is also very crabby to me. He likes that I do everything. My little Guy had stomach virus and i wasn't feeling well either. He kept tapping me when he was throwing up again. So finally i say you could get up too you had virus already. So he say oh OK. But i can tell he is resenting that he is going.g to have to do more. And that he had to pay all that money. So i had to measure my waist holy cow i thought i would faint. I guess this is why IM having this done. Still am not done shopping. What's mom? I hate all these abbreviations. It takes me forever to figure out. IM taking mom. IM assuming milk of magnesia. But what is that andwhy

4days to go IM getting nervous. I am scared of...

4days to go IM getting nervous. I am scared of everything. The operation. The pain after. Not being able to do anything. The garment. Dog ears. Revisions. Infections. Not to be gross but i shaved down there and to my surprise i have stretch marks down there deep ones. I am now worried about incision. My two boys i carried very low so makes sense. I now have stretched out upper vagina to add to my list . I also take pills for pm's and IM not going to be able to take them. I get severe pms. So IM going to start getting those lovely symptoms around Wed. Thurs is the big day. My symptoms range anywhere from angry.depressed. crying. Sometimes crazy LOL.

Ok so thurs is the day. got my kids easter baskets...

ok so thurs is the day. got my kids easter baskets ready. cleaned. still have stuff to do. my before pics are so horrid. like my grandma underwear. they hold me in when i pull them up. gross.scary.

I am home. It is over. Pain is minimal. More...

I am home. It is over. Pain is minimal. More tommorow.

OK so i was drinking with straw. Big no. I had to...

OK so i was drinking with straw. Big no. I had to burp so bad and could not. Everett pains. My husbandhad to pull me forward andmy daughter pattedmy back for 45 min. Also this garment has a big hole for peeing but its not in line. So of course i pee on it.a
So damn gross. IM going tosmell like pee.even grosser. My stomach is burning. The pain is like a 5. Bearable bit hurts

OK so i was drinking with straw. Big no. I had to...

OK so i was drinking with straw. Big no. I had to burp so bad and could not. Everett pains. My husbandhad to pull me forward andmy daughter pattedmy back for 45 min. Also this garment has a big hole for peeing but its not in line. So of course i pee on it.a
So damn gross. IM going tosmell like pee.even grosser. My stomach is burning. The pain is like a 5. Bearable bit hurts

OK. Imadeithrough day one. I now have intense...

OK. Imadeithrough day one. I now have intense burning. It hurts bad.anyone else have this burning on one side more than the other

OK. Imadeithrough day one. I now have intense...

OK. Imadeithrough day one. I now have intense burning. It hurts bad.anyone else have this burning on one side more than the other

I went to PS today. I thin MT stomach looks...

I went to PS today. I thin MT stomach looks pretty good my Bb looks good. Can't stand up St to see. I will post pics as soon as i can

OK yesterday was horrible!!!!!!!! I was in so...

OK yesterday was horrible!!!!!!!! I was in so much pain. The problem was the anesthesia antibiotic. Pain pills. Gas pills. Than
I took mom. Stool softener. Big mistake. My bowels forgot how to work. I did not get sensations to pee. I got extreme pressure so i knew i had to go. My bowels went crazy gas and rumbling. My stomach felt like it was going to burst. I also was not eating because i couldn't. So i forced my self to eat oatmeal. Also the nurse had me up all night so i had no sleep. My mom my sis and my husband kept asking me what they could do. I was ready to lose it. The pains were so bad. Finally i decided to use a glycerin suppositories that i had bought a while ago from my 5 year old. Not to be gross but once it was in there the air started coming out. I did not have complete Reid but much better. Today IM better less pain. I don't reccomend. Mom. It

I felt the mom just made my stomach more upset. ...

