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I received fat transfer to my feet not for...

I received fat transfer to my feet not for cosmetic purposes but because I had destroyed the fat in my feet with multiple steroid injections I received for Morton's Neuroma. MN is an inflammation of the nerve between the toes which often occurs to women over 40 who run or wear high heels. Without fat on the bottom of my feet, I could barely walk barefoot the distance from bed to bathroom. Without fat on the top of my feet, it was painful to curl my toes under. I am posting this because there are people out there who may benefit from both the cosmetic and the medical benefit of this procedure, if it works. This is especially true for aging folks who have discovered that with age, they experience fat pad atrophy, making walking in anything but Birkenstocks impossible.

I received this procedure from Dr. Alesia Saboeiro, who (as the protege of Sydney Coleman) is among the finest fat grafters in America. The recovery has involved not walking on my feet for -- so far -- 10 days. I suspect it will be another 10 days before this is possible. I am trying to be vigilant about not putting weight on my feet, because I am aware that the pressure can kill the newly transplanted fat. It will be weeks until I know if this procedure has improved the pain from the loss of fat or if this has in any way helped mitigate the pain from the morton's neuroma.
Hi Do you mind sharing photo for your post op please? Thank you.
Welcome to RS! Wow educating thanks for sharing!

2 week post surgery

It is now 2 weeks after my surgery and I am still unable to walk or stand on my own two feet. The doctor grafted 45 cc of fat to each of my feet, this includes to the top and the bottom. When I have tried to gently test my foot by placing it on the ground and pushing down a little, my feet feel like water balloons that are being squeezed on one end -- as if they are going to pop. The pain level is similar to how a bruise feels if you press into it deeply. I find that moving about with a wheelchair is tough because the feet feel best when elevated above the heart. In addition, I have found that crawling around on my knees and hoisting myself up all the time with my arms is starting to give me minor overuse issues in my elbows and wrists, as if I have tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome.

So for anyone who considers doing this, please note that the recovery will be quite long.
hi becoming stronger,i am in GA and in search of getting fat injections to the sides of my feet,not the top.Im flat footed and it has caused the skin to wrinkle badly and feel like im walking on just bone.its very painful,and also looks physically bad. Any advice,or any updates or your procedure?
If it is only on the sides, you won't have the recovery issues that I am having. You will have swelling, that is for sure. And there will be bruising and some pain from the donor site where your doctor harvested fat. The key is to find someone who uses the lipostructure technique, which is permanent. I am from Atlanta, GA and had girlfriends use Atlanta plastic surgeons to inject fat in their faces but they were quite disappointed to find that the fat eventually disappeared over the course of a few years. The doctor I used doesn't need to inject much more than what is needed because what she injects is able to become permanent. Another side effect of using fat grafting, I have noticed, is that eventually the skin looks a little bit better. Not a lot better but a little. In doing the research before doing this procedure I spoke to a number of podiatrists and was told that they believed that the fat and the stem cells in the fat that I was injecting would help me diminish some of my foot pain issues I was having. The more doctors learn about fat, the more they realize that it is not inert tissue that serves only for cushioning or storing empty calories. I do suggest you look to the doctor I recommended and visit her website.
Dear Pumpkin84, I have uploaded photos from today. I will post again when there is a change in my status.

Still swollen

Alas, status quo on my feet situation. I will post an update when there has been a noticeable change one way or the other.
thank you for the info. I know you said your still swollen and will post updated pictures soon. I can see a big difference in your before and after photo though, swelling aside, they look better,more plump. Thats what i want around the sides of my feet! :0 i did look at your doctors website, problem is i live in GA shes in new york,lol but do you think i could call and maybe she could recommend someone in GA for me? and if you dont mind me asking, where did they take the fat from on you?..do you have to be a large person for them to take fat? Im 5'9 around 125-130 lbs..but iv had a kid and i have areas on my hips,back of thighs and butt that have weight,lol ..any thing you can tell me i would appreciate. thank you!
I would take the time and money to go to the right doctor. The issue is that almost no doctors do this procedure on the feet. But you can try calling their office and see if they recommend anyone in Georgia. You don't have to be fat to get this procedure. The doctor would have to look at you and find donor sites and they can get creative. In my case, she took some from the front of my thighs. I was worried it would cause ripples or bumps when she did that, but it has not. And she also looked at my upper and lower back as potential donor sites.
ok thank you!


As of today, I can walk up to a mile. But I do so while in pain -- and slowly. Standing for longer than a few minutes starts to hurt my feet. Most of swelling is gone. But if I walk a bunch, the swelling comes back. Trying to beat back the worrying voice in my head that fears this won't get better.
Thanks for sharing. Did the doctor give you any idea about retention rates in the feet? I'd like my hands done. I see a huge improvement!! Best wishes!!
This doctor has loads of experience doing hands. Go to her website. See her before and after photos. She has a very, very high fat retention rates. I had a friend who went to a different, cheaper doctor and found that within a year, all her fat was gone. This is a procedure that is totally dependent upon technique and experience. I'd trust my hands to only a few. But here is what you need to know about the recovery: Your hands will be noticeably swollen for weeks and will most likely be darker initially. Be prepared. But then it all goes away and no one who will see your hands for the first time will know you had anything done.

A little progress

As of May 6th, I can walk short distances, about a mile, and I can also stand for 5 or so minutes in MBT or rocker type shoes without too much pain. But walking or standing without shoes is a bit painful. I wondered if this was just a factor of the surgery to the bottom of the feet, but the tops of the feet, where I also had fat transfer, is also a little tender to the touch if I press firmly. On the positive side, about a month or so ago, it would have been impossible to press or massage the feet with more than a feather light touch.

All good

I am walking, hiking and exercising, with the help of MBT shoes. (Rocker type shoes.) I can walk in bare feet without pain. The fat transfer went perfectly. My feet look 20 years younger. But that wasn't the reason I had this done. I hoped the fat transfer would make my feet feel better from the damage done by the steroid injections for the morton's neuroma.

The Morton's neuroma is still there but not as bad as before, which might be because I spent a month in a wheelchair and have been walking in these special shoes. I still can't wear flats or sandals for very long but I can for a short period of time. I no longer have the symptoms and issues on top of the feet that I had after the steroids dissolved the fat that was there.

One unexpected outcome of this procedure is that I no longer have dry, cracked heels. When we get older, apparently, having dry, cracked heels is normal. But the fat that was placed in my heels has now eliminated this issue, which neither I nor the doctor had anticipated.
why don't you have the morton's neuroma removed? I did. It seems like the recovery from neuroma removal is less than the fat grafting.
I have agonized about going through that surgery. The success rate and the potential for stump neuroma deterred me. I have been trying all other options before I take that step. (Including gait analysis, 4 different fittings for orthotics, etc) When I went to a doctor who specialized in the surgery that freezes the nerve so that you don't feel the pain, he took one look at the desiccated and fragile state of the tissue on top of my feet and said he could not operate. I will return to London to show him my feet within the next 6 months and see if he believes an operation this time would be possible. If the answer is still no, I will look at the possibility of surgery to remove the neuroma. In theory, I could live and function fine as I am, if I am willing to forgo long walks/hikes, running, and wearing any other type of shoe except MBTs, which are a rocker type of shoe.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr Alesia Saboeiro is an astonishingly good plastic surgeon who will make you look better and or younger, never fake or done. In terms of the fat transfer to my feet, this is new territory. If anyone can accomplish this, it is Dr. Alesia Saboeiro or Dr. Coleman.

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