I felt the mom just made my stomach more upset. It did not help me go. I could feel this morning my body releasing gas so thank God. I am not in as much pain. I am now taking one percocet one tylenlol. I think that will help with bowels and dizzyness. Mydtain leaked all over me last night i guess it was not closed. Everyone is so supportive ESP my husband. I guess because it is elective surgery that is why its so hard. I feel like OMG i am do helpless because i decided to cut my stomach open. Jeez. But IM feeling better today. Thank God.. my body is also filled with fluid. As long as i don't have that pain i had yesterday. It will be a good day

Yesterday was much better. Gas pains gone. Still...

Yesterday was much better. Gas pains gone. Still had a problem after i ate. Rumbling but was able to deal. My legs are filled with fluid. Liposuction is not that bad. I am taking arnica. Maybe that's why. But my legs do feel kinda sore but mostly from fluid. The shower was awful. I took garment and cg off and was told to lay down for an hour. My husband washed it. Thank God that thing smelled damn awful. Sip he had to shower me. I was shaking and almost fell. I got out was so. Old. Got back into garment and much better. The positive side of this whole thing is i have found a new appreciation for my husband. He has taken over and has been beyond

Beyond amazing. He has really stepped up. He has...

Beyond amazing. He has really stepped up. He has never even done a load of wash made coffee. Nothing. He is doing everything. He has been so helpful and worked i forgot i had cosmetic surgery. So last night we watch change up. OMG. Mistake. Iowa's in tears. The pain so bad from laughing we had to stop movie. I almost forgot i got a quick glimpse of myself. Hmm. Not sure. I don't look as curvy as the rest of you and i think i have the scar that goes up. My PS says nothing. He comes in room say OK come Mon. I wanted to know everything. How much fat skin. Nurse say i

Nurse say they no Wright that stuff almost laugh...

Nurse say they no Wright that stuff almost laugh at me. This PS is so sought after but i feel like i wish i chose someone else for a more personal experience. BTW. Everyone is Barbie in his office. So IM going tommorow and i want answers.

Oh i forgot to mention. The nurse tell me i have...

Oh i forgot to mention. The nurse tell me i have hernia. I just feel like it is like OK we fixed you up now run along we are busy. I want to know about muscle repair. I am mad at myself i am usually very vocal.

OK so i saw my PS. I had hernia. I have a...

OK so i saw my PS. I had hernia. I have a vertical scar too because he say when He made whole for Bb. There was not enough skin to pull down because it was tight from muscle repair. So IM dissappointed. He say it will be fine. I got yelled at for not showering everyday. Hmm. This has not been the best experience. IM not sure if i would really have another procedure there or reccomend. It is too much of a business. I guess as long as my results are good. But IM getting around better. I look like a train wreck. I also got my period. So i went with the PS that was more sought after but not sure i made right choice

So i did alot of thinking yesterday. If i would...

So i did alot of thinking yesterday. If i would have went to the other PS and had a more personal relationship. If the results were the same different orworse. I would have always in my mind thought i should have went with docter i have now. My scar is. Very low under my csection scar. Maybe i would not havevertical scar buying wouldhavehad a highscar. If he did not yell at me i wouldnothaveattempted the shower which ended up being fine. The lipo in my legs whilenot as painful as i heard itwould be feels likemy legs are two heavy logs. Don't see anything difference. In my thighs. Anyone know how long that take. Also i went to PS. Yesterday LOL like a ffreakin train reck. Everyone in that office is impeccable. Gucci fendi beyond well manicured. Like Beverley hills. And i come in dirtyhair no makeup verysorry lookingou

Very sad out fit. I did not brush my hair. A hot...

Very sad out fit. I did not brush my hair. A hot mess. I freaking did not care. So when he yelled at me first i was mad. But now IM laughing. If my mother took me yesterday.there is no way she would have let me walk out of house like that. I tell her and she say well tommorow IM coming over waving your hair and ill buy you two large sweat suits. I did not buy bigger clothes for afterwards. So today IM feeling better going to bathroom normal. Thank God. Oh and LOL. My husband say so when u think you'll beback to running around its crazy all this crap u do.

So i got 1 drain removed. Yay!!!!!!!!!! It...

So i got 1 drain removed. Yay!!!!!!!!!! It didn't hurt at all. Kinda gross. The stitches hurt worse because my skin healed over it so that was painful. Everything went OK today at the PS. He was fine. The office was so packed. When i got there there was no where to sit. After 10 min. I tell girl can you call me on my cell because i have to sir down. She offered for me to sit behind desk and i say no i didn't want everyone to look at me. Well 2seconds later they brought me in the back. So that was good. PS came in room right away. He was much more personable. So that made me feel better. After they we went to target. Wow now IM dying. Too much my legs stomach back burning.

The liposuction on my legs just makes my legs like...

The liposuction on my legs just makes my legs like heavy logs. With garment on i have no pain but walking too long hurts. So i watch Dr oz today. IM ordering raspberry ketones. It supposed to naturally burn fat and curbs appetite . I really like his show I've been watching it the last couple days. Also before surgery i bought swivel sweeper at bed bath beyond. One of those as seen on TV. It is so light and works pretty good so i did that today. Easier than a broom. So maybe tommorow 2nd drain. Well hope all of you ladies are going good happy healing

So last night i did not sleep at all. I have a...

So last night i did not sleep at all. I have a pain in my right ankle kinda burning. When i walk it feel better. Freaking myself out. I am going to get my second drain out today so i will ask him. Looking up dvt. I am praying i have no complications. No one wants them. Anyway i hope all of you ladies have a great day. Oh and IM becoming so itchy. Also burning in my stomach. My friend gave me sleeping pill. Afraid to take it. I am so exhausted have not slept for more than 3 hours. I also can't nap duringday. Crazy. I can't relax

I am stressed about garment for after. My PS say...

I am stressed about garment for after. My PS say spanx. I have been researching for 2 weeks. I did not buy because they not have right one in mall. I winded up buying some other thing in lord and Taylor. 4actually for 75. Problem is there is no hole incrotch. Should i cut one. Any advice would be appreciated

Yay!!!!!! Drain free. So i went there at 11...

Yay!!!!!! Drain free. So i went there at 11 noone there . The day before there had to be 50 people in waiting room. So IM happy that they Took me on his surgery day. It was suck a different experience. I guess they made me come in cause i almost passed out day before. I saw the nurse that stayed with me the first night. She say she so happy to see me. She was nice. We watched tvand talked most of night i forgot she was the nurse. PS was good today i guess he was not swamped because it was good. I told him about my leg. When he suggested hospital i say. Can i wait. He say he think it nothing bit numbness is also sign of liposuction. He Aldo say my garment too big. After that my husband and i went to lunch and than buy spanx. I am also going to order cf that Kay suggested. I hope everyone is having a great day

I did not have such a good night. My one leg has...

I did not have such a good night. My one leg has pins and needles and numbness. I figured out what it was i am not getting compression on my legs. I can't find anything to knee or below. I bought spanx. It does not go to my knees so i am not getting enough compression on my thighs. Last night i wrap ace bandages and a little better but. I so don't want dents on my l egs which will probably be saggy anyway. I ordered. Columbian cg from some website now IM freaking out because what if it is not a reputable one. 200.00 on my credit card. The spanx IM wearing now is 75. I bought a large. But j think i should have bought Med. I can't use this anyway. Because there is no thigh compression. My scar looks bloated. Also today my skin looks lax now not tight as the other day. I also have stretch marks still but serveries one. So anyway i am not going to open another 75 dollar spanx. I guess i have to wear this ill fitting smelly one. I am extremely frustrated. I also leaked pee last night so i have pee on my PJ's. Just gross. I am not sure what to do. My mom just called and i just freaked out on phone because my leg is numb and also my crotch is irritated from leaking pee. Sorry to be gross. So right now i have on high waisted spnax too big with ace bandages on my thighs. Oh and wtf i can not pee normal i try putting cup there it still go all over garment. IM sorry for this post. How can i walk around smelling like piss.

So the pins and needles are not that bad anymore...

So the pins and needles are not that bad anymore since the ace bandages but they freakin unravel all day long... also the neosporin leaked thru all over spanx. So i have to come up with a new plan for that. I put my binder on top of the spanx even though i as told not to. I don't feel enough support with the spanx. I hope anyone out there reading this can benefit from these minor complaints. I say minor because they. Really are small hurdles bumps in the road if you will. My main fear was dying. I would be that unlucky one punished for wanting a vanity surgery. I did have a hernia and severe distatsis but the the tuck. I blame myself for my situation like who gains 110 pounds while pregnant. And knowing that the 3rd time gain 85. It was so hard to get off too. So of course i have hernia distasis and stretched out skin. For all you ladies getting liposuction of leg and are tall there is nothing out there that goes to knee. I just assume i could run and get. So after being stressed out i may not get new cf. For 10 days. These ace bandages suck they unravel all day so evertytime i go to bathroom i Havering take everything off cause i can't pee thru garment pre gets all over so gross i tried cup thing. I have to pee sometimes like 3 cups so i wind up peeing on floor calling my 13 year old to wipe up pee. Just crazy. In my opinion. A medical garment with a large opening is the way to go. I did not know ymthis before so now i have to play waiting game. My surgery happened so fast meaning even though i thought about it from years my husband always say no. He felt i looked perfect. . He don't care about my sagging breasts or my fat stomachdo he say he don't even notice. My before pics are also when i had a gas attack so i look worse. Jan he say i can do it. So i have to strike while theiron hot. I also committed myself to watching my cousins baby because i did not want her to put her in daycare she was so stressed out and upset i say i watch her 3daysa week. So between going to Florida winter break and watching baby i went for consults. I had to book it during Easter break so i could recover to watch baby. So i did not plan enough. Between all this crap my kids are in and watching baby. It has been a whirlwind. So IM a little upset too because my 13 year old was crying last night because she has no plans this week. I have spoiled my kids with packed schedules because i can and i never had that. While i think its fine that they have down time. 13 is a tough age she just got her period. She has a lot of friends but is nkinda shy and not forthcoming. My son will bebusy because my 3 girlfriends will take him out. I am more casual with her friends moms so they don't know to do me a favor. She was crying all night because she think she have no friends. Of course that ridiculous and i talk to her but i couldn't help but feel guilty because i told her this time it was about me and she will just have to stay home because i will not be well. She say OK she is good like that but i feel so upset all nifty after she cry. I book this for someone else's convenience . I know shell survive life lessons. But i usually host a big party for her. Around this time girls color eggs Easter egg hunt we make homemade pizza sleepover. It is so nice and i enjoy it just as much as she does. All the mothers appreciate it cause they wont do it and than she has a lot of plans after to reciprocate. Everyone where i live is superbooked it is almost ridiculous so people are busy. So today i have to figure out how to get her plans because she is also down about her weight. Which also freaking sucks to see your daughter battle weight. She is not fat but she wears women's clothes now and all of her friends are little twigs. . So this part of recovery is hard. Physically IM doing pretty well i canwalk straight but tmu life halting has been tough on my family. BTW my husband wants no part of the chaos he already owns 2 businesses and is stressed out so he is overwhelmed. Trying to do his job and mine. He is worried about me also so i think he bad he say yes. This will all pass but i had to get off my chest so IM thankful just to blog. I haven't talked ymto any of my friends i could i just don't feel like it. They would try to understand but they really wouldn't get it as they r all fit and thin. They have al acme by with flowers which feels so weird to me they text me and call me so IM not feeling neglected in that area which is great. So Easter is my favorite holiday. I am a very spirtisl person. I love going to church on eastern and feel so thankful that i soil be able to do that. I am praying for all of you ladies everyday. I know all of this will pass somehow just blogging it makes me feel better. Sorry for long post. Have a blessed Easter or Passover. IM praying for continued healing and good results for everyone

Happy Easter!!!God bless everyone

Happy Easter!!!God bless everyone

I feel good today. No pain. Yay. Things r...

I feel good today. No pain. Yay. Things r better. I finally figured out pee situation. I was talking everything off and it was not successful. So i remember one of you ladies mention Mason jar. I did not have so in sheer desparation i use a wonton soup container. I know gross. Sometimes i pee a whole quart. Holy cow. A cup is not big enough or wide and i don't pee St. Enough of that. I feel normal which is fantastic. I can not get out now and shop all of my kids r home. But yesterday my daughter brought me down a tshirt small and it fits no fat rolls yay. That wad pretty nice. Also i noticed my vagina got a lift. Nice. I probably will never tellprks anyone that piece of good news. I want to list my pros and cons.
1. Results. Hopefully i will be ecstatic stool not sure but as of now to spare tire muffin top which is well no words. Except i can't believe it
2. My husband. New respect. Mutual respect. He has seen all i do and has a differrent perspective. Me well he's never done a damn thing around here and his lack of appreciation I've resented. Just because IM a stay at home mom doesn't mean i don't work
3. My mom. Never helped me with my 3sections. Nothing. So now she has redeeemed herself and it has restored our relationship.
4. My 10 ye old son knows how to scrub a toilet. He likes to clean the bathroom.
5. Solitude. I have truly appreciated just being able to focus on myself and not deal with drama.
6. I have learned to relax.
7. My new recliner. OMG if you can get one it has been my lifesaver. I now have a place to sleep when my husband snores.
1.the surgery. Fear of unknown. Risks. Pain.
2. Bowl movement. First one was the worst pain ever gas etc.. should have wrote as number 1.
3. Scar. Not sure yet how really look
I hope u ladies have a great day. Praying for everyone's continue.ued healing.g or impending.g surgery

Ok so here they are. now i understand about my...

ok so here they are. now i understand about my revisions. i have to talk to ps. when i sit down i have a little roll ok quarter of a rollright in middle under bra. i would like to be thinner on sides maybe im still swollen . I probably should have lost the last 10 pounds. oh well

You can see right under my belly button that line...

you can see right under my belly button that line that is a severe stretch mark also under my bra fat there. i cant spend any more money so may be kick boxing ..

I saw my incision today. Hmm. Crooked in some...

I saw my incision today. Hmm. Crooked in some spots an my vertical scar goes up high. I also have a stretch mark that look like a keloif scar. IM so swollen. Theywant me to compression more so no seroma. I miss salt. Salt a tomato cucumber salad. I also miss having a soda. Drove today for first time. It was good. Did errands. Was told to put nothing on scar. Just scar guard on Bb. They say my spanx is too big. The smaller size cuts into my lower thigh.. my husband has an attitude so were not talking.. that is bothering me. I should know after 23years that he gets like that. Whatever's. IM sleeping in recliner so freak him. Anyway that's it. Hope al u ladies r well

OK so my face is beyond dry. I keep putting...

OK so my face is beyond dry. I keep putting moisturizer on. Does anyone have this? Its like my skin is not rehydrating. IM am drinking so much water now IM floating. I've been having pains in my stomach. Like sharp twinges after going an errand. My size Med stretch pants are falling off me. I am not as brave as you ladies to go trying on clothes. I need my mental health to be good. IM sure i lost wait because my appetite is low. Although last night i was standing in my pantry eating cocoa krispies like a cave woman. None of my kids like this cereal. I think i ate it because i hate wasting food. But two handfuls and i stopped. I have not had anything sweet in about 2 months. So i feel good just emotionally drained. This surgery has done a number on me. I have so many phonecalls to make. I've been getting texts from my girlfriends like hey how come you r not calling me. I just don't feel like talking to anyone. IM not depressed not sure. I just don't feel like talking. So i have to make a list and call. My energy is not the same so maybe that's it. IM upset about my stretch marks. I was riddled with them below not so much on top. I just assumed they would be gone. I show my husband the scar. He was dissappointed he thought I'd be able to wear bikini. Poor Guy. With clothes on i look good. When u take them off the tight grandma panties a.d other girdles he is sick of. I told him ill get one for yard. He better. Maybe ill have a little bonfire of all of my grandmas girdles and fat outfits. Anyway that's it. Happy healing

I've been freaking out now. I feel like when i...

I've been freaking out now. I feel like when i sit i still will have fat roll. I am super swollen at my incision site. I also see skin laxity. Does anyone else have this? O felt like i look better right after surgery. I am going to take pic now.

Ok so vertical scar looks like opening on top. ...

ok so vertical scar looks like opening on top. will i have a but. the strtch marks i have are raised and nasty. my side profile well i think i look real fat. im thinking he did not pull me tight enough.

Day 16. Virtually pain free. Yay. I am really...

Day 16. Virtually pain free. Yay. I am really taking it easy. Watched a cute movie read anode crazy book. After my second child i got a bad infection so i know alleluia too well about overdoing it. This was my little hiatus. I have really enjoyed doing nothing. I expected do much more from this surgery so that's why I
Still undecided. My kids go back tommorow so that means schedules. I am also watching baby tommorow which IM nervous cause she is a chunk. She almost 5 most so she almost19 PDs. When i book this she much smaller oh how they grow. I will have to be really careful. My husband say he going to help me this week which he usually LOL doesn't even lift his pinky. IM putting my results out of my mind for now. IM so swollen its crazy. Now my hair is another story it is a hot mess so that solve my focus got to get it colored. OK so IM not going to weigh measure or stare if at all possible LOL. I hope all of you beautiful ladies are healing well

Well today is the second day with baby. I am so...

Well today is the second day with baby. I am so tired. I have to sit down. Like an old lady..my friend came over and did my hair so that was great because now i don't have to spend all night at the colorist house. Its a little blonde than normal so hmm. But its better than roots. So i text her it very blonde. Shesay going to add brown. I bring this up because my vertical scar is opening up. I am trying to figure out what he going to say. I hope he just fixes it because i don't feel like getting annoyed. One part of me this.KS he is going to just fix it another part of me thinks he say oh its fine. My appetite is back which stinks. I started drinking my coffee with reg half n half which is a killer. I am afraid to try on regular clothes. I can do a lot not much pain but my back kills at end of day.. its hot here in NY. I am going to be sweating my ass off with these spanx. Yesterday it was 80. I hear everyone talking about waist cinchers. Where to buy.

So i bought myself 3 juicy sweatsuits for...

So i bought myself 3 juicy sweatsuits for Christmas. Anyway i wore them once with a compression tank and it was over. Forget it. Wore one threw it in back of closet. Well today i put one on. Yay no spare tire. No muffin top. I actually look pretty small even though IM so freaking swollen. The pants are big so i must have lost weight. So that was good. I still feel like a stuffed sausage that's going to pop. My stomach is so tight. Its awful. IM soo tired everyday too. But i feel normal. Except tightness and swelling. I really hate these spanx they roll down under my bra all day. I wish i did not get liposuction of thighs. It would be easier to wear a body suit than this one piece getup. I try on ones with straps. More uncomfortable. I don't know how u ladies r in the mood for sex. Its the last thing on my mind IM so wiped. Anyway that's it. Can't wait to get these damn spanx off with no swelling

So IM changing my status to like. I guess i was...

So IM changing my status to like. I guess i was dissappointed at vertical scar and stretch marks. I thought i would finally be happy about stomach
I guess when the stretch marks fade and the vertical. I will be happier. I guess for me this was going to be the best result. The swelling also takes it's toll on you. My scar is puffy and looks like i have a roll. Swelling.. i feel like myself but IM still waiting. The whole reason for doing this was to wear regular clothes so IM still waiting. Anyway i am happy. No more hanging skin and spare tire. Oh and the extreme gas and pains are gone. All of this and IM not ecstatic. IM not sure what my freakin g pro lem is. Anyway i hope all of you ladies are doing great

So i saw PS today. No more spanx. I can wear...

So i saw PS today. No more spanx. I can wear nothing. I have some puffy ness on one side he say he will fix at 12 weeks. I also can pinch fat. He say that's why he say i may need revision extra liposuction. I look a lot better in clothes. I think i still need to. lose 10 pounds. Everyone say i look fine. Lets see whenr i take the tight as spanx off. I have to see how much this revision is. My husband will freak. I ask him about lipid of inner thigh he say to early to stell. My outer thigh i see no more saddle. Bags. Because of all the weight with each pregnancy. I think that's why i have a lot of AB fat. I have 6 weeks so IM going to see what i can do. When i stand IM flat ..sitting i can pinch a lot. Anyone else have this???? IM kinda upset. I am not overweight. I am 5'8 138 pounds. He did tell me i would need revision.. i just assumed. I would be flat when sitting also

So im having a revision sept 11. Im waitibg...

So im having a revision sept 11. Im waitibg because i dont want to wear hot garment during summer. I definitely wozld reccomend this surgery. Im happy i did it despite the revision. Hopefully it wont be too bad. Hope all u ladies are well

I am home from revision. I spent the whole summer...

I am home from revision. I spent the whole summer having anxiety for this day. More worried than tummy tuck. Lol. Anway i jad belly button revision. Injections in my scar and more lipo around waist due to muffin top still. Anyway u would think i would have dieted a little more. Nope the stress of a deadline always makes me gain. Not sure if i did since i dont weigh myself. I hope this will be it and i can finally be happy with myself.
So i had to be there 6 am. Of course i did not sleep. Got there different anastesiologist thos time. Pregnancy test. Nurse talking to me so that helped because i was ready to jump out of my skin. Took zofran for nauseoua. Tylenol with codeine and benadryl. Doc came in and mark me. My inner thogh uneven so he say he try to fix but looks likeskin to him? Look like fat to me. I have a half of saddlebag on left side. He say no touch right side. Mark flanks (muffin top) and he say he go across front ( yay). He going to lessen keloid scar on belly button and inject kenalog(steroid) into bb and scar. Hope it helps my bb ugly and my scar is thick and ugly. Not really care about scar but bb bother me. My husband hates scar. It scare him so i hope it shrinks it. So he give me something to relax and thos time i see or. Last time other guy zo nk me out in patient room. I took some deep breaths and that was it. I woke up. Dry throat and pain.. on a scale maybe 6. 7 if u have low threshold. I tell nurse pain. She give me percocet. Cut it a little. Severe shaking and teeth chattering. Freezing. Had thos last time so not new. I would say for an hour. Pain now 4. About 10 she call my husband. 1040 i. Car. Popped another percocet. 20 min later no pain. Thank god. Went home had coffee yay. Have to pee every 5 min. Leakedon one side blood. Oh yeah they put o. Compressio. Garment. So sexy. I can get up not like with tt. Still painful but doable. No shower no antibiotic they give me in iv. Tommorow i go at 230 to see ps. Im glad its over the anticipation was killing me. Also the lipo was making me feel guilty. Oh i forgot to mention i did insanity workout whole summer. Cant do push ups abs hurt too much so i modify. Did not lose cazse i ate snacks from stress . I am 5'8 about 145. Size 6. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their new tummy. God bless everyone

Ok do I'm doing well. Not sure about results. He...

Ok do I'm doing well. Not sure about results. He injected my scar with steroids and bb. He say I have keloid scarring and I don't scar well. Figures. Hopefully with time it will fade. Wasn't planning on bikini but with weird bb it's def out. My legs look really good. The lump gone. Can't tell about muffin top. Have to wait. I will post pics soon. I regret takin pic off because I have no before after revision. Anyway hope all you ladies are well.
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Good to hear from you. Glad to hear all is going well. Keep us posted.
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Just wondering if the kenalog injection hurt like crazy?. Have you seen results from it yet? Sure hope you are doing better!
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Where did buy your raspberry ketones? Did they work?
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Wishing you a good and speedy recovery from your revision. Do you have any before pics of your bb you'd be willing to share? I also want a revision of my bb. I don't think my ps wants to touch anything until a year out. I hate my bb - it is so ugly. Hope you end with a cute little bb!
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ty emily no pics so crazed before withschool starting and being nervous i forgot. pretty much was a thick ring . scar was considered keloid along with tt scar .
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you are so true, iam still waiting for the reply from my ps :( good luck....
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hi bigbootyinwi and candy, how are you doing? welli have the same problem iam also about 6 weeks,andwhen i stand i dont see it much exspecialyy in the morning times , then atnight its a different story, but when SITTING OMG i can hold my fat from my waist and belly.
iam trying to get an answer from my ps, but its always a long time before they reply, and being that hes not on island i would have to plan this good, but I too think i need a revision at atleast on the lipo spots sides, upper and lower abs. keep in touch...
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islandgirl i am getttinh revisionn sep 11 its def a lipo issue. good luck to u . its annoying because i thpught this was it more money more pain
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Hey candy..just checking up on ya. Seeing how youre doing/feeling. I read ur last update...I cant pinch fat when i sit too. Im pretty sure its just skin for you and I though. Im 5'5 and 129 and your 5'8 138 so im assuming body fat % wise, we're prob about the same. I go back on Aug 4th. Im asking for touch up lipo on my waist & lower belly. I think he culd have gotten a little more from me. We shall see.....I hope you're well keep in touch!!
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I loved your story. Thanks so much for sharing it. I especially loved your pros and cons list, and the one day that you said everything that you were afraid of. That's the stage I'm at now. TERRIFIED. Love and light to you! :)
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Nip tuck and the voice. First good luck to both of you. Its crazy. I expected so much more. Im going mon so ill let u know but i def need revision. Dog ear and lipo. I am just scared of price. Ty for support. I thought geez why do i still have roll? And no one else mentions it
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Hang in there girl! I'm going to need a revision as well. My surgeon is just waiting on me to lose the rest of my weight before he does it. It's hard to see from my pictures I have posted standing up on my profile, but I too have a roll or two when I sit down that I do NOT want. Mine is from the 45 lbs additional weight loss since the surgery. My surgeon is still going to cover the charge to go back in and lipo my upper/lower stomach and love handles again. I had my dog ears removed about a month ago and I am very happy with that simple procedure and the results from it. Now, I'm just working really hard to get to my goal weight so he can do the extra lipo. After I heal from that I still will need a thigh lift and BL possibly considering implants if my weight comes off from my chest. Sending prayers and well wishes for you next week. Can't wait to see your results from the revision. Hang in there remember it will all be worth it in the end!
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What is a thigh lift? I'm just wondering if I need one>>>>
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candi u are so brave im nervous about revision cobgrats again on weight loss
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Candy, you mentioned being able to pinch fat on your tummy. Well I'm 31 days PO and I too can pinch a roll on the top of my tummy right below my boobs. He also mentioned additional lipo, ughhhhhhh!
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Ty. Jamby. I still have a slight muffin top. I also have a small dog ear. He day it'd no big deal half hour revision
. I see him on June 18. So we will see
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Good luck with that candy. :)
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That is interesting that you have to go in for a revision. Unfortunately, I think some of us do have to go in for revisions of some kind. :( I feel as you do, much better when I am dressed. I hope things get ironed out for you candyp7...you deserve it. Take care.
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Hi Candy, just wanted to say you look beautiful. Your shape is perfect. Happy healing!
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Ty ana
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u look gr8!!!
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Ty jamby. What does jamby stand for? I love your short pictures
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I like your after pictures....you look awesome! Wow!
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You look great. That vertical scar will fade in time. Why do you need a revision?
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I have a lot of fat on my upper ABS.
